Roger Moore - The Most Stylish James Bond?

James Bond Roger Moore

Roger Moore – The Most Stylish James Bond?

The curse of 2016-2017 continues to dominate the celebrity world, this time coming with the sad news of the death of Sir Roger Moore.

Best known for his role as James Bond during the years 1973-1985, Moore is one of the most well-known Bonds of all time. Moore’s Bond career includes some of the iconic films such as Live and Let Die (1973), The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and a View to Kill (1985).

Along with his unquestionably suave demeanor, Moore will be remembered as the most enduring actor to play the secret intelligence officer. Becoming a prodigious ambassador for franchise over the years, Moore will always be remembered at a James Bond great.

In memory of the late and great Moore, GQ have written a blog ‘Why Roger Moore was the most stylish Bond’.

Yes, Sean Connery had that iconic flannel jumpsuit in Goldfinger. Yes, Daniel Craig‘s strong-shouldered Tom Ford suits and tab-collar shirts are superbly sleek. But no Bond has had more personality in the way he dressed than Moore’s.

Read the full article over at GQ.

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