Stutterheim Brand Guide

Stutterheim Brand Guide

The History of Stutterheim

It is highly unusual for a brand to align itself with the concept of ‘melancholy’, but that is exactly what Swedish raincoat masters Stutterheim proclaim: ‘Swedish Melancholy At Its Driest’. Rather than putting forth a sullen brand image, however, they use the idea of melancholy to project a sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo, with standing still, and a desire to innovate and change.

A relatively new brand, Stutterheim was conceived when the brand’s founder, Alexander Stutterheim, found his grandfather’s old raincoat in an abandoned barn on an island in the Stockholm peninsula. Admiring the workmanship and quality, Alexander resolved to craft a modern interpretation, and had 200 raincoats handmade in a factory in Sweden, selling them online from his living room. Seven years — and co-signs from Kanye West, Jay-Z and many others — later, Stutterheim raincoats are sold at select shops around the world, and are still handmade to exacting specifications.

Stutterheim Raincoats

stutterheim stockholm raincoat

Their most famous style, the Stockholm, is the original that was based on Alexander’s grandfather’s coat. Crafted in rubberised cotton, left unlined and with riveted stress points, the seams are double-welded to ensure water tightness. The work is all done by hand, and quality controlled by the same seamstresses to ensure consistency. They’ve also expanded their range to encompass different styles, such as mountain parkas and bomber jackets, while still utilising their rainproof fabrics and minimal designs to create a truly unique niche for themselves. All styles share the same level of quality assurance and waterproof tooling, while some, like the Stenhamra parka, use lighter weight, bonded waterproof materials to cut the weight and improve breathability.

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