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Aphrodite Introducing: Sandbanks

Sandbanks: Where Luxury Meets Sustainability

In an era where fashion often overlooks its environmental footprint, Sandbanks Clothing emerges as a shining example of luxury with a conscience. This fashion brand is not just about looking good; it’s about making a meaningful impact on our planet. Sandbanks is all about prioritising sustainability and taking responsibility for the environment.

Sandbanks Latest

What Are Sandbanks All About?

Luxury, Sustainability, and Regeneration

Sandbanks is a luxury fashion brand that places sustainability at the heart of its mission. Their products are crafted from recycled and regenerated materials, specifically sourced from post-consumer plastic waste found in the oceans and landfills. By giving new life to discarded materials, Sandbanks not only creates exquisite fashion but also contributes to reducing the environmental burden.

Sandbanks Gilet

What sets Sandbanks apart is its commitment to the environment. They collaborate with partners who offer access to premium sustainable and technical fabrics and components. Moreover, each product is meticulously designed with longevity in mind. This ensures that every piece stands the test of time, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimising waste. With this emphasis on sustainable, ecologically-minded practises, the Sandbanks purchase you choose to make at Aphrodite – be it a soft cotton Sandbanks T-Shirt, a versatile pique Sandbanks Polo Shirt or an Autumn/Winter-ready Sandbanks Gilet – becomes more than just a fleeting, trend-oriented cop; its an investment for the future of both your wardrobe and of our planet.

What Makes Sandbanks So Eco-Friendly?

Carbon-Neutral and Climate-Positive

Sandbanks goes the extra mile by being a carbon-neutral and climate-positive brand. At each stage of a garment’s journey, from design to the hands of the customer, they offset their carbon emissions. This demonstrates their unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the environment.

Sandbanks T-Shirt

Additionally, Sandbanks embraces a zero real fur and down policy. By opting for eco-friendly alternatives, they contribute to saving countless animals from exploitation. It’s a commitment to ethics and sustainability that resonates with those who value both style and conscience.

What Do Sandbanks Stand For?

Battling the Culture of Excess

Sandbanks’ ethos is rooted in addressing the excessive consumption culture that prevails in today’s society. This culture has, unfortunately, contributed to severe consequences for our planet. The unrelenting desire for more has given rise to a culture that exacerbates prevalent climate issues, including the plastic epidemic, rising carbon emissions, and unsustainable fashion practices.

Sandbanks Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

The plastic pollution crisis is a pressing concern, with a staggering amount of plastic waste never making it into recycling facilities. This not only pollutes our environment but also endangers marine life, disrupting ecosystems and contaminating our food chain with toxic microplastics.

Sandbanks Polo Shirt

Fashion consumption has surged, resulting in a shocking amount of clothing ending up in landfills each year. The traditional luxury fashion industry’s use of real fur and down has also faced scrutiny. Many are questioning the necessity of these materials when eco-friendly alternatives can prevent the exploitation of millions of animals.

It’s increasingly evident that sustainable, responsible, and ethical options are not just desirable but essential to combat these pressing issues and safeguard our planet’s future.

Who Is Wearing Sandbanks?

A Celebrity-Backed Movement

Sandbanks has garnered a loyal following, including sporting figures like Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville and Jamie Redknapp, who acted as a brand ambassador for the business since its emergence. Such prominent figures recognise the significance of aligning with a brand that combines luxury with sustainability, setting an example for fashion enthusiasts and the industry as a whole.

Why Choose Sandbanks?

Sandbanks Clothing is more than a fashion brand; it’s a statement of values. By choosing Sandbanks, you’re not just embracing style; you’re contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future for our planet. It’s a brand where luxury and sustainability coexist harmoniously, where each purchase is a step towards making a positive impact. Join the movement today, and together, we can redefine fashion by prioritising ethics and the environment.

Shop the initial drop of Sandbanks Clothing at Aphrodite Online here. We eagerly await the second half of the delivery, due any day!

