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David Beckham: Style Icon

As a latter-day saint of all things men’s fashion, what will David Beckham be remembered for the most? What is the former England captain’s legacy? His ability as a footballer came unrivalled, the elder statesmen of the Three Lion’s golden generation, one of the first athletes to build a multimedia empire and captivate celebrity tabloid culture from its inception thanks to his marriage with pop superstar turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham but you knew all this. Whilst his playing style and ability may have left him his menswear style has picked up since the heyday of Posh and Becks, making him the style Icon we know today.

He’s developed this ‘fashion thing’. I saw his transition to a different person… so long as it doesn’t affect his football it doesn’t bother me

-Sir Alex Fergusson

The staple in the wardrobe comes from his now seemingly lifelong deal with adidas, the brand that adorned their 3 stripes to the shoulders of the then Manchester United player and birthed a partnership that saw Becks become one of the most lucratively sponsored athletes in the world, rivaled only by Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods in his heyday. From the moment he announced himself with that long-range effort against Wimbledon to the day he retired with PSG the boot of choice has been adidas’ long-running predator series, a boot that has seen Beckham lend his own white to champagne colourway even post-retirement, and used as inspiration on newer models such as the adidas Sobakov.

Whilst flexible with his adidas deal, the company does allow him to adorn other trainer brands (just nothing with a swoosh), but you’d be relatively hard pushed to find Beckham in an out and out athletic trainer that isn’t a three stripe affiliate. As seen above, Beckham’s variety of adidas have seen themselves being dressed in smarter confides with tapered and cropped trousers replacing his normal raw denim. It’s refreshing seeing someone like Beckham embrace a contemporary style, mixing knit sneakers with tailored menswear for an ultra-smart look, at it brings another facet to his style game.

Embracing American timeless apparel in his stint stateside at LA Galaxy, Beckham’s fashion wouldn’t be complete without the incorporation of a Polo Ralph Lauren tinged outfit. Mixing formal occasions with his unavoidable moments in the public, the Polo logo has sat proudly upon Beckham in a variety of different constraints, but it’s with his dress down fashion that a light pop of chambray works effectively against jeans and T-shirt. Pushing his style into a traditional menswear style has been an updated fashion prerogative in recent years, and his ability to offer a triple threat of streetwear, menswear and formal wear makes him undisputed in his lookbook dominance.

The heritage menswear look demands a robust boot, something that of course Becks has in abundance. With a wildly changing day to day life, one that includes occasional motorbike rides, trips to the country in the Land Rover Defender and touching down in NYC, the ever-ready Beckham packs similarly sensibilitied boot choice to blend with his outfit whether that be the Chelsea Boot style seen above or the Redwing Moc Toe below.

With style developing through influences and environment, is it a surprise that Manchester still holds a huge inspiration for Beckham’s style? A tonal outfit topped off with a pair of Clarks Wallabees, stood next to a Stone Rose poster with a buttoned-up worker jacket. The only way this could be more Manchester is if there was a patch boldly displayed.

An unusual collaboration with Belstaff that has seen 3 capsule collections and a short film also makes total sense considering Beckham’s modern image, tapping into his enthusiasm for motorcycles, and his penchant for jeans, white t-shirt and a biker jacket. All designs are intrinsically Belstaff, celebrating their craftsmanship and motorcycle heritage.

Layering is a key cornerstone of men’s fashion, so it’s no surprise to see Beckham likes to layer items from brands like Canada Goose and Moncler in his cold-weather wardrobe. Known to incorporate pieces from North Face too, it’s the restructured blazers and down gilet that Beckham is known to wear now than his baggier style of the bygone decade.


Clarks Pays Homage to Moccasin History With the Kiowa Sport

You know Clarks, you know the prestige, the history, the creations. What you don’t know is that in the last two years Clarks have been killing it with new silhouettes, new technology, and a renewed vigour to their designs. This process has culminated in some of the best designs in the company’s history, and that holds true on this brand new Clarks Kiowa Sport.

