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Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt Fit Guide

What is Ralph Lauren Custom Fit?

How Do Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts Fit + What Is Ralph Lauren Custom Fit?

One of the most successful American fashion designers of all time, Ralph Lauren made a name for himself with his Polo line of tailored casual clothing. Inspired by the namesake sport, traditionally the preserve of upper-crust university students, the Polo line used the players’ attire from both on and off the field as the basis of his collection, which brought preppy, Ivy League style to a wider audience — button-down shirts, navy blazers and, of course, the classic cotton-mesh polo shirt. With its wide range of colours, neat styling and embroidered polo player emblem, the Ralph Lauren polo shirt is an icon of both the designer’s range and of casual menswear in general. Since its introduction in 1972 — in 24 colours and a single fit — the polo shirt has moved with the times and adapted to its now-worldwide audience with a choice of three distinct fits: the Classic, Custom and Slim fits. The distinction between these fits, particular the Custom and Slim, is quite subtle, so we’ve put together the following guide to help choose the right Ralph Lauren polo for your body, tastes and style.

Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Polo

Ralph Lauren Polo Classic Fit

The original, directly inspired by polo players’ uniforms, the Classic Fit boasts lower armholes, a longer and wider body and extended rear hem for the brand’s roomiest, most relaxed fit. The sleeves sit closer to the elbow and the fuller cut allows for a greater range of movement than the other two fits, making the Classic Fit perfect to wear tucked into chinos or shorts for a classic preppy look.

Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Polo

Ralph Lauren Custom Fit

Designed as a fashion-oriented version of the more traditional Classic, the Custom Fit polo raises the armholes and trims the sleeve length, body width and overall length by 1.5 inches each, giving a neater, more fitted look overall. The loss of length keeps the polo looking smart both tucked and untucked, while the trimmer body and arms will best flatter an athletic physique — if you want to show off all your hard work at the gym, the Custom Fit is the one for you.

Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Polo

Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Polo

The newest of the brand’s fits, the Slim Fit was designed to cater to the tastes of loyal European fans. Keeping the sleeve profile of the Ralph Lauren Custom Fit, the body width and front hem are trimmed by a further 0.5 inches, while the rear hem is shortened by 1.5 inches to bring it almost level with the front for a sleeker look when untucked.

Whichever fit you choose, the Ralph Lauren polo shirt is a timeless classic that’s sure to fit right in with any man’s wardrobe. We hope you enjoyed reading the What Is Ralph Lauren Custom Fit? blog here at Aphrodite.

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