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Alternative Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Jumper Alternatives

There is a way to look stylish and festive this year with a Christmas jumper you will actually like …

Christmas is synonymous with turkey, pigs in blankets and bad Christmas jumpers, however, this year can be different with our Christmas Jumper Alternatives. Gone of the days you have to put up with an itchy Christmas jumper that only sees the light of day once a year. Here at Aphrodite, we have four Christmas Jumper Alternatives that will not only turn heads around the dinner table but see you through the new year as these stylish knits can be worn all year round.

Lanvin Jacquard Crew Neck Sweater – Navy / Red – (Below Left)

Make the relatives jealous with this festive knit. This contemporary sweater has been updated by French fashion house Lanvin with a bold L design pattern in a contrasting red and navy colour palette adding a festive touch. Crafted in 100% wool, for a lightweight breathable fabric allowing for all-day comfort and a relaxed fitting.

Christmas Jumper

Fred Perry Fair Isle Jumper – Royal / Grey – (Above Right)

This stand-out piece from Fred Perry is the perfect choice for your alternative Christmas jumper. Crafted in the UK, from 100% wool, this soft knit garment is a contemporary take on a traditional winter jumper. A blend of autumn colours with vibrant and luxurious blue and yellow detailing, adds much-needed warmth and brightness to any winter day. Ribbed cuffs and the iconic Laurel Wreath motif help complete the look.

Marni Striped Sweater – Black / Yellow / Grey  – (Below Left)

This festive knit is the ultimate statement piece for around the dinner table, rendered in a relaxed fit, this new-season knit from Marni is crafted from ‘fuzzy wuzzy mohair’ as its internal neck label playfully explains. Made in Italy and therefore draped in the highest standard of craftsmanship, this design is truly statement-worthy with its multi-coloured stripes and hairy texture.

Designer Christmas Jumpers

Ralph Lauren Club Bear Logo Jumper – Navy  – (Above Right)

Add a touch of luxury to your Christmas day with this Ralph Lauren sweater. knitted from a blend of cotton, linen and silk and unites two of the brand’s famous mascots into one design. With features such as a ribbed collar, cuffs and hem, slightly dropped shoulders and a crew neck. This wool-blend design is perfectly suited for Christmas day.

Take a look at more alternative Christmas jumpers available at Aphrodite

What To Wear This Christmas 2021

What to Wear this Christmas : Aphrodite Advises

Discover a range of Christmas outfits below

Christmas Shopping

Before we can fully immerse ourselves in festivity after festivity there’s the small (very tedious) task of rounding up gifts for all your loved ones to tend to first. While some may relish in the prospect of finding presents, it’s usually quite a stressful process for the majority of us. Whether an item has unexpectedly sold out, or maybe it’s jumped back to full price after being discounted, there are always unexpected factors to contend with which throw curveballs at our Christmas shopping days.

While you can’t predict these unforeseen circumstances, you can counteract some negativity in your shopping day by bringing a very impressive outfit to the table to run said errands in. We suggest opting for something on the casual end of the spectrum, but remember, casual needn’t have to mean careless. You can remain practically dressed to tackle the rails while still showing off some of the better pieces in your rotation.

Christmas Outfits Christmas Shopping

For this Christmas Outfit we’ve opted for:

Stussy Mossy Oak Puffer Jacket – £269

Nudie Franke Hoodie – £115

Norse Projects Norse Beanie – £55

Fred Perry Loopback Sweatpants – £79

New Balance 327 Trainers – £99


Work Party

The office Christmas get together can reveal all kinds of truths about your colleagues, be it a secret smoking habit, a euphonious karaoke voice, or a hype-worthy wardrobe that’s seldom seen due to the scrupulous office dress code. The above, and more, are all unveiled when we’re forced into putting our professional persona on the back burner for one night only.

A scary number of shots, hazy moments, and a skewed memory of what perplexing chat we spieled to Karen from Human Resources – that’s usually how the cookie crumbles in this scenario. And while we may have little recollection of what time we stumbled through the front door, or the sugar cane carton we fell into in the kebab shop, one thing that always sticks sharp on the brain the next morning is what our colleagues wore.

Christmas Outfits Work Party

So if your work party Christmas outfit is the only thing that will be remembered this festive season, make sure it’s a good one.