The heritage of the Kiowa comes partially from Clark’s own catalogue of silhouettes and the origin of its name. Kiowa people are Native American settlers that formerly occupied the areas of Montana and Colorado before their modern-day incarnation as the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. The inspiration from the name comes in part from Kiowa handmade moccasins, usually dressed with multicoloured beads. Although the Clarks iteration of the design comes sans beads, the slimline moccasin construction can easily be traced back to the heritage of Kiowa footwear, borrowing the original sensibilities of the early moccasin designs of the Native American people, commonly referred to as the creators of the moccasin and the design base for moccasin designs in this century.

When it comes to the shoe itself, the Kiowa is another hybrid design cut from the same cloth as the heralded Trigenic silhouette, borrowing the luxury sensibilities of the upper and applying a striking foam midsole that borrows from the sensibilities of Y3 with it’s sleek and eye-catching construction. The design has the audacity to take on a typically Japanese construction seen from brands like Visvim and Yuketen with it’s tonally stitched upper panels of nubuck and leather and woven detail. The block foam midsole comes sturdily designed adding an ortholite footbed on top to gift the shoe that staple Clarks comfort, finished with a durable rubberised outsole and Clarks branding. The heel tab offers a different construction to the majority of the shoe, incorporating a contrasting stitch composition with the design echoing that of the classic Desert Trek heel branding. The laces come in the form of 3M ropes that lend a more sporting vibe, finished with the classic Clarks Originals triangle tag, branding the shoe as the genuine article.

This particular release sees a use of tonal brown and beige to dress the upper, allowing the midsole and contrast rear stitching to provide the two-tone finish to the silhouette. With more to come in this silhouette from Clarks, expect further staple colourways in the monochromatic style, with the blank canvas to provide a vibrant dressing to the brand new silhouette.

Keep your eyes peeled for more colourways of Kiowa Sport, alongside further releases from Clarks Originals.

6 Ways to Style the Chino

There’s nothing more versatile than the chino when it comes to menswear style and with fashion sub-genres being at their most varied, eclectic and widest range yet, we take a look at some of the looks on the street and how the classic style has been adapted.


Wide leg chino pant, rolled to ankle length and a bit of layering on the upper whether it be jacket and hoodie or t-shirt and shirt combo. Brands paired throughout the fashion subculture range in everything from Nike and Champion to Y3 and OAMC the brand founded by Luke Meyer, former creative director of the brand at the forefront of it all SupremeAs possibly the widest and most varied subculture of the already wide and varied fashion culture, let us just say the range of choice we have is so broad that there’s plenty of room for, activities so to speak? Our pick for the warmer months is a dress down attire with Norse Project Indigo cap, Patagonia pocket tee and a fresh pair of Adidas Yung-1s.

Heritage Gent

The beauty of being able to pair a polo with plimsolls and a comfy trouser is exactly what makes this look so popular and above all, distinctive. The heritage gent would go nowhere in matching garments so a contrast is an intricate detail not to be missed. Known to rock the Beige before any of the modern-day adopters, the heritage gent has been decking chinos with the smartest of casual looks since there was a history to document. Fred Perry Polo and Novesta Star Master topped off by Ray Bans in Havanna Brown.

Scandinavian Minimalist

There is nothing more crisp and clean than the Scandinavian look and this is mainly down to the simplicity of every ensemble, the chino being a regular piece. The sleek style is usually complemented by the polished finishing of tapered legwear showing that all important top of footwear and bare or sock covered ankle. Striped Albam tee, Grenson Sneaker 1 and APC Tote places you in touching distance of the highest of fashion, with the refinement of a simple colour blocked aesthetic.

Surplus Solider

Attennnnntion! The post-mod-army-surplus-super-solider is known to get the dress down fashion as regimented as possible, pairing a smart casual style with essential men’s wear items to create the cool civilian uniform. Taking the old army sensibilities of the Clarks Desert Boot in a versatile beeswax colouring, and pairing it with a simple oxford shirt by the way of Norse Projects and a classic Baracuta Harrington jacket.

