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Paraboot Chambord – A Timeless Classic

An enduring masterpiece that has graced the shelves of famed menswear outlets such as Aphrodite for generations, the Chambord stands as one of Paraboot’s most iconic silhouettes, and for excellent reasons.

Luxury Roots

Initially founded as Chaussures Extra in 1927, Paraboot’s roots trace back to the luxurious shoe brand, born in 1910 in Izeaux, a quaint village nestled in the French Alps. Since its inception, the brand has consistently pioneered the creation of top-tier footwear to cater to diverse requirements. Whether it’s embarking on a trail along the foothills of Mont Blanc with a pair of Avoriaz mountain boots or relishing a leisurely summer stroll in Pacific sandals, Paraboot has always delivered.

Iconic Footwear Staple

The Chambord, meticulously handcrafted in Saint Jean de Moirans, France, has its origins in golf footwear, featuring the distinctive 45-degree stitching on the apron—a hallmark technique unique to Paraboot’s shoe craftsmanship. The brand’s renowned thick rubber soles also grace the Chambord, a signature trait. The incorporation of rubber soles into Paraboot’s offerings dates back to 1926, when the brand’s visionary founder, Remy Richard, encountered rubber boot-clad Americans during a visit to the USA. Inspired by this innovation, upon his return to the UK, Remy replaced traditional wooden and leather soles with vulcanized rubber. He even pioneered the notched soles prevalent in many mountain boots, a design that adorns the Chambord’s very foundation.



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Diving into the Details

Delving into the intricacies of the welting process, a technique renowned for its ability to enhance durability and water resistance, the Chambord introduces the Norwegian welt. A feature often associated with rugged work and mountain footwear, this technique involves the attachment of a slender layer of leather to which both the upper and outsole are meticulously sewn. The result? Lasting resilience that can withstand the test of time and the elements. What sets the Paraboot Chambord apart is not just the incorporation of this technique, but the added advantage of resole-ability. This exceptional characteristic ensures that your beloved pair can be rejuvenated, allowing you to forge a lifelong bond with these shoes.

Transitioning to the upper construction, the Chambord’s showcase an impeccable execution of premium calfskin, a material prized for its supple nature and remarkable resilience. Beyond mere aesthetics, the calfskin enhances comfort, adapting effortlessly to your stride, and preserving an air of timeless elegance that transcends passing trends. The Chambord’s colour palette of Café, Black, and Nuit tones reflects a thoughtful curation catering to diverse preferences. These captivating options await your exploration at Aphrodite Clothing, beckoning you to experience them either in the tactile realm of their physical store or conveniently online.

In terms of style, the Chambord opens doors to endless creativity. Seamlessly complement your ensemble with the casual sophistication of your go-to chinos and a gently enveloping virgin wool overshirt—a combination that radiates classic ease. Yet, should you choose to elevate your aesthetic to new heights, envision a collaboration with cigarette-cut high-rise trousers and a meticulously chosen Cuban shirt. The result is an ensemble that embodies a refined sleekness, a perfect embodiment of the phrase “less is more,” an ensemble not out of place in the most alluring Parisian coffee haunts. Through its impeccable craftsmanship and boundless styling potential, the Chambord beckons you to weave your unique narrative into the tapestry of fashion.



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The versatility offered by the Chambord knows no bounds when it comes to styling possibilities. You have an array of options at your disposal – for a touch of classic casual refinement, consider teaming them up with your reliable chinos and a virgin wool overshirt. This combination effortlessly exudes timeless charm. Alternatively, if you’re aiming for a look that epitomizes sleek sophistication, the Chambord lends itself perfectly to a collaboration with cigarette-cut, high-rise trousers, creating an ensemble that exudes modernity and elegance. Amplify the allure with a Cuban-style shirt, infusing an air of international flair into your attire. Such a refined ensemble wouldn’t be out of place in the most fashionable Parisian coffee shops, where style is as essential as the coffee itself. In the realm of fashion, the Chambord offers a canvas on which you can paint your unique sense of style, ensuring you stand out in any setting, from the bustling streets of Paris to the most charming of cafés.

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