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Fracap AW17 New Arrivals

The Italian brand  Fracap are renowned for their crafting of impeccable footwear. Ideal for all seasons, a pair of trusted Fracap boots would make a practical and timeless addition to your premium shoe collection. New styles have recently dropped here at Aphrodite, so we’re going to tell you all about them (we’re nice like that).

First up is the M120 Indian Suede Boot in Camel. A flawless silhouette in a light brown colour-way, with striking red laces to decorate. The Indian Suede boot is fully lined with leather, with hiking inspired eyelets and a flexible white vibram sole which also have a strong grip for the icy days. If you’d prefer a darker colour, the same silhouette is available in taupe, with a slightly darker vibram sole. The same boots are also available in a dark brown and yellow leather if you’d prefer a different look which will also make a statement.

Fracap Boots

The statement Scarponcino returns this season in a grey suede colour-way. With a clean look, the Scarponcino sits upon the durable Vibram sole to assist in the tough weather conditions.

Built to last, the Scarponcino is also available in a black leather colour-way, a staple colour-way which will match almost any laid-back outfit. A pair of Fracaps is just what you need if you like to see quality craftsmanship in your shoes.


Fracap Boots

A wide range of designer boots for men are available from Aphrodite.

Fracap Military Boot – Brand Guide

Fracap Boots

If you’re looking for the perfect quintessential hiking boot design, then look no further than Fracap. The brand that stands firmly as a figure of Italian history, conceals a strong reputation for quality materials and craftsmanship – bringing Aphrodite the exclusivity of branded fabric in men’s footwear.

Formally known for their traditional Military style shoe, Fracap follow a strict design practice that is planted firmly in family history, where to this day, the brand continues to use the original template drawn by the father of the boot itself, to meet the high standard of consistent perfection using only the most exquisite materials. The first official model to their line of boots was the ‘Magnifico’, invented by the father and nephew of the ‘Antonio’ association; Alfredo Cappello. The initial idea of the design of the boot was to attain a comfortable and durable boot, fitting to wear for climbing and everyday activity – whereas an outcome, Cappello concluded his creative thoughts and formed a style that “mixes an extraordinary simplicity”.  The ‘Magnifico’ boot gained its name from the mother of the family, who quoted, “Magnifico!” when her eyes first met the completed version of the boot.

Fracap Boots

The Design Process

The contemporary designer company selects only the best vegetable tanned leather made from calfskin for their boots; where for each boot they make, comes from one large sheet of fine leather that is cut and measured in preparation for their heritage in applying the rare use of the hand-assembled process. This one-of-a-kind statistic about Fracap is what makes the company project from many other existing shoe brands, who commonly disregard the benefit of expert craftsmanship to hand-make their ideas. The purpose of using of real leather is to achieve the most natural feel and comfort to your feet, ensuring their breathability for a long-wear ahead. Besides being stunning in its overall appearance, the toughness of real leather also demonstrates how long-lasting it can make a piece of footwear – meeting the expectations of your classic military style boot.

The shape of the boot takes inspiration from official army-wear, where Fracap endured to use the original mould that they first framed for the Italian Army.

The long-established construction of the silhouette customarily consists of brass D-ring lacing hardware and a comforting Vibram Morflex Sole unit, exhibiting a subtle vintage aesthetic and abstract effect – with an overall substantial body. Little did you know, as many would argue against from existing research; professionals have imaginatively invented a boot that doesn’t meet the exact features of your genuine hiking boot, however, it reflects the realistic design and functions of this particular style of boot. This alternative design by Fracap not only defines the Italian charm; it is suited to achieve a smart and modish look, in appose to being tailored for the stress of hiking and walking on consistent grubby land in wet weather conditions. At Aphrodite, we sell a set range of Fracap boots consisting of a mix of materials and soles- making the boot suitable for heavy walking and everyday wear. The Fracap footwear is available to be bought in both leather and suede finishes, and different soles, where each fabric and design is pretty self-explanatory as to what it is suited for. If you’re searching specifically for a designer boot for the simple purpose of heavy-duty walking, we would recommend a leather-finished boot through it’s firm and resilient long-lasting quality – with a shark-tooth inspired sole and a suede finish boot for daily wear. Either way, we can guarantee you will without a doubt achieve that off-the-wall look!

Fracap Boots

The Benefits

  • High Quality Material
  • Long-lasting Wear
  • Suited To Both Hiking/Every-day Wear

Since their launch across Europe, the brands famous expertly styled boot has continued to develop into a forever growing collection of designs with slight adjustments in their detail for each of their new releases; providing a unique character to every shoe. Here at Aphrodite, we see the famous Fracap design to have a