Q&A Session w/ @DasslersFinest

Q&A With Three Stripes Collector @Dasslersfinest

We have had a little Q&A session with devout Adidas collector @Dasslersfinest, with a large collection of Adidas Originals in his archive it seems only fitting to fire some questions over. It’s nice to catch up with someone who has a genuine passion for collecting, and not just doing it for the hype or the resale value of most people these days. Instead, he focuses on the nostalgic aspect that his collection brings, as he has been a ‘sneakerhead’ since an early age and shows no interesting in stopping anytime soon.

Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

I’m originally from the UK and now live in the USA. I enjoy travelling, photography, playing guitar, music and going to concerts.

When did your interest in Adidas begin?

I guess it began with the first pair I owned when I was a kid. adidas Kick was the model and it was an entry-level trainer back then. It was many other people’s introduction to Adidas trainers at the time. I’ve been wearing the brand ever since.

Can you remember the first trainer you purchased for yourself?

The first pair I actually handed money over for was on a trip to Denmark. I bought a pair of blue Handball Spezial as I’d never seen them in England at the time. I basically spent all my holiday money in one go.

Adidas Spezial

How many pairs do you have in your collection?

I’ve never actually counted them all but my guess is less than the Aphrodite stockroom.

How much of your collection (if any) do you wear regularly?

I used to have around 50 or so pairs for wearing but I got rid of a lot not long ago. I had pairs I just wasn’t wearing anymore so they were given to friends, family, etc. I probably have 25 or so now in the rotation.

@Dasslersfinest Adidas Original Sneaker Collection

Your interests mainly lay in the Originals Retro models. Are there any modern models that have caught your eye?

I like some of the newer styles but am yet to purchase any. I’d go for some of the simplistic looking ones like Haven or INIKI. I have particular styles that I like and usually keep it traditional.

When you joined Instagram, did you anticipate how many followers you’d get? 

I joined Instagram only because I got too lazy updating my website. I had an elementary website for over 10 years and I stopped updating it. Instagram is a lot quicker and easier, and it’s the only social media I am on as anything else would take too much of my time. I enjoy taking pictures, creating small videos, doing giveaways, etc, and that’s really what my account is for. I never really thought about ‘how many followers’ I’d get. Only a small percentage truly follow most accounts regularly, so it’s just a number really.

@Dasslersfinest Adidas Original Jeans Sneakers

There have been quite a few high profile collectors recently ‘getting out of the game’ and selling their collection. Have you any plans to sell up? I personally don’t know of any ‘High Profile Collectors’ selling up.

I have no plans to ‘get out’ as I’d have nothing to take pictures of. I enjoy ‘the game’ as you put it, I enjoy the nostalgia aspect. I am not as immersed in it as I was years ago and don’t buy everything in site like I did over 10 years ago.

Other than Adidas, are there any other brands that you can be seen wearing frequently?

I have various Diadora, Puma, Donald J Pliner, Ferragamo, To Boot New York, Allen Edmonds, Kickers, oh, and Crocs for camping (I admit it).

Vintage Adidas Court Trainers

And finally, can you give us the Top 5 trainers in your collection, and why they mean so much to you?

I am going to go with ones that I had as a kid and now own, instead of hard to find models. All of them played a part in my youth years ago.

  1. adidas Handball Spezial (dimple tongue ) My favourite shoe and my first big purchase years ago. I’ve always loved this model for its rich blue suede and the translucent sole.
  2. adidas Forest Hills 82. These bring back memories of a trip to the Isle of Wight as a kid. I have a picture somewhere of me wearing them. Kangaroo leather and bold gold stripes, a great summer shoe.
  3. adidas Denver. This was another expensive purchase back then and was my first real ‘runner type model’. I’m a fan of the Dellinger Web soles and the design and colours on the Denver really appealed to me.
  4. adidas SL 80. Purchased originally from Gansgear in John’s Precinct, Liverpool. Another model I’ve always loved. The blue and gold combination just struck a chord when I saw them.
  5. adidas adicolor This model was so innovative at the time. A plain white shoe and you could buy pens to colour the stripes. I’ve always liked the silhouette of this model and it looked great without any colouring.

We would like to thank Dasslersfinest for his time and sharing his experiences. As always, you can get regular updates from his @Dasslersfinest related profiles on any of the below link:


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