Liquiproof Brand Guide

Liquiproof Brand Guide

Introduction to Liquiproof

Liquiproof‘s founder Caner Veli, had enough of his treasured sneakers being ruined by the obstacles thrown at him by life, like harsh weather and accidental spills. His dream was to create a product that was easy to apply and affordable and be kind to the environment. Nothing on the market lived up to his expectations, and many contained harmful substances and left white residue on the surface, so he set our to create a footwear protector himself.

Liquiproof-2After months of extensive research and development, Liquiproof was born in 2011. Caner continued to develop the product and in January 2014, he launched the brand to the world. Within a short amount of time the product received an abundance of praise and quickly became recognised as the leading protector on the market.

The versatile coatings to the fabrics are highly water repellent, magically the liquids simply bead up and roll off. Our Liquiproof formulas bond with each individual fibre of the surface; creating invisible, long-lasting protection against whatever you care to throw at it. Surfaces remain breathable and look and feel exactly the same as untreated surfaces, creating the perfect product Caner set out to provide.

The range was crafted to preserve the environment with non-hazardous and non-toxic protection formulas, along with keeping surfaces clean, dry and stain free, creating a win win situation. Here at Aphrodite 1994 we stock the gift set, fabric protector, leather protector and premium triple sided brush.


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