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CP Company 40th Anniversary

CP Company 

Specialising in high-end high-tech sportswear, CP Company has successfully cemented themselves as one of the world’s most critically acclaimed fashion houses. Famed for their unique fusion between military grade fabrics and modern yet practical styling, CP Company has consequently become a wardrobe staple piece for the discerning man.

We recently took a trip to Florence for C P Company’s 40th Anniversary exhibition at the Pitti Uomo trade show, which showcased the brand’s history with a number of high-profile pieces that changed the brands status of the brand withing the fashion industry.

CP Company

CP Company 40th Anniversary

CP Company Jacket

You can shop our full collection of CP Company here

Published by Sarah Kearney, Online Editor at Aphrodite Clothing

goggle jacket

What Makes The CP Company Goggle Jacket So Popular?

What Makes The CP Company Goggle Jacket So Popular?

A Casual Icon

The CP Company Goggle Jacket is perhaps the definition of a ‘grail’ for many. For any man with more than a passing interest in clothes, there are certain pieces that inspire and ignite the imagination, whether for their looks, innovative technical specifications, or associations with a certain lifestyle or period in time. 

Combine any or all of these with limited availability, a high price or both, and you end up with a sought-after garment with a cult status: a grail. The Goggle Jacket possesses all of these characteristics in spades. 

The creator of the jacket — legendary CP Company and Stone Island designer Massimo Osti — had a knack for creating clothes that elicit these kinds of feelings; considering himself more of a fabric engineer than a fashion designer. Osti always sought to push forward in terms of textile innovation while honouring the sporting, maritime and military heritage that inspired him, an approach that speaks to men the world over.

History of the Goggle Jacket: Militaria to Mille Miglia

One of Osti’s most iconic designs, the Goggle Jacket epitomises these inspirations. The first version of the Goggle Jacket was conceived as part of CP Company’s sponsorship deal for the 1988 Mille Miglia (‘1000 Mile’) vintage sports car endurance race: a 1000-mile round trip race from Brescia to Rome and back using only classic and vintage cars. 

Originally staged annually from 1927 to 1957, the race paved the way for the rise of some of Europe’s most illustrious car manufacturers from Ferrari to Porsche. From the Sixties onwards, the rules were changed to only allow vehicles released before 1957. 

Due to the lack of modern conveniences in these cars, the participants needed adequate protection from the harsh elements during the often grueling race, and Osti took it upon himself to design the ideal garment for these purposes: forward-thinking but with classic styling and, above all, practicality.

At the time of the 1988 race, Osti had already been experimenting with creating a jacket with built-in protective optics, first incorporating them into an elongated collar in the Explorer Jacket. But after delving into his extensive archive of militaria, Osti hit on his ‘eureka moment’: a 1960s-era Swiss Army sniper jacket.

During our recent trip to the Four Marketing HQ in London we were lucky enough to see an original of this jacket:

Vintage Swiss Military Sniper Jacket

You can instantly see the stylistic and practical correlations between  this and the Goggle Jacket, particularly the abundance of pockets, ideal for holding essentials for soldiers, racecar drivers and regular Joes alike. The jacket also features a hood with a pull-down mesh cover to provide full-face protection. Coupling this concept with his existing optical frame design, the CP Company Goggle Jacket was born. 

Originally made from a simple beige twill cloth, the jacket captured the attention of drivers and spectators alike, and was incorporated into the CP Company collection in 1989, where it has remained as a staple of their lineup ever since.


CP Company Overshirt Lens Sleeve


Lens Flair

In more recent collections, the designers have experimented with the Goggle motif, adding the lens viewers to pockets and sleeves on everything from lightweight hooded jackets to cargo shorts. The original designs are guaranteed to be sold for high prices, and this, cements the CP Goggles motif status as a genuine classic — not only of fashion but within industrial design, emblematic of CP Company and Osti’s ethos as a brand, and the lifestyle they represent: the perfect jacket for any and all adventures.

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‘In That London’ – Four Marketing Training Day

Aphrodite recently had a day out of the office with a trip down to the Four Marketing HQ in ‘that London’. The sun was shining, the coffee was flowing and we caught the train (thank goodness) so the day was off to a good start.

Four marketing is a London-based PR Division of sales agency, who represent a number of brands that Aphrodite stock, including Stone Island, CP Company and Paul and Shark. The aim of the training day was to give us as much info on the brands as possible, so we can do the ‘big sell’ to you lovely lot.

