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OAMC Brand Guide

OAMC Brand Guide

The History of OAMC Brand

Launched in 2013, the OAMC brand represents a ‘harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and innovative techniques’ with collections being influenced by contemporary culture.

Creative director Luke Meier (previously the lead designer at Supreme) focuses on the now when it comes to this modern menswear brand, honing in on the culture and context of the zeitgeist and how the clothing can be culturally relevant and valid to the present generation. He couples this sophistication of vision with high-end luxury construction techniques and materials, outsourcing production to factories in France, Italy, Portugal and Japan to ensure the utmost quality of the clothes, as well as the wellbeing and livelihood of the staff.

The OAMC label is designed in Paris and developed in Milan, using a range of custom-developed materials, trims and components to achieve high-quality outerwear for the masses. OAMC’s products are crafted in the same factories as other high-end couture brands like Valentino, Tom Ford, and Fendi. Despite this pedigree, Meier draws on his own experiences at Supreme, as well as those of co-founder Arnaud Faeh (formerly of Carhartt), to bring high-end, directional cuts and techniques to workwear classics like chore coats, sweatshirts, and t-shirts, producing a unique blend of utility and luxury that carves its own aesthetic into the traditional fashion landscape.

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What Does OAMC Stand For?

Originally, the striking four-letter moniker stood for Over All Master Cloth, but since then Meier has changed its meaning from season to season to reflect each collection’s theme; for example, the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection is entitled On A Midnight Clouded, and the next collection is due to be titled One Always More Conscious. It adds a new dimension of mystique to the brand, building on the clothing’s very limited numbers and distribution.

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