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Aphrodite Introducing: Undercover

Undercover: Where Fashion Meets Rebellion – Unveiling the Distinctive Fusion of Design and Defiance

In the realm of fashion, where trends come and go, there are those rare brands that reject convention and stand as beacons of creativity. Among these avant-garde trailblazers lies Undercover, a Japanese fashion label that effortlessly marries rebellion, intellect, and artistic aesthetics.

Let us take you on a journey into the brand’s history, the visionary mind behind its inception, and the fundamentals that have propelled it into the heady heights of fashion greatness.

Who Are Undercover?

Delving into the Origins of a Remarkable Brand: The Spark of Subversion

Since its beginning in 1993, Undercover has epitomised a fearless rebellion against the ordinary. It was born from the fusion of Tokyo’s punk and street culture, where Jun Takahashi, the mastermind behind the brand, unearthed a rich seam of inspiration. This cultural melting-pot provided the fuel for Takahashi’s desire to question societal norms and transcend established fashion norms. Harnessing inspiration from those he looked up to, Jun combined Vivienne Westwood‘s ethereal Punk essence, Rei Kawakubo‘s avant-garde aesthetic and close friend, Nigo’s streetwear intellect to inspire his creativity.  The result? Undercover’s early collections, which seamlessly blended both intellectual and creative rebellion with avant-garde design. These pieces weren’t intended to be simply worn but to leave an indelible mark on the wearer. This ability to encapsulate the essence of subcultures and seamlessly translate them onto high-fashion canvases became the cornerstone of Undercover’s identity.

Undercover’s Visionary Founder: Jun Takahashi’s Enigmatic Imprint

At the centre of Undercover’s story stands Jun Takahashi, an enigmatic figure whose visionary pursuits have elevated him to god-like status within the fashion sphere. Possessing a remarkable eye for experimentation and a private nature, Takahashi has allowed his designs to speak on his behalf. His artistry lies in his adeptness at embracing contradictions, avoiding all categorisation, and giving voice to his creative endeavours through fabric and form. Yet, his influence transcends the clothing world. Collaborations with revered artists, musicians, and brands blur the boundary between fashion and art, while the brand’s runway presentations have morphed into immersive theatrical events that defy traditional fashion shows.

Defying Norms: The Essence of Undercover’s Design Philosophy

The essence of Undercover’s design philosophy revolves around celebrating the beauty within the unconventional. Every collection is filled with unexpected silhouettes, and intricate details. Inspired by literature, music, and cinema, Undercover’s designs transcend the limitations of fashion. Takahashi’s intention is to instead create stories; stories revolving around the wearer, the garment, the intersection between fashion and art, even stories about the founder himself. The brand’s unique ability to effortlessly blend high fashion with elements of streetwear has earned it a devoted following of enthusiasts who are willing to share in the founder’s unique worldview and design philosophy.

Unbroken Rebellion: Undercover’s Transformative Journey

From its audacious inception to its current stature as a paragon of fashion innovation, Undercover’s journey serves as a testament to the potential of creativity and non-conformity. Jun Takahashi‘s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and defying conventions has cemented Undercover’s position as an influential brand. This trajectory underscores the power of daring to think beyond the limits, culminating in an evolution that mirrors the brand’s very essence – a rebellious yet refined transformation.

The Dawn of a New Chapter: Undercover at Aphrodite1994

With Undercover’s upcoming launch at Aphrodite, our style-conscious community eagerly awaits their mix of rebellious creativity and avant-garde style. It’s an opportunity to explore the unique world of a special brand, where fashion becomes a place for fresh ideas and exploration. Undercover’s blend of creative rebellion and thoughtful design acts as a firm reminder that fashion can push limits and create spaces where creativity can flourish.