For the purpose of this shindig, we’ve selected the following:

Paul Smith Mac – £299

Paul Smith Striped Scarf – £89

Norse Projects Fridolf N Intarsia Jumper – £159

Fred Perry Button Down Shirt – £79

Nudie Jeans Lean Dean – £119

Grenson Archie Hand Painted Brogues – £305


Christmas Market

One of the easiest ways to get into the festive spirit is by wrapping up and heading down to the Christmas market for a spot of mulled wine or a craft beer beside a roasting hot fire. You never know how the British weather will pan out though so we recommend bulking up on the layers to keep as toasty as possible while you head from stall to stall. Add-ons like a woolen beanie and a leather pair of gloves are essential, especially when you’ve got cold drinks to keep close by. A sensible pair of boots wouldn’t go a miss either, at least then you’re not plunging a fresh pair of white kicks into sludge or puddles.

Christmas Outfits Christmas Market

How about something like this outfit when you next head to a Christmas market:

Fred Perry Parka – £395

Moncler Tib Gilet – £630

Stone Island Shadow Project Hoodie – £560

Moncler Grenoble Knitted Beanie – £150

Nudie Jeans Lean Dean – £119

Fred Perry Perforated Leather Gloves – £65

Danner Mountain Light Boots – £359



Due to the pandemic, pub gatherings were forbidden over Christmas last year. Fingers crossed this year will be different. There’s just nothing quite like walking through the front door of your local on Christmas Eve, seeing your nearest and dearest with pints in hand, accompanied by a sea of laughter from table to table, and the room abuzz awaiting for Saint Nick’s arrival in the AM. It’s as wholesome as it gets.

Finding a harmonious balance between smart and casual is essential when visiting your favourite tavern. Don’t bother beefing up the layers unless you want to melt amidst everyone else’s body heats. Do, however, prepare for the likely event of trekking to another establishment by wearing at least one warming outerwear piece. Trainers will suffice on foot and a cap could come in handy if you’d prefer to go a little bit incognito, ideal if you run the risk of running into an ex-girlfriend while sinking a few drinks at the pub.

Christmas Outfits Pub Drinks

See our outfit pick for pub drinks below:

Norse Projects Twill Sports Cap – £65

Nudie Jeans Fred Cloth Jacket – £229

Paul Smith Check Shirt – £135

Paul Smith TVs T-Shirt – £65

Nudie Jeans Lean Dean – £119

New Balance 237 Trainers – £79


Shop all featured Christmas outfits online now at Aphrodite.

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2021

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Best Designer Christmas Gifts 2021

Gifting over the Christmas period is thought to have originated around 336 CE when the Biblical Magi, better known as the Three Wise Men, gifted baby Jesus a selection of gold, frankincense, and myrrh on his birthday, December 25th. Of course, there’s also the legendary tale of Saint Nick, or Siant Nicholas Bishop of Myra, a prolific gift giver who championed the poor with colossal levels of generosity.

Today, the ancient tradition of gift-giving is still woven deep into western culture and remains equally as synonymous with Christmas as a honey-glazed turkey crown, golden pigs in blankets, and a variety of other mouth-watering festive dishes. Cue the loudest belly rumble you’ve ever heard. As wholesome as all of the above sounds, it’s important to weigh up your expectations vs. actual reality. Before you can tuck into that roast dinner come the 25th, there may be some stress to endure first, gift related stress specifically.

Aphrodite Gift Packaging

Click the image to view Aphrodite’s last UK posting dates for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

You see, we’re all familiar with two types of people when it comes to collating Christmas gifts. You’re either the person who has his/hers Christmas presents purchased, impeccably wrapped and nestled under the tree by December 1st, or, you’re the frantic person asking a salesperson for assistance at 4:59pm come Christmas Eve – much to the employee’s dismay, may we add. There are two avenues to head down, we suggest choosing wisely which one you fall into. If you find yourself in the latter position each year, here’s a customary tut-tut of disapproval. But regardless of which category is most you, we could all benefit from a helping hand with picking gifts, so read our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for a gentle nudge in the right direction…

Stocking filler gifts 2021:

Stocking Filler Gifts Aphrodite

Featuring Comme des Garcons wallet, Paul Smith phone case, Barbour wax, Vivienne Westwood earrings, Maison Kitsune USB cable, Paul Smith mini car.

