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Norse Projects Brand Guide

Norse Projects Brand Guide

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History of the Norse Projects Brand

Arguably one of the most coveted and esteemed streetwear labels to leave the stylish shores of Scandinavia, the Norse Projects brand has cultivated a truly loyal following of faithful everyday brand ambassadors and even those who aspire to wear the now world-renowned urban-inspired label.

With roots that have seen the niche brand develop in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, Denmark, Norse Projects follows a similar recipe that has made other Northern European brands so successful. Clean finishes, superior cuts, a distinctive feel of quality, and minimalistic designs that put the essentials first have all helped Norse Projects achieve dizzying heights on the international streetwear scene.

For some time, Denmark and Scandinavia have carried a reputation as being one of the most inspiring and creative regions of the world. From ground-breaking architecture to elegant design, this cold huddle of countries has experienced a huge boom in desirability, as their unique creations gather momentum and repute.

The Norse Projects brand  found its feet through native Scandinavians Anton Juul and Mikkel Gronnebaek. After meeting through an emerging skateboarding scene in Copenhagen, the two quickly became friends, sharing a common interest for both their sport and a penchant for creativity.
Prior to meeting Juul, Gronnebaek had not long returned from London. As a graffiti artist, he was inspired by the underground artist and skateboarding movements in the English capital-and sought to bring a similar culture to his own Copenhagen streets.
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Noticing the correlation between urban outdoor culture and fashion, the two friends opened a boutique that focused on streetwear and footwear in 2002. The small store was a hit, quickly gathering momentum to become one of Northern Europe’s most noted and respected outlets for a street enthused look.
The success of the store was palpable, with it becoming a go-to spot for streetwear aficionados, looking to cop the latest releases and drops from some of the biggest brands on the planet.

However, the store alone wasn’t enough to satisfy the pair’s creative flair. In 2009, Juul and Gronnebaek released their first range of clothing, under the title Norse Projects. The in house brand took the name of the shop, giving it an instant rapport with a market that it looked to supply.

With a simple yet effective first collection, Norse Projects concentrated on providing functional and effective basics that went back to clothing’s roots of quality and design. From caps to sweaters, the Norse Projects brand was the perfect reflection of the label’s background and environment; bringing basic styles that embodied a classic Scandinavian landscape with subtle twists that represented the label’s affinity with a rebellious streetwear style.
The debut collection from Norse Projects was received with huge applaud, leading to the brand growing and expanding its offerings, whilst always keeping to its original principles of simplistic quality.
With clean aesthetics, the Norse Projects brand have since scoured the earth to create their styles with fabrics of only the best quality. From knitwear constructed in Italy to original 5-panel caps that are manufactured in the US, Norse Projects celebrates the international nature of streetwear, whilst keeping its designs loyal to their own roots.

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Perhaps best loved for this exact reason, the Norse Projects brand are one of few labels that keep their own lane and follow their own direction. Their clothing is wholly functional, representing everything that is covetable about a Scandinavian twist on fashion.
With all of their clothing being made in Europe (apart from their headwear which is crafted in one of America’s oldest hat factories), the attention to detail that goes into every piece of Norse Projects clothing is wholly evident, making them a brand that caters for and has become a firm favourite of serious wardrobe connoisseurs.

Now a fully-fledged brand in its own right, Norse Projects has become a dominant figure in the urban styling stakes, influencing a complete style that can be achieved through its diverse offering.
From collaborations with some of the planet’s biggest culturally inspired labels, from Goodhood to Tricker’s and New Balance, to projects with some of Denmark’s best up and coming artists and photographers, Norse Projects have established themselves to become one of the planet’s most desirable brands to the people that want to take the name to their favourite street haunts and the brands clamoring to collaborate with them.

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With the same recipe for an intimate design still representing a classic Scandinavian motivated style, the Norse Projects brand continues to style their products according to their authentic beginnings, cementing their reputation as the greatest streetwear brand to come out of Northern Europe.

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