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Canada Goose Freestyle Vest 4150 MR 316 Camo

Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Available Now

Canada Goose

Famous for their practical extreme weather garments, Canada Goose present a down filled vest in a statement camouflage colourway.

The vest or gilet is an item of clothing that serves as a middle ground between fully fledged jackets and warm layering thanks to the padded middle and open sleeves. Canada Goose’s interpretation of the vest has been made for use between temperatures between -5 and 5 degrees Celsius, with a thick down padding making for an extremely soft and warm inner. Two large front pockets add essential practicality to the gilet, with the pockets being split into three; a large background pocket, a smaller fleece lined pocket and an even smaller front pouch making for plenty of space.

Aside from the obvious practicality that Canada Goose pride themselves on, the Canada Goose Freestyle Vest is finished in a statement camouflage, with embroidered Canada Goose branding at the chest and pocket adding subtle yet vibrant contrast to the piece.

Perfect for the unpredictable weather, the Camouflage Canada Goose Freestyle Gilet is available now for £250.

Canada Goose Freestyle Vest 4150 MR 316 Camo


Canada Goose Freestyle

Daniel Craig wears Canada Goose to ‘Spectre’ photocall in Austria

The Canada Goose Lodge Hoody has recently become the talk of the menswear world. The reason being that it was worn by Daniel Craig when he appeared at the Spectre photo call in Austria. Craig sported the Lodge hoody in Spirit Blue when filming in Sölden throughout January and February this year. The lodge hoody was stylishly worn with dark blue jeans, lace-up boots and the Persol 714 folding sunglasses to finish off the look.

Daniel Craig Canada Goose

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Canada Goose joins a list of premium brands to have been featured in the production of Bond films, including Barbour and Sunspel. Sunspel’s polo shirts and the Tokihito Sports jacket from Barbour have both made an appearance in the new 007 series.

Canada Goose

The features of the versatile Lodge hoody make the piece extremely practical for the upcoming colder months, offering a 750 white Duck down fill and ripstop construction. The waterproof hoody offers a slim fitting silhouette for a more sophisticated and flattering look. Not only does this piece look impeccable, its accents range from premium warmth and windproof protection, to having an adjustable hood for better protection against the elements. Lycra stretch cuffs offer both comfort and extra fit, making your experience wearing this jacket as cosy as possible.

Canada Goose

Get the look

Why not wear the jacket like Bond himself? Here are a few tips on how to style the Canada Goose Lodge Hoody based on Daniel Craig’s appearance in Austria.

Fracap M120 Scarponcino Suede Boots in Coffee

A staple piece from Fracap, complete with vibrant yellow laces against a flawless brown suede construction. Complete with a Vibram lightweight sole and embossed features for a sophisticated look.

Persol Crystal Folding Sunglasses in Crystal Suprema Havana

This stylish, hand-crafted pair of sunglasses is a perfect match to those worn by Daniel Craig. The contrasting Havana brown frame compliments the grey lens to give a luxe feel. The sunglasses themselves have gone through an extra ten process in order to achieve a unique folding mechanism.

The Lodge Hoody is sold out on Canada Goose’s website, but not to worry, because we have it available right here! See out full range of Canada Goose online and in store.

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Canada Goose Expedition Parka

Canada Goose Expedition Parka

As a true master of the elements, the Canada Goose Expedition Parka is an iconic silhouette in a long line of winter ready styles from one of the world’s most experienced cold weather outfitters.

Canada Goose Expedition Parka

With a history that pins them as one of Canada’s most infamous products, Canada Goose have over half a century of experience when it comes to crafting jackets using down, with a now world wide reputation that grew from humble beginnings of being on the back of some of Canada’s Police men whilst on duty in the cold.

Now a fully-fledged fashion brand that has grown to become an international beacon of style and performance, the Canada Goose Expedition Parka is a prime example of how the brand has positioned itself to perfectly slot into a modern and contemporary wardrobe.

Canada Goose Expedition Parka
Despite its original purpose of supplying the National Science foundation at the McMurdo research station in Antarctica, the Canada Goose expedition parka has managed to carry on its extreme cold credentials into a functional city street look.
With a Teflon coated arctic tech fabric that operates as a protective outer, this jacket carries a duck down insulation and a two-way locking zip to ensure total warmth and protection. Coyote fur trims the hood, whilst four fleece lined hand warmer pockets ensure that you remain toasty no matter what the weather. Finished by the Canada Goose logo to the chest and an expedition name patch, this jacket is a genuine piece of heavy duty outerwear that is ready to stand up to anything the winter can throw at you, bringing with it an unrivalled amount of experience from one of the world’s harshest environments.

Canada Goose Expedition Parka

The Canada Goose Collection is now available online and in-store.

Style Session 7 – AW14

Style Session 7 – AW14

1.Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Hoody  – £550.00

2. Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie  – £90.00

3. Fracap Scarponcino M120 USA Boot – £179

This weeks Style Session features some of the best outdoor brands what will keep you warm and dry on some of the harsher colder winter days.

Brand new this season to Aphrodite, Canada Goose have become recognised internationally as one of the worlds leading manufactures of extreme weather outerwear. The Hybridge Lite Hoody is a perfect lightweight jacket for the more active wearer, or to layer up for the more causal street look,  and is filled up with a 800 fill power white goose down. Contrasting Tensile-Tech underarms and sides add movement and stretch giving a more extended fit and ultimate comfort. Coming in spirit blue, this is a cool winter colour that will become a favourite jacket in your collection.

