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Belstaff – Same Animal, Different Beast

The first drop of Belstaff has arrived in store and online with a blend of autumnal hues gearing up for the transitional months ahead. Offering a subverting style for AW18 thanks to continued attempts to modernise the near century-old British hallmark, the popularity of the brand surging with a present presence. With a subcultural air being displayed by the brand in their catwalk collection for the season, their ready to wear basics range still comes packing major punches and new designs not usually associated with Belstaff.

Sage, moss and navy tones make the core of this seasons collection while hits of standout racing yellow highlight the latest drop. The pops of colour offer a tantalising layering palette for the brand that is commonly associated with darkened colourings across leather garments. Alongside the bold colour displays, there are also eye-catching mixes with neutral and pastel tones, echoing colour palettes that will be instantly synonymous with avid followers of men’s fashion.

The Pallington Jacket has been an office favourite here at HQ of recent weeks, we’re suckers for pocket space, funnel necks and draw string action. An additional detachable gilet liner offers versatility to the design as well as the collection, existing as a modular addition that buttons in this particular offering but is subtle enough to offer an extra secluded layer to many designs. Taking its inspiration from the ever classic M-65 field jacket, the military influence is displayed but not placed at the forefront, allowing the jacket to take its influences and still reflect with an intrinsically Belstaff style. 

With the brand advancing its production with a contemporary yet familiar design, it’s a testament that the heritage of the brand is still displayed fully through the composition as well as remaining intrinsic Belstaff in its aesthetic.

David Beckham: Style Icon

As a latter-day saint of all things men’s fashion, what will David Beckham be remembered for the most? What is the former England captain’s legacy? His ability as a footballer came unrivalled, the elder statesmen of the Three Lion’s golden generation, one of the first athletes to build a multimedia empire and captivate celebrity tabloid culture from its inception thanks to his marriage with pop superstar turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham but you knew all this. Whilst his playing style and ability may have left him his menswear style has picked up since the heyday of Posh and Becks, making him the style Icon we know today.

He’s developed this ‘fashion thing’. I saw his transition to a different person… so long as it doesn’t affect his football it doesn’t bother me

-Sir Alex Fergusson

The staple in the wardrobe comes from his now seemingly lifelong deal with adidas, the brand that adorned their 3 stripes to the shoulders of the then Manchester United player and birthed a partnership that saw Becks become one of the most lucratively sponsored athletes in the world, rivaled only by Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods in his heyday. From the moment he announced himself with that long-range effort against Wimbledon to the day he retired with PSG the boot of choice has been adidas’ long-running predator series, a boot that has seen Beckham lend his own white to champagne colourway even post-retirement, and used as inspiration on newer models such as the adidas Sobakov.

Whilst flexible with his adidas deal, the company does allow him to adorn other trainer brands (just nothing with a swoosh), but you’d be relatively hard pushed to find Beckham in an out and out athletic trainer that isn’t a three stripe affiliate. As seen above, Beckham’s variety of adidas have seen themselves being dressed in smarter confides with tapered and cropped trousers replacing his normal raw denim. It’s refreshing seeing someone like Beckham embrace a contemporary style, mixing knit sneakers with tailored menswear for an ultra-smart look, at it brings another facet to his style game.

Embracing American timeless apparel in his stint stateside at LA Galaxy, Beckham’s fashion wouldn’t be complete without the incorporation of a Polo Ralph Lauren tinged outfit. Mixing formal occasions with his unavoidable moments in the public, the Polo logo has sat proudly upon Beckham in a variety of different constraints, but it’s with his dress down fashion that a light pop of chambray works effectively against jeans and T-shirt. Pushing his style into a traditional menswear style has been an updated fashion prerogative in recent years, and his ability to offer a triple threat of streetwear, menswear and formal wear makes him undisputed in his lookbook dominance.

