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By Parra Brand Guide

Bringing a playful graphics and saturated colours to Aphrodite’s repertoire of expanding apparel, By Parra is a brand rooted in eclectic humor and underground aesthetics.


Dutch post-pop designer and brand founder Piet ‘Parra’ Janssen emerged onto the scene in the early 90s as a self-taught artist, mostly designing album covers for up-and-coming musicians or flyers for Amsterdam’s most à la mode discotheques, yet, he was viewed as a cult artist by his fellow creators throughout his novitiate years. It was not until Janssen began to produce graphics of his now world-renowned beaked figures that his career really took flight, depicting abstract bird-like characters in the most vibrant saturations of red, blue, and pink, illustrated on the ‘Emotional Neglect’ tees of which we are proud stockists. His 2-D aesthetic, bold lines and fills, and whimsical illustrations have rendered his style instantly recognizable yet impossible to categorize, gaining Parra a renegade following internationally.


Originally renowned for his contemporary works in imagery and typography, Parra has evolved into a multimedia artist, delving into sculpture, drawing, music; as a member of Le Le and MICH, and of course, textiles, with the launch of his brand Rockwell By Parra in 2002. Initially, the brand only consisted of t-shirts featuring the creator’s unique hand-lettering..

2004 marked the expansion of Piet’s apparel to a bi annual release of clothing, accessories, footwear, and even home-textile collections, yet it was not until 2006 that his wing-borne oddities appeared on his garments, causing his brand to soar into popularity. Since, creators have been lining up to collaborate with the label, including Viktor & Rolf, Nike, Stones Throw Records, and skate brand Zoo York, to name a few.


The brand aesthetic has developed over the years, branching out into more refined, minimalist graphics; similar to that of the geometric chenille applique found on the ‘Building Block’ sweatshirt, to more simplistic and contemporary stylings synonymous with modern skate and streetwear, like the ‘Striped Pocket Logo’ tee.

Parra’s rapid expansion and rise in popularity has led to a huge demand for the brands quality pieces, Shop By Parra online and in-store at Aphrodite Clothing.

Veja Trainers in boxes

VEJA Trainers Brand Guide

Founded in 2004 by  Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, French brand VEJA offer a unique and sutainability-concious approach to footwear. 

The Creation of Veja

Who made VEJA?

Veja started when Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion wanted to reinvent a product, they decided that the most symbolic object of their generation was the simple trainer and so they set out to deconstruct it and recreate it in a completely different way, the right way.

Veja Campo and Esplar Trainers

Both Sébastien and François were amazed by the way that other brands produced their own trainers, pushing 70% of their financial backing to marketing and outreach, and only 30% to the raw materials and trade routes used. In their eyes this was wrong;  As their company started 100% of their funding went towards the quality materials, and the people who farmed them. This was their idea of economic justice.

The founders identified Brazil as a country that produced all of the raw materials that they would need to create its trainers, and laws that protects their workers. They personally set off, exploring the production methods, and finding the best materials that offer both physical and economic sustainability. To Veja there are five steps, five locations that allow the company to thrive.

  • Brazilian Serengeti – This is where they found their Amazonian Rubber, the organically sourced material makes up the sole of over 40% of Veja’s trainers.
  • Nordeste – Here they found farmers who produced cotton in a agro-ecological way, without pesticides and without fertilizers. To secure a partnership with the farmers, and to keep aligned with their fair trade views, Sébastien and François paid double the market value of the cotton that was made.
  • Sao Paulo – Veja wanted to create a more sustainable alternative their cotton that they could use in their trainers if it was needed. This led to the creation of ‘B Mesh’. B Mesh is a thin fibre, produced by crushing up plastic bottles and spinning them out into a weavable thread. This can make a breathable and durable trainer with no negative ecological impact.
  • Porto Alegre Sneaker Factory – Here Veja relies on local workers to craft their trainers, they selected the district due to its strong social rights where workers work reasonable hours and get paid more than a living wage.
  • Bonneuil-Sur Marne – In the founders’ home country Veja needed a logistical hub. They partnered with a  social reintegration organisation that employs vulnerable people to organise the distribution of their products all over the globe.