Next we move onto the Jeans. These Steady Eddies from the Nudie Jeans collection are a casual simple jean that can be styled with almost anything from brogues and a smart shirt to a crisp white tee and trainers for a perfect Saturday afternoon off duty look. Steady Eddies are a regular fit with a slightly tapered leg cut for a more modern clean feel. Crafted from 130z rigid Italian denim with a deep indigo tone that will give a personal look after a recommended 6 month breaking in period.

Moving on, we have a pair of Fracap Boots. These Scarponcino M120 USA Boots in Arabian have been handcrafted in Italy for a superb quality finish. Featuring a lightweight cream vibram sole unit, full leather upper and leather lined finished with contrasting metal lace eyelets for a sturdy mountain hiking boot feel.

If any of the items above interest you at all, please call one of our friendly team on 0191 5675898 or email [email protected].

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High Performance Outerwear AW14

Fight The Freeze Lookbook

This week’s lookbook, features your new go-to jackets for the Arctic conditions which will be sure to head our way this winter. With the jackets boasting features like high power down filling, fur trimmed hoods, snow skirts and water resistant fabrics, they are smart investment pieces. So fight the freeze in our luxe high performance outwear brands Canada Goose, Moncler & Woolrich.


Moncler Coats

Woolrich Coat

Canada Goose Jacket



Canada Goose Brand Guide

Canada Goose

The cold harsh winters of Canada aren’t exactly the most nurturing of environments- however; it is in the extremes of these baron snowdrifts and sub zero temperatures that the inspiration for one of the nation’s most cherished exports was born.

Canada Goose has become the Great White North’s leading example of Canadian ingenuity and design, with the unmissable Canada Goose patch logo being spotted not just on the streets of Toronto, but on the far flung fashion conscious cobbles of Milan and Stockholm.  However- the success of Canada Goose was far from spontaneous. With a studied, cautious growth, the label remains as humble today as it did in its earliest existence back in 1957.

Originally founded as Metro Sportswear Ltd by Polish immigrant Sam Tick, the company started out life producing raincoats, woolen garments and outerwear that were created specifically for the outdoor lifestyle in treacherously cold climates. The early 1970’s saw a key era for Metro Sportswear, as they began to craft down filled jackets. It also saw Sam Tick’s son in law, David Reiss join the company, and eventually become CEO, leading to new innovative approaches to crafting down filled outerwear- becoming a leading private down manufacturer. This reputation gave Metro Sportswear the impetus to start creating custom made to order down filled jackets and parkas, which were used by authorities from the Canadian Rangers, to the nations city’s Police departments.

By the 1980’s Metro Sportswear employed over 50 people, with production still taking place entirely in Canada. Every stitch was finished on home soil, making Metro Sportswear’s products wholly trusted and relied upon. It was at this stage that the brand began to undergo the transformation into the label that it is recognized as today. Metro Sportswear was then purchased by David Reiss- his first act in charge was to officially register any of their down filled parkas under the name of Snow Goose. The 1990’s saw expansion, and Metro Sportswear started to sell their now cherished products in Europe, where another company had already registered the Snow Goose name. As a result, anything sold in Europe was registered and branded as Canada Goose.

The name stuck, and when David Reiss’ son Dani took control of the business, in 2001, he made the decision to only produce under the name of Canada Goose, and, most importantly, keep all of their production firmly in Canada, rather than move manufacturing to cheaper methods abroad.

Dani Reiss was essentially responsible for turning Canada Goose into the global phenomenon it is today- by focusing on the made and used in Canada aspect of the unique labels story, he forged a desirability for effective outerwear that carries its own sense of style and purpose. It was this attention to the Canada Goose story that led to the label spreading to far flung corners of the globe- all under Dani Reiss’ w12atchful gaze.

At now over 50 years old, Canada Goose is a true representation of its home country’s past and present. Still respecting its roots as a home grown label that serves its wearers to protect them against the elements as they work, Canada Goose is just as much a piece of Canada now as it was back in 1957.

With a sense of authenticity, Canada Goose relates to the stories of those who have worn the label over the years, with innovations in style and design coming from feedback from everyday wearers on home soil, to some of the world’s bravest pioneers. One of these intrepid explorers was Canadian mountaineer Laurie Skreslet. The early 1980’s saw him undertake his mission to scale Mount Everest whilst wearing a specially designed Canada Goose parka. Features that were used on the jacket for his climb are still used on designs today, proving Canada Goose’s commitment to supplying only the very best quality and details to its wearers.

It is this passion that drives Canada Goose to maintain its heritage, and continue to bring their made in Canada philosophy to the world. With each and every stitch on a Canada Goose jacket still being finished on Canadian ground, the cold weather identity and superior craftsmanship behind each Canada Goose jacket is truly sought after.

With materials that are specifically chosen for their hard wearing, protective nature and premium feel, the Canada Goose jacket has become a cult wardrobe piece for some of the world’s most famous faces- from Daniel Craig to Drake, the Canada Goose patch has become a trademark for authentic Canadian production and unmissable style.

Canada Goose Coat

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Published by Sarah Kearney, Online Editor at Aphrodite Clothing