We urge our loyal following to embrace these uncharted fashion territories, where rules are constantly re-written with every silhouette and as the spotlight shifts towards Undercover’s arrival at Aphrodite, we’re excited to witness their embodiment of creative exploration first hand aiming to reshape our understanding of what menswear can exist as.

Shop Undercover clothing at Aphrodite Online today.


Saucony Pro Grid 2 Motion

Trainer Drop: Saucony Grid Shadow 2 OG in New Colourway

Athletics-Inspired Excellence: The Saucony Grid Shadow 2 OG in Clean White and Blue

Saucony, renowned for its technical prowess and athletic designs, proudly presents a new release that seamlessly fuses fashion and performance. The Saucony Grid Shadow 2 makes its mark in a pristine white palette, accentuated by a vibrant blue hue and we are delighted to announce their release here at Aphrodite Clothing.

Saucony Pro Grid 2 Motion

A Timeless Revival: Exploring the Details

The Grid Shadow 2, originally a formidable running shoe, has solidified its place in Saucony’s legacy over the years. However, rather than remaining a solely performance-focussed shoe – as it has been for decades – the ‘OG’ iteration of the Grid Shadow 2 instead effortlessly blends both style and functionality. Drawing from Saucony’s rich heritage, this release seamlessly weaves classic athletic aesthetics with contemporary comfort and versatility. Now, it returns with meticulous attention to detail.

Saucony Pro Grid 2 Tongue Branding

A breathable mesh lining embraces every step and harks back to its track and field origins, while the harmonious interplay of nubuck and leather creates an aura of luxury to the upper. Reflective logos add a touch of timeless charm, and carefully placed cobalt blue accents infuse these sneakers with renewed energy.

Saucony Pro Grid 2 Side Shot

Reflective logos, representing the present, harmonise effortlessly with the cobalt blue accents, resulting in a symphony of style that bridges the gap between the classic and the modern. With each step, you experience the heritage-driven craftsmanship that has defined Saucony for generations.

Saucony Prog Grid 2 Sidewall Close Up

Athletics-inspired fashion converges with contemporary elegance with the Saucony Grid Shadow 2 OG in Clean White and Dynamic Blue.

Elevate Your Footwear Game with the Saucony Grid Shadow 2 OG, where athletics-inspired fashion converges with contemporary elegance in this Clean White and Blue colourway. Discover the seamless fusion of pristine white and vibrant blue – a combination that encapsulates the essence of both sports and fashion.

Don’t miss the chance to own this reimagined icon and shop the Saucony Grid Shadow 2 OG at Aphrodite Online.


Axel Arigato Banner

Axel Arigato: Brand Guide

Axel Arigato: A Sustainable Fashion Journey

Axel Arigato, a contemporary Swedish footwear and accessories brand founded in 2014, has swiftly become a global favourite among fashion enthusiasts due to its strong focus on design, quality, and sustainability. Our brand guide offers a comprehensive insight into Axel Arigato’s sustainability practices, manufacturing process, history, and distinctive designs that have cemented its position as a prominent player in the fashion industry.

History: A Visionary Beginning

The journey of Axel Arigato began in 2014 when founders Max Svärdh and Albin Johansson joined creative forces to establish a brand that would redefine contemporary fashion. Driven by a shared passion for streetwear aesthetics and a commitment to high-end craftsmanship, they embarked on a mission to create footwear that transcends conventional boundaries.

Inspired by their worldly travels, architectural marvels, and the vibrant realm of contemporary art, Max and Albin set out to craft designs that exude a unique blend of minimalism and refined elegance. They envisioned a brand that would cater to fashion enthusiasts seeking stylish products of unparalleled quality.

Right from the outset, Axel Arigato distinguished itself by embracing a direct-to-consumer model, sidestepping traditional retail channels. This innovative approach allowed them to offer premium products at more accessible price points, striking a chord with discerning consumers seeking authentic luxury without compromise.

