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Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban: Brand Guide

Explore the Iconic World of Ray-Ban Sunglasses

They’re one of the most iconic, instantly recognisable and sought after brands on earth, and the undisputed champion of mastering the art of stylish eyewear. From film stars and sporting legends, to the front men of rock and roll bands and even some of the former presidents of the United States, Ray Ban knows no boundaries when it comes to the conformity of style, or the way in which their frames can shape not only a generation, but a timelessly cool culture, with one simple signature logo.

Ray Ban

Ray Ban History

Founded in 1934 in America, RayBan made its name through aviation. In a time where planes were going higher than ever, and had the range to travel distances that a lack of technology had previously inhibited, US Air Force pilots began to complain of headaches and altitude sickness from the increased amount of glare from the sun. Ray Ban saw their opportunity and stepped in, introducing a plastic frame with a green lens that would reduce glare without obscuring the pilot’s vision. It was this frame that sealed Ray Ban’s instant success as a new eyewear brand, as the style was later remodelled with a metal frame and called the Ray Ban Aviator.

RayBan became renowned for their unique performance in different lights. Before long, their reputation had led to them being worn for much more than just flying. Anybody partaking in outdoor pursuits lusted after a pair of Ray Bans, with later models being released with different coloured lenses to reduce the effects of varying light conditions on the eye. From hunting, to rock climbing and fishing, Ray Ban’s seemed to work their way into every aspect of outdoor life.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban’s Evolution

The 1940s saw Ray Ban develop the technology behind their lenses further, as gradient mirrored lenses protected pilots from the sun whilst allowing them to clearly see their dials in their lower field of vision. This military-inspired phenomenon spread to mainstream fashion, as ordinary people clamoured to get their hands on military-spec apparel.
The fashion after the war remained militarized; with civilians wearing Army issue t-shirts and pilot inspired clothing, including Ray Ban sunglasses to imitate their style. The implications of this shift in fashion were huge for Ray Ban – it meant that they had just managed to become a mainstream fashion eyewear brand without having to change a thing.

The wake of the war saw a shift in American culture. Hollywood boomed and the rise of the film star became unstoppable. It was during this time that Ray Ban introduced what is now perhaps one of their most recognisable styles, the Wayfarer. The squared-off frame was worn on-screen by the likes of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause”, which led to some of Ray Ban’s greatest exposure, as their styles were displayed on the big screen by some of the most culturally significant figures of all time. The boom continued well into the 1960s, with even more styles being added to the Ray Ban range, including frames for men, women and children.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban’s In Pop-Culture

The more recent years have seen Ray Ban continue their venture into popular culture. From Tom Cruise sporting the Ray Ban Aviator in “Top Gun” to a huge host of their styles appearing in one of Quentin Tarantino’s most celebrated films, “Reservoir Dogs”, Ray Bans have been displayed at the movies since their early popularity. With musicians such as Kanye West, Liam Gallagher and Rihanna being spotted wearing RayBan frames, there are no boundaries to which the American label can adhere too. With Ray Ban styles using their huge cultural references to transcend any style, they have always remained as pricelessly stylish no matter what look they are used in.

RayBan Sunglasses

With constant updates and innovations, including the reworking of timeless frames like the Wayfarer to create newer, sleeker versions, whilst also still maintaining production of the classic style, Ray Ban is one of the few brands in the world that can appeal to any gender and generation.

However, despite their unrivalled level of popularity thanks to their undoubted style, Ray Ban’s haven’t forgotten their roots of technological lens innovation. Still developing new tints and designs for the lenses to fit their sough-after frames, Ray Ban still provide everything from fully mirrored lenses on their classic Aviators, to the traditional green lens on their iconic Wayfarer, making them one of the most successful eyewear brands of all time.


Snow Peak Brand Guide

Outdoor experts Snow Peak are known worldwide for their superlative camping gear and accessories. And while the Japanese outfit now offer a wide range of specialist gear, they originally came from humble beginnings.


Who Founded Snow Peak?

