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Mens Designer Parkas

Mens Parka jackets have been one of the true staples of casual wear since their sharp rise to prominence in the 60’s. Bought forward to the fashionable eye through youthful rebellion, Parkas were first adopted by one of Britain’s most infamous cult movements; the mods. Providing great coverage from the weather, lightweight parka coats were adopted to help keep the mods warm and dry whilst riding their scooters. Meanwhile, heavier versions, which incorporated the use of fur and padded linings, were being used the world over in some of the world’s harshest climates.

Pretty Green Deansgate Parka – £125.00

Cementing men’s parkas into an unassailable position, the mod movement wore only the sharpest and clean cut of styles as their instantly recognisable uniforms. Perhaps most infamously represented by Phil Daniels, who famously played Jimmy, a scooter and mod culture obsessed youth in ‘Quadrophenia’, the classic men’s parka coat is the perfect example of laid back, simple style.

With classic styles featuring slightly looser fits that fall at thigh length, along with identifiable details such as fish tail venting at the back, the original parka coats were the choice of outerwear for an entire generation.

Pretty Green Mountain Parka – £150.00

Further advancements in the style however have bought around new features for the parka, with some labels adding modern touches to the classic piece such as tougher, more rugged materials, shorter cuts and hoods. With brands like Penfield adopting the look to continue their superb blend of style and protection, the Parka coat has become a utilitarian design, mixing practicality with fashion, providing an image that is in stark contrast with the original style that the mod’s adored.

However, despite all of the developments that the parka coat has undergone since the 60’s,one thing has always remained the same; the iconic men’s parka coat still provides unparalleled coverage and protection from the elements, no matter what the variation.

Stone Island David Light TC Jacket – £575.00

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