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Oliver Spencer Brand

Oliver Spencer Brand Guide

An Introduction To the Oliver Spencer Brand

With the rapid elevation of British fashion on the world’s fashion scene, there has never been more style centred eyes focused on our shores to provide the world with something new. As a result, there has been a huge influx of brands that are either British based or produced in the United Kingdom. Events like London Collections: Men, has pushed British design to the forefront of fashion, making this country one of the powerhouses of international design. One brand that has helped fuel this meteoric rise into the watchful eyes of the world’s trendsetters, without creating the stereotypical pomp of the quintessential Englishman, is the London based Oliver Spencer brand.

Oliver Spencer Shirt White

The story of how Oliver Spencer brand came to your wardrobe is a truly unique one. Created by the man who gave his own name to the brand, Oliver Spencer is a designer, a purely creative, and a lover of all things cultural. Unlike the founders and head designers of nearly every other brand on the planet, Oliver Spencer never trained as a tailor- everything that he knows about clothing is self-taught, from the cut and fit to the fabric and the stitching. Founded in 2002, Oliver Spencer is still young and in its fledgling years, yet shows the maturity and grace of an experienced and well-traveled wardrobe in every one of its collections- this is down to the fantastic vision and talents of Oliver Spencer, and his ability to set himself and his brand aside from the norm and away from the crowd.

Why Oliver Spencer

Oliver SpencerThe characteristics and details are simple, and they were set out to be achieved from the very outset of the brand’s foundation. Oliver Spencer wanted to design clothes that would reflect the modern man, from his tastes to his style and even his touch. The designs would mirror Oliver’s own wardrobe, an eclectic and heady mix of traditional tailoring and streetwear that has been enforced through popular UK culture. Traditional values would be used in every piece, from fine materials to modern and up to date desirable fits, vintage construction, characteristic details, and overall above everything else, exquisite craftsmanship. The recipe stands firm today and always has since the first piece of from the Oliver Spencer brand. Garments that are highly wearable, elegant, incredibly well put together and interesting. Oliver Spencer believes that one of his garments can give your wardrobe a new lease of life, set you apart, and make you smile.

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Drawing inspiration from a huge number of sources, Oliver Spencer manifests a number of traditional looks into his clothing, creating hybrid styled pieces. Taking the bulk of his influence from military and classic hunting styles, Oliver Spencer manages to infuse them with key bits of Americana, and stylised Japanese touches. Oliver Spencer menswear takes the best pieces of tradition, mixes them with a touch of nostalgia, and gives them a modern spin, creating some of the most sought after clothing on the planet. Using his self taught tailoring skills, Oliver Spencer uses unique details, such as interactive and unique linings, to removable collars, hidden pockets, and quirky accessories that add up to a versatile yet highly wearable piece.

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Over half of every collection of the Oliver Spencer brand is made in Great Britain, keeping the brand’s roots firm and true to the testament of quality British craftsmanship. Oliver Spencer oversees a vast majority of the production himself, ensuring that everything is exactly right and how he wants it, from the quality of the stitching, right through to the role of material being used. It’s no wonder with such a direct and clear vision, as well as a hugely practical element and individual, high-quality design, that Oliver Spencer has become a coveted label both in Great Britain and the world over.

Oliver Spencer’s Popularity & Celebrities

The brand’s fans range from music legends such as The Rolling Stones, to Paul Weller and the Doves. The Oliver Spencer brand counts film stars Martin Freeman, Benicio Del Toro, and Toby Jones as some of its more recorded fans.

Marlon Teixeira Oliver Spencer Suede Jacket

Using it’s a fantastically elegant mix of the casual and the smart, with an undercurrent of colourful hues, Oliver Spencer makes dressing easy, with its quirky flourishes giving effortless off the peg style. Oliver Spencer has become a regular catwalk draw at London Fashion Week, as the brand showcases its fantastic British talent on a British stage – link this with their flagship store on London’s Lambs Conduit Street, and Oliver Spencer becomes one of the ultimate brands to carry on a British style and legacy all of its own.

Oliver Spencer SS17 Video

The following video from the Oliver Spencer Youtube channel highlights pieces from the Spring Summer 2017 collection, inspired by the Casa Malparte on Capri.

Browse this season’s full range of Oliver Spencer clothing.

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