Based in Garrett Street in the heart of London, the Headquarters has a minimalist exterior, with hardly any branding, which didn’t help 2 Northerners find it. After our introduction and meet and greets etc we were split into groups and made our way around different brands, which started with CP Company.

CP Company & Ten C

Headed by Graham, the CP Company and Ten C was an in depth look at the brands history, the stand out pieces that have changed the shape of modern design and the new seasons collections (which we are very excited to be receiving soon!) Aphrodite have stocked CP Company for many years and it has established itself as a firm favourite with our customer. Ten C, which many of you might not have heard of is a fairly new brand which will be welcomed to the Aphrodite collection in AW15.

Over the years CP have built up their reputation worldwide to become one of fashions most famous brands, not just in the fashion scene but in fabric technology. Osti’s exploration into the relationship between functional and stylish design have created some of the most sought after pieces to date. The brands use of sourcing materials from every corner of the world and continuously experimenting with new manufacturing techniques has given them the opportunity to produce over 40,000 garments in the brands 40 year history, each reflecting CP Company’s core  philosophy – Function and Use. Experimentation and fabric technology is at the forefront of every design to enhance the functionality. To find out more about CP Company read our brand guide.

Ten C, (The Emperors New Clothes) has been designed to be a forever collection. Taking inspiration from the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, the brand wants the customer to look beyond what you are told to see and to value what is truly there. The ability too see past the fashion media barrage is a new interpretation of the original fairy tale. Founded by Paul Harvey, who designed alongside Massimo Osti for CP.Company for 25 seasons, uses all he has learned to create technical, timeless garments. The items themselves have no branding on the exterior whatsoever, Harvey asks for the items to be loved for what they are, not what brand or who they are associated with. More information will be available about the new collection and the brand in the coming months including a brand guide which will give you all the information you will need to know about Ten C.

Paul & Shark

Paul & Shark has been with us for a few seasons now and is growing in popularity every season. Born in 1921 in the sleepy village of Masnago, in the countryside just outside of Milan, Paul and Shark was forged from a mill which was already producing knitting textiles. It was this firm grounding in the understanding of what using quality materials meant to its customers that gave Paul and Shark the impetuous to give their designs a strong yachting design led look, to prove their materials in one of the most rigorous situations they knew. With their innovative fabrics paving the way for their expansion into other markets, from skiing, to golf and casual wear, Paul and Shark now provide an entire branded look which carries all the design idealisms of Italian craftsmanship.

Stone Island

Our last stop was the Stone Island table with the ever enthusiastic Carl. Stone Island is one of the best known brands in mens designer sports and technical wear. Their history of garment dyeing and fabric research is one of the most in depth you will encounter and it is that which defines the brand. 4 key elements that come up when talking about Stone Island and that make up the brand are: Rivetti, Garment Dye, Fabric Innovation and Military Inspiration. With a number of iconic pieces over the years, including  the ‘Tela Stella’ which was the brands first jacket released in 1982, they have created some of the most advanced pieces and continue to push the boundaries of experimentation. The ‘Tela Stella’ is the name of the the actual fabric used, and was released in seven styles and 6 different colours, catapulting Stone Island into the spotlight. The Ice Jacket is another iconic piece, which is created from a heat sensitive fabric, changing colour with temperature, another technical jacket that pushed the boundaries in fabric technology. A complete Stone Island brand guide can be read here

Along with the standard Stone Island, we will also be receiving a drop of the Shadow Project for AW15. So keep your eyes peeled!

We would like to give a massive thanks to all the reps and staff at Four Marketing for their knowledge and hospitality throughout the day.

Published by Sarah Kearney, Online Editor at Aphrodite Clothing

The Jackets Edit | SS15

The Jackets Edit | SS15

For this Jacket Edit, we selected our favourite lightweight summer jackets from our new Spring Summer 2015 collection featuring; CP Company, Paul & Shark & Stone Island.

Fallen in love with the styles shown? Shop all of our jackets here.

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Style Session 2 – AW14

Style Session 2 – AW14

1.C.P. Company Overshirt in Ink Blue – £295.00

2. Edwin Ed 55 Regular Relaxed Tapered Jeans in Unwashed Indigo – £80.00

3. Adidas Originals Gazelle Indoor in Navy – £67.00

This weeks Style Session boasts some of the most exciting sought after brands in the modern mans fashion scene, C.P Company, Edwin and Adidas Originals. Add some designer brands to your clothing collection this season, for a must have casual outfit for your days off, weather it be a trip out with the family, a day at the football or a social catch up with friends.