Contemporary Cool

That’s right, Chinos can totally set off a high fashion outfit as a contemporary choice, especially paired with the cool colours for the palette. Take the pairing of the ghostly white Margiela T-shirt and Sock Racer, then place a crisp blue stripe CDG shirt over the top. Give the T-shirt a tuck too for a variation to the norm, plus a crop to the trouser to accentuate the ankle bootie. The style is in the quality and design, the simplicity of the look with its pale tones and minimal patterning is intrinsically Comme Des Garçons, as well as representing a deconstructed style in the vein of Margiela, taking the typical fashion look and breaking it down to its sensibilities.

Casual Terrace

A match in heaven, the BOSS Green polo and adidas Gazelle work in conjunction to present a matched colour scheme. Where the usual denim would sit comes a change in the chino, colour matched with the gum sole of the adidas Gazelle Super and paired perfectly with the grey, white and blue colours of the BOSS Green Paddy 3 Polo Shirt. With influences of heritage and streetwear, this outfit works as a classy dress down approach still incorporating a classic adidas silhouette into the look.

Q&A With ‘Culture Connoisseur’ @KishKash1

For those who aren’t aware of you or your work, explain the world of ‘Kish Kash’
Great question and I’m not too sure how to answer it… It’s a bit of everything! Brand Consultancy, presenter of The All City Show on Soho Radio, Author, Journalist, Food Fan, an avid collector of sneakers, hard to narrow it down really! I guess you could say a ‘culture connoisseur’ of sorts.
I spend a lot of time seeking out the next generation of designers and artists, putting them in touch with the right contacts to get their work recognized and making sure no one is overlooked, talent is talent but it needs the pedestal to be noticed and I look to provide that.
Working with brands you’ll see your fair share of start-up clothing and footwear brands coming through, who’s the best up and coming brand and why should we be paying attention to them?
Labrum, the guys over there are doing something really, really cool. A friend of mine has recently started up a clothing brand named Gulps, very political and really essential for our time. WGSNYC, bespoke made streetwear with a real edge to it. All really making waves and on the cusp of something big, making big statements and wearing their influences on their sleeves.
As an older head in the world of music and fashion, particularly hip/hop and streetwear, has modern day hip/hop had a bigger influence on streetwear and street culture than it’s initial ‘heyday’ from ’88 – 00′
I think that both do. I think the new is influenced by the old, the classic cycle of inspiration and that goes from fashion to music. Someone like Kanye West is massively influenced by the 80s-90s, he’s a guy who grew up in Chicago idolizing (Michael) Jordan and that really influenced his style and love of streetwear through Jordan sneakers, plus his preppy street style and the boom of Tommy Hilfiger and Polo Ralph Lauren in the 90s. I think that stuff like Instagram allows us to have this new generation on the biggest stage for fashion, but the influence to their forefathers can’t be denied, and that evens it out in my eyes.
Staying on the topic of influences, we’ve seen sportswear take over the fashion world, which sport do you think is most important to fashion? 
It has to be basketball still, especially considering it’s street heritage. It’s harder to walk down the street in a pair of footy boots than a pair of Jordans, but football is in it’s biggest fashion spotlight in its history.
We’re seeing a renaissance in 90s New York style, brands like Aime Leon Dore are using NY heritage to create something new, as well as brands like Clarks are seeing their styles have a new lease of life with new fans, even sell out releases like the Ralph Lauren Snow Beach collection. Which city is next to take the mantle in fashions eye?
London! Absolutely no question, it’s such a cultural melting pot that I think with the strength of up and coming brands and already established brands like Labrum, A Cold Wall, Nicholas Daley amongst many many more, London will have it’s time in the fashion eye again.
As a Londoner, what would you class as the quintessential London style?
It’s a mixture, similar to how New York style is influenced by heritage being brought to the city. London is such an eclectic city and the style reflects that with it’s reclassified, repurposed style brought from multiple continents. It’s a mix!
It would be rude not to ask this, what’s been the best sneaker release of the year and why?
Oh god… I’d have to say the adidas 4D  Futurecraft. It’s heavier than what you’d expect but we’re looking at one aspect of the future in 3d printing. It truly is revolutionary and the most interesting original idea so far this year. There’s a lot of stuff that’s come out, but it gets soulless as it is almost daily there’s a new drop, re-release etc. You’ve got something like the Span II and that doesn’t get any attention from the kids, and that’s just disappointing. There are a lot of kids just jumping on things because they’ve seen celebs wear it, this stuff is artwork it can take time to age and be defined and yet things do unnecessarily flop. Recent sneaker releases don’t have the same weight to them as ‘back in the day’ you can work out hype to a show months in advance by who ‘likes’ this or that, it’s not like the old days with your Air Force 1 or Air Max series, they took time to be adopted by the sneaker community, it was organic.
Similarly, what’s been the best Re-Release in clothes or sneakers this year?
(After a brief glance through his Instagram @kishkash1…)  The BEST sneaker re-release of the year was the Mizuno Wave-Rider. I had my ear to the ground on this one and knew something was in the works I never gave that shoe the time of day back in 98, but it’s the right place right time for this to come back.
What’s been the most slept on release of the year?
 Oh definitely the Spann II.
Finally, Is Football coming home?
 Football has always been home!
You can find Kish on Instagram as kishkash1, The All City Show on Soho Radio and any late night ramen eatery.
clarks wallabees

