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Product Spotlight: Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket

Discover the iconic Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket, available at Aphrodite. This legendary piece has made its mark in the fashion world, famously worn by Daniel Craig in Skyfall. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and featuring a distinctive design, the Barbour Beacon Jacket is a timeless classic that commands attention and admiration. Get ready to elevate your style with this iconic garment.

Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Heading

Discover the Barbour Skyfall Jacket

Initially from the Barbour Dept. B collection, this iconic garment was based upon the popular AW11 sports jacket, and as its original ‘Commander’ name suggests, is a piece that commands instant attention.

The base of the Beacon Sports Jacket is created with a 100% waxed cotton, coated in a 6oz Sylkoil, a fabric with is also used to construct the elbow patches, finished in 8oz Sylkoil.

Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Collar Detail

The Barbour Beacon’s multi-functionality comes into its own with the three-pocket design and rear zip-closing compartment. A leather lining to the collar is complimented by the detachable leather neck strap.

Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Pocket Detail

Finished in the customary Barbour tartan, this piece is a one-of-a-kind which will undoubtedly be under discussion amongst followers of fashion for years to come.

Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Rear Detail

Although on our list of Essentials, the Barbour Beacon is often highly sought-after so we would advise that, if you are a fan of the jacket or of the James Bond franchise, to snap this jacket up as soon as possible, or risk having to wait until the next drop.

Get your hands on the Barbour Beacon Sports jacket today for just £399.00. This opportunity won’t be here forever, so grab it now and elevate your style game with this iconic piece.

Barbour Factory Tour

Our assistant store manager Andy recently had the pleasure of heading over to Barbour’s factory, often seen donning some quality Barbour pieces on the shop floor, Andy relished at the chance to go and check out where some of the brands best outerwear pieces are hand produced. Check out what he had to say about the experience below:


I have always been a fan of Barbour clothing, getting my first waxed jacket when I was about 7-8 years old to match with my Dad’s old Northumbria.
Being a brand with such a strongly rooted local heritage and 2 Royal Warrants for prestige and quality they are not ashamed of getting down with the odd cheeky collab, I was never going to miss out when the invite dropped for a spot of training and the chance to attend the famed factory tour!


So, my day started at Barbour House in South Shields, I was greeted by Kate one of the Visual merchandising team, to kick off the days packed schedule, where in the foyer the sofa is trimmed with Barbour’s classic tartan.
After passing through a maze of rooms all filled with enthusiastic staff working hard and carefully placed archival outerwear in cabinets littered with remnants of adventures gone by, we arrived at our destination for the day. This meeting room was cool and typically Barbour, it was brimming with more product and memorabilia…this is exciting! Looking around the room there was also the rewaxing table where we would be treated to a session from Legend of the wax, Neil.
As I mentioned there was a lot of products, some new seasonal samples which looked incredible, vibrant and innovative but then on the other side there some old and I mean really old. One of which was Steve McQueen’s ACTUAL jacket, from the International 6-day motorcycle trials competition, what a monumental piece of history!


After an insight into the forthcoming seasonal highlights and a quick lunch break we continued the day learning about the mens and ladies apparel, from the fit and features of the past and present outerwear to the influence of Duncan Barbour on the inception of the International range in 1936.

One of the standout points was the sustainability programme, which not only represents the product but the packaging, so more recycled packaging is used where possible and the rewax and re-love schemes are now in full flow.
The re-waxing scheme is incredible to see in action, Neil was an absolute master craftsman! Watching him bring an old and much-loved jacket back from despair to being water resilient once more. Now I know where I went horribly wrong when I tried to wax my own Bedale during lockdown.


The factory tour I feel was where I had my eyes opened to the sheer scale of the workforce behind the brand. Gregg Wallace and his tour on TV didn’t do them justice by half.
From the plethora of wax jackets available there are still 2 iconic styles handmade in the factory in South Shields, the Bedale and the Beaufort. This, is the impressive part…it takes 36 people from start to finish to produce a single waxed jacket and on average 3000 can be made weekly – 6 cutting fabrics, 4 preparing, 2 on mainline, 4 finishing, 1 extremely active team leader and 1, yes only 1 on QC. Barbour are much more eager to add extra staffing into the main line and production side as they have to maintain such high standards, so this in turn minimises the need for more quality control analysts.


