New Kurt Cobain Album Set To Be Released

New Kurt Cobain Album Set To Be Released

The news that all you Kurt Cobain fans have been waiting for is finally over, a new album is due to be released later this year, according to documentary maker Brett Morgen. Morgen was given unrestricted access to Cobain’s storage facility, which included home videos and cassettes, many never seen before. He also came across 200 hours of never before heard music, from which the record has been put together. The documentary also takes a deeper look into the life of Kurt Cobain revealing secrets even the biggest Nirvana fans don’t know about.

During a recent interview, the film maker said that the album ” will be made up of home recordings that will make you feel like you’re kind of hanging out with Kurt. Its going to really surprise people”. Jam sessions with Nirvana and Courtney Love were found along with covers of the likes of the Beatles, including the long lost cover of ‘And I Love Her’.

The documentary will be aired for its television debut on May 4th in the US on HBO and we suspect a UK release will be followed soon after.

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