Over the years C.P Company have cemented themselves as one of the top brands who pride themselves on their company philosophy ‘Function and Use’, and this garment is no different. The C.P. Company Overshirt is a must have piece that will carry you through the seasons, perfect to layer up on the colder winter days or to wear on top of a plain tee during the cooler fall days. As with most C.P Company items, the overshirt has been garment dyed, giving a signature ‘used’ look, making each shirt unique. A blazer style collar, 2 slanted pockets for easy access and embroidered C.P Company branding to the chest make this a classic, functional piece.

Moving on, we have a pair of Edwin Ed 55 Regular Relaxed Tapered Jeans. Some men find jeans one of the most difficult items of clothing to shop for, whether in terms of fit, style, colour or design. Thats where Edwin comes in, Edwin ED 55 Jeans have become a symbolic example of the brands ability to provide some of the best fits to date. TheseEd 55 Jeans boast a relaxed fit, perfect for the needs of the everyday man, enough room to move with a somewhat tapered leg for a slightly fitted look. Constructed in a 13.5oz denim sourced from Japan, these are a top quality unwashed and ringspun pair of jeans.

Lastly, we have a pair of trainers from the iconic Adidas Originals brand. Brand new in this month, these Gazelle Indoor trainers have been crafted from a full suede upper which sits perfectly upon the signature rubber gum sole finished withe the iconic tefoil logo. A simple trainer that is perfect for the more casual days.

If any of the items above interest you at all, please call one of our friendly team on 0191 5675898 or email [email protected].

Published by Sarah Kearney, Online Editor at Aphrodite Clothing

C.P Company Rubberised Goggle Jacket

CP Company Goggle Jacket

The unmistakable C.P Company makes a welcome return this season in many different guises but we think the rubberised cotton version is one of the most unique. Made from a cotton and polyurethane blend, the CP Company Goggle jacket adopts an almost rubber-like handle which is a result of years of research and development into fabrics.  Adopting a stealth-like black colourway throughout, this new representation of the Goggle jacket is finished beautifully with real Corozo buttons.  Lined internally for an extra layer of warmth in the colder weather, the Goggle jacket features the obligitory goggles on a removable visor which can be flipped down to cover the eyes.

The Goggle jacket is available to buy now priced at £695.00 in limited numbers. Check out our full range of C.P Company jackets for Autumn Winter 2014

CP Goggle Jacket

CP Goggle Jacket

Published by Mark Logan

Spring Summer 2014 CP Company Jackets

CP Company Goggle Jacket

Italian brand CP Company have a cult following on the designer menswear scene. Fans of CP Company have followed the brand’s progress over the years and seen them produce some truly innovative, technical jackets. The most iconic of all of the CP Company jackets has got to be the Goggle jacket, known in the past as the Mille Miglia jacket after its association with the popular motor race. Incorporating either/both the goggles in the hood and the watchviewer on the wrist, these jackets have became synonymous with the brand and are sought after amongst menswear enthusiasts.

This season we have taken delivery of a number of new styles of Goggle jacket. As well as the standard Goggle jackets, CP have now introduced a new style whereby the watch viewer has been moved further up the arm and now takes the role of a branding tool, much like Stone Island use their compass badge on the arm.

CP Company Watchviewer Jacket

The garment dyed Guibbino Sfoderato jacket (pictured below) has been crafted from a Japanese Micro Kei material which acts as a weather proof barrier against the elements. Taking a more military inspired look than previous Goggle jackets, this piece is sure to generate a lot of interest with collectors of C.P.

You can view our full collection of C.P Company online now

CP Company Jacket

Monochrome Lookbook

For this weeks Sunday Lookbook we have mixed things up a little bit, instead of focusing solely on a brand, we have taken the best of our black and white pieces for a truly unique monochrome focused lookbook. Black and white has been one of the classic colour combinations for a sharp up market look for many over the years.

This season, black and white has bounced back, trying to bring a new youthful look while mixing it with the same sophisticated feel as before, and as a result many have been branding black and white as the new ‘black’. Weather it be graphic prints, logical stripes and grids or plain pieces, black and white is bang on trend this season, and can be styled on anyone, no matter what your taste or character. Trends come and go in fashion, but black and white has stood the test of time and will always have place in the fashion scene.

We have taken products from a wide range of brands including Ralph Lauren, PS, Paul Smith and Grenson, for the more sophisticated look along with the likes of Hype Means Nothing, Boy London, Y3, Creative Recreation and Fred Perry for the younger casual look. So we are certain their will be something here for everybody.