From Jamaica to Japan: Clarks’ Subcultural History

The history of Clarks is steeped in British heritage, but the real foundation of the brand is with its subcultural impact. Adopted by movements across the world that furthered Clarks humble handmade British profile into a symbol of quality, the brand still finds itself relevant and influential to this day. They sparked a revolution, defined generations and captured the imagination. This is how Clarks were built.

Jamaican ‘Rude Boys’ 

Everybody haffi ask weh mi get mi Clarks – Vybz Kartel

If this was a spider diagram then the ‘rude boy’ culture of Jamaica would be at the epicentre.

The Jamaican rude boy took pride in their appearance with Clarks Desert Boots establishing the brand’s flagship silhouette as a staple item. Being expensive, stylish and made in England gave the shoe a sign of affluence, as well as a counterculture strike to the colonisation of the Caribbean country. Practically, the boot was versatile, strong and could withstand lots of wear; its crepe sole made barely a sound affording the wearer with an element of surprise that quickly earned Clarks an unsavoury reputation with Jamaican law enforcement.

Tom Austin, former President of Clarks of England, reflected that it was a phenomenon ‘transported’ from Jamaica, something he confidently claimed was grassroots-led with no Public Relations intervention,

we didn’t do anything to inspire the Jamaican market… but (Clarks) did attempt to carefully ride on the trend without alienating the rest of our customer base

The initial adoption of by these trendsetters gave the brand the go-ahead amongst the streets, leading the way for more adopters of the crepe sole paving the way for the original Clarks’ styles like the Wallabee, Desert Trek, Lugger, Natalie and particularly the Desert Boot to build a near 50-year heritage.


You can strongly argue that the migration of Jamaicans was the catalysts for Clarks, spreading Originals with their travels around the world and ultimately selling the appeal of Clarks Originals back to the country that originally developed them.

Possibly the most well-recognised piece of Mod clothing. The Desert Boot design, like a lot of Mod style, was taken from a military background. When Nathan Clark was stationed in Burma in 1949 he saw off-duty officers wearing crepe-soled suede boots leading to the brand’s creation of its quintessential shoe (more on that later). Comfort and durability have always been the selling point, and with a versatile profile that lent itself to the mod style of smocks, terrace parka’s and Jeans/Cords and the occasional suit, the desert boot became the perfect foil to the mod outfit.