The heritage menswear look demands a robust boot, something that of course Becks has in abundance. With a wildly changing day to day life, one that includes occasional motorbike rides, trips to the country in the Land Rover Defender and touching down in NYC, the ever-ready Beckham packs similarly sensibilitied boot choice to blend with his outfit whether that be the Chelsea Boot style seen above or the Redwing Moc Toe below.

With style developing through influences and environment, is it a surprise that Manchester still holds a huge inspiration for Beckham’s style? A tonal outfit topped off with a pair of Clarks Wallabees, stood next to a Stone Rose poster with a buttoned-up worker jacket. The only way this could be more Manchester is if there was a patch boldly displayed.

An unusual collaboration with Belstaff that has seen 3 capsule collections and a short film also makes total sense considering Beckham’s modern image, tapping into his enthusiasm for motorcycles, and his penchant for jeans, white t-shirt and a biker jacket. All designs are intrinsically Belstaff, celebrating their craftsmanship and motorcycle heritage.

Layering is a key cornerstone of men’s fashion, so it’s no surprise to see Beckham likes to layer items from brands like Canada Goose and Moncler in his cold-weather wardrobe. Known to incorporate pieces from North Face too, it’s the restructured blazers and down gilet that Beckham is known to wear now than his baggier style of the bygone decade.


How To Style Your Summer Jacket

Everyone should invest in a trusty Summer jacket. Perfect for the unpredictable British weather, a lightweight jacket could just be your saviour when a hot summers day turns into a rainy day. Here at Aphrodite we can cater for your needs with our range of lightweight and practical jackets which are certain to keep you stylish this season.

The Mac

The mac is a staple and timeless piece which always serves well whatever the weather. This style from APC features a classic collar and concealed full button fastening with two slanted hip pockets. With its straight cut silhouette and soft lining, the mac is the ultimate jacket for this season. With the option to dress the mac up or down, you can wear it over your suit for a day at the office, or over a shirt and slim fit jeans with a pair of brogues.


The Blouson jacket

The Belstaff Racemaster blouson jacket in ash green is another ideal choice for the upcoming months. With a more sporty look, the Racemaster is a lightweight and waterproof jacket which allows extra breath ability through under arm air vents. An all round practical jacket with two front pockets and a full zip fastening. Style this jacket with slim fit jeans and terrace trainers with a simple cotton t-shirt underneath for a smart casual look.



The Bomber jacket

Sporting a summery light blue colour-way, this lightweight jacket from Norse Projects offers a lightweight construction with a full zip fastening. Boasting both comfort and style, this jacket would look ideal with jean shorts and a simple cotton t-shirt.

The Suede jacket

A quirky and stylish piece, the retro style suede jacket from Oliver Spencer is the perfect way to keep your cool this summer. Adopting a shirt style silhouette with a full zip fastening to the front, this can be worn with slim fit jeans, brogues and a t-shirt underneath for a retro look.

Which summer jacket will you be investing in? You can shop our full range of jackets right here.

Belstaff Brand

Belstaff Brand Guide

An Introduction to Belstaff

Launched in 1924 by Harry Grosberg, Belstaff has become one of the best British Heritage brands to date known worldwide for its high performance outwear and even more renowned for its Belstaff jackets. The brand started up business in a factory located in Stoke-on-Trent where the clothes were originally manufactured. Their main aim was to produce high quality outwear, conducting research into technology that would make products waterproof, windproof and resistant to heavy friction, resulting in the first brand to produce a fabric that was totally waterproof but breathable, now commonly known as ‘waxed cotton’. Specialising in garments for motorcyclists, aviators and the army, protective clothing was their main focus, resulting in developing a range of gloves, goggles, boots, and helmets. By the 1940s the brand was producing more than 40,000 Black Prince motorcycle jackets a year. In the 1990s the brand was hit hard by the textile crisis resulting in brief move to Wellington, where they still faced trouble and were confronted with closure. Motorcyclist Franco Malenotti thought there was something stimulating about the brand, and as a result bought a share in the company, whose main focus was creating new designs and high tech fabrics to help the brand move forward. June 2011 brought Swiss Group Labalux onto the scene, resulting in them buying the company for a reported $161 million and appointing former design director of Burberry Martin Cooper as chief Creative Director.