Y3 – Honja Classic Trainers – White – £185

If you have ever been stuck on something to wear, (don’t be ashamed, it happens to the best of us) you will most likely have fallen back to your staple wardrobe pieces, and that will more often than not include that perfect fitting comfortable plain white tee. Black and white is the background colour to many a mans wardrobe and the backbone of their fashion needs. Don’t be afraid of patterns including stripes, logical grids and even graphic prints, these help bring depth to a otherwise plain clean look.

Carrera Sunglasses – £82.50

Creative Recreation – Cesario Lo Trainers – White – £65

Accessories can literally make or break the perfect outfit. Adding accents of colour or toning down that colourful bold statement style, they are a must have. Accessories have been huge this season, and are set to continue throughout the year, which gives you plenty of choice when it comes to finding that perfect addition. Weather your looking for a wallet, belt, socks or even a keyring, Aphrodite have a range of top quality accessories from brands including Paul Smith, Hugo Boss, Armani and Vivienne Westwood.

Y3 – Sala Trainers – Black – £180

Boy London Collection – £35.00 – £60.00

Fred Perry Kingston Twill Tipped Plims – £50

Bags are another huge trend this season, particularly big weekend bags and backpacks. Backpacks have been popular with the younger customer, where the bigger holdall style weekend bag have proved more popular with the older more sophisticated customer. Both have the perfect combination, mixing form and function to produce the highest standard bags that will last. Brands including Hugo Boss, Adidas Originals, Sandqvist and Herschel are all available to buy online and instore from Aphrodite Clothing.

PS by Paul Smith – Pattern Shirt – £120.00

Hype Means Nothing – Steve McQueen T-Shirt – £50.00

Ralph Lauren – Hanford Trainers – £75.00

Put your best foot forward this season with some designer footwear. If your looking for a more casual laid back style of footwear, or a smart shoe, we have just the thing for everyone.

Picking the perfect shoe can be harder than it sounds for some men, and this is where we can come in. Above shows some of our best selling black footwear, from brands ranging from Armani to Grenson and Hugo Boss Black, showcasing footwear for all times of the day (and night). Black shoes are versatile and can help you have a smooth transition from day time to night time wear, but becareful to pick your footwear appropriate to your choice of clothing. Adding colourful bold socks will add an accent of colour to a suit or formal wear, giving you a fashionable edge and showing your fun side in a subtle way.

All of the above products and a whole lot more can be viewed and purchased instore and online now!

New Arrivals are coming into Aphrodite all the time, so if you want to be the first to see whats hot, head over to our New Arrivals section of our website.

CP Company – Brand In Focus

CP Company

CP Company are an Italian Clothing Company whose main aim is to create a casual menswear brand to bring the traditional elements back into a man’s wardrobe. The company’s philosophy, ‘Function and Use’ is reflected in very piece produced by the brand, and has travelled through time with the changing fashion and expansion over the years.
The brand has become a designer name due to many reasons, one of them being the production of garments which are exclusively individual. C.P Company clothing is instantly recognisable and memorable which has helped it secure a place in designer men’s wear for the foreseeable future

Brief History of the Brand
Sportswear Company, which is the label under which CP Company, Stone Island and Boneville have been under, is an historical company in the Italian casual wear manufactures. 1974 saw the birth of this label, originally named ‘Chester Perry’ but in the last 70’s after a legal battle changed its name to CP Company. The change in name saw a slight shift in direction for the company but success and major growth followed. A company takeover happened towards the mid 1980’s by Rabaldo Tongna and GFT, followed by the arrival of Carlo Rivetti as managing director. This was the time the label was renamed Sportswear Company. Taken over fully by Riftex after the selling of the GFT in 1993, Carlo Rivetti was named company president.

Soon after its launch, CP Company became an essential point of reference for the fashion at that time, which has shadowed it through its lifespan and still applies to date. The way they mix function and wear ability is key to their stability in the fashion scene

Over the years the brand has been driven by two main strategic concepts:

1) Research into the functional and usable garments which have derived from the military style and work wear.
2) The transformation of fabrics and overall garments through the experimentation of colour.

The brands interests in military garments lead onto the creation of a number of highly acclaimed pieces from the brands collections. Uniforms and military wear are designed with the purpose to fulfil a job. Every little detail has been added for a function, combining function and elegance. C.P Company took this as their starting point, and after years of research, the brand has huge archives that has been built over the years, which they continue to experiment and take inspiration from. Dating from the end of the last century to now, this valuable heritage provide a solid base for much of the companies know –how’s. 