With its popularity in Jamaica, the early adoption of the brand left no indecisiveness to Clarks’ legitimacy as a decidedly ‘cool’ shoe. Creating the initial wave of British ‘cool’ that would lead on to the present via the import of rude boy culture to ska, northern soul, 90s rave culture and Britpop.


The popularity of Clarks Originals continued to spread through music and, understanding the counterculture statement that a pair of Clarks Originals made, the stylistically and musically astute British ‘connectors’ such as Oasis and The Verve, amongst others. Expanding on the stylistic foundations set by their mod forefathers, the Britpop update to the Clarks subcultural magnet drew in staple styles like the Desert Boot, as well as adopting others such as the Wallabee.

UK accreditation of Clarks’ status was cemented by Richard Ashcroft’s grey Wallabees on the cover of the Verve’s 1997 album, Urban Hymns, as well as their feature in the video for lead single ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’.

Oasis remained particularly outspoken about their love for Clarks and in 2000 Liam Gallagher approached Clarks to propose collaboration with his clothing brand Pretty Green.

NYC – Rap

Jamaican influences took a while longer to penetrate America, particularly the suburbs of New York, where 90s hip-hop culture particularly took a shine to the Wallabee design. Legendary rapper Slick Rick is a noted Wallabee enthusiast, going on record to say;

Brooklyn had a lot of style. Early Brooklyn, NY had a lot of style to it. It had a gentlemen style going on there with the Jamaicans, they would be the biggest inspiration with the Clarks Wallabees, the slacks, the Kangol hats and all of that type of stuff. They would be my biggest influence like that

Wu-Tang Clan, fresh from a recent collaboration with the brand, have permanently placed the brand at the forefront of their style moments, the champions of this being group members Ghostface Killah and Raekwon (and Cappadonna) helping the Clarks Wallabee become relevant in the streets, often putting their own spin on the suede moccasins by dyeing them unique colours (see Ironman album cover for reference).

References through tracks such as Gravel Pit, Glaciers of Ice and even a collection of B-sides and remixes from Ghostface titled The Wallabee Champ

Infamous rapper and renown super villain MF DOOM was the first to get his Wallabees dues, being gifted a two-part collaboration from Clarks with a homage to NYC in the form of the Knicks colourway wallabee high, and a classy brown leather low top edition.

With the Wallabees crepe sole and moccasin upper, it added a ‘sneakerheads’ touch to a dressy shoe.

Finishing up his NYC style feature, Slick Rick remarked;

Shoes wise, I haven’t seen any shoes that I would say top Clarks Wallabees or old school Ballys, to me. I would say that Clarks Wallabees still rule right now as far as shoes that look like you have a little swag on you. You might have to alter them a little bit, but as far as walking into the store and getting a pair of shoes to look cool Clarks Wallabees still have it locked hands down

Army Surplus Fashion

Launched in 1950, the desert boot was designed by Clarks family descendent Nathan Clark – and almost didn’t come to fruition. Whilst on military duty in Burma, he spotted similar boots on a group of men who’d bought them in Cairo. Inspired, Nathan designed his own pair, only to be met with resistance by the rest of the Clark family who didn’t believe the shoe would sell. Nathan persevered, however, taking the desert boot to Chicago which led to them appearing in Esquire magazine and the rest is history.

It’s feature with leading figures like Steve Mcqueen aided its deployment into the fetished military surplus community. With its military heritage on full display, it remains an influence to those inspired by it’s Army influence such as Nigel Cabourn, Kanye, Nick Wooster amongst others.

Japanese Fashion Culture

Clarks’ worldwide dominance and arrival in different sectors was followed by increased interest from Japan. The popularity of the Desert Boot and the Wallabee grew amongst Tokyo retailers who wanted to satisfy a youth-oriented market craving an authentic product manufactured using original materials, in the country of origin. Unlike the catwalks of Milan and Paris, young Japanese ‘cool hunters’ regarded Great Britain the home of street fashion, regarding the Desert Boot creators as a member of the A[quascutum] B[urberry] C[larks] of British Brands

Clarks Desert Boot remains the preferred item of footwear for a sophisticated clientele in Japan whereas it is perhaps perceived as a more utilitarian product in the UK.

