Nudie Jeans Brand Guide

Nudie Jeans Brand Guide

An Introduction To Nudie Jeans

Not many designer fashion brands can make the bold claims like that of Nudie Jeans. One of the first brands to spearhead a movement in to ethical and sustainable production, Nudie have become a leader in ensuring that their jeans are not only produced to a fantastic standard, but that everyone involved in the process gets their fair share. From the guys in the factory in Italy, to the workers in the fields picking the cotton for your pair of Nudie jeans, everyone involved gets paid a fair wage. However, Nudie go further than caring for every tier of their work force. Sustainable production means using materials that are always readily available in the future. Since their birth, Nudie’s key goal has always been to use 100% organic cotton for their jeans, and in 2012, they became one of the first labels to achieve exactly that.

Born in Sweden in 1999, Nudie Jeans was founded by a former design director of Lee Jeans- Maria Erixon. Nudie was always designed to be a denim purist’s dream. Focusing heavily on dry, unwashed denim, Nudie have become synonymous with the process of breaking in a pair of raw jeans and using them as a canvas to convey the wear and tear of your life story.

Nudie have done this through one very clear message- every pair of raw, unwashed Nudie jeans, should be worn every day, without being washed or treated for a minimum of 6 months. This concept was never going to be something new to the denim heads of the fashion industry, but Nudie were one of the first brands to push the idea of creating individual washes and effects through heavy wear. This sparked a slight change in denim trends. The idea of owning a pair of raw jeans and making them your own was previously reserved for denim fanatics, but with Nudie pushing it into the main stream fashion industry, more and more people were choosing raw denims over heavily worked washes that were all the range in the late 90’s and early noughties.

Why Nudie Jeans?

The brands slogan ‘The Naked Truth About Denim’ displays their insatiable attitude and love for denim. They see it for the beautifully adaptable material that it is, and use it to create timeless denim that moves away from the fast fad changing fashion world and brings in timeless style that will never date. Produced in Italy, Nudie make jeans that you can trust, knowing that no corners have ever been cut in their production. With cotton sourced from all over world, in countries like Turkey and Japan, they are a truly international brand that has grown from humble beginnings in Gothenburg city.

Traditional craftsmanship meets modern style in every pair of Nudie jeans, whether they are a pair of classic raw denims, or a pre washed piece, every pair of jeans with the Nudie swirl on the back pocket comes with the assurance of quality and infinite appeal. With fits ranging from straight through to super skinny, there is a jean in the Nudie range that is sure to become your favourite fit.

Nudie are a breath of fresh air for an industry that is quickly becoming a throw away icon. Not just passionate about creating jeans that are environmentally friendly, Nudie have become infamous for implementing a number of innovative projects. Actively encouraging you to repair your jeans, Nudie want you to wear them to their death, through offering free repair services and repair kits at their stores, to giving instructional videos on their website on how to care and maintain your denims, they don’t want you to give up your jeans lightly. Nudie believe that wearing your jeans is a journey to creating something truly unique, and want you to live with and enjoy that process for as long as possible. When your jeans finally do die, Nudie want them back. You can take them in to any Nudie jeans shop and donate them to their denim recycling programme. Nudie will then shred them down and recycle them, turning them into a brand new pair, which will become part of the denim rolls used on a limited edition batch of jeans.

Innovation then, is no stranger to Nudie Jeans. Coming out of Sweden at a time where Swedish brands are hot property makes their timeless denim even more desirable- and a modern day approach to ethical production sets them aside from a huge pack of denim brands that are struggling to keep up with one of the fastest growing jean labels in the world.

Nudie Jeans Video

The following video is from the Nudie Jeans Co Official Youtube Channel and shows the journey a pair of their jeans makes from organic cotton to the finished product.

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