Snow Peak was founded in the shadow of Mt. Tanigawa, where a young Japanese man, Yukio Yamai, repeatedly challenged himself to climb the dangerous and rocky terrain it offered. Yamai grew discontent with the climbing gear that he possessed and so he set off to make his own equipment, creating the brand that would soon become Snow Peak. With an array of expertise and the fine craftsman of Tsubame-Sanjo at his expense, he began to remake and remaster camping and climbing gear into the fine pieces of gear that Snow Peak sell today.


Why is Snow Peak so successful?

Snow Peak’s success can be directly attributed to the brand’s ability to create functional, durable and high quality pieces. Utilising the finest materials such as titanium and aluminium, and combining that with the quality and care of local Japanese workers, Snow Peaks gear leads the industry by some distance when it comes to premium outdoor accessories and apparel.


Snow Peak Accessories

If your in need of some good ol’ camping gear, you’re in need of Snow Peak! The brand offer everything you could possibly need on your outdoor ventures, from their ‘Takibi Solo’ fire stove, Fireproof Mittens and Tongs, to the Foldable camping Chair, flasks and bottles. With an array of their well-made, lightweight quality pieces, you’ll truly be set for whatever mother nature throws at you.


Snow Peak Clothing

Snow Peak as a brand originally focused their attention on producing outdoor gear and accessories, it was only in 2014 when the founder’s granddaughter suggested starting an apparel line that the brand step into the world of clothing. Correlating with the company ethos, their initial clothing range focused on pure quality, with versatility, functionality and durability at the core of each garment that they made. A wide range of pieces are available, ranging from waterproof jackets and breathable tees, to rugged trousers and warming hats.


Aphrodite’s curation of Snow Peak currently offers some of the finest pieces of outdoor gear, with clothing arriving very soon!


Mr Maria – New to Aphrodite

We have a new brand on our roster! Beginning Aphrodite’s venture into the world of homeware we look to lighting legends, Mr Maria. Founded in 2006 by Jannes Hak and Lennart Bosker, the brand based in the heart of Amsterdam; Netherland focus their products on the notion of innocence and purity.

‘To create with love for a loving home, designs that celebrate innocence’- Mr Maria



Their range of products create an emotive relationship through reinforcing happiness and positivity, making the brand extremely unique to the market. Developing products in line with their philosophy, Mr Maria look to child-like aesthetics when designing their night lights, leading to the creation of various playful characters, including ‘Miffy’ and ‘Smiley’ – firm favourites amongst the brands fans.

The iconic ‘Miffy’ cartoon character has also been reimaged as lighting. Furnish your rooms with its soft glow and radiance of cuteness to help create a loving environment for your family to truly be at home in.


Smiley’ offers warm yellow tones that arrive in a perfect size for a bedside table. The classic ‘smiley face’ design is instantly recognisable and will be certain to add a colour to your household.



The cartoonish lights are certain to bring you and your family pure joy as you relax in their presence. A hybrid of modernity and classicality, Mr Maria design their home furnishings to appeal as visually warming, pure and clean pieces. Finding themselves most at home in playful interiors, their playful vibe allows them to be loved by anybody regardless of their age; as well as being highly sustainable, what’s not to love?




Shop Mr Maria lamps, designed with love, now online and in store at Aphrodite Clothing.

Y-3 Take Sportswear To The Next Level

Since 2003, when adidas and avant garde designer Yohji Yamamoto put their heads together in the pursuit of more unique ventures, Y-3 has always been an interesting one to watch. Established well before the days when the word Athleisure was even coined, let alone unblinkingly accepted onto some of the biggest runways in the world, the brand not only carved a reputation for challenging the pre-conceived conceptions that surround sportswear silhouettes as a whole, but set the bar when it came to how collaborations can and should be done.

Y-3 New Arrivals
Perhaps one of the most alluring qualities Y-3 possess is their sense of identity. Inspired by the contrast between smart and casual outfitting and fuelled by a growing disinterest with making, ‘fancy clothing’ the brand combines Yohji’s more left-field approach with that of adidas’ performance-driven sensibilities, balancing, twisting and combining iconic elements from both sides into something that feels wholly Y-3.