These five places are at the heart of everything that Veja do, offering sustainability, equality, fair working conditions, ecological production and more. The brands ethos is sustainability, Veja which literally translates to ‘look’ in Portuguese, encourages its consumers to look behind their products, how they were made, what with, and how those who made them are treated. This is the brands effort to reinforce the economic justice they so strongly believe in.


 Veja Esplar Trainers in Shoebox


Veja Styles

Because of their story and effortless style, all of Veja’s trainers are absolutely quality. With that being said, if we had to pick we could narrow it own to about three silhouettes. The veja campo, Veja rio branco and Veja Esplar.

Veja Campo

An essential trainer destined for your footwear collection. The Campo model offers a flawlessly elegant silhouette.

Veja campo trainers

A ‘Chrome Free’ leather upper houses Veja’s playful ‘V’ logo. Accents to the heel and gold foil ‘Veja’ branding adds character to the shoe. While a cushioned lining provides pure comfort, a luxury often overlooked when it comes to leather trainers. An amazonian rubber sole houses the premium upper and provides a well suited, subtle contrast in the trainer’s colour scheme.

‘Chrome Free’ leather constructs the shoe’s upper: with its provenance in Brazilian cattle farms, the smooth and light material is produced using a unique and innovative tanning process. The removal of chrome, heavy metals and dangerous acids in its creation leads to reduced waste, chemicals and energy usage. Water is saved during the process too with a 40% reduction in the amounts used.

Rubber and rice waste make up the ‘V’ Veja branding and organic cotton fabricates the trainer’s laces, while the insole provides comfort through a combination of materials such as amazonian rubber, recycled E.V.A, organic cotton and sugar cane. Recycled polyester adds soft padding to the insole and the outsole is made up of a blend of Amazonian rubber, recycled rubber and rice waste.

Made in Brazil, Veja keeps sustainability at the forefront of their mind when producing quality footwear. This Veja Campo Chrome Free Leather trainer offers a basic style made with luxurious, recycled and sustainable materials that can elevate any outfit and fit easily into a capsule wardrobe.

Veja Rio Branco

Retro inspired, the Veja Rio Branco follows the archival traits of some of the best running trainers of the 80s and reproduces them in a clean, sustainable silhouette.

Veja Rio Branco Trainers

The trainers upper is crafted using the brands ‘Alveomesh’, a fine fabric made from recycled polyester that is lightweight and offers breathability to its wearer. Suede overlays help to break up the visuals. crafted from ethically treated bovine leather, the suede undergoes a natural coating process in which it is treated with natural oils to enhance its light water resistant qualities. A branded heel tab offers a further contrast while Veja’s joyful ‘V’ logo is emblazoned on the trainers side panelling.

To the bottom of the shoe, a combination of sugar cane, rice waste and Amazonian rubber construct the sole. With a spongy midsole, everyday impacts are absorbed guaranteeing everyday comfort, while the rubber outsole provides traction on the most slippy of surfaces.

An ideal trainer to rock all year round, the Rio Branco offers comfort, style and versatility.

Veja Esplar

Contemporary minimalism at its finest. The Veja Esplar displays many similarities to the brand’s Campo model, all while offering a slimmer silhouette with a more sleek body.

Veja Esplar Trainer in White

The bovine leather upper is imported from Uruguayan farms, a country notorious for quality leather production and it rich culture of animal husbandry. The leather is then tanned in Brazil where it is attached to the sole in the Porto Algere Trainer factory. A suede heel tab is crafted from the underside of bovine leather, it’s brushed to increase flexibility and softness before being treated with a PFC free oil to add a water resistant coating.
The Esplar sole is made using a combination of  ethically sourced Amazonian rubber , rice waste and recycled rubber. Offering not only comfort but knowledge that your product was made in an environmentally friendly way. Veja branding is present to both the tongue and heel while the brands ‘V’ logo appears on the trainers side panelling.

A perfect pair of trainers offering an amazing amount of versatility, dress them up with chinos or opt for your favourite denim to create a more casual look.

How to Style Veja Trainers?

Whether you need a bit of styling inspiration, or you just want to have a closer look at the brands offering, our in-house team have put together a short video showing the pure versatility and style that Veja offers. Check it out below.