Notable Pieces Over The Years
Belstaff has been the choice of clothing for cyclists and aviators alike over the years. The history of the brand is surrounded by motorcycle, adventure, and travel and has a reputation for delivering fashionable, functional and stylish garments throughout their ranges. Producing a number of high profile jackets over the years has resulted in the brand steadying themselves as one, if not the best British Heritage Brand to date. Below shows a number of the most popular pieces they have produced over the years:

  • The Trialmaster Jacket First Produced in the 1950’s, this jacket became an instant hit with bikers and has become without doubt the most famous jacket. Featuring 3 revolutionary design details including the pre-curved sleeves for improved fit and comfort, pivotal armholes and a showerproof lining to stop the wax coating penetrating the inside of the jacket. It was huge with motorcycle enthusiasts including famous champions Sammy Miller who holds the record for the most victories of 1250, Phil Read who used to wear it when competing in the Grand Prix and Ernesto Che Guevera on his journey across Latin America. More recently stars including Steve McQueen, Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss and George Clooney have been seen sporting this jacket, which shows Belstaff’s intention to close the gap between utility and chic fashion.
  • The Black Prince Motorcycle Jacket This jacket proudly holds the title of the bestselling waterproof jacket of all time. Selling over 1.6 million units over 40 years while in production at its purpose-built Silverdale factory, which was solely for the production of the jacket, this is one of the most famous jackets to date. Wanting to keep the traditional manufacturing process going, this jacket was created using these processes to help perverse the English

Heritage of the Brand
As a result, the older Belstaff Jackets, especially from the 1950s and ’60s are keenly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Belstaff Charity – Not on our watch. The incredible Jerry Weintraub, producer of Oceans 13 and stars of the film George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Don Cheadle started up this charity. Their aim is to awaken people’s awareness and open opinions to the crimes against humanity and promote economic support for humanitarian needs in crisis zones. This decision is true to Belstaff’s time honoured tradition of investing in core businesses with campaigns in aid of charity or major humanitarian operations. Belstaff is not only a brand for outerwear but a brand that reflects a time for looking at what affects us on the inside too.

Celebrities and Media
Belstaff’s present owners have forged connections with Hollywood for decades drawing in a global demand and appreciation for the British Brand all over the world. The chance to collaborate with well-known films such as Benjamin Button (pictured right), Inglorious Bastards, Batman Begins, War of the Worlds, Oceans Twelve and the Great Escape has done nothing but boost its popularity as a huge international brand opening up its market with everyone now queuing up for the must have brand that will last you a life time and well worth every penny. This ever present image that they effortlessly seems to portray season after season assures its place as one of the best brands to come out of Britain and to this day they have kept the label’s heritage alive with sleek collections that are strong, rugged, yet ever the gentlemen’s brand of choice for outerwear, jackets and boots. Celebrities including Steve McQueen, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Leonardo Decaprio along with George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Kate Moss have all been spotted sporting a Belstaff Jackets.

Belstaff Charity – Not On Our Watch.
The incredible Jerry Weintraub, producer of Oceans 13 and stars of the film George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle started up this charity. Their aim is to awaken people’s awareness and open opinions to the crimes against humanity and promote economic support for humanitarian needs in crisis zones. This decision is true to Belstaff’s time honoured tradition of investing in core businesses with campaigns in aid of charity or major humanitarian operations. Belstaff is not only a brand for outerwear but a brand that reflects a time for looking at what affects us on the inside too.