The brand’s distinct designs and emphasis on creativity quickly garnered a devoted global following. As Axel Arigato expanded its product range to include accessories and ready-to-wear, it remained unwavering in its commitment to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive style.

Innovative Fashion: Leaving a Lasting Mark

Axel Arigato’s iconic logo, a gold-plated bird, symbolises the brand’s ethos of continuous evolution and boundless freedom of expression. It embodies their determination to break barriers and continually push the boundaries of design and creativity.

Axel Genesis Cluster

One of our Essential products online, the Genesis is a particular favourite at Aphrodite.

The brand’s limited-edition drops, coupled with their commitment to limited production runs, amplify the exclusivity and allure of their products. This not only supports sustainability but also instills a sense of urgency and excitement among their loyal customer base.

As Axel Arigato journeyed through the fashion landscape, its dedication to sustainability and ethical practices became more pronounced. Rooted in transparency and the drive to make a positive impact, the brand set out to redefine modern fashion by incorporating sustainability into its core values.

A Bright Future with a Responsible Legacy

Today, Axel Arigato stands as a visionary pioneer, fusing fashion with sustainability to leave a lasting impression on the industry. By continuously striving to reduce its environmental impact and embracing innovative design, the brand has created a legacy that inspires positive change.

Axel Rush Trainers

The Axel Arigato Rush trainer is a recent model that uses the same athletic DNA as the Genesis as inspiration.

As Axel Arigato embarks on the next chapter of its journey, one thing remains constant: the unwavering commitment to make the world of fashion more responsible, more compassionate, and more exciting. With an ever-evolving vision and a penchant for pushing boundaries, Axel Arigato is poised to lead the way towards a brighter, more sustainable future in the realm of contemporary fashion.

Sustainability Practices

Axel Arigato is deeply committed to minimising its environmental impact through sustainable practices. They prioritise using eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled rubber, significantly reducing their carbon footprint and promoting waste reduction during production. Water conservation is equally crucial, achieved through water-efficient dyeing and finishing techniques that conserve local water resources and contribute to broader environmental preservation.

Axel Sustainability

Axel’s sustainability model is exemplary. Click the image to read our blog post highlighting the great work being done by some of our key brands.

Waste reduction is at the core of Axel Arigato’s efforts, implemented through recycling programs and upcycling materials across their supply chain. Their packaging, crafted from recycled and recyclable materials, ensures sustainability throughout the customer experience. The brand’s limited production runs and Axel Xchange program, focused on circular sustainability, showcase their commitment to reducing waste.

Animal Welfare and Carbon Emission Reduction

Axel Arigato adheres to a strict no-fur, no-exotic-skins policy, emphasising their dedication to animal welfare while creating stylish, ethical products. Responsibility for their carbon emissions drives the brand to actively measure and reduce their footprint. Through energy-saving measures in offices and stores, alongside initiatives for reforestation and renewable energy projects, Axel Arigato contributes to a greener future.

Transparency and Ethical Manufacturing

Transparency is fundamental to Axel Arigato’s sustainability practices, with comprehensive information on their website empowering customers to make informed choices. The brand ensures that ethical labour practices are upheld by manufacturing partners, fostering fair wages and safe working conditions for all employees.

Craftsmanship and Distinctive Designs

Craftsmanship is paramount to Axel Arigato’s manufacturing process. Each product is meticulously handcrafted in Europe, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and durability.

Axel Atlas Trainer

A slightly more sporty take on the Clean 90, the Atlas Trainer is another minimalist modern classic from Axel Arigato.

The fusion of traditional techniques with modern technology results in distinctive designs that feature clean lines, attention-grabbing details, and a diverse colour range. Axel Arigato’s collaboration with artists and designers yields unique capsule collections that enhance the exclusivity and excitement for their loyal customer base.

