Pretty Green Brand Guide

Pretty Green Brand Guide

An Introduction To Pretty Green

Pretty Green Clothing designed by Liam Gallagher is one of the most stylish sought after men’s clothing brands today.  Liam, once the frontman of Oasis and now the newly created Beady Eye has taken a new route in his career to create a clothing line ‘cuz there’s a lack of stuff out there of the things I would wear.’

Pretty Green’s Clothing range includes the Classic Parka Jackets, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Shirts and footwear, all classic designs with the Pretty Green and Liam Gallagher stamp.

Known for his trademark Parka Jackets throughout his time in Oasis, it’s no wonder this is a staple piece in his collections, but surprisingly boast a wide collection of other outwear and clothing.

There are two distinct collections within this brand, Green Label and Black Label.

  • Green Label ‘is a focused, casual range dedicated to providing quality, everyday signature pieces’.
  • Black Label ‘is classic British tailoring, using fine fabrics with an innovative attention to detail’.

Pretty Green‘s range is a revival of the 1960’s and 70’s Rock and Roll iconic styles. Taking inspiration from a number of Rock legends of that time including, Marc Bolan and John Lennon, this collection is steeped in history and will appeal to all age ranges from the older gentleman to the younger Indie/Rock Music lover.

Pretty Green Collection

Photo shoots and look books are clearly inspired by record sleeves and the British Music Scene for this season. The 12” Format with a black slipcase echoes perfectly the relationship between the clothing style, music and the target audience for this collection.  The rawness is translated from clothing to paper seamlessly in this book which helps the audience feel Liam Gallagher has designed these garments.

Pretty Green’s Green Label aims to make a bold mark in the Men’s Clothing range.  Large Logo Prints are becoming a principal design element for Pretty Green, and this season’s collection is no different. Including a range of outwear which consist of urban hooded waterproof jackets, macs and duffle coats ,along with Jerseys, Polo’s, Grandad Tees and Jean Shirts, they are set to be a big hit in the next few months.
For the more sophisticated man, Pretty Green has created the Black Label. This Collection is providing a sense of sophistication, luxury and elegance yet still contains causal appeal which Pretty Green Clothing is known for.  A more tailored approach to the clothing appears in this collection, comprising bohemian pastel paisley pattern shirts, where prints are featured subtly throughout the garments.

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