A Cold Wall* Brand Guide


Aphrodite are pleased to announce A Cold Wall to our designer collection

Aphrodite prides itself in having brands from all around the world on our roster from Italy’s ‘Stone Island’ to Japanese brand ‘Taion’ but we also like to support brands closer to home. This is why we’re welcoming ‘A Cold Wall*’ as a fresh addition to our designer collection. Established in 2015 by Samuel Ross (Virgil Abloh’s former assistant) in London, the imaginative streetwear brand initially launched as a menswear brand, however also ventured to the womenswear scene in 2018.


Check out the New ‘A Cold Wall*’ Collection here 

Taking inspiration from his childhood in Brixton, the brand seeks to capture the art of modern luxury menswear with the force behind the brand being the essence of class, community, globalisation and modernity. As part of the design process of their garments, A Cold Wall* encourages the principle of sustainability by steering clear of the overproduction and overconsumption of clothing that is apparent today by taking extra precautions of a garment’s composition, allowing for products to be long lasting and timeless.


Check out the New ‘A Cold Wall*’ Collection here 

Which is a reflection in their audience who is described as a ‘knowledgeable and loyal, returning consumer’. The sought-after brand is a hit with the major brands dominating the fashion industry, Crafting technical and experimental pieces with exquisitely unique techniques. And with collaborations with Nike, which resulted in the creation of the Nike Zoom Vomero +5 sneakers being released, the designer already has masses of success under his belt. It is no wonder they’re a fast-growing brand that is bound to take their success up a level soon.


Stay tuned to see the upcoming pieces from ‘A Cold Wall*’ here at

Introducing Evisu: The New Denim Arrivals

Introducing Evisu… 

Being the first Japanese denim brand to sell to Americans, Evisu had to convince an audience that did not look further than their own country at the time, that the future of high-end denim passed from Japan. Evisu dates back to when Hidehiko Yamane launched the brand as ‘Evis’, although he meant no harm, denim competitor Levis thought Yamane was copying his brand name, which led to Evisu being created. Evisu is acquired from Ebisu, which Shinoist deity of Japan, standing for luck and prosperity.

Evisu t-shirt

Evisu is a Japanese brand that is best known for making high-quality selvedge denim that was founded in 1991 in Osaka Japan by Hidehiko Yamane and is named after the Japanese God of prosperity Ebisu, who is the happy chap that can be seen on the Godhead leather patch. Starting out by only making up to 14 pairs of jeans a day, the manufacture of Evisu jeans has been said to be more of a labour of love where quality can never be compromised. It is this quality and attention to detail that has earned Evisu critical acclaim as one of the best makers of denim goods in the world.

Yamane was strictly against the use of disposing of the clothes which is why he decided to import vintage denim and give them a new life. Although this wasn’t good enough for the precise designer, he decided that he would go back in time and produce denim the traditional way. He would make only 14 pairs of jeans a day and finalise them with the iconic Seagull logo which was hand-painted by Yamane, returning all luxury craftsmanship of the product. Yamane made sure that every denim piece was individually made with the same amount of thought and time put into them, which is why he made so little amount. The designer previously worked as a traditional tailor, however he disagreed with how thin mass-produced jeans were being made which is why he wanted to make a denim brand where the denim was as strong as the vintage pieces he owned himself.

Evisu Jean Close Up


The Popularity Remains…     

As a rise of baggy denim and patchwork pieces in the 2000s, Evisu saw these times as possibly a peak for the brand, it meant that they could show off their creativity through their denim by repeating the logo throughout some of their silhouettes, and like today, everyone was after a pair of Evisu jeans. As we know, fashion repeats and so does Evisu’s classic silhouettes so it is no surprise that their denim sees a rise in popularity once again.

Evisu Tee Close Up


The Production Process… 

Raw denim is the starting point for every pair of jeans or other products, it adds a stiff and durable character while adding starch during the weaving process increases the durability of the final product. Followed by a technique called counter-twisting which prevents industrial twisting, denim treatment is applied and to complete, burning off scattered cotton fires adds a smooth finish to Evisu’s denim. Each Evisu denim product has been indigo dyed by vintage loop dying machines that pumped a cotton yarn through a royal blue dye, where after it would be kept in the roof of the Evisu factory to allow the colour to oxidise.