Axel Arigato’s sustainability journey exemplifies how fashion and sustainability can harmoniously coexist. With a focus on eco-friendly materials, responsible manufacturing, and distinctive designs, Axel Arigato has redefined modern fashion while leaving a positive impact on the environment. As the brand continues to evolve, their unwavering commitment to sustainability will undoubtedly inspire a responsible and greener future in the fashion industry and beyond.

Shop Axel Arigato Footwear Online at Aphrodite1994.

New Balance Sequoia Heel

Trainer Drop: Iconic New Balance 991 Released in ‘Sequoia’

Following on from the recent New Balance 1906 Protection Pack drop, we are proud to announce the release of the timeless Made in UK New Balance 991 at Aphrodite in an earthy ‘Sequoia’ brown colourway.

Crafted to perfection in the United Kingdom, the New Balance 991 exemplifies the brand’s unwavering commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and quality. Each element of the shoe has been meticulously curated, promising exceptional durability and style that transcends seasons.

New Balance 991 Sequoia Upper Lower

The ‘Sequoia’ colourway stands as a testament to New Balance’s ability to infuse elegance into athletic footwear. Sublime earthy tones intertwine, emanating an aura of neutrality and sophistication. It is a hue that transcends trends, adding a touch of subtlety and class to any ensemble.

New Balance 991 Sequoia Side View

The eagerly awaited arrival of the New Balance 991 ‘Sequoia‘ reinforces its status as a collector’s item for discerning sneakerheads. This drop epitomises the fusion of contemporary design with classic sensibility. From the city streets to boardroom meetings, these sneakers command attention with their unparalleled grace.

New Balance 991 Sequoia Sole Unit

Beyond their aesthetics, the New Balance 991 ‘Sequoia’ boasts a harmonious marriage of style and performance. The breathable mesh base, adorned with suede and leather overlays, assures unparalleled comfort and support for extended wear. A structured heel cage enhances stability, while N-ERGY technology and EVA foam in the midsole elevate cushioning to sublime heights.

In a world where style merges with utility, the New Balance Made in UK 991 ‘Sequoia’ is a triumph of design and engineering. It stands as a beacon of fashion intelligence, capturing the essence of adventure and style in one captivating creation.

Shop the New Balance 991 Sequoia at Aphrodite Online on its release on the 3rd of August.

adidas cluster banner

New Colourway Alert: adidas Originals Samba OG

We are thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated release of the adidas Originals Samba OG, which comes at a time when indoor sports footwear is experiencing a remarkable resurgence in the fashion world. With the popularity of the Samba and Gazelle models reaching an all-time high, this classic silhouette is set to become a must-have for sneakerheads and style enthusiasts alike.


Samba OG Two Colourways

The adidas Samba has long been a favourite among sneaker aficionados, renowned for its timeless design and unparalleled versatility. With the OG release, adidas pays homage to the Samba’s rich heritage while artfully incorporating contemporary elements that ensure it remains relevant in today’s fast-paced fashion landscape.

Samba OG Side By Side

This release offers two captivating colourways, White/Red and White/Green, both of which have their own distinctive charm.

The Samba OG, in both colourways, stays true to its heritage while offering modern touches for enhanced comfort and performance. The full-grain leather upper ensures durability and a premium feel, while the synthetic lining provides a snug and supportive fit. The iconic gum rubber outsole, a hallmark of the Samba design, delivers superior traction on various surfaces, making these sneakers ideal for everyday wear.

As with any adidas release, meticulous attention to detail is paramount. The signature gold “Samba” lettering on the quarter panel pays homage to the shoe’s iconic status, while the Trefoil logo on the tongue adds a subtle touch of authenticity.

The Samba OG White/Red colourway boasts a timeless appeal, featuring a classic white leather upper artfully complemented by vibrant red accents on the iconic Three Stripes, heel tab, and tongue. The result is a bold and eye-catching look that effortlessly elevates any outfit.