To summarise, my day at Barbour House I gained not only a heightened enthusiasm for the brand but a more in depth perspective of where the brand is heading in future with their firm core values. For me looking to the future in particular, especially as a father I am passionate about the environment and the impact we are having upon it. Sustainability, heritage, independence and quality are all values that Barbour pride themselves upon and since visiting the factory this has become very apparent to me.

So thanks for the great day playing out at Barbour House Kate, Colin and all involved.


Sounds like a great day, lets be honest we’re all a little jealous aren’t we. If you want to get your hands on some of Barbours Wax Jackets, or any of their quality garments for that matter, take a peek at Aphrodite’s curation of Barbour products below.



Barbour Waterproof Ashby Jacket Duo

The Ashby : The Ultimate Barbour Waterproof Jacket

A Closer Look At The Barbour Waterproof Ashby Jacket

Don’t let the rain dampen your style with the Barbour Waterproof Ashby Jacket. Suited to wear during the months where protection from rainfall is essential, Barbour has a contemporary rework of the classic Bedale jacket, including all the brands features we know and love. Ensuring you are kept warm whilst on the move, the Barbour Waterproof Ashby Jacket is crafted with a lot of care and attention when it comes to staying warm and dry without restricting movement and it is all thanks to the modern waterproof fabric technology.

A waxed jacket is a Barbour staple and has been at the heart of British fashion for generations and the Barbour Waterproof Ashy Jacket is no exclusion. The fabric is treated with a medium weight 6oz signature Barbour Sylkoil waxed cotton which is applied to cotton straight from the loom and a fully waterproof membrane to keep water out, it won’t be long until this jacket is your go-to on wet days. Barbour has a long and loving history with waxed cotton, dating back to 1894, Barbour say it could be argued that their relationship with this material is the longest running and most consistent in the world today. It is undeniable that after nearly 130 years of using this material and technique, Barbour’s waxed cotton must be the best there is after providing warmth and protection to the globe for so long, even the heaviest of rainfall will roll right off the surface of the jacket.

Remaining in trend for years to come, this ageless design features a more tailored fit yet still allows room for essential winter layering. New and improved features include a detachable hood for additional protective coverage. Weather can change instantly, especially with English weather, and during snowfall or a windstorm, it is essential to protect your head and face, however sometimes the unpredictable weather can mean the hood is unnecessary. That’s why the Barbour Ashby Waterproof Jacket uses a detachable hood, so you can make your own choice to have it attached to your jacket or not.

If you hadn’t already been persuaded that the Barbour Waterproof Ashby Jacket is the perfect winter layer for any gent, wait until you hear about its practicality. Not only does this jacket have two angled handwarmer pockets, but also two popper fastening patch pockets and even an interior patch pocket, so that you never have to choose between fashion and functionality. The Barbour Waterproof Ashby Jacket is said to be made of more that 10,000 stitches, to save time counting, the quality of the jacket is felt instantly, and the durability is undoubtable. As well, this jacket has a half tartan lining with a polyester drip strip at the bottom and side vents that have snap button, to give you some extra room, whether it’s for breathability or a different fit.

A Barbour waxed jacket is probably one of the most iconic pieces of men’s outerwear there is, with its casual appearance and waxed cotton shell that is waterproof, it has become a staple in the wardrobe to represent the British country look. This jacket can be worn in an office context, getting the groceries or weekend wear. If you’re looking for a casual look, jeans and a sweater would suit the occasion, or a Barbour Patch Half Zip Sweater would elevate the look to a smarter style.

If you’re looking for a clothing piece that delivers both function and fashion style, you should not miss out on the Barbour Ashby Waterproof Jacket.

Barbour Beacon Quilted Jackets AW21

Bundle up in Barbour Beacon Quilted Jackets

In terms of the perfect warmth to weight ratio, quilted jackets trump most outerwear options out there. Where billowy down jackets rely on bulk and rain coats lean on light, waterproof shells, the quilted jacket meets somewhere in the middle, seamlessly fusing the two.