Y-3 New Arrivals
Uniting the majority of their offering under a monochromatic banner, Y-3’s decision to remove colour from their designs allows more emphasis to be placed upon shape, form and function giving way for a selection of technical nuance and interesting use of fabrics to find their way to the surface.

Y-3 New ArrivalsY-3 New Arrivals
Take for example this seasons interpretation of the classic track pants. Placing the bold contrasting three stripes to the inside leg for a slight spin on a quintessential trait, the pants are imbued with masterful modern tailoring with a relaxed fit through the thigh, slight taper to the ankles and a cropped length. Finished with inner zip cuffs, four pockets and an elasticated drawstring waist, the track pants give way to a tonal Y-3 logo for a hit of subtle branding.

Y-3 New ArrivalsY-3 New Arrivals
Track tops have also been given some love with asymmetrical details and subtle alterations aligning the somewhat everyday garment with the other quality bits up for grabs. Featuring a contrasting varsity style applique YOHJI callout to the back, the jacket also comes with adjustable cuffs, a fleece lined interior and two front concealed zip pockets, the track top comes complete with tonal stripes and Y-3 logo to the left side only.

Y-3 New ArrivalsY-3 New Arrivals
Unsurprisingly some of the main talking points found throughout the collection are the accessories, most notably Y-3’s fresh interpretation of the cross-body bag. Constructed in a sling design, the bags come with the ability to be customised to suit the wearers desired needs with straps and storage compartments easily added or removed.

Y-3 New ArrivalsY-3 New Arrivals
Staple pieces have also been given a precise update with t-shirts, hoodies and hats boasting an array of enviable qualities which include sleek one piece constructions, juxtaposed monikers and signature Yohji cuts.

Making their welcome return both the Y-3 Ren and Kaiwa can be found amongst the greyscale ranks. With updated colourways applied and notable characteristics preserved the sneakers make use of adidas’ affinity for footwear to ensure their staunch looks are matched with plenty of practical utility. Sat alongside the decisively geometric Y-3 Yuuto, which revives one of the first sneakers ever released by Y-3, and the ultra-contemporary Yohji Courts the brand once again prove they are not to be crossed when it comes to on-foot craftsmanship.

Shop the full Y-3 line-up online or in store now.

Y-3 New Arrivals

Comme des Garcons Multi Wallets

COMME des GARÇONS WALLET: Lost In Logomania

COMME des GARÇONS WALLET ‘Huge Logo’ Capsule

For some seasons now fashion brands across the board have pleaded their case for logomania. From streetwear labels to luxury houses and every circuit in-between, the movement’s undoubtedly industry approved. No stranger to an emblazoned aesthetic, Rei Kawakubo’s Japanese imprint COMME des GARÇONS has led the logomania vanguard for years. Spanning tees, hoodies, shirts and accessories, the label’s moniker, and subsequent logo, unapologetically takes the identity of a globally renowned empire.

For SS19, the brand’s WALLET diffusion line embarks on a logo-charged tirade. Crafted to exacting standards in Spain, the premium collection employs cowhide leather to construct each silhouettes smooth surface. Brought to life in punchy cherry red and black hues, the capsule lends itself to several wallet shapes and sizes. Designs vary from billfold, to coin holder and elongated, while each possessing a common denominator; the COMME des GARÇONS logo stationed front and centre.


COMME des GARÇONS WALLET Huge LogoThe French term, that translates to ‘like boys’, is stamped to each wallets exterior, presenting an unmistakable finish to every accessory in the line up. Gold hardware secures the zipped versions, while gold-foil branding also appears within the capsule.

Though visually each wallet is of the same aesthetic, internally, the styles serve different purposes. Ideal for keeping your loose change safe, the small to medium coin holders are perfect for general storing and transporting. In contrast, the billfold and elongated wallets arrive with organisation in mind. With slots for cards, notes and coins, these slick versions don’t compromise on space or security. COMME des GARÇONS WALLET BillfoldCOMME des GARÇONS WALLET Huge Logo Collection

As Rei Kawakbuo’s designs don’t hang about for long, be quick to add one of these bold wallets to your collection before they’re all gone. Shop the entire COMME des GARÇONS WALLET collection in-store or on our website.