CP Company Illustrations

“At the heart of it all is experimentation and research into new materials, treatments and unique colour effects”

– CP Company –


CP Company Goggle Jacket possibly the most well-known jacket to date from the company, the Goggle Jacket is arguably just as iconic as the brand itself. Originally designed by Massimo Osti as part of the sponsorship deal for the world famous ‘Mille Miglia’ open road endurance race, which took place in the cites of Italy from 1927 to 1957. This is where the jacket gets its nickname Mille Miglia from. The original jacket incorporated goggles into the hood, which could be flipped down allowing the goggles to be worn directly over the eyes. When designing the jacket, Osti considered the beautiful and fastest roads which were included in the race track as inspiration for his ingenuous goggle hood idea. Along with the goggles, a clear lens was inserted into the sleeve of the jacket, named the ‘watch viewer’ so the racer could easily check the time.To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Goggle jacket, C.P Company teamed up with fashion designer Aitor Throup, to launch a special anniversary edition of the iconic jacket in 2009. Aitor Throup’s basis for the design was to take the jacket back to its foundations, the race itself. ‘I have taken a literal approach to driving ergonomics and functionality, with the aim of creating a piece with is even further informed by the driving concept than the original’.

CP Goggle Jacket

The overall structure and design of the jacket had been based on the human form, in a driving position which ultimately provides maximum comfort. This was gained by including slightly bent and forward arms mixed with extra volume built into the back. This extra volume enables the jacket to morph from the standard ‘standing position’ into a more complex’ driving position’. This is a complete unique feature to the goggle jacket and eliminates the build-up of awkward fabric when sitting, while creating a waterproof cover for the legs. C.P Company pride themselves in innovative designs, fabric dying and treatments, and this jacket is a stern example of this craftsmanship.

CP Company Goggle Jacket

Throups had previously collaborated with Stone Island on two projects which were presented at Milan Fashion week in 2008, followed by the C.P Company coloration in 2009. The re-design featured a fully ergonomic construction based on a life size sculpture of the human body in the driving position, focusing attention directly on the heritage of the jacket and its actual use. The design featured a unique transformational articulation built into the pockets, which allowed the jackets structure to morph into a driving position when required. The above image shows the original design installation by Aitor Throup for the 20th anniversary collection for the redesign of the C.P Company Goggle Jacket. To view a full collection of Throup’s work or the complete Goggle Jacket Collection of work please visit Aitor Throup Website

Aitor Thorup

CP Company Jacket

The hood has also underwent a complete re -construction and design, which not only results in the hood being a perfect fit over a driving helmet when the draw strings are relaxed, but it is an anatomically accurate fit to the human head. Ergonomics have played a huge part in the overall design and fit of the re-design of this jacket, not only in the body but the details including the goggles and watch lens. The goggles section has gained a deeper ridged nose and a closer fitting shape while the goggles have been given a circular shape, which mirrors the watch viewer, bringing all the details together for an aesthetic which is reminiscent of the jackets original racing origins.

CP Company Coat

The ‘watchviewer’ was also taken into consideration for the re-design, and now the driver can easily glance at their wrist whilst driving. It also interacts seamlessly with the detachable padded lining for a smoother smarter overall appearance.

The Goggle Jacket, like all other CP Company jackets has been crafted from top quality fabrics which manage to capture the integrity and authenticity of the concept of the jacket.
The material is a 3 layer GORE-TEX performance shell fabric with a waterproof membrane and every seam has been finished with a GORE-SEAM waterproof thermo-taping.

Goggle Jacket

The Goggle Jacket, like all other CP Company garments has been crafted from top quality fabrics which manage to capture the integrity and authenticity of the concept of the jacket.

The material is a 3 layer GORE-TEX performance shell fabric with a waterproof membrane and every seam has been finished with a GORE-SEAM waterproof thermo-taping. The material underwent a natural pigment garment dying process called ‘Tinto Terra’ which utilises natural pigments extracted from the soil and earth, which embeds the garment with the rich visual identity of the C.P Company brand.

CP Company’s main aim is to produce top quality garments, which are exclusively individual by using new fabrics and finishes. The research process that goes into every product has built up their archive over the years to enable them to fuse old and new together for seamless designs that are timeless. Continual experimentation into fabrics, weaves, colours and dying process mixed with advanced creative technology has catapulted the brand into the designer menswear, where they maintain to dominate and grow.
Clothing in today’s society has become an expression of individuality and a form of personal identity. C.P Company believes that their philosophy has become more actual – Function and Use has become a symbol of individuality, style and as always function.