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Polo Ralph Lauren Brand Guide

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Ralph Lauren Brand GuideRalph Lauren is a brand that is almost synonymous with the world of fashion. The iconic Polo logo that is brandished on many of their items is arguably one of the most recognisable in the world, with a reputation and heritage that is almost unrivaled by anyone else provided through a line of menswear, womenswear and accessories that has, in recent times, produced revenues of around $5 Billion, making Ralph Lauren not only a powerhouse in fashion, but also in the economic world.

Born in 1939 in the Bronx of New York, Ralph Liftshitz as he was initially known as (He changed his name to Ralph Lauren when he was 15) led a relatively working class lifestyle, with an orthodox Jewish upbringing that led him through college as well as working as a sales assistant. However, this was about to change. At the age of 26, Ralph was inspired to design and create a wide necktie that he had seen the famous Douglas Fairbanks Jr wearing, but the idea was scrapped as it wasn’t “commercially viable”. After leaving the company, Ralph began to create these ties himself, establishing his own company that worked out of a single drawer in the iconic Empire State Building. Referring to it as “Polo”, Ralph Laurens neckties quickly gained popularity amongst businessman in NYC who wanted a wider, more European tie. After gaining some respect and reputation, Ralph was approached by the luxury department store Neiman Marcus, where an order for 100 dozen of his unique ties paved the way for Ralph Lauren to become a real player in the fashion world.  After an investment by Manhattan clothing manufacturer Norman Hilton, Ralph Lauren was able to open its first store that sold his now very popular ties. This was the start of Ralph Lauren.

Ralph developed his first menswear under the “Polo” name in 1968 after wanting to create something that made him “excited” yet maintained a “traditional” value.  Gaining critical acclaim instantly, it was in 1972, just after producing his first women’s items, that one of Ralph Lauren’s most popular items, even today, was introduced; the Polo Shirt. Originally available in twenty-four different colours, the Polo quickly became the most iconic item for the “preppy look”, something that Ralph himself is best known for. This signalled the exponential rise of the brand, spiralling Ralph into the world of fashion, where he consistently produced stylish, preppy menswear whilst also expanding into different areas that he felt passionate in. From full lines of womenswear, to the launch of his own fragrances, to expanding into an infant’s range, Ralph Lauren is now a leading arm for both mens and womens fashion, with vibrant, abstract colours and styles that are now staples in fashion. Ralph’s passion can be felt in all his lines, where inspiration from films, celebrities and the traditional American culture have allowed him to create all of his designs. Ralph himself says that when designing something he works more “like a writer”, where he is “writing a story” through his garments that people can relate to and really feel themselves when wearing.

The ‘Polo Ralph Lauren’ name

When you think of Ralph Lauren, the image of the iconic Polo player logo that is embroidered onto almost all of their garments instantly pops up in your mind. Emblazoned proudly on the likes of their polos and shirting, the logo has a reason for being there. It is a reflection of Ralph’s original tie business named “Polo”. The name came from the idea that he wanted a brand that drew inspiration from the likes of sport and the idea of using the term “Polo” shares a link between the brand and sport. A sophisticated, trendy sport reflects the brand itself, so the name stuck. Initially seen on Ralph’s first introduction into womenswear on the cuffs of the shirts, the logo is now seen all over the brand, accurately reflecting what Ralph Lauren is all about, even today. Style, trendiness and a casual attitude is what Ralph Lauren is all about and the Polo player accurately reinforces this idea.

Celebrities Wearing Ralph Lauren

With such a prestigious, rich heritage, Ralph Lauren has long been the brand of choice for celebrities who want to dress down or up yet still maintain style. All the A list celebrities, from men to women, have proudly been spotted with the infamous logo on their chest, proving to customers that they are buying something special when they buy Ralph Lauren. Zayn Malik of One Direction was recently snapped wearing one of Ralph Lauren’s most iconic pieces, the Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

Ralph Lauren 4d Experience

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