Maison Margiela SS18 Knit Sock Boot

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Sock it to Me: The Maison Margiela Knit Sock Boot is Ready for Summer

One of the most prevalent footwear trends in the last decade has been the emergence of the sock-fit sneaker. Utilising new technologies like Nike’s Flyknit and adidas‘s rival Primeknit, the initial aim was to reduce weight and provide a more customised fit for athletics, particularly running, which then trickled down into the mainstream with the surging popularity of athleisure and luxury streetwear as the dominant forces in fashion. The minimal good looks and level of comfort offered by sock-like fit of trainers like the Nike Flyknit Racer and adidas Ultraboost earned them legions of fans, which has naturally attracted the attention of brands looking to offer a more luxurious, high-fashion alternative.

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Enter Maison Margiela. From the brand’s very genesis, Maison Margiela’s raison d’etre has been to subvert and deconstruct trends, uniforms and classic clothing to create a unique vision of what fashion is and what it should be. Under the eye of their current designer, the infamous John Galliano, the Maison has turned their hand to the sock sneaker, taking the concept to its extreme with their Knit Sock Boot, which boasts rib-knit fabric uppers that are little more than literal socks, set atop a technical sneaker sole unit.

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Like many of the Maison’s designs, it sounds absurd on paper, but the level of attention and care given to the materials, shape and detailing of the sneaker really elevate it into something special. This version is perhaps the best yet, pairing a bright optical white upper with a distressed sole unit to give both subtle contrast and a look that’s classically Margiela. In typical fashion, the sneaker’s only adornment is a care label that the designer has left purposely visible to the exterior, adopting the Maison’s signature low-key approach to branding.

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Despite its unconventional look and avant-garde design, the Margiela Knit Sock Boot is just as versatile as any other white sneaker, owing to its slim profile and ‘blank canvas’ appearance. Pair it with cropped trousers, distressed jeans, even shorts; either way you’re guaranteed to turn heads this summer.

The Maison Margiela Knit Sock Boot in White is available now from Aphrodite Clothing, priced £439.

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