How they achieve this quality and authenticity in their jeans is by using only selvage 12.2oz to 13.5oz weights of denim which is made in the traditional vintage way using original shuttle looms, which produces a looser weave and rougher texture making for a solid denim. The unmistakable indigo colour is achieved by loop dying the yarns up to 30 times and will change over time in the unique way as the owner wears and washes their Evisu’s. As well as the quality, the attention to detail is quite literally in every inch of Evisu jeans, starting with the 9 different threads that may be used on certain parts of the jeans as a nod to how classic workwear was made.

Evisu Double Denim Outfit

he Godhead patches made from leather, poplin and cotton all depict Ebisu the God of prosperity and feature Kanji script which refers to the quality roots of Evisu. The back pockets also feature a lining at the bottom so any objects in them will not protrude or damage the pocket and as a finish with a flurry each Evisu Seagull logo is hand-painted onto each back pocket making for slight differences with each pair of Evisu jeans.


Celebrity Sightings… 

It is no surprise that celebs also wanted to hop onto one of the best denim brands out there, Beyoncé was seen wearing one of the brands most iconic denim silhouettes in Destiny’s Child ‘Lose My Breath’ music video, while Jay Z also mentioned in one of his songs, ‘his ain’t Diesel… These is Evisu’. Evisu has become its own aesthetic during these times and was represented as a ‘luxury’ product. These American-style jeans have been purchased by the likes of David Beckham along with many rappers and DJs, people seeing these figures wearing Evisu meant that the brand was able to convince many outside of the denim community that the future of high-end denim was in Japan.

Evisu Tee Close Up 2


However, Evisu offers more than just their classic denim jean silhouettes like the Evisu Yellow Seagull Print Jeans or the Evisu White Seagull Print Jeans, classic monochrome Daruma T-Shirts in White and Black also hit the shelves of Aphrodite. With a bold Daruma Doll pattern to the front reading the brand name, these instantly recognisable pieces can be easily paired with any Evisu denim for a classic all-Evisu look. Or the Evisu Seagull Denim jacket sees the perfect outerwear piece for the spring weather ahead, layer over a hoodie or a t-shirt for a casual outfit to suit any occasion. Arriving in a trucker fit, this timeless style is one to grab if you’re after a versatile jacket to throw on.

When Yamane first started to paint the seagull arcuate, he said he started it as a joke and he had no idea that anyone would actually buy them. From something that went from a joke to being something that the designer spend his whole days putting time and effort into one pair, this shows his love and dedication to his brand but also denim.

Shop the Evisu new arrivals online and in-store now.

Parajumpers Brand Guide

Parajumpers : Brand Guide

An Italian designer, the Alaskan 210th Rescue Squadron and designing clothes to help save lives. The true story behind the fashion brand Parajumpers … 

Brand recon  

After an inspired chance meeting with a member of the Alaskan 210th Rescue Squadron designer, Massimo Rossetti founded Parajumpers in 2006. The Parajumpers rescue squadron is among the best trained and equipped units in the US Army. Preparing, planning and carrying out rescues in the wildest and most remote corners of the planet. The brave men and women of the 210th rescue Squadron are the definition of courage, using their skills and knowledge to save lives.  The entire brand was inspired by the rescue squadron with the brand also sharing their motto of “These Things We Do, That Others May Live.”

Brand Identity 

Inspired by Parajumpers, to be worn by Parajumpers.  Massimo Rossetti’s challenge was to design clothes that not only look great and unique but more importantly are functional to the Parajumpers. One of Rossetti’s first pieces was a jacket based around a fireman’s uniform, which included a pocket large enough to hold a helmet inside. This theme continues throughout the development of the Parajumpers with oversized cargo pockets and the large removable metal hooks found on most Parajumpers jackets. Parajumper’s unique idea of making the practical items on the clothes their main design feature is the key. The story behind Parajumpers and what / who they stand for,  is the authenticity that makes the brand unique and so popular.  