You’re probably pretty fond of the person that you find yourself gift hunting for which means that, luckily for them, they won’t be receiving a sack of coal in their Christmas stocking this year. Instead, you’re likely hoping to surprise them with some special smaller treats amongst the classic novelties. We’ve got some cracking mini must-haves that truly do prove that great things come in small packages. Ranging from Paul Smith souvenirs, Maison Kitsuné tech and Comme des Garçons leather goods, get in on the action via our stocking fillers gift department.

Stocking Fillers For Men

Grand Christmas gifts 2021:

Designer Christmas Gifts 2021

Maison Margiela cuff bracelet & trainers, Vivienne Westwood necklace, Ami Paris knitwear.

On occasions, you’re permitted to push the boat out over the festive period. Whether that translates to a cashmere knit, fancy footwear or deluxe silky pjs, sometimes ‘the bigger the better’ really rings true. If the individual you’re Christmas shopping for happens to value status and style in equal breadth, why not set a pot of cash aside to give a grand gesture to your loved one this December. Shop Maison Margiela footwear and accessories, woollen Ami de Coeur garms and decadent Vivienne Westwood jewellery in our gifts over £250 category.

Christmas gifts for her 2021:

Christmas Gifts For Her 2021

Ami Paris beanie, Dries Van Noten wallet, Maison Kitsune keyring, Vivienne Westwood bracelet, Comme des Garcons PLAY converse, Comme des Garcons Wonderoud Eau de Parfum, Marni scarf.

It can often be tricky to buy for the women in your life, be it your mam, sister or partner; from racking your brain to remember what size they actually are, to having no idea what colours they like, or which brands are an absolute no go for them, there are many factors to consider before you fall off the diving board and take the plunge in committing to a purchase. It’s thought that almost half of all women return their Christmas presents in the New Year, ouch… Don’t let that be the case here. Head over to our gifts for her department and browse styles like Comme des Garçons PLAY converse, Marni scarves and Ami Paris beanies for gifts they definitely won’t refuse.

Gifts For Her At Christmas

Footwear Christmas gifts 2021:

Footwear Gifts Christmas 2021

Axel Arigato, Puma and Mallet trainers, plus Jason Markk cleaning kit.

Perhaps the person in your life is a self-proclaimed sneaker aficionado, in which case it’s no mean feat trying to determine which kicks to buy them but it’s certainly the best place to start when hunting down gifts. Whether it’s a shoe care kit to keep their favourites in top condition or an entirely new entry into their expansive collection, you can find a range of impressive trainers and accessories in our footwear department. Styles include Axel Arigato Clean 90s, adidas Hamburgs, and many more…

Still not sure what to buy your loved one after reading our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide feature? We have one last resort, click the link to view our entire gift department which also spans wallets, belts, bags, underwear, socks, hats, scarves, gloves and sleepwear. There’s got to be something that’ll do the job.

Have a very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year, from the Aphrodite Team.

Aphrodite Christmas Wishlist

Staff Christmas Wishlist : Jonny

What’s On Our Wishlist…

Whether you’re itching to self-splurge this festive period or still have some essential gift hunting to undertake, who better to gain some seasonal inspiration from than the Aphrodite team? Depended on in-store for our trusty know-how and commended by customers for our daily fits; we’re certainly well versed when it comes to the designer products that are suspended from our rails. Forgive us for blowing our own trumpet though.

Having worked for the company for four-plus years, Aphrodite Store Supervisor Jonny finds himself shrewdly guiding shoppers into making the right purchases throughout the week. And this time, he’s kindly selected his top picks for our customers, this time – far and wide, to enjoy virtually. So, kick back and let’s delve into the expert’s favourite AW20 items.


Staff Wishlist Aphrodite


Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece Jacket

In recent years we’ve all become aware of the harsh reality that the fashion industry imposes on carbon emissions, pollution, waste and the general sustainability of planet earth. With this in mind, it has never felt more imperative to make wiser choices when we’re shopping, but luckily for us, outdoor-centric brand Patagonia is always on hand to keep our mindsets conscious.