Collections We Stock
Aphrodite are pleased to be an official UK based stockist of the Belstaff Brand and we stock a number of famous jackets including the Trophymaster, Roadmaster, Racing and Redford Jackets. The Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket is a slimmer version of the iconic Trailmaster Jacket which has become famous worldwide. Belstaff has come to adopt a standard of high performance, high quality and manufacture, and this jacket is no different. This jacket features the close-fitting four patch biking pockets, which has been perfected over the decades in a number of other jackets to help bring the spirit of the open road to the modern-day urban living society. Other features include the reinforced elbows and shoulder patches along with a lined collar and cuffs in cotton velvet for extra warmth and comfort, underarm vents to let the garment breath when necessary. These features are all finished off with the iconic Belstaff patch and Union Jack Belstaff label along with a metal commemorative 2012 plaque on the interior of the jacket.  This is a jacket that shows off the superiority of the brand and why it has become what it is today. The Belstaff Panther Jacket (pictured left) is another jacket which offers all the classic features of the original Motorcycle jacket by Belstaff, also known as the Trailmaster. A quality hand waxed leather jacket, this will last you a lifetime and worth every penny you spend. Archived features can be seen throughout the design and this mixed with the fashionable, functional and stylish design this is truly a must-have coat. The muted finish helps the jacket age over time, acquiring a patina unique to the owner and their lifestyle, making this a jacket full of stories years to come. Features of this jacket include water-resistant qualities, extra protection in the reinforced elbows and shoulders and a triple snap throat latch to help keep out the wind and rain. As with most of the brand’s jackets, 4 close-fitting patch biking pockets are the main feature along with a signature check cotton lining, underarm vents and the famous signature Belstaff Patch and Union Jack Label. All finished off with a metal commemorative 1966 metal plaque.

Belstaff Presents: Ride On Featuring David Beckham
Take a look at the latest video

We have a large selection of garments from the brand whether you are looking for a Belstaff Jacket or another item of clothing.

Rule The Road (or pavement) with Belstaff

Designed to protect you against the winter elements, Belstaff jackets feature a number of key details designed for durability and warmth. Launched in 1924 the British brand has become known for its high performance and waterproof outerwear, with the classic waxed jacket becoming a style staple for any man’s wardrobe. This season’s Belstaff comes complete with subtle updates for a timeless finish.

Roadmaster Jacket in Rosewood Purple

The Roadmaster Jacket is one of Belstaff’s most iconic silhouettes and is back for autumn winter 16 in a new rosewood purple colourway. Featuring the same premium waxed cotton outer, checked lining, and button closure as it’s predecessors, the Roadmaster is a subtle yet welcome update to the every day classic.

Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket

Speedmaster Jacket in Black

Constructed using an extremely soft lambskin leather, the Speedmaster Jacket pays homage to the original Trialmaster but modernises it in a streamlined silhouette. With a variety of front press stud fastened pockets and an adjustable belt and collar, the Speedmaster is a truly practical piece.

Belstaff Speedmaster Jacket

Trialmaster Jacket in Blue

The Trialmaster has earned its place as a part of Belstaff’s legacy, with a regular fit silhouette. The jacket is usually crafted from waxed cotton, however this season the brand have replaced the usual material with a water-repellent poly outer for functionality. Other features include a two-way zip fastening with an added popper placket for security and an internal drawstring to the waist. Four pockets are featured to the front, with signature Belstaff branding to the sleeve on a leather patch for a luxe finish.

Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket

Trialmaster 2015 Jacket in Dusty Brown

Typically presented in a waxed outer, Belstaff have produced the signature Trialmaster Jacket with a water repellant poly material that adds lightness to the coat. Press stud fasten pockets, reinforced elbows and an adjustable collar add renowned practicality to the Trialmaster. With the embroidered Belstaff branding to the sleeve adding an iconic touch.

Belstaff Trialmaster

See our full range of Belstaff, including knitwear and polo shirts in our Sunderland store or online here.



TheHoxtonTrend Visits Aphrodite

Menswear YouTuber TheHoxtonTrend made the long trip up from London to Sunderland a few weeks ago to visit Aphrodite. Over a period of a few hours the guys were shown around the store, picked out their favourite pieces and conducted a video walkabout in-store.