Linked closely to the countryside and often the first choice of equestrians, the quilted jacket has more recently enjoyed a return to the limelight within a streetwear capacity. Brands across the board have been reaching for the faithful silhouette to combat temperamental weather without compromising on style. So whether it’s chucking it down outside, gale-force winds, or somewhat mild, this midweight silhouette is suited to the lot.

Not to be biased but we reckon Barbour Beacon’s quilted jackets are particularly special. Not only are they super practical but they’re also peppered with parent company Barbour’s iconic design cues which are equal parts identifiable as they are desirable. Coming in a range of styles and colourways, Barbour Beacon has ticked every box with its latest quilted jacket collection. Read on to take a closer look…

Two top choices from the range are the Barbour Beacon Starling Quilted Jacket in black and the Barbour Beacon Starling Quilted Jacket in olive – twin styles presented in contrasting shades. The latter option feels quintessentially Barbour, it’s whipped up in an earthy green which really feels suited to adventures in the great outdoors. The body of the garment, as you’ve probably already guessed, is completely quilted showcasing a classic diamond pattern throughout. The fill in the jacket’s baffles subtly bulks it up, making it slightly puffier than your standard jacket all while boosting its heat retention capability.

The black iteration is constructed in the exact same manner, boasting the same contemporary hip-length, tonal corduroy collar, easy snap fastening and spacious bellow pockets. The Barbour Beacon logo also features at the bottom half, symbolising the jacket’s origin from the youthful sub-label and the brand’s overall ties to the north east of England, and more specifically, the Beacon Lighthouse in its native South Shields.

Here the Starling Quilted Jackets are layered with the Barbour Berber Fleece Liner and the Barbour Beacon Twill overshirt respectively. Both are available at Aphrodite now.

Certainly no one trick pony, the quilted jacket oozes versatility and can be donned all year round. Therefore, if you were looking for an investment piece you may have just stumbled across a winning style here. In fact, we know you have. Don’t hang about and shop Barbour Beacon Quilted Jackets in-store and online at Aphrodite.

Barbour International Jacket : Raceday Highlights

It’s no secret that Barbour know what they’re doing when it comes to wax jackets and the Barbour International jacket is about just about as much physical proof as you can get. Balancing just the right amount of rugged functionality with looks that remain as stylish as they were all those years ago, it’s no surprise the jacket remains steadfast amongst the South Shields based brand’s ranks.  So in a bid to acquaint the unacquainted and to give us another excuse to talk about proper good jackets, here is a full rundown on what makes the International so special.


Barbour International Wax Jacket


When Was The Barbour International Jacket First Made?

Originally known as the A7 Jacket, the first International jacket was made in 1936 by motorcycle enthusiast Duncan Barbour as a one piece wax cotton suit designed specifically for riders taking part in the Six Days Trails Event. Becoming the garment of choice for a number of International teams right up until the brand’s departure from the motorcycling world in 1977, it formed the base for what would not only become the Barbour International line, but the more lifestyle appropriate outerwear piece we now know and love today.



What Is It Made From?

Dating all the way back to 1894, The International Jacket comes made from Barbour’s sylkoil waxed cotton. Considered by many as the more traditional method when compared the the more modern waxed finish, sylkoil is a ‘unshorn’ wax which is applied to the fabric straight from loom after dyeing. Characterised by its matte finish, softer texture and slightly more hardwearing properties, the treatment is odourless, less maintenance and ages over time for increased flexibility when worn and that quintessential heritage look. Teamed up with a a comfortable cotton lining decked out in the brand’s unmistakable tartan print and it’s easy to see why the International Jacket is considered a piece of menswear history.

However there are variations of the jacket which come made using different wax techniques such as the Barbour International Union Jack jacket (seen below). Not only does this iteration swap out the interior tartan lining for something a little more patriotic but it boasts additional patches to the chest for further branded appeal. Coated with a Thornproof treatment, the fabric is passed through heated rollers which results in a shinier appearance, stiffer feel and deeper colour.