White And Scarlet Adidas Samba OG

Adidas Samba OG | White / Better Scarlet | £89.00 | IG1025

On the other hand, the Samba OG White/Green iteration delivers a fresh take on the footwear staple. A crisp white leather upper serves as the canvas for vibrant green detailing on the Three Stripes, heel tab, and tongue, creating an air of youthful energy and making it a perfect choice for those seeking to make a stylish statement.

adidas Originals Samba OG White Green

Adidas Samba OG | White / Green | £89.00 | IG1024

We are thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated release of the adidas Originals Samba OG, which comes at a time when indoor sports footwear is experiencing a remarkable resurgence in the fashion world. With the popularity of the Samba and Gazelle models reaching an all-time high, this classic silhouette is set to become a must-have for sneakerheads and style enthusiasts alike.

Don’t miss the chance to own one of the hottest sneaker properties around at this moment in time. Head to Aphrodite Clothing and secure your pair of the adidas Originals Samba OG in White/Red or White/Green (or both) before they’re gone.

Moncler Trailgrip Lite 2 Drop

Latest: Moncler Trailgrip Lite 2 Trainers Drop in Three New Colourways

At Aphrodite, we’re thrilled to announce that Moncler, the renowned Italian luxury brand, is set to release three new colourways of the sought-after Moncler Trailgrip Lite 2 on July 4th both in-store and online. With their exceptional design, comfort, and performance, these trainers are sure to become a must-have addition to any design-conscious sneakerhead’s collection.

Moncler: Urban Outdoor Luxury

The Moncler Trailgrip Lite has already established its reputation as a versatile sneaker that effortlessly combines fashion and functionality. With the release of three new colourways in the revamped Trailgrip Lite 2, Moncler offers even more options to elevate your style and complete any functional ‘fit.

moncler trailgrip colourways

Whether you prefer a classic, understated silhouette or a bold and vibrant statement, there’s a colourway to perfectly match your taste in this stunning and versatile new iteration of a contemporary classic.

Contemporary Footwear Icons: The Versatile Trailgrip Lite 2

Beyond their prowess in producing iconic apparel, Moncler footwear is renowned for its scrupulously crafted, versatile array of hybrid outdoor trainers, sliders and court shoes. And the Trailgrip Lite 2 is a shining example of their dedication to superior craftsmanship. These sneakers are meticulously crafted with attention to detail, incorporating a range of exceptional features that set them apart from the rest.

Featuring a wide-set lacing system, the Moncler Trailgrip Lite 2 offers a customisable fit that ensures maximum comfort and support. The wider spacing between the laces allows for easy adjustment, accommodating a variety of foot shapes and sizes.

moncler trailgrip lite 2 3m

In addition, reflective details have been strategically placed at the sidewall, laces and heel to enhance visibility during low-light conditions. Whether you’re out for an evening run or navigating urban streets at dusk, the reflective accents ensure you stay seen and safe.

moncler trailgrip lite 2 mudguard

To tackle the challenges of outdoor environments, Moncler has incorporated a rear mudguard into the design of the Trailgrip Lite 2. This protective feature shields your shoes from mud, debris, and other elements encountered on trails or rugged terrains, ensuring your sneakers remain in pristine condition.

moncler trailgrip lite 2 tread outsole

Durability is a key focus in constructing the Trailgrip Lite 2, and the durable ripstop upper exemplifies this commitment. The ripstop material is engineered to resist tearing and withstand the rigours of outdoor adventures, providing long-lasting performance and protection for your feet.

These exceptional features, combined with the use of premium materials and expert craftsmanship, make the Moncler Trailgrip Lite 2 an unparalleled choice for urban and outdoor environments. You can trust that these sneakers will endure the demands of your adventures while keeping you comfortable and stylish every step of the way.

A Closer Look: Showcasing 3 New Colourways

Combining style, quality, and performance, these sneakers are a testament to Moncler’s commitment to excellence. The release of three new colourways for the Moncler Trailgrip Lite 2 marks an exciting moment for sneaker enthusiasts and fans of innovative design alike.