Atsushi Hasegawa Creative Concept Manager at Clarks

I knew about Clarks – only because of Clarks Originals – from when I was working in fashion and was a kid in the 80s. They had Clarks Originals in very good shops… I’ve grown up with Clarks Originals – Desert Boots, Desert Trek, the Wallabee, Natalie. I absorbed many famous shoes when I was young and I definitely liked Clarks Originals with their authentic, simple designs

From its inception to this modern day, Clarks continues to outfit and revolutionise cultures making it the most versatile footwear brand on the globe. From the feet of Drake to the small screen with Walter White’s iconic attire in Breaking Bad, to the brands renewed and vigorous approach to its originals archive as well as its improved collaboration work, there’s no stopping the humble brand from Somerset.

Clarks Trigenic Flex in Black

5 Staple Choices To Up Your Summer Footwear Game

The Summer season is finally here, which means that you need to put your winter kicks back in storage for a while. It’s sometimes hard choosing what to go for when the warmer weather arrives. So we have hand-picked five of our favourite choices, taking both style and function into consideration, making for the all-around essential pair to enrich your sneaker game. We have it all here for you, so if you prefer a smarter approach, or want to kick back in a pair of trainers, your next go-to pair is just below!

  1. Maison Martin Margiela – Replica Sneaker
  2. Clarks Original Trigenic Flex – Black

1. Maison Margiela Replica

The Replica sneaker from Margiela is inspired by the German Military (GAT) sneaker, constructed using a premium White Calf leather construction mixed with subtle hits of Suede dressed in Light Grey. These hold a versatile look thanks to their clean colour palette and minimal structure, meaning you can style these with essentially anything. With a comfortable wear that can keep you comfortable all day long, these are an ideal choice if you want a refined edge over the competition.

Maison Margiela Replica Sneakers in Tonal White

Maison Margiela Replica Sneakers in Tonal White

2. Clarks Original Trigenic Flex

Clark’s recent innovation of the Trigenic Flex has completely reshaped the sneaker industry, fusing footwear engineering technologies with their classic moccasin construction. The Trigenic finds a perfect blend that makes for the ultimate smart-casual appeal, giving you endless wear thanks to its three-part Vibram sole that offers paramount flexibility. Matched with the monochrome colour palette, you’re in for a treat this summer when you step out in these.

Clarks Original Trigenic Flex In Black

Clarks Original Trigenic Flex In Black

3. Red Wing Weekender Chelsea 3311

These Chelsea Boots are built for Off-Duty wear, with a sumptuous construction that can last season after season. These are great for those brighter afternoons when you are off out for a meal or chilling in the beer garden, these should be your first choice thanks to the oiled leather upper offering a durable wear.

Red Wing Weekender Chelsea 3311 - Copper Rough and Tough

Red Wing Weekender Chelsea 3311 – Copper Rough and Tough

4. Nike Air Max 1 Premium

This one is for all you devout sneaker lovers out there, Nike Air Max is a must have for the summer, with a bouncy air cushioning response in every step they are the best on this list for comfort. The premium rendering adds this to the choice of staples thanks to its versatile styling elements, the buttery suede upper offers a clean tonal rendition with a light Grey colour scheme.

Nike Air Max 1 Premium in Grey

Nike Air Max 1 Premium in Grey

5. adidas EQT Support Mid ADV – Black / EQT Yellow

Switch it up this summer with the EQT Support from the Three Stripes brand. Rocking a full Primeknit upper with premium Nubuck accents. With a moulded sole unit offering exceptional comfort with an embroidered heel support cage. These are a great lightweight & breathable option keeping you feeling and looking fresh on those hot days. Mellow hits of Yellow inject a summer vibe into the clean Black upper.

