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Nike Tie Dye Hoodie

Nike Tie Dye Sweats : Casual Psychedelia

Undeterred by the sudden cancellation of festival season, Nike present a two piece combination that’s sure to conjure up visions of hazy afternoons spent swaying  with strangers in bogged out fields.

First popularised around the same time as the hippy movement in the mid ‘60s, tie dye is a consistently recurring theme in the fashion world. Characterised by its bold saturated colours and psychedelic spiralling designs, the technique, much like the ebb and flow of plains of existence not visible to the naked eye, seems to come and go periodically, fluctuating from brand to brand and seeing relevancy with a variety of diverse applications. Deployed from high-fashion runways to back garden home projects, it’s fair to say that it’s one of the truly timeless and most accessible methods on the market when it comes to revamping tired clothing.


Nike Tie Dye Hoodie and Shorts


Doing our best to avoid as many broad cliches as possible and suppressing any and all temptations to describe something as ‘far out’ the pairing consists of both an easy-going pair of sporty sweat shorts and a super casual pull over hoodie. Made from a comfortable, soft and mid weight cotton-blend French Terry fabric, both the shorts and the hoodie come with a number of expectantly convenient features in tow including an elasticated waist, fixed hood, several pockets and subtle branding.

Focusing on the not so subtle, each piece sees a hand-applied finish cast from seam to seam for a DIY feel, resulting in a unique one-of-one finish. Utilising a blended mixture of of earthy tones, such as browns and greens, projected against a pale and contrasting base, the effortless set is a sure fire way of bolstering your relaxed wears with a substantial hit of statement-making visual punch.

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