Moncler Trailgrip 2 in White Moncler | Trailgrip Lite 2 | White | £490.00 | 33032 | Style: 4M002 40 M3457 001
Moncler Trailgrip 2 in Navy

Moncler | Trailgrip Lite 2 | Navy| £490.00 | 33034 | Style: 4M002 40 M3457 P70Moncler Trailgrip 2 in Black

Moncler | Trailgrip Lite 2 | Black | £490.00 | 33033 | Style: 4M002 40 M3457 999

Mark your calendars and be among the first to rock the latest additions to the Moncler Trailgrip Lite 2 collection, available at Aphrodite Online on July 4th.

Aphrodite and Moncler Behind the Scenes

As Moncler celebrate their 70th anniversary – from humble beginnings in a French alpine village to globally-renowned fashion behemoth – it felt like an opportune moment to reflect on our own unique partnership with the brand and offer up rare insight behind the scenes.

Aphrodite x Moncler – The Early Days

Although the quality of Moncler’s products is unfathomably high and their position within the world of contemporary fashion undeniable, the attraction for Aphrodite founders, Andy and Duncan, runs deeper than merely selling cool jackets.
With their origins steeped firmly in family business territory, Moncler’s heritage and integrity permeates everything they touch. These core values mirror those of our sibling founders and have formed the backbone of the Aphrodite business over the past three decades and counting.

“Originally, the ambition was to bolster our assortment of premium brands and supply sought-after pieces to a local audience”, reflect Andy and Duncan. In the AW11 season, Aphrodite became official stockists of Moncler and began a legacy of doing just that. “The ongoing expansion of our online business and flourishing partnership with the Italian brand, means we now satisfy the demand of a global market and ship our Moncler, Moncler Grenoble and Moncler Genius collections worldwide”.

As a result, the Moncler product range has grown at Aphrodite with each passing season and along with it the scale of the buying operation.

Moncler Window Display

Aphrodite x Moncler – Buying: Behind the Scenes

To give you a flavour of Aphrodite’s burgeoning relationship with the brand, allow us to transport you to Milan to experience (vicariously at least) a day in the life of an Aphrodite buyer at a seasonal appointment at Moncler HQ.

Hitching a morning flight from Newcastle to Milan at some ungodly hour, the Aphrodite buying team – beers in hand, as is customary – fine tune their itinerary and prepare for the familiar warm welcome from our long-term partners at Moncler. It’s always a pleasure, never a chore.

Touching down and checking into the nhow hotel – a stone’s throw from the bustling waterway of the Naviglio Grande – has become something of a ritual but it’s also a calculated choice of abode. Situated in Milan’s unofficial design hub, the hotel is a convenient 20 minute taxi ride from Milan’s Malpensa airport and positioned right round the corner from the Moncler showroom on Via Andrea Solari. The hotel itself epitomises the swathe of excitement and creativity that has engulfed the district in recent years. Resplendent with bold furnishings in primary colours, cast against exposed pipes and packaged in a brutalist-esque concrete shell, the nhow is the perfect Lombardy basecamp.

When you’re in Italy, you’re going to want gelato. That goes without saying. For brothers Andy and Duncan, along with our Head Buyer Craig, nothing accompanies a saunter along the sunlit Naviglio Grande canal to the Moncler showroom quite like a soothing ice cold flavour hit in a tub; espresso and stracciatella is an especially satisfying combo. The distinction between gelato and ice cream is an important one, urges Craig. Typically churned at a slower rate and containing less fat and sugar than ice cream, gelato is an altogether denser and creamier consistency than its more commonly-scoffed frozen brethren. This icy delicacy ought to be submerged and covered with a lid for optimal temperature maintenance.

Sound a bit much? Well, this level of care and attention to finer detail is a hallmark Moncler themselves epitomise. The hospitality shown to our squad of buyers is as fine-tuned and considered as you will find anywhere throughout the buying season. Indeed, the exquisite branded chocolates received upon entrance to accompany a perfectly brewed espresso, are not there by accident.