Parajumpers Rhino Jacket

Parajumpers Rhino Jacket, Magnet Grey – £415

What Parajumpers offers  

PJ’s jackets boast detailing and features inspired by Rossetti’s research into functional uniforms throughout the range. Their pieces are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions and look good while doing it. Features like detachable down linings, real fur trims and taped seams all add up to the ultimate year-round pieces. The signature heavyweight metal snap-hook hardware and PJS logo patch add the perfect finishing touches to your purchase. The newest additions to the range include gilets, caps and polo shirts, which are all available at Aphrodite.    

Parajumper’s Gobi jacket is the most well-known piece by the North American label, seen here worn by Hollywood Superstar Bradley Cooper 

Celebrities wearing Parajumpers clothing; sported by Hailey Bieber, Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Garner.

The design is based on the original jacket that first caught Rossetti’s eye. Boasting a removable down-filled liner and coyote fur ruff, the Gobi jacket is designed for all-year-round wear. Letting the wearer choose how much insulation they want. While multiple snap stud pockets, a large cargo pocket with concealed map pouch, yellow elastic straps, and carabiner collar clip are unique to Parajumper. Making the jackets both stylish and functional. 

Parajumpers Gobi Jacket

Parajumpers Gobi Jacket, Black – £415

Parajumpers have gone from strength to strength since its founding in 2006. The brands’ clear identity of designing functional yet fashionable clothes, while staying true to the brand’s original inspiration, the Alaskan 210th Rescue Squadron is the reason behind its organic growth.   

We are privileged to introduce Parajumpers to our range of the world’s finest menswear brands. Find our growing collection in-store and online today. 

Moose Knuckles Brand

Moose Knuckles : Brand Guide

The Canadian outerwear specialists have landed here at Aphrodite, and they’ve arrived just in time. It’s getting colder outside, and Moose Knuckles are the perfect brand if you’re looking for outer wear with an edge. The brand specializes in parkas and winter jackets, making not only high-quality designs, but stylish ones.

Back to their roots:

Founded in 2009, however with a history of protecting Canadians from the cold since 1921, the brand was made for the purpose of making the leanest, toughest, and most luxurious sportswear in the world and now prides itself on unique design and quality tailoring. The brand doesn’t approach the brand from an outdoor/ performance perspective, they see themselves as a fashion brand. However, they do not make any compromises when it comes to quality of their products, and they see themselves at the highest level that the market currently offers.

Moose Knuckles Whitemud Gilet

Moose Knuckles Gilet

Concept of Moose Knuckles Apparel:

The process of creating the average Moose Knuckles jacket requires over 74 different individual processes relying on the skill of their deliciated craftspeople meaning each product is made with care and attention. The brands core jackets are made up of a 76% cotton and 24% nylon blend ensuring durability, strength, and warmth. With coats built to last, these pieces are all thermally insulated by the highest quality Grey Duck Down, designed to overlap and create small pockets of warm air within. Practicality meets fashion with Moose Knuckles, and this is proven with use of ethically sourced materials, impeccable tailoring, and attention to detail in every product. Pieces are finished with utilitarian pockets, unfussy fastenings, and minimal detailing for a clean look – ideal for those trying to stay warm while looking cool. Moose Knuckles jackets were recently rated as the top brand by the IER when it came to insulation, meaning that their winter parkas are arguably the warmest available. Very well made and lasting, making them worth the price.

Moose Knuckles Richardson Jacket

Moose Knuckles Hooded Jacket

How does Moose Knuckles limit cruelty to animals?

Moose Knuckles says they are as sensitive about the topic as their customers are. Their supply chains are monitored, and the brand only works with suppliers who can guarantee the highest standards of ethical compliance. For example, all their fur strips are SAGA certified, their down supply chain is RDS certified, and the fabrics are Bluesign certified, which guarantees the best environmental performance.

Celebrity sightings:

In recent years Moose Knuckles have had an abundance of celebrity attention with the likes of Machine Gun Kelly’s band on his tour, rapper Skepta, actor Zac Effron and American personality Ryan Seacrest. To say the least, Moose Knuckles is the exciting premium outerwear label everyone wants to wear this season.

