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Novesta Brand Guide

Novesta Brand Guide

Introduction to the Novesta Brand

Opening up a factory in a small town called Partizánske located in the middle of Slovakia, famous shoemaker Jan Antonin supplied top European shoemakers from 1939 with crude rubber and cotton canvas. But in 1992 the Novesta brand was formed, becoming one of the most popular brands throughout Europe with their superior construction and minimal designs. Novesta pride themselves on tradition, heritage, and quality.

Using only certified materials, the rubber soles are machine pressed onto the shoes and finished manually by skilled craftsmen. The process leaves a tire like mark all around the shoe outsole which is now Novesta brand’s trademark look. This ecological process accords to the highest environmental standards. Using natural rubber and 100% cotton and linen, the materials used are lightweight and durable and at a high quality, making these shoes not only unique but ecological as well.

Actor Ashton Sanders from the movie “Moonlight” was spotted wearing Novesta ‘Star Master’ in white at a film festival and a pair of ‘Star Dribble’ at an ASOS party.

Novesta Star Dribble

Styles of Trainers

Star Master

The Novesta star master is their signature trainer available in lots of colour combinations, patterns, and different fabrics such as velvet and corduroy. With chrome eyelet lacing and a crude rubber sole featuring the tire mark trademark look they are a classic, simple everyday look and are made to be a long-lasting trainer. Available at Aphrodite1994 online £40.

Novesta Star Master

Star Dribble

The Novesta Star Dribble is the same as the iconic ‘Star Master’ only made into a high top. Again available in a range of colours and fabrics. Available at Aphrodite1994 online £45.


The Marathon is largely different from the Star Master and Star Dribble being a completely different shape and style. The retro runner style trainer has a mesh upper and suede details and will fit in your day to day wardrobe effortlessly.

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