Saturdays Surf NYC Brand Guide
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Saturdays NYC Brand Guide

Co-founded by Colin Tunstall, Morgan Collett and Josh Rosen, Saturdays NYC was founded in 2009 as Saturdays Surf NYC, when the trio discovered that they shared mutual interests including surfing as paramount inspiration. Rather than pigeonhole themselves in an area of financial difficulty in recent years (Quiksilver went bankrupt, alongside its sister brand Roxy, Billabong before that and Rip Curl ran a dangerous line for a number of years looking for a sale) Saturdays ditched the surf from the name and broadened their horizons as a trifecta of New York’s most hyped menswear designers.

Saturdays NYC stemmed from a passion for surfing, art, music and coffee. The trio focused on an organic creative process, looking for inspiration everywhere, each Saturdays store expressing the collective’s intrinsic values such as being decorated with a quirky espresso bar to give a nod to the co-founders’ love for good coffee.

The brand focuses on a minimal, clean aesthetic which is prominent from the brand logo down to the clothing designs. The brand provides staple classic pieces which are ideal for your timeless wardrobe. Ranges of outerwear, shirting, accessories and footwear feature the minimalist look which will always remain stylish. Footwear comes in a range of different styles, from baseball style boots, to slip on and leather trainers, versatile and casual for the laid-back days when you want to kick back in a pair of jeans and a simple cotton t-shirt.


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