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Penfield Brand Guide

A History Of Penfield Clothing

Penfield Clothing, born in 1975 by a man named Harvey Gross, is a mainly outdoor clothing brand that is famed for producing high-quality pieces that provide comfort and warmth against the strong elements. More recently venturing into a full collection comprising of a wider range of garments such as t-shirts, trousers and hats, Penfield has managed to not only cement its place as a reputable brand for providing durable, functional pieces, but also as a stylish brand that appeals to both a younger and older market. By providing pieces that satisfy both areas, Penfield has seamlessly managed to integrate style into function and vice versa, allowing them to become one of the world’s most reputable brands amongst the fashion and outdoor world.

At its conception, Harvey Gross created Penfield as a simply practical brand that provided protection against the elements of New England weather. Created in Hudson, Massachusetts, Penfield pays homage to its roots consistently season after season by providing prints and labels that remind the wearer of Penfield’s humble roots. It is this heritage that allows Penfield to stand out against many of its more recent competitors in the fashion and outerwear scene, engaging with the wearer and reminding them that they are wearing a garment that has been created by people that care. The New England climate that Harvey Gross intended to protect people from was a harsh one and the conception of perhaps their most famed product came from this drive and determination to help people, the 80/20 goose down jackets. Featuring in most seasons, these jackets provide almost weightless protection to the elements, with the goose down inner being extremely comfortable to the wearer too. It was this jacket that set the new standard of outerwear in the industry and it is arguably this that was the forerunner for Penfield to become the fashion powerhouse it is today.

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Why Is Penfield Clothing So Popular?

Although Penfield likes to offer a more traditional, heritage look in its products, they are constantly looking to improve the function of each garment. Not resting on the laurels of their 80/20 goose down jacket, Penfield has recently invested into the researching and implementation of Teflon and DWR down proof outers that provide a strong, breathable and water resistant finish to their jackets. This constant research into new, innovative ventures for their fabrics reinforces the idea that even though the success of the fashion market it operates in, Penfield still wants to create products that are functional in order to please and facilitate its initial outerwear market, whilst catering to the more fashion-minded audience through unique yet contemporary style inspirations.

Aside from its prominence amongst the outerwear market, Penfield has in the past few years, managed to appeal to the fashion market, thanks to a very heritage look and feel about most of its products. After venturing into seasonal pieces like t-shirts, shirts and shorts, Penfield provides for the fashion market by taking staple pieces like these and adding quirky yet relevant detailing to them that allows them to stand out from the crowd. Whether it is a seasonal print, pattern or style, Penfield consistently manages to appeal to the fashion market, putting together looks and styles that fit seamlessly together as part of any outfit, but also offer a heritage feel that engages the wearer and makes them feel like they are wearing something relevant and stylish at the same time.

With such an emphasis on the outdoors, it’s natural that Penfield uses premium fabrics throughout the whole collection. They want their collection to be a reflection of their outdoor roots, so only the finest cotton is used amongst their shirts and t-shirts, allowing for a durable product that accurately portrays what Penfield is all about.

A consistent theme throughout many of Penfield’s collections is the inclusion of the bear on either the logo itself or as part of a print. The inclusion of this is a reminder and a showcase of Penfield’s outdoor roots, representing the clear bond that Penfield has always had with nature and the thrill of exploring the outdoors. By supporting the WSPA that helps protect and rescue bears worldwide, Penfield once again showcases its passion for the outdoors and everything that it entails. A truly outdoor brand, Penfield will long be a wardrobe staple for the fashion conscious explorer.

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