Offering an assortment of sustainable styles for AW20, Patagonia continue to bolster their eco-friendly aesthetic as the seasons tick by. This winter we’ve welcomed a range of recycled fleece silhouettes from the brand.


Patagonia Retro Fleece Jacket


Jonny wears the Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece Jacket in El Cap Khaki which is crafted from double-side recycled polyester shearling for a snug and superbly sustainable finish.

“The Patagonia fleece is perfect for this time of year, can easily be worn on its own or as a layering piece underneath a jacket.”

Gramicci Just Cut NN Pants

Boasting a design philosophy that’s free from unnecessary drama, climbing brand Gramicci is lauded globally for its no-nonsense but function-first approach to menswear. The label’s gimmick-free agenda never waivers each season and this understated attitude continuously helps Gramicci top all of our wishlists in store.

Finding a harmonious balance between work and play, the Gramicci ‘Just Cut NN’ pants are the answer to all of your wardrobe’s FAQs. Wider on the leg and falling just short of the ankle, at exactly 7cm shorter than the label’s standard NN design, these bottoms offer added volume, turned up cuffs and a gusseted crotch for unrestricted movement through a range of activity.


Gramicci NN Just Cut Pants


Jonny wears Gramicci Just Cut NN Pants in Navy.

“I own three colours in this style so I’m sure another pair wouldn’t go a miss.’

Nike Challenger OG Trainers

Nike trainers always go down a treat with our in-store team and this year we’ve found ourselves in possession of vintage Swoosh runners and a selection of fresh-faced arrivals live and direct from Nike HQ. All in all, there’s been a silhouette in there for everyone.

Jonny’s recent favourite though is the Nike Challenger OG. Donning a retro palette that consists of primary hues, this ultra-lightweight shoe melds suede and mesh across the upper for a breathable but textured finish. Underfoot, a responsive foam midsole cushions every pursuit you plan for while a stable rubber sole keeps things durable.


Nike Challenger OG Trainers


Jonny wears the Nike Challenger OG in University Red / Coastal Blue.

“I’m a big fan of Nike running shoes from the late ’70s and early ’80s so I’m really enjoying the re-releases of the Challenger, Tailwind and Daybreak.”

Spotted something you like from our Staff Christmas Wishlist feature? Why not add it onto your own wishlist, or better yet, take the leap and secure the purchase yourself, it is Christmas time after all.

Aphrodite Staff Wishlist

Staff Christmas Wishlist : Jorge

What’s On Our Wishlist…

In-store customers rejoice, we’re back in action after nationwide restrictions forced the high-street to lie low for a second time this year and, just like you, we’re enjoying making up for last month’s lost time. Staff members are steadily reuniting, familiar faces are stepping back through the doors, Christmas lists are being whittled down and, collectively, we’re all basking in the latest deliveries to hit our racks.

You see our in-store team thrive most when surrounded by the company of customers and this is down to one common ground shared between both parties – a genuine affinity for the designer brands and products we carry. In fact, the outfit choices of our staff members often generate huge interest from customers in-store and therefore inform their shopping habits. That’s no surprise though since the Aphrodite team are well versed when it comes to personal style and designer know-how.

When it comes to our roster, few people are better informed than full-time Sales Assistant Jorge which is why he’s handpicked his favourite items to offer you a dose of seasonal gift inspiration. Keep on reading to find out what’s on Jorge’s #StaffChristmasWishlist.


Staff Christmas Wishlist


Taion Button Down Vest

Roughly meaning ‘body temperature’ in Japanese, Taion doesn’t just inform this outerwear brand’s namesake but also its entire design philosophy. Running no risk of getting lost in translation, Taion’s garments are wholly thermal in every realm – they employ high-quality fabrics, baffle constructions and unrestrictive fits to deliver a contemporary capsule of layering must-haves.



Taion Button Down Vest


Jorge opts for the Taion Button Down Vest in Black:

“I’m a big fan of Tokyo-hailing label Taion – they’re new to our roster for AW20 and provide some great layering pieces for this time of year.”

Stone Island Cargo Pants

Trends within the menswear circuit come, go and swing in roundabouts. From time to time certain looks and products will transcend and then never be seen or heard of again for decades. A prime example of this is the resurgence of cargo pants which men across the globe welcomed back into their lives circa 2018 and seemingly haven’t looked back since.