Encased in exposed brickwork, multiple collections are suspended from rails spanning the parameter of the lofty showroom. In the centre of the room exhibited on black marble are footwear and a range of enticing accessories and luggage.

Products are selected, numbers are crunched. Certain details must remain truly behind the scenes but suffice to say, we have secured an immensely exciting product assortment for upcoming seasons.

A buying trip is, of course, primarily a business endeavour but it is also an exciting prospect. In order to squeeze in as many extracurricular activities as possible, it pays to have an optimised diary, and being creatures of habit ensures our buyers achieve a precision to their schedule that resembles something of an artform. Let’s just say they don’t miss the chance to guzzle a post-appointment Peroni.

Rita Bar Milan

With business tied up and the next season’s collections locked down, the evening calls for some well-earned luxuriating – and the Navigli district is conducive to achieving precisely that.

Between our three buyers, there is over a decade’s worth of collective effort gone into sampling all manner of Milanese cuisine. Invariably, when frequenting such a modern culinary hotbed, our buyers have honed their palates and have their list of go-to eateries and watering holes dialled in.
Modern though Milano may be, when it comes to honouring traditional recipes, Italians nationwide do so with gusto. And so it is that Vetusta Insigna became the quintessential Nivigli dining experience for our travelling trio; the traditional saffron-infused risotto alla Milanese and classic deep and decadent ossobuco call to them season after season.

Nothing rounds off a fine Italian meal like an exquisitely crafted digestivo. Equally true, is that no Italian cocktail is more deserving of being thrown down than a Negroni. Venue for this night cap: the liquor-lined walls of Rita, a cocktail bar a short trot from the buyers’ hotel. Remember the buyers’ artfully-precise schedule we talked about? It puts Da Vinci’s Virtuvian Man to shame. ‘But a Negroni is an aperitivo not a digestivo’, I hear you say. Semantics! After all, when in Milan.

Aphrodite x Moncler – Looking Forward

Seven decades of Moncler, one of which we have been honoured to be a part of. With the brand’s recent acquisition of Stone Island, not to mention the direction CEO Remo Ruffini has steered them in, Moncler’s exciting evolution is a pleasure to be a part of. A strong member of our family of global brands, Moncler is an Aphrodite staple, one which will feature heavily in our aspirational product assortment for many seasons to come.

So, we hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes preview with Moncler and here’s to many more decades of partnership, cheers!


Stone Island Nylon Raso Jacket

Stone Island Nylon Raso TC – Sensorial Style

 Bringing Luxury To The Touch – Stone Island Nylon Raso TC

Outlandish in design with a strong sense of the military aesthetic, Stone Island continues to push the boundries of the industry season upon season. Bringing a sensory approach to the way in which they construct their products, each garment is beautifully curated using signature techniques to achieve unusual textures and appearances. Funnelling their modern consumer into every invention, each creation becomes the perfect blend between a functional lifestyle and technical abilities.Stone Island Nylon Raso Jacket

Yet again paving the way for outerwear, the Stone Island Nylon Raso TC brings a vibrant playfulness to your wardrobe, embarking on the bridge between boldness and continuous style, instantly becoming a classic. Garment dyed with special recipes to produce a lightly translucent outer which oozes in an indulgent shade of blue, ideal for brightening up your summer wardrobe.


Translating the luxury through touch, the Nylon Raso TC construction brings a satin feel to your skin, accompanied by contour tape to the lining for a close fitting and reinforced fit. Large bellow pockets adorn the front, bringing a practical feature the piece, all equipped with secure button closures. No Stone Island piece would be complete without the iconic compass badge, which sits proudly to the sleeve.

Want to induldge in the Stone Island jacket of the season? Check out the Stone Island Raso TC Jacket in Turquoise now online at Aphrodite