Adidas Eqt Support Mid Adv in Black & Yellow

Adidas Eqt Support Mid Adv in Black & Yellow

adidas EQT Support Mid ADV in Black / EQT Yellow

adidas EQT Support Mid ADV in Black / EQT Yellow

Clarks Originals

The Brand In Demand – Clarks Originals

Clarks Originals are well known for their history and shaping British style and the culture; they have both feet on the throttle and are set to revolutionise your spring wardrobe. We have been blown away with this season’s Clarks Originals Weaver Suede Shoes in Sage, they are sure to add a well needed colour pop to those dull days. Constructed in a true moccasin way, with unique tonal whip stitching to the suede upper, all of which is sat to the signature crepe sole unit. Clarks Originals Weavers
The fun doesn’t stop there, buckets of pizzazz have been mixed into their collection this season, whilst keeping design elements from their classic styles, like the Desert Trek.  The Ashton comes in a more traditional colourway for those who aren’t ready to jump out of the box yet. The Ashton shoe has been crafted from a luxurious soft suede upper and lining, with the iconic Trek man emblem to the leather heel, all of which is sat on their signature crepe sole unit. Clarks Originals Ashtons

Perfect Gifts For Your Stylish Dad This Fathers Day

Fathers Day is coming round quickly, and we know how the feeling of panic starts to sink in when you just don’t have any ideas on what to get the main man in your life.

Do you go for the popular choice of a CD or a few beers, or take him out for dinner? There are so many ideas that go round in your head. We’ve put together a Fathers Day gift guide to give you a helping hand, and hopefully you will find the perfect gift.

If your dad is the type of guy who likes to keep his wardrobe up to date, treat him to some staple classics for those days at the football or at the pub. A Fred Perry polo shirt is always appreciated, as well as a pair of timeless Clarks desert boots for a retro look. Socks are always a popular gift, and with these unusual marl style socks from Norse Projects, they are certain to impress. if you’d prefer a pair of socks with a pop of colour, opt for the Paul Smith Accessories socks, presented in a low-key blue colour-way with vibrant multi stripe polka dots.

If your dad is more into grooming, we have a range of products from Baxter of California and L:A Bruket for you to choose from. Whether it is hand cream, beard oil or moisturiser, both brands offer premium care and will be the perfect addition to his skincare regime.

Other options to choose from are a white shirt, perfect for a day at the office or a special occasion. Choose this luxe Vivienne Westwood shirt, boasting subtle branding to the chest to complete the look.

What will you be treating the main man in your life to this Father’s Day? You can shop our range of products in our store or online here.

Your Essential Guide To Occasion Footwear and Accessories

So you have the suit, now you just need to find the perfect pair of shoes and accessories to complement your formal outfit ready for that special occasion. In this weeks newsletter we are helping you to make your decision by showcasing the occasion footwear we have to offer. From Clarks, Grenson and Vivienne Westwood, we’ll have you suited and booted in no time.


Clarks Originals

For occasion footwear with a twist, choose these Burcott Monk Shoes by Clarks Originals in a Cognac colour-way. This versatile shoe offers the classic Clarks crepe sole, which keeps the foot comfortable and cushioned. Ideal for a wedding or christening when you want all day comfort. Another bonus is that these stylish shoes have a suede lining for added comfort. Added details include the buckled strap and cross stitch design to the vamp.


The Grenson Archie is a timeless silhouette which boasts effortless style. We are used to seeing it in a tan colour-way, however the outstanding British  have given the statement shoe a different look by throwing suede into the mix. With a luxe mix of leather and suede, the Archie is presented in a new navy colour-way, with the triple welt sole for added durability.

Vivienne Westwood

The finishing touches to your outfit are always important. Why not complete your formal look with a statement wallet from Vivienne Westwood? Crafted in Italy from luxe grained leather, the wallet features discreet branding with the silver embossed orb, giving a simple yet effective finish to an everyday staple accessory.