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Rains Classic Jacket

Rains : New To Aphrodite

More Info About Rains Jackets

If you live somewhere where the weather is always precarious you need to know about Rains. Founded in Denmark in 2012, this Scandinavian outerwear brand is passionate about re-inventing the traditional rubber raincoat. Transcending under the label’s watch, the iconic silhouette has become sleeker, more functional, and even more lightweight than it already was.

Rains Long Jacket

Favoured by the globe’s most stylish denizens, Rains renders a range of waterproof items, spanning jackets, bags and other handy everyday accessories. Products come in a multitude of effortlessly cool, neutral colorways, including – black, grey, khaki and taupe. The whole scope of the Rains identity lies in preparing for the worst; future-proofing your wardrobe for a forecast of inclement weather, without compromising on style.

Rains Accessories

Whether it’s the Rains Classic Jacket you’re here for, or the longline jacket, or even the Rains Liner Vest – which is sure to add a healthy dosage of warmth to your look – you can find it all under our umbrella, there’s no chance of falling victim to a storm ever again.

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