Stone Island Cargo Trousers


Reworked with a fresh, urban edge but with the same exact functionalities, the new-look cargo pant is tailor-made for the cityscape. Jorge opts for Stone Island Cargo Pants in Green.

“These trousers are exceptionally comfortable and ideal for the busy Christmas period serving on the shop floor!”

Nike Air Max 270 Vistascape Trainers

Last up on Jorge’s Staff Wishlist, but by no means least, is a fresh-faced arrival from Swoosh HQ. The Nike Air Max 270 Vistascape first landed on our radar earlier this year, bringing a small shot of delight to an otherwise turbulent year for all. Borrowing design codes from Nike’s ‘All Conditions Line’, this particular version embodies utilitarian accents and function-heavy detailing.


Nike Air Max 270 Vistascape Trainers


Jorge opts for the Nike Air Max 270 Vistascape Trainers in Light Orewood Brown.

“The great thing about this design is that it fuses three top Nike silhouettes into one shoe!”


Spotted something you like from our Staff Christmas Wishlist feature? Why not add it onto your own wishlist, or better yet, take the leap and secure the purchase yourself, it is Christmas time after all.

Designer Gifts For Women

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Let’s be honest, as the Christmas season settles in and present panic buying begins to take over, the same gifts are left year on year un-bought until the very last moment… the ones for your partner. Every year you find yourself facing the same guessing game of what to buy, leaving her with endless amounts of jewellery that doesn’t match her style or t-shirts that she would never wear.

But shopping for your loved one doesn’t mean breaking out of your comfort zone, sticking to sites you know and brands you love can be the perfect tactic. Make present buying your forte this season by following our Gifts For Her Guide – demonstrating how you can impress this Christmas day with a wide selection of items from Aphrodite.

The ‘Boyfriend’ Fit

Every girl loves to embrace the oversized baggy aesthetic, channelling the casual look of menswear merged with their own feminine style. Aries is the ultimate brand for a unisex fit, with a wide variety of styles suitable for matching a woman’s wardrobe. Our female staff are loving the tie-dye garments this season, the saturated splashes of colour allow for vibrant styling. Team up the Aries tee and sweat for the ultimate present which will leave your partner desperate to get changed into her new set.

Ami is also another brand that is easily adaptable to blend into a female wardrobe. With their romantic logo bringing appeal to a feminine audience, their range of t-shirts can also be the ideal option this Christmas.







Top Tip: When buying t-shirts for your special lady from male brands, aim for  oversized fits, raglan sleeves and crew necklines. This will ensure the t-shirt will drape correctly on a woman’s form, and avoid any uncomfortable fits.


Hoodie Must-Haves

Sick of your girlfriend stealing your hoodies? Treat her to one of her own this season by picking from our large collection of designer pullovers and half zips. Women’s hoodies are usually cut to a contoured fit, hence why your partner will constantly be preferring yours over her own, allowing her to have a more baggy, comfortable outfit finish.

Buying her a classic brand such as Ralph Lauren allows your partner to add an iconic styling piece to her rotation, or if your lady likes a bolder look, try Kenzo for a simple silhouette with emblazoned branding.    

Top Tip: Although you are aiming for an oversized fit with your hoodie, do not size up like you would for yourself. Male clothing is cut to a wider fit, so, therefore, will already be a baggy fit for your partner. Judge arms and length instead to help with sizing.



When stepping into the world of menswear, women usually gravitate towards a casual street look, opening up the doors to brands such as Adidas and Stussy for your Christmas shopping.

This season Stussy have introduced new textures and fabrics into their collection, which will encourage your partner to layer up her new items with her other favourite pieces in her wardrobe.

Don’t feel like she’d like the bold approach? Opt for a more toned-down look with a simple t-shirt, something that can be teamed with cycling shorts for lazy days, or leather-look leggings and boots for a casual day out.

Top Tip: Streetstyle may be one of the easiest routes you could take for shopping for your loved one due to its versatility in styling and usage. 