Barbour International Union Jack Jacket


How does the International fit?

The original International jacket was more of a regular fit however for this iteration the jacket has been slightly modernised. By slightly slimming down the shape and cut of the garment it enhances that classic, cinched at the waist look leading to a more refined silhouette overall. We would recommend taking your usual size, but if you’re still unsure this video may help…



Is The Barbour International Waterproof?

Not only is the Barbour International jacket waterproof, but it also breathable, durable and wind resistant. Of course waxed jackets do naturally require some upkeep in order to retain their protective qualities, if you’re looking for more information on this side of things you can find out more in our how to re-wax your Barbour jacket guide.


Barbour International Jacket


What Are The Key Features?

Merging contemporary updates with practical features designed for the world of motorcycles, the International comes packed to the seams with clever detailing that’s geared toward everyday wear. Equipped with a two-way zip and press stud secured storm flap for extra shielding from the elements, the jacket boasts an archive inspired funnel collar with neck clasp. Lined with corduroy to prevent any abrasion on the skin, an adjustable belt to the waist allows for further customisation of its already updated slim contemporary cut.

Bulked out with two-tone branded metal hardware and hits of the Barbour International’s signature black and yellow colour scheme throughout, the jacket provides ample storage capabilities to keep personal possessions secured. Situating a selection of flap bellow pockets to its outer face including two at hip level a further two pockets can be found to the chest one of which being the original angled, ‘map pocket’ which was created to offer easy access when riding. To the interior a subtle drop pocket stitched into the lining offers a more secure place for important goods.

Finished with adjustable cuffs to alter the jacket to your desired fit, a large ‘Barbour International’ patch to the front signifies its position in the various Barbour families whilst a more subtle logo tab can be found adjacent for a true mark of quality.


Barbour International Jacket Belt


Shop the Barbour International jacket and more online now at Aphrodite.


Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket

Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket: A Closer Look

The Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket is available all year round at Aphrodite and here is everything you need to know about this stylish piece.

The Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Explored In Detail

Drawing influence from the iconic To Ki To Sports jacket – sported by Daniel Craig in the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall – Barbour Beacon’s Sports Jacket gives us normal folk an opportunity to flex our best 007 qualities, only on the surface though, we DON’T advise recreating those physical stunts at home. Leaving behind the over-head silhouette and storm flap of the To Ki To, this Beacon rendition pulls together heritage design cues and weather protective properties to deliver an eternally relevant outerwear choice. Sound up your street? Keep reading to further inform your purchase.

Fit & Structure of the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket

One thing to note when investing in this style is its streamline nature; it’s built on the slim side for added definition in the shoulders and waist. With this in mind, we recommend sizing up from your regular fit in order to maintain a flexible range of motion in your daily pursuits. The silhouette itself is framed like a sophisticated blazer with a stand-up collar that can be folded down and worn alongside neat lapels.

Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket

What is the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Made From?

Landing on the mediumweight scale, the garment is not considered light, nor bulky, and therefore, it offers the wearer the best of both worlds. It’s made using 6oz sylkoil waxed cotton which is Barbour’s oldest, and some would argue – most durable – wax cotton. The employment of sylkoil renders this design rich in colour and water-resistant. So, if you’re facing a tricky day weather-wise, reach for the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket to keep you sheltered from untimely conditions.

Overlays in the form of leather-bound cuffs, shoulders and elbows supply texture and tone to the outer while further elevating the brand’s countryside credentials. A large swatch of tartan inside of the jacket also provides a quintessentially British look and feel.

Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Leather Collar

Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Tartan Lining

How Many Pockets Does the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket Have?

If you’re the type of person that finds it hard to travel light, even while hot-footing it to the corner shop for a pint of milk, this jacket is perfect for you. Why you ask? Because it’s brimming with storage space. At the chest, a single pocket resides for stowing away your more minimised items, such as a shopping list or a handkerchief. Meanwhile, at the waist, two spacious bellow pockets button over to safeguard personal essentials, such as your phone, keys and wallet. And if all that room still wasn’t enough, flip the jacket over where two stealthily-placed zipped pockets reside close to the hemline.