10 Ways To Look After Grenson Shoes

Grenson Shoes – How To Look After

Grenson Shoes Care Guide – 10 Tips To Look After Grenson Shoes

Here at Aphrodite we have recently bolstered our vast range of shoe care products, with care kits from Jason Markk, Crep Protect and Sneakers ER readily available in-store and online which are sure to prove perfect for the footwear aficionados among us. We also have a whole host of items from Grenson, including Grenson cream, polish, brushes and cloths to help keep your footwear collection in tip top condition no matter what the weather.

Imagine this… you have just spent a small fortune on a pair of leather shoes, you want them to last the distance, right? With help from our lovely counterparts at British footwear institute Grenson, we have pieced together a Grenson care guide; 10 tips to look after Grenson shoes which will hopefully help keep your investment fresh for many years to come.

Following these few simple steps will help prolong the life of your most trustworthy Grenson shoes.


Grenson Brogues


10 Tips To Look After Grenson Shoes

  1. Never wear your new shoes in the rain until they have been worn at least 3-4 times.
  2. If your shoes do end up getting wet put shoe trees inside them (if you don’t have trees newspaper will work just as well) and let them dry out at room temperature for 48 hours before you wear them again. Wet sole leather will wear out twice as quick as dry sole leather.
  3. Before polishing, wipe off any excess surface dirt with a dry cloth.
  4. When its time to polish, use plenty of polish/cream and make sure its into the welt and the cracks between the upper and the sole. Let the polish sit on for as long as possible, over night is an ideal time scale. Browse our range of Grenson creams.
  5. Use a Grenson cloth or brush to take off any excess polish/cream to shine them up.
  6. If you want to darken your tan shoes use a dark polish, some people like to use black polish which makes them instantly look older.
  7. Goodyear Welted shoes are easy to repair and the soles can be changed if needed.
  8. A little test can be done to see if your shoe are ready for repair; If you can feel a soft spot in the middle of the front of the shoe where you walk, push it in with your thumb. If its very soft, its about to go, if its a little soft, you can get another few months out of them.
  9. Leather soles can be very slippery, making it a task in itself to navigate across some floors. A cheeky little trick, cut open a potato and rub it into the sole, this will give you grip.
  10. If you look after your shoes, they could last for years and years.

Take a look at our recent trip to the Grenson factory and interview with the brand’s owner and creative director Tim Little. Read full blog post here

How To Look After Grenson Shoes


Maison Margiela Sailor Bag Tan

Maison Margiela’s Sailor Bag | Your Perfect Weekend Companion

When planning for a short break, it can be difficult to strike a balance between style and practicality — your ratty old gym bag won’t win you any admirers, while that high-end aluminium suitcase is overkill for a weekend away. Luckily, as with many things, Maison Margiela have nailed the sweet spot between utility and luxury with their Sailor Bag.

Maison Margiela Tan Leather Sailor Bag

Crafted from buttery-soft aniline calfskin in the perfect shade of tan, the Sailor Bag falls part way between a tote and a boston bag, with a spacious lined main compartment accessed via two-way zip closure, along with organiser pockets and a further zipped pouch pocket inside for all of your small essentials.

Maison Margiela Weekend Bag Tan Zipper

Sporting top-stitched carry handles and a detachable leather shoulder strap (with snap-down, leather-covered fixtures; the kind of thoughtful detail you’d expect from the Maison), the bag boasts enough capacity for a weekend’s worth of clothes plus a dopp kit, ensuring you’ve everything you need to look your best in every way, while still remaining compact enough to not get in the way of your adventures (or misadventures).

Maison Margiela SS18 Sailor Bag Details

Finally — perhaps most crucially — the bag is finished with the Maison’s all-important signature four white stitches to the exterior; probably the most subtle indicator of high luxury around. From the sumptuous materials to the timeless styling, this is one bag that can easily be classed as an investment piece, sure to look ever better with age. The Maison Margiela Sailor Bag in Tan Calfskin is available to buy now from Aphrodite Clothing.