The latest Moose Knuckles collection:

Here at Aphrodite, we have a wide selection of Moose Knuckles garments for you this AW21. First up we have the iconic coats and jackets, arriving in a range of styles, colours and fits. Whether you’re after something bigger and padded such as the Dugald Jacket, or a lighter, customizable piece such as the Whitemud Gilet, at Aphrodite there is something here to fit your needs. To finish the look, the Moose Knuckles Logo Icon Cap will take your cool casual fits to another level. In the Canadian brand’s latest collection, the intention was to avoid the ‘carabiner’ aesthetic and supply its audience with a new wardrobe full of premium outerwear where weight and permeability are minimized. Because of this, colours are kept minimal and monochrome, meaning you can pair with other clothing pieces to get the maximum wear out of these winter warmers. Materials in this collection range from shiny nylons, polyester, and cotton and all allow for the greatest warmth achievable.

Moose Knuckles Dugald Jacket

Moose Knuckles Dugald Jacket Hooded

Shop Moose Knuckles jackets online and in-store at Aphrodite.

Opening Ceremony Beanies

Opening Ceremony : Brand Guide

When Opening Ceremony first debuted in 2002 it stood out from the crowd immediately due to its unique infrastructure. The brand’s retail locations not only carried products under the Opening Ceremony moniker, but they also played house to a range of apparel and accessories from other designers. The label’s strong affinity for fashion was instantly clear thanks to its fusion of cultural influences from around the world, its steadfast devotion to design and it’s inclusive philosophies.

Who founded Opening Ceremony?

Opening Ceremony was founded by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. The duo met as students at the University of California, Berkley and quickly became best friends thanks to a multitude of shared interests between them. Embarking on enterprise within the fashion sphere only cemented the twos friendship even further. Lim was initially inspired to start her own clothing line after an insightful trip to Hong Kong, where she embraced a wealth of new culture. September 2002 marked the moment where Carol and Humberto’s vision for the brand came to fruition.

The name Opening Ceremony is actually borrowed from the modern Olympics. The whole idea of the Olympics Opening Ceremony is to unite individuals from around the world whom all share an interest in sport. Lim and Leon’s Opening Ceremony concept works on the same basis in terms of a global reach, but within the realms of fashion.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony Stores & The Opening Ceremony Aesthetic

The first OC store popped up in the Big Apple and was one of the first retail shops to carry Havaianas and Topshop products. New Yorkers, particularly those in the Soho area, were also first acquainted with esteemed international labels Alexander Wang, Comme des Garçons and Acne Studios via Opening Ceremony. Their stores contributed to the vibrant ambience of downtown culture, uniting likeminded individuals and their penchant for creativity.

Opening Ceremony’s own clothing line became a direct avenue for Lim and Leon to unleash their genius. Designs across the board were informed by the duo’s travels across the world, with the creatives filtering in cultural references, playful colourways and political themes into collections over the years. The Opening Ceremony box logo has became a hallmark of the brand’s identity and can be worn by surfers on the beaches of Cali, to the trend-conscious Japanese. The overriding OC aesthetic is all about inclusivity.

Opening Ceremony Denim

Who Has Opening Ceremony Collaborated With?

Collaborations are key to Opening Ceremony; past collabs include Coca-Cola, Dickies, adidas Originals, Columbia, Polo Ralph Lauren, Disney, Vans and many more off-the-wallhook-ups. Through collaborations with other brands, Opening Ceremony has been able to form strong relationships with designers in order to enhance their reputation. Opening Ceremony has been able to further advertise their products which centre around loud statements about politics, cultures and people. We wanted a brand that was non-judgemental and open for all… before gender-neural, or any of those terms were used… we were always about that… and weve never been shy of letting people know how we feel politically or what our stance is on world issues” and in all those ways, the label has always been ahead of their time.

Opening Ceremony Sweats

Opening Ceremony Is Acquired by New Guards Group

Fast forward seven or so years and the company is now overseen by the New Guards Group, a vaunted cartel that also owns Off-white, Palm Angels and more. Operating a majority stake in the company, New Guard Group boast factories in Italy with locally sourced fabrics, meaning the quality and standard of OC’s garments has only risen since this acquisition while prices have remained reasonable. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim now work solely in-house, overseeing ready-to-wear capsules and accessories.