Barbour Beacon Sports Stitch Detail On Pocket

Can I Machine Wash the Beacon Sports Jacket?

Please do not run this garment through a washing machine. Due to the delicate characteristics of the waxed cotton, we recommend lightly sponging the exterior to buff away any unwanted marks that may appear over time.

From a form and a function stance, the Barbour Beacon Sports Jacket has everything covered. It can be worn in a multitude of ways, it can shield you from inclement weather and it can carry a range of your essential items, all while bundling you in the brand’s instantly recognisable identity.

Shop the latest Barbour Beacon range online at Aphrodite.

How To Relax Your Home Wardrobe With Barbour Beacon

Barbour Beacon SS20

If you’re feeling like your sense of style is pretty limited at the moment, don’t stress – the whole world is with you on that one. Just like the rest of the globe, here in the UK a state of lockdown has imposed a ‘new normal’ for almost six weeks now, which has presented a whole host of unprecedented circumstances.

While we all continue to strictly follow the government guidelines and adapt to this new state of being, it seems that in the madness of it all, our wardrobes have hit the back burner. I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s only so many pieces which can be deemed ‘appropriate’ for home office working or that daily exercise allowance we all treasure… In fact, does anyone remember the last time they donned a pair of jeans? No, us neither.

Fashion at the moment is certainly not the pressing priority it once was, and nor should it be within the grand scheme of things, however, it is just one of several adjustments that we’ve all gotten used to in recent weeks. With that said, we’ve taken a brief break from our new reality to help you implement a more relaxed approach to dressing with a helping hand from our trusty North-East neighbour, Barbour Beacon.

So, what exactly is on the agenda? Well we’re leaning on comfort, comfort and, you guessed it, a little more comfort. For the time being we recommend that you put the restrictive traits of denim, tailoring and outerwear to the back of your mind in favour of clobber that’s stretchy, soft on the skin and cosy – because let’s face it – downtime is the only memo scribbled on our calendars right now.

Barbour Beacon T-Shirt

To start off we’re placing our attention on finding the ideal base layer. Whether short-sleeved or long-sleeved, a comfortable t-shirt is the foundation of any great loungewear ensemble, so you’ll be pleased to hear that Barbour Beacon have plenty in their SS20 vault for you to feast your eyes on. For the most part, the Barbour Beacon tees here at Aphrodite are crafted from comfy cotton, opt for a short-sleeved cut and bear iconic credentials from the South Shields native.

In case you didn’t know, South Shields is nestled just up the road from our base here in Sunderland, with the region’s coastal backdrop informing many of Barbour Beacon’s garments, not to mention their entire global identity, which is why you’ll see a lighthouse emblem across the sub-brand’s whole collection. Below we’ve picked out a selection of breezy, unrestrictive t-shirts that will add a dose of Northern heritage to your rotation along with no-nonsense reliability.

Barbour Beacon Lighthouse T-Shirts

Of course, you can’t always rely on the days and weeks ahead to deliver t-shirt weather, so it’s always a good idea to build up your layers, whether you’re lounging around the house or seeking a breath of fresh air – warmth and comfort should be key during quarantine. Thankfully, #StayingAtHome with Barbour Beacon means exactly that. The brand’s SS20 offerings boast the perfect balance between versatility, insulation and street-ready styling, although the streets may have to hold on until they can claim their turn.

Barbour Beacon Fleece

Below we’ve picked out three snug silhouettes that will come in handy while self-isolating is still advisable. Our personal favourite is the Barbour Beacon Foley Fleece, not only does it have an outdoorsy, retro vibe to it, but it’s also reversible, meaning it can take you from one place to the next with ease. In the case of lockdown, opt to interchange between the textured sherpa fleece side and the smooth, cobalt poly face as you juggle working from home, your weekly food shop and accompanying man’s best friend for his daily stroll.

Barbour Beacon

Although it remains unclear when exactly we’ll be granted the green-light back to our old lives, we hope that for now you can find some creativity through the crisis by striving to relax your home wardrobe with Barbour Beacon. As always, thanks for taking the time to read this feature and be sure to stay safe through these extraordinary times!

