Must Have Fred Perry Jackets

Must Have Fred Perry Jackets

With strong affiliations to a whole host of British youth culture movements, Fred Perry have grown to become one of Britain’s most treasured institutions of formidable style.

Named after one of the nations greatest ever tennis players, Fred Perry drew its first breath of inspiration from a blend of sport and street style, creating a unique style that hadn’t previously been seen before. TheFred Perry brand took flight, promoting their new found style under the single banner of the Fred Perry laurel wreath, making all of their designs instantly recognisable, and infamously cool.

As the brand grew, so did the range. The new array of pieces, which ranged from twin tip polo shirts, through to footwear and Fred Perry jackets, had the young, fashionable British consumers clamoring for the Fred Perry brand.

Fred Perry JacketsFred Perry Ripstop Cagoule

In particular, one movement- the mod’s, adopted Fred Perry as their uniform of choice. Making the most of the labels sharp lines, sleek styling and smart look, the mod’s made Fred Perry shirts and polo’s a staple of their style, whilst using a Fred Perry Jacket to protect them from the elements whilst they were out on their scooters. It was the Fred Perry parka in particular that announced the arrival of the Fred Perry jacket- a loose fitting style that was perfect for any mod weekend out, the Fred Perry Parka became an iconic style and a firm Fred Perry jacket style that is still loved today. Taking inspiration from the original parka, the Fred Perry Mountain Parka offers a similar style principle, putting protection and functionality first whilst still retaining the insatiable Fred Perry look that has become so desirable.

Fred Perry Jacket

Fred Perry Mountain Parka

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