Opening Ceremony Hats

Since its inception, the brand has changed the way many people view fashion. Opening Ceremony proved that there’s room for everyone in the fashion world; while still looking out for ‘their own’, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim shared their venture with other creatives, offering emerging labels the chance to thrive via the platform they worked so hard to build. When you purchase an Opening Ceremony product you not only enhance your wardrobe, but you buy into the culture of the brand too. Opening Ceremony is more than just clothes.

Discover Opening Ceremony in-store & online at Aphrodite.

Heron Preston Sweatshirt

Heron Preston : Brand Guide

To call Heron Preston a jack of all trades would be the biggest understatement of the year, this guy has endless strings to his bow and wears many hats, both literally and metaphorically. Having dabbled in artistic practices, creative direction, clothing design, content creation, and DJ’ing, there’s not much this Parsons School of Design graduate can’t do in the creative sphere. But perhaps his biggest achievement to date is launching his eponymous, luxury clothing label under the New Guards Group – the global fashion conglomerate that also houses eight more world-renowned brands including Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, Palm Angels, Ambush, Unravel Project, Alanui, Kirin by Peggy Gou and Opening Ceremony.

Heron Preston Bio

It’s 2007 and Preston is fresh out of college, his professional career kicks off with a publishing deal, closely followed by a role as a marketing specialist and social media director for Nike, quite the gig for a humble design grad. A few years later, Heron links up with Kanye West, landing a prestigious job as the rapper’s art director where he’s responsible for creating branded merch and is later trusted to consult for the musician’s seventh studio album The Life of Pablo and lauded adidas offshoot Yeezy.

During his time at Yeezy Preston befriended Matthew Williams, Virgil Abloh, and Justin Saunders who were all working for Kanye West too. Uncovering a wealth of common ground, and all operating at the top of their game, this quartet of talent dovetailed and subsequently launched ‘Been Trill’ – a streetwear imprint specialising in eclectic events and hype-worthy apparel, worn by celebrated stars such as Kanye West himself, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, to name just a few.

Having racked up a number of high profile gigs and coming off the back of a banner year, Heron Preston was in high demand thanks to his off-kilter aesthetic. In 2016 the New Guards Group acquired the budding designer, giving Preston the means to establish and launch his first full, stand-alone collection.

Most recently, Heron Preston has undertaken an additional role at Calvin Klein as a creative consultant.

Heron Preston AW21

Heron Preston Debut Collection

The first Heron Preston collection debuted at Paris Men’s Fashion Week for the autumn/winter 2017 calendar. The capsule, titled ‘For You, The World’, acted as the industry’s official introduction to Heron Preston; a formal coronation for the rising king of the streetwear realm.

Within the collection, Preston laid bare his design philosophy which entrusted Italian manufacturing, banked function, and simmered on experimental ingredients, including neon accents and emotive callouts.

Heron Preston FW21

Heron Preston Aesthetic

While ‘Made in Italy’ certifications and unique depictions of Herons seem to prove instant wins with the Heron Preston consumer, there’s also the fundamental factor of eco-friendly production that draws in a millennial generation. When and where possible, the multifaceted creative instils sustainability into his styles, take his 2016 UNIFORM collection for instance.

Pre New Guards Group, and presented at the Spring Street Salt Shed in collaboration with the NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY), this fine selection of apparel welcomed a zero-waste policy – initiated to promote and aid NYC’s 0x30 initiative which hopes to send zero waste to landfills by 2030. You see, Preston is hyperaware of fashion’s impact on the environment, unlike many designers who seemingly exude an ‘ignorance is bliss’ demeanour. While swimming in the ocean in Ibiza Heron had a shocking realisation about plastic pollution. A plastic bag floated by his leg, and though this wouldn’t be significant to some people, it was the wake-up call the San Fran native needed to protect the earth and its many inhabitants.

Alongside eco-conscious cues, the Cyrillic word for ‘style’ and vivid orange embellishments have together transcended the Heron Preston identity, bringing it into the hands of streetwear’s finest followers and high-profile stars – such as Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Lewis Hamilton, AJ Tracey, and many others.