Step By Step Guide: How to Re-wax Your Barbour Jacket

Re-Waxing guide for the much-loved Barbour Jacket – Protect yours and never experience its absence in your wardrobe again.

Home quarantine has become the norm for a lot for us over the last few weeks and keeping yourself occupied and busy has become a task in itself. Well, what better way to utilise the hours than to give your favourite Barbour jacket some much needed TLC.

So to help you out we have put together a step by step guide to help you through the (sometimes daunting) task of rewaxing your Barbour jacket at home.

Before we start:

A few quick pointers to take note of:

  • Fully read the instructions on the tin of your chosen wax product
  • The step by step guide will explain clearly the process of reviving your Barbour jacket and what wax is recommended however, it is always important to still read the instructions on the product you’re using for further clarity.
  • Always carry out the re-waxing process in a safe and suitable environment
  • And finally, keep all wax-products out of the reach of children!

Before and After Images

Barbour Jacket

Beginning the journey to reviving your Barbour Jacket:  

What you will need

Step 1 | Clean your Jacket...

You may enjoy a relaxing hot bath but remember your Barbour Jacket does not! This means washing machines are a no go – Instead carefully wipe the outside of your jacket using simply a sponge and cold water. No soap is necessary (no matter how luxurious it smells) it will remove the wax coating permanently, making it impossible to re-wax, causing steps 2 to 5 to no longer be relevant to you.

Step 2 | Soften the wax…

Take a tin of Barbour Wax Thornproof dressing. Haven’t yet purchased this? Not to worry you are in the right place! Once you have your wax, remove the lid and carefully stand the tin in a container of hot water. If you are currently questioning ‘how hot?’ – Just hot enough to soften the wax will do. It should take approximately 20 minutes to melt the wax into a complete liquid consistency.

Step 3 | Wax your jacket…

Now for the main event. Using an old cloth, work the melted wax well into the jacket paying close attention to the seams, creases and any dry patches. You should keep the wax tin in the hot water and top this up accordingly to ensure the wax remains soft. Wipe off any excess wax as you work and be sure to keep the wax away from the corduroy collar, the inside of the jacket and its pockets.

Step 4 | Dry Your Jacket…
Here’s to a trick of the trade – Use a hairdryer to even out the spread of wax and ensure for an extra smooth finish as your jacket dries!

Allow your jacket to dry overnight in a warm place hung away from other garments. Be aware your newly waxed jacket may lose excess wax for a short while so take extra care around other leather and upholstery.

Step 5 | Wear, Wax, Repeat!

Don’t forget to re-wax your jacket annually.

Characterised by its timeless identity and adept weather protection properties your Barbour Jacket takes care of you all year round – Now is the time to return the favour and give your tattered Barbour the home spa treatment it deserves.

We hope this feature has served clarity to the caring for your timeless Barbour classic. However, if after exploring these 5 simple steps you are still not convinced the re-wax is necessary then the before and after pictures speak for themselves – Don’t let your investment piece go to waste. We may not be able to promise your Barbour Jacket an infinite place in your outdoor-loving wardrobe BUT, if looked after it will last the years and serve every environment encountered, potentially even styling the next generation.

Barbour Ashby Jacket Outerwear

The Barbour Ashby Jacket Explored

The Barbour Ashby Jacket is Iconically British and crafted in England, explore the full Barbour range here at Aphrodite 

Everything you need to know about the brand’s iconic wax jacket

Characterised by its timeless identity and adept weather protection properties, the Barbour Ashby jacket is simply a piece of infinity for your wardrobe. If you’re yet to invest in one of the brand’s noteworthy wax jackets, perhaps Ashby’s expert construction and practical charm may persuade you into finally taking the leap. To ensure you’re up to speed with this garment’s undisputed styling, we’ve taken the liberty of offering you a full rundown of the jacket from top to bottom, so keep reading to discover whether this lauded outerwear piece is for you.

Barbour Ashby

 Barbour Ashby jacket

What is the Barbour Ashby jacket made from?