DIY Fashion – IKEA Bags Re-Designs

You may have recently seen over on our social channels the hype around the IKEA bag redesigns and customization’s of the original blue bag. Costing the whole of 40p, the blue IKEA bag is instantly recognisable, and on the back of Balenciaga leather bag costing $2,145 (£1,672) a number of Instagramers and bloggers have jumped on the idea to see what they can create from the familiar bright blue IKEA essential.  We can safely say there are a few interesting creations in the collection.

Over on Hypebeast they have put together a few of their favourites including mock ups of Yeezy 350s, face masks and caps.

it seemed like the majority of the DIY community wanted to prove something in response — if Balenciaga can charge thousands on an uninspired copy of a bag that costs less than a dollar then crafty creatives can somehow push themselves to try to make other products that are better and more economically attainable.


Check out the full article over at Hypebeast.

Porter Yoshida & Co. Brand Guide

Kichizo Yoshida was born in 1906 in a Japanese town called Samukawa, situated south of Tokyo in the Kanagawa prefecture. At just 12 years old, Kichizo travelled to Tokyo to begin training as a bag craftsman. After the Great Kanto Earthquake – where Kichizo managed to save many of his household items by tying them to a cord which he then held on his shoulders; he decided to pursue his goal of creating functional, strong and aesthetically-pleasing products that would last a lifetime.

In 1935 at 29 years old, Kichizo established his company in Tokyo – then called Yoshida Kaban Seisakujo. In 1951 the company was reformed and renamed to become Yoshida & Co. LTD, and their head office was relocated to Higashi-Kanda, where it remains to this day. Following their company philosophy, “heart and soul into every stitch”,  Yoshida & Co. established a strong customer base due to their innovative designs which were unlike any seen in Japan around this time. They even captured the attention of Empress Michiko, who often played tennis and donned a Yoshida & Co. bag before her engagement to Emperor Akihito. Kichizo was so dedicated to developing his bag manufacturing skills, he sent his son Shigeru to Italy in order to learn different bag making techniques from around the world – something many people could only dream of doing at this time.

However, Kichizo became tired with the lack of knowledge shoppers had of brands due to the boom of department stores, and in 1962 decided to develop Yoshida & Co.’s first private brand, Porter. Although this was an unusual move for a Japanese company at this time, it was necessary for the Yoshida & Co. name to be remembered and inspire loyalty within it’s customer base. The Porter brand was inspired by the many bag porters situated in hotels around the world, who’s hands will look after your bags and luggage multiple times during their lifetime.

Yoshida & Co Porter Briefcase

The Porter bags (like all of Yoshida & Co.’s bags) are created by some of Japan’s finest craftsmen, each one embodying the company philosophy at every stage of manufacturing. Kichizo believed that only Japanese craftsmen had the empathy and dedication required to follow this philosophy while working. Although the bags are constructed from soft fabric, it is extremely high quality and is made up of three layers: nylon twill, polycotton and nylon taffeta. These are strong fabrics that will maintain their high quality for a lifetime. This quality can be found throughout every aspect of design, from the metal hardware specially treated to age effectively, to the carefully thought out inner pockets and compartments that are developed with modern life in mind.

Yoshida & Co Porter 2-Way Helmet Bag

Porter is the Japanese accessory that has only in recent years become accessible to the Western market, and since then has become a must-have among fashion followers. The quality of their products has been recognised around the world: in 2007 they entered their first ‘Good Design Awards’ competition, winning with two of their products. Since then they have entered and won the competition numerous times, gaining more momentum and popularity in Western culture.

Having celebrated their 80th anniversary in 2015, Yoshida & Co. continues to develop and grow to this day. The Yoshida family is still at the helm of the company, proving that age old traditions and family values can contend with modern companies and designs – and will do for years to come.

Ranging from £199 to £450, Aphrodite have a collection of Porter Yoshida & Co. products available online here, or you can shop in-store at our Sunderland based shop.

Yoshida & Co Porter Backpack