Heron Preston Brand Guide

The Latest Heron Preston Collection

Here at Aphrodite we have a wide selection of Heron Preston garments and accessories on offer from tees, to trousers, beanies, and belts. Suitable for both men and women, the unisex AW 21 collection is called ‘Between Two Worlds’ and is mostly based in black with unpredictable pops of colour sprinkled throughout. Whatever it is you’re hunting for, you’re sure to find something suitable amongst the lineup, just take a look and you’ll see!

A pro at tapping the zeitgeist, Heron Preston single-handedly defines the streetwear scene. Shop the latest Heron Preston collection now.

rains jacket

Rains : Brand Guide

Promising to make inclement weather seem like a breeze, Danish brand Rains should be on your radar if you live in a location where the weather is unpredictable day-to-day. If you’re yet to become acquainted with the label, get to know more about them in our Rains Brand Guide below.

History of Rains:

Founded in 2012 in the quaint town of Egå, Aahaus, outerwear company Rains has climbed from strength to strength since its humble inception almost a decade ago. Inspired by the temperate climate of their native Denmark, founders Philip Lotko and Daniel Hesselager became fascinated with the rubber raincoat – an enduring staple that is especially favoured by those located north of the equator. Keen to reimagine tradition, Nordics Lotko and Hesselager set themselves a target of modernising the silhouette, and so then Rains was born.

Rains Classic Jacket

Concept of Rains:

With a shared intent to rethink quality rainwear, the name ‘Rains’ was a natural starting point for student pals turned business partners Philip and Daniel. The duo’s core focus became about interpreting rainy days as a blessing rather than a curse, as they’re so often viewed across parts of Europe. Launching with just one product, a simple but sleek poncho, Rains encouraged its early customers to see the opportunity that lies within dreary weather; if you can’t take any positives from a gloomy forecast, at least you can take a day of good dressing from it.

Rains Nylon Jacket

Rains Products:

In the collections that followed the brand’s first drop, the Rains aesthetic emerged as very obviously Scandinavian; silhouettes were of a minimalist nature with little fuss except for a whole host of impressive colourways which were almost immediately on offer to the public. The label’s family of products gradually grew and soon that simple poncho acquired many siblings, including fully-fledged jackets, gilets, bags, and other waterproof accessories which were all imbued with the same DNA and built super practically to shield the wearer against the elements, especially rain.

Our Collection:

Here at Aphrodite, we’re lucky enough to have added Rains to our list of lauded designer brands, and it’s landed just in time for the harsher autumn/winter months arriving. Our introductory Rains collection brings with it a range of items, suited to all kinds of adventures. Particularly appropriate for urban settings, the Rains Classic Jacket is currently available in taupe, black, and rock – a versatile trio of shades that can all be easily paired with your everyday rotation. Developed using a sleek, waterproof matte fabric, the design falls just below the hip and features two angled, mesh-lined pockets, complete with branded studs. The central closure is also a branded snap fastening which makes it easy to slip the silhouette on and off, or button it up over additional base layers.

Rains Accessories

Speaking of base layers, Rains recently turned their attention to layering with the delivery of their fleece line and their vest collection. Rains jackets are great for futureproofing your wardrobe and are immensely handy when you find yourself caught in light or heavy showers, but when you add one of the Rains Fleece Jackets or the Rains Liner Vests also into the mix, the level of functionality turns up a notch. Adding substantial amounts of warmth to your look, these designs can be sported under one of the label’s jackets to keep your ensemble uniform, or you could match them with various other pieces from your collection, the choice is yours but be confident in the fact that extra insulation is always guaranteed.

Rains Long Jacket

If you’re on board with the brand’s aesthetic but were hoping for more of a longer silhouette, count yourself in luck. The company’s classic jacket is also available in an elongated style and is aptly dubbed the Rains Long Jacket. Boasting the same no-nonsense construction, the garment stretches down towards the knee, offering wider coverage and more of that Scandi’ sensibility you’ll come to know and love from the imprint. Elsewhere in our offering, you’ll discover the Rains Rolltop Rucksack and Rains Backpack, again served in a variety of different yet dependable hues. Made to weather any storm, these accessories are sustainably crafted using recycled materials to construct a sheen-imbued, waterproof construction that is capable of seeing you through the cityscape or off-trail adventures alike.

Get serious about future-proofing your wardrobe with the latest Rains collection, available at Aphrodite in-store and online.