For decades now South Shields-hailing brand Barbour has remained synonymous with traditional British fashion. This is thanks to its waxed finishes and tartan design cues, which simultaneously bring status-heavy styling to everyone from British royalty to pop icons, and the Ashby’s thoughtfully constructed fabric composition only transcends Barbour’s heritage credentials even further.

Like several of Barbour’s most-favoured fits, the Ashby is coated in a waxed cotton shell. More specifically, the brand’s signature 6oz Sylkoil wax is implemented across the silhouette’s base – Sylkoil is the oldest and most traditional wax cotton Barbour employs; it’s an ‘unshorn’ woven cotton, dyed and waxed with a matte finish to guarantee an authentic patina as the garment gracefully ages and wears in.

Barbour Ashby Jacket

 Barbour Ashby jacket

Internally, the design is lined with the brand’s Classic Tartan, a fabric that is frequently executed throughout Barbour’s offerings, spanning everything from scarves, gloves, and even dog accessories. This colourful crisscrossed pattern is developed by Kinloch Anderson – an Edinburgh-based Highland Dress expert with an expansive lineage in the field, who successfully brings Barbour’s Scottish heritage to the forefront. Bonus fabric features of the Ashby include a corduroy collar, which provides textural tone to the garment, while polyester sleeve linings prompt efficient slip on and off motions.

Barbour Ashby Jacket Lining

 Barbour Ashby jacket

How does the Barbour Ashby jacket fit?

As many Barbour aficionados will already know, the Ashby is based upon the brand’s iconic Bedale jacket – a silhouette originally developed by Dame Margaret Barbour with equestrian endeavours in mind. Though still rendered to honour its predecessor’s historic ties, the Ashby locks down a more progressive stance on style. For one, it’s more streamlined than the Bedale, not to mention it’s crafted with longer-set sleeves and an elongated body. The added incorporation of raglan sleeves and a vented hemline also impacts the design’s range of motion; allowing it to move freely through a variety of activity, regardless of whether you’re heading for the depths of the English countryside or landing in the beating heart of the city.

Barbour Wax Jacket

How many pockets does the Barbour Ashby jacket have?

It goes without saying that when you’re laying down a substantial amount of money for a jacket, you need it to be equipped with an assortment of wholly functional features, including an array of pockets, to which Barbour’s Ashby does not disappoint.

In total, the jacket carries five pockets, with the first two fitted just shy of the chest area. Positioning the pockets here, and angling them in the way they are, allows the wearer to effortlessly slot their hands into each side entry. Two bigger bellow pockets below prove perfect for storing essential items while you hotfoot it from location A to B.

Finally, a concealed pocket resides at the inner jacket, free for storage of personal items, such as wallets or phones, that need to be kept close by and require heightened insurance throughout the day.

Additional features of the Barbour Ashby jacket?

For extra protection against harsh conditions, the Ashby is secured with a durable zip closure and a branded storm flap. This fastening is meticulously detailed with gold-toned Barbour hardware that runs the full length of the garment.

And the brand’s scrupulous attention to detail doesn’t stop there, these studded accents also neatly embellish the design’s pockets. Tone-on-tone Barbour embroidery subtly weaves its way onto the silhouette’s waistline.


Barbour Ashby Jacket Pocket

Lastly, as expected from one of the brand’s most prolific designs, the Ashby rightfully pairs with Barbour’s esteemed zip-in liners. The compatibility of the design with these optional, insulating layers, not only promotes increased warmth when situated in the great outdoors, but it also aids an aspect of versatility. This allows the wearer to double-up or subtract on layers based on necessity.

If you had any unanswered questions about Barbour’s Ashby jacket, we hope this feature has served clarity to your curiosity. Truly built to last, this faithful piece of outerwear will serve every environment you encounter endlessly. Whether you were hoping to get back to nature or often find yourself navigating the city’s chaotic dimensions, don’t waste any time getting acquainted with this robust style. Shop the Barbour Ashby with Aphrodite and take a closer look at the iconic design in the below video.

Browser our Barbour Ashby Jacket