The first video has made its way to their YouTube channel now which is rapidly gaining followers due to its dedication to mens fashion and in particular showcasing the likes of Stone Island, Moncler, C.P Company, Y-3 and Belstaff to name just a few. All of the pieces featured in the video are available from the Aphrodite website and any additional information you require can be found by contacting our friendly customer services team on 0191 5675898 or [email protected].



Belstaff Racemaster Blouson Jacket

Belstaff Autumn / Winter 2016 Available Now


Belstaff have came a long way since their conception in 1924. Created by Eli Belovitch and his son-in-law Harry Grosberg in Staffordshire, Belstaff aimed to produce motorcycle Jackets that could withstand all weathers. After some struggles with the textile crash in the 90’s, Belstaff have managed to go from strength to strength, consistently adapting their original ethos to meet the demands of the modern day man. For Autumn / Winter 2016 Belstaff have taken design cues from endurance riders who threaded their bikes through some of the worlds most uninhabitable areas solely for the challenge it brought. This commanded versatile pieces and it is this versatility that forms much of Belstaff’s Autumn / Winter 2016 collection.

This initial inspiration of Belstaff’s collection has, in the words of CEO Gavin Haig, never been more relevant. Belstaff’s homeland, England, has seen some of the warmest Winters on record and having the versatility to add and remove layers from Belstaff’s collection allows the wearer to feel as warm as they want to be. For example, the introduction of the Kerrigan Knitted Jumper adds needed warmth whereas the Pearce and Phillips Polo Shirts give a more lightweight layer for potential warmer days.

Although Belstaff have adhered to their initial direction, that isn’t to say they’ve forgotten the classics. Belstaff have managed to keep their seasonal classics such as the Racemaster and Roadmaster in the roster, with new colour ways, materials and approaches making them better than ever.

Perhaps a highlight of the collection is the 2016 of the iconic Speedmaster. Based on the iconic Trialmaster, the Speedmaster is updated for 2016 to meet the needs of the modern day man. A streamlined, sleek silhouette that retains Belstaff’s rich biking heritage, the Speedmaster 2016 is a perfect representation of Belstaff’s recent form of catering for the 2016 man but staying true to their rich heritage.

Another successful season for the classic British brand, Belstaff’s Autumn / Winter 2016 is available now in-store and online.

Belstaff Racemaster Blouson Jacket

Belstaff Racemaster Blouson Jacket

Belstaff Racemaster Blouson Port Jacket

Belstaff Racemaster Blouson Port Jacket

Belstaff Racemaster Blouson Port Jacket

Belstaff SS15

Belstaff K Racer Blouson Leather Jacket

Known as one of the best crafters in the leather world, Belstaff have been creating timeless pieces since their birth on 1924. With a history of 90 years, Belstaff have gained a huge following due to their rugged British heritage look which has helped them stamp their name into the history books having created some of the most recognisable outerwear silhouettes to date. Steve McQueen, Brad Pitt and more recently David Beckham have all been spotted sporting the Belstaff jacket, proving the brands appeal.

The Belstaff Blouson Leather Jacket has been designed to play homage to the 1960’s cafe culture, bringing a stripped down cafe racer jacket to the modern man. This updated version of the K racer has been crafted from a lightly wrinkled and worn looking tumbled lambskin leather for a worn look, helping the jacket mix the true vintage style of the Racer with a modern more streamlined design to fit in with the contemporary lifestyle .The customary slanted chest pocket and the signature gunmetal hardware are both nods to the original Racer jacket, along with the chunky zip fasten and the press stud neck fasten. Other features include 2 hip pockets, adjustable zip fasten cuffs, internal pocket, finished with quilting to shoulders and the brands iconic leather logo patch to left sleeve.

The Belstaff Blouson Leather Jacket is available to buy now from Aphrodite1994 for £849.00

Published by Sarah Kearney, Online Editor at Aphrodite Clothing