Staple Footwear

Unbeatable in terms of present selection, trainers are the perfect statement piece that can become a classic part of your partner’s rotation. Easily styled with dresses and jeans alike, a pair of chunky trainers are a must-have and are sure to bring a smile to your girlfriend’s face on Christmas day.

Axel Arigato is the perfect brand for unisex footwear, designed to a chunky silhouette, they’re also perfect for matching more feminine outfits.

Top Tip – When buying male shoes for a woman, you may need to size down to make sure the shoe isn’t too wide fitting. Check if she is a half size or if she shops for wide fitting shoes to assess what size to choose.


Special Sets

Girls love to match and buying them the perfect designer items that can be worn alone or separate is the easiest way to achieve a happy girlfriend this Christmas. Commes Des Garcons has a huge selection of accessories, perfect for mix and matching and styling with their main products.

Top Tip: When trying to form a set of presents, select the main product first (i.e. a t-shirt) and then base accessories around it. 



Want the ultimate statement present to give this Christmas? Invest in a winter jacket for your loved one this season, being something that is sure to come out of the wardrobe every year. The North Face is a brand notorious for blurring the lines of gender in terms of their styles, with women continuously selecting the male options from their collection.

Moncler also provide a lot of designs suitable for both genders, exploring the use of pastel shades perfect for merging into either wardrobe.

Top Tip: Avoid buying jackets that are form-fitting for a male, as this will translate into a boxy fit on a woman. Padded jackets are the perfect selection as the evenly-distributed filling allows the silhouette to hug the entire upper body rather than just the shoulders.


Following this guide is sure to bring you a joyful reaction this Christmas and take the stress away in the lead up to the big day. Shop our entire Gifts For Her range.

Gifts For Him Designer

Designer Gifts For Men

Christmas Gifts For Him

Somehow – we repeat – somehow, we’ve found ourselves in the twelfth and final month of the year once again. Yes, it’s December 2020 and oh what a strange year it’s proved to be. And while these last months will remain etched in history books for eternity, it’s a point in time that we’re all looking forward to turning the page on. . . Agreed? Anyways, less of the gloom and doom chit chat from us because it’s nearly Christmas and it’s never felt more important to spread a little festive cheer, so, here we are and we’re raring to go.

We’re not sure about you but for us, as the years go by, gift-giving becomes considerably more satisfying than gift-receiving, that’s – of course – if you get it right. So, if you’re still locked in intense deliberation over what to get the men in your life look no further as our gift guide can hopefully put the pedal to the metal and steer you well. Check out our curated selection of designer gifts for men below.

Timeless Footwear

Our picks – Stepney Workers Club Dellow Trainers & Grenson Bobby Hiker Boots

Personal taste aside, footwear is always a great place to start when it comes to gifting. It’s a given that men tend to enjoy box-fresh kicks and even more so when they are wholly versatile. Styles with too much noise and not enough ageless sensibilities are a complete no go, simply because they don’t have the ability to serve the wearer endlessly. One brand that certainly nails that no-nonsense approach is Stepney Workers Club; a home-grown label with a liberal attitude and a plethora of vulcanized, timeless trainers on board.

Grenson Bobby Hiker Boots

For smarter occasions, we still recommend that you pursue fuss-free silhouettes in quality constructions. Perhaps the Grenson Bobby hiker boot is your best bet – it’s wrapped in a warm taupe tone, featuring a metal eyelet lacing system and that signature high-rise wedge sole.

Designer Headwear

Capable of kicking your winter ‘fits up that extra notch, designer beanies balance the need for warmth and comfort with the desire for status. Here at Aphrodite, we boast an expansive range of woollen beanies from an array of revered menswear brands, such as Stone Island, CP Company, Maison Kitsune, Ami, Norse Projects and more.

Designer Hats

Status-Heavy Outerwear

Our picks – Moncler Vignemale Jacket & Stone Island Crinkle Reps Gilet

Winter is well on its way and what better time to flex your designer jacket collection then over the Christmas period? While our top picks from outerwear experts Moncler and Stone Island come dripping in status they are also immensely functional for cool climes.

Perfect for retaining heat from the torso, Stone Island’s Crinkle Reps gilet is delivered in a dependable olive colourway with a garment-dyed, textured exterior finish. Taking reference from military surplus, the utilitarian design is made to be wind-resistant and features three handy pockets for storing essentials.

Outerwear Aphrodite Clothing

The Moncler Vignemale jacket comes in an eye-popping shade of emerald-green with a shiny nylon laqué outer. Guaranteed to provide insane levels of warmth to the lucky person you’re gifting it to, the silhouette boasts a direct feather injection technique which evenly distributes the down insulation throughout baffles.

Contemporary Knitwear

Our Picks – Cosy styles from Norse Projects, A.P.C. and Maison Kitsuné

The weather forecast is forever fickle here in Britain which means that you can never have enough cashmere and merino wool layers to bundle up in, so it’s a good job that our favourite European exports Norse Projects, A.P.C. and Maison Kitsune have plenty of charming winter knits for you to either self-indulge in or lovingly present to someone else.

Knitwear Aphrodite

Everything COMME des GARÇONS

Rated by those in the know for decades, Rei Kawakubo’s multi-faceted design studio COMME des GARÇONS is a favourite with the fashion elite. This Tokyo-hailing label’s aesthetic is unorthodox and littered with flashy logos, making it the ideal go-to for hype-worthy gifts with a distinctly youthful taste in mind. From the COMME des GARÇONS PARFUMS collection to the brand’s expansive CDG WALLET lineup and of course the lauded COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT range, there are extravagant gestures and small treasures up for grabs for all.

Comme des Garcons WALLET


Enjoy, stay safe & have a very merry Christmas from the entire team here at Aphrodite.

Gifts Under £250

The Best Menswear Gifts Under £250

From premium footwear courtesy of Scandinavian label Axel Arigato, to pastel offerings from Italian brand CP Company and luxe accessories from DSquared, our best menswear gifts under £250 guide will help you decide what to get the person who seemingly owns everything.

To kick things off we’ve called upon the faithful aid of British imprint Paul Smith to address things in the loungewear category. Flavoured with the label’s colourful persona, this Paul Smith Dressing Gown has been adorned in the brand’s ‘Signature Stripe’ – granting it not only a trusty investment but also a colourful piece that will never fade. In addition to its bold aesthetic, the design also employs a comfy towelling base which features two roomy pockets and a belt tie. Take downtime in your stride with this piece by your side. Price – £199.



Next up is Portland, Oregon-based boot company Danner. With over a century’s worth of industry experience, you can count on the brand’s footwear styles to see you through every adventure you set your sights on with both form and function. Danner’s Bull Run boots in all-black are the ideal choice for somebody who likes to harmonise urban and off-trail pursuits; their slip-resistant synthetic sole is designed to tackle any terrain while their hiking-like laces reference the label’s affinity for the great outdoors. Price – £195.


Danner Bull Run Boots


Mr. Ralph Lauren and his iconic Polo Bear can’t go without a mention in this gifts under £250 lineup. The duo come together once more this festive season to offer up a superbly soft hoodie for your casual rotation. Made with a smooth fleece interior, the cosy silhouette sees the brand’s time-honoured sidekick grace the chest in his favourite streetwise getup, complete with ribbed cuffs and a hemline for a snug, secure fit. Price – £155.



Pledging their case to logomania, DSquared’s Dean and Dan Caten return to surprise the people in your life this Christmas. Offering up an assortment of luxe, logo-laden accessories, the Canadian twins serve up several phone cases for your favourite tech along with supple leather wallets for organising your financial assets. Prices vary from £69 to £215.



DSquared Accessories


Perhaps someone you know deserves a touch of colour in their life, if you’re unsure, let Italian casual-luxury brand CP Company do the deciding for you. The label’s latest pieces for SS20 set a pastel agenda, we’re talking sky blues sweats, mint greens jackets and everything in-between, not to mention they all boast the label’s iconic lens detailing – a status symbol embraced by every generation. Prices from product to product vary.


CP Company Sweatshirts


Tapping into 2019’s neon trend is Barbour’s ultra-cool, younger sibling Barbour Beacon. The brand’s Earl jacket is guised in a zesty orange colourway with blue and red trims, while its Barbourtech® construction equips it with trusty weather management properties which will make the wearer’s life a breeze. Give the gift of care and colour this season. Price – £179.


Barbour Beacon Jacket


A pair of fresh white kicks round off our best menswear gifts under £250 guide. The Axel Arigato Clean 90 sneaker is a footwear classic, as many of you will already know, and this time around we’ve chosen a reworked version of the shoe to complete our lineup. The modest, refined look of the trainer has been elevated and embellished with an array of colourful swallows at its sidewall, while all the brand’s usual elements remain in place, including the expert Portuguese construction, gold-foil branding and sturdy rubber cupsole.


Axel Arigato Clean 90


Fulfil someone’s wishlist this Christmas with a plethora of gifting options available at Aphrodite online or in-store.

The Best Menswear Gifts Under £100

Blinked and suddenly it’s December? Don’t worry you’re not the only one feeling that way; somehow the festive season has crept upon us again and if you’re anything like us I’m sure the festivities are locking down your diary quicker than you can even keep up. So, with so much to do and so little time, get a hard start on Christmas now with our top menswear gifts under £100 list. From British design house, Vivienne Westwood, to Japanese imprint COMME des GARÇONS and sporting giant New Balance, find all you’ll need below…

If you’re living in the UK right now, you’ll already be well accustomed to the season’s bitterly cold temperatures, and of course, with these harsh climes comes the appropriate attire to match. Our European neighbours over at Parisian label Ami have seasonal dressing down to a T, as demonstrated by these chunky, ribbed knit beanies. Made with love in Portugal, both styles are crafted from a warming woollen construction with the brand’s iconic ‘Ami de Coeur’ emblem sitting in pride of place. Price – £85.



AMI Beanies

Keeping in tune with the cosy theme, the following BOSS Slippers are perfect for the man who enjoys his home comforts. Dressed in neutral tones, this pair arrive adorned in plush servings of suede with a super-soft fluffy lining for unbeatable warmth when you’re in need of some well-deserved R&R.

Boss Slippers

Hitting our menswear gifts under £100 list next is a Japanese imprint that has its finger on the pulse of every subdivision out there, including fragrance. The COMME des GARÇONS Parfums line has been in circulation since the mid ‘90s and is still going strong today; from woody scents to musky aromas, the diffusion label has a smell for everyone to adopt as their signature. In particular, the COMME des GARÇONS Blackpepper Eau de Parfum is a standout selection, it’s formulated with spicy, addictive notes, not to mention its unisex – meaning it could solve two presents all at once! 50ml price – £70.

Comme Aftershave

Placing third on our round up is rebellious British designer Vivienne Westwood. Utilising contrasting tones of silver and mustard to deliver a sumptuous offering, this Vivienne Westwood Orb Keyring is the perfect item for gifting over the Christmas season, whether it’s for a male or female. It’s guaranteed to electrify your keys with its unmissable lightning bolt and studded leather charm. Available in yellow and black colourways. Price – £65.

Vivienne Westwood Orb Keyring

For that passionate sneakerhead in your life look no further than the latest New Balance 997H. It’s a contemporary rework of the Boston-based brand’s iconic 997 model, updated here in an emerald-green and silver colourway, featuring all the usual NB credentials, a combined mesh, leather and suede upper, complete with the lightweight support of the brand’s REVlite midsole to take you into the city streets and beyond with the utmost ease. Price – £75.

As we start to come to the end of our top gifts under £100 selection, we can’t go on without mentioning apparel. For a look that stands up for British heritage we’ve picked out this Fred Perry Taped Sweatshirt in black. Exuding retro sportswear vibes, the ‘70s inspired silhouette sees the brand’s Laurel Wreath drape both sleeves and the chest, complete with ribbed detailing for a close, secure finish at the neckline, cuffs and hem. Price – £89.


Fred Perry Sweater

Finally, we’re wrapping things up with some stellar headwear styles. These Drôle de Monsieur Caps, available in black and yellow, are ideal for raising your street credibility. They’re both fabricated from cotton twill and feature the Dijon-hailing label’s signature ‘Not From Paris Madame’ slogan across their crown, finished with an adjustable slider for a close fit that’s custom to you.

Drole De Monsieur Cap

As we touched on at the very beginning, the clock is ticking to get all your festive plans in place before it’s too late, so, make sure you act wisely and dodge the dreaded mid-December rush by putting our gift guides to crucial use this year… Enjoy!