Our Legacy Brand Guide

Our Legacy Brand Guide

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Timeless, comfortable, and with a conservative feel that carries a playful edge- these are just some of the terms used to describe one of Sweden’s most sought after exports. Coming from a long line of niche brands that have transformed the fashionable norms of the international scene with a fresh dose of style that carries inspirations from the baron Scandinavian landscapes, Our Legacy Clothing is a story of friendship, creation and all-important artistry.

Despite claims that Our Legacy was founded in 1980-1981, it was actually officially launched in 2005. 1980-1981 refers to the birth dates of the labels founders- Christopher Nying and Jockum Hallin. As childhood friends, the two first met whilst playing ice hockey at just 15. After a chance meeting later in Gothenburg during their early 20’s, the two reformed their youthful friendship, soon realising that they both shared a common sense of creativity.

At the time, Christpoher was studying art and fashion communication, which included influences from photography through to illustration. Jockum was already working in fashion, running his own clothing agency- the synergy between the two was palpable, and before long, they had begun planning how they could unleash their own creativity on a conceptual format. The plan was never to make clothing, however, after exploring the way that certain subcultures had influenced entire generations, the pair couldn’t see another platform that would do their ideas justice- it was constant, reliable and timeless. A line of printed t-shirts swiftly followed, which delved into a huge range of cultures, from punk, to skaters and even the infamous football hooligans of the 1980’s.

This foray into design lit a fire in the young Swedes’ minds. Never taken by the idea of turning their creations into a business, the pair liked the concept of using their joint venture as a personal project that they could channel their ideas and theories through. Following the success of their printed t-shirts, the two quickly realized that they were capable of physically making clothes themselves. With both of their backgrounds having strong grounding in the fashion industry, the idea was easily achievable, becoming a reality just 2 years later. Following sourcing the right factories to produce their new designs, the two friends’ first sample collection arrived in 2007. With about 40-50 different pieces, the range comprised of trousers, knitwear, light suiting and coats.

Now all that remained was a name for their new collection to sit under. Our Legacy was chosen as the ultimate homage to the history of fashion. From generation to generation, Christopher and Jockum wanted to show their appreciation for what had come before them, as well as state their intentions to create their very own pieces of fashionable heritage.

Our Legacy was first displayed at a fashion fair in Copenhagen. The heritage influences behind their designs, which still managed to carry a distinct contemporary nature, instantly captured the attention of some of the world’s most fashionable eyes, and in their first season, Our Legacy amassed over 50 customers. The success continued, and through providing a unique sense of niche style, a tiny Swedish brand that originally started out as a project for a bit of fun between two friends has become an international symbol of seductive Scandinavian style.

The reputation of Our Legacy has become something of legend, as the label quickly drew from their own success to provide a sense of cock sure arrogance that actually perfectly represents the laid back attitude of their clothing. Often referring to their own designs with the most positive adjectives, from ‘great swats’, to ‘perfect tees’, Our Legacy has never been far from the truth with their claims.

With distinctive cuts that offer an iconic relaxed fit, Our Legacy clothing relies on the very fibers of understated styling, using premium materials from alpaca wool to plush leather to offer a simplistic look that is clearly backed up with an intense level of quality.

It is this very philosophy that has seen the tiny label rise to huge prominence, developing an army of loyal followers who cherish the intimate blend of heritage styling and timeless design.

Boosted by their roots, which lie deep within what has swiftly become one of the most desirably fashionable areas in the world, Our Legacy is a true representation of everything that Scandinavian style means to the masses. Using creative influences, from photography to art, our legacy exposes the roots of international sub cultures- making fashion universal, breaking down barriers between allocations of style for purpose and creating true freedom in the modern wardrobe.

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