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Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela SS’19: Modern Mastery

For a fashion house shrouded in anonymity and known for their enigmatic, clothes first approach the name Maison Margiela really needs no introduction. Revered for their often avant-garde, out of the box styling and deconstructive approach to design the brand has forged a globally recognised reputation for innovative luxury and forward-thinking refinement. Whether presenting their wildly imaginative artisanal collections, dressing the creme de la creme of the celebrity world or splitting opinions with their unconventional footwear, the brand does so with an inviolable purpose and unapologetic style.

Maison Margiela Spring/Summer

But, despite their often left-field approach, the brand still manages to bring with them an undeniable appeal to the more contemporary masses, earning them a place amongst some of the worlds most sought after apparel. Founded in 1988, Margiela quickly set their sights on protesting the glossy, polished fashion found in abundance at the time applying minimal detailing, such as their now iconic ‘X’ stitch embellishment, and a stripped back, unfinished aesthetic that set themselves well apart from the crowd. Continuing this approach over 30 years later, their newest collection spans modern athletic trainers, immaculately constructed leather jackets and nods to over 500-year-old pieces of art, showcasing the brand’s omnidirectional abilities and their dedication to exceptional quality and craftsmanship that, in true Margiela style, speaks for itself.

The latest Maison Margiela arrivals are available now both in store and online here. Take a closer look below at some of our favourites.

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