Patagonia's Sustainable Business is More Important Than Ever

Patagonia’s Sustainable Business is More Important Than Ever

Alongside ‘immersive’ and ‘influencer’, the word ‘sustainability’ is one of the major buzzwords of recent times, particularly in the world of fashion. It makes sense: company ethics have been a growing concern for consumers, in terms of both human and environmental impact. It’s undeniable that some of the biggest names in fashion have been making headway into improving their green credentials: fast fashion giants H&M and Zara have both been seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, while adidas and Nike have been introducing technologies like Prime/Flyknit in order to cut down on industrial waste. However, it has been argued that these are examples of ‘greenwashing’: companies employing environmentally-friendly policies, while still promoting the mass consumption that has got landfills overflowing. It’s a step in the right direction, of course, but surely more can be done?

Patagonia JacketsEnter Patagonia. The veteran outdoor company is a firm favourite here at Aphrodite, and has loudly championed environmentally-friendly practices since its inception in 1973. In honour of Earth Day (April 22nd) Hypebeast recently posted a profile following the company from a sustainability perspective, and is a very interesting read for anyone interested in the brand, its mission or how a sustainable, socially-conscious brand could be run. It’s also refreshing, if not unusal, to see that a brand of Patagonia’s stature is committed to such an anti-capitalist standpoint.

Patagonia has stuck to its narrative, churning out documentaries that communicated the brand’s anti-materialist philosophy at every turn. Beyond mere branded propaganda, the brand’s own athletes and ambassadors have also exhibited a profoundly inspiring compassion not only for the environment, but the unsung people and communities that make the environment so compelling.

Read the full article at Hypebeast, and browse our full Patagonia range at Aphrodite Clothing.

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