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Stüssy Holiday 21 Collection

Stüssy Holiday 21 Collection : Drop 1

For Holiday ’21, Stüssy has gone in a bold new direction in terms of winterwear, opting to utilise an array of designs, materials, and cuts throughout the full range, which make an appearance on t-shirts, button-downs, hoodies, pants, jackets, sweaters and even caps.

Alongside the more adventurous colourways and designs, such as trippy hippy-inspired back prints and Egyptian sphinx graphics, the Stüssy Holiday ’21 Collection features more traditional logos and branding such as the classic 8-ball, basic and stock garments which are draped in some new, exciting colours, as well as some more expected colour palettes.

Stüssy Holiday '21 Collection

One of the standout designs to come out of this drop is the Mossy Oak design which features a range of camouflage-esque colours and patterns and is used to the fullest on their insulating work jacket, utilising a sturdy cotton canvas construction, paired with a quilted lining to help maintain warmth. The brand’s down puffer jacket from this drop also features the standout print and is perfect for those freezing cold days thanks to its down feather filling and high-level insulating properties.

Stussy Mossy Oak Puffer

From embroidery to screen printing, down filling to twill quilting, stripes to swirls, the Stüssy Holiday ’21 Collection touches all bases and covers a wide selection of garments perfect for those expanding or refreshing their wardrobe and daily outfits without breaking the bank.

Stussy Holiday 21

Despite being born in California and originally catering to surfers, skaters and the hip-hop scene, this drop shows clear cut proof that they know their stuff when it comes to creating a winter range, proving that the brand is more than capable of holding their own in the fashion industry, as well as proving that you should never judge a book by its cover.

The Stüssy Holiday ’21 Collection [drop 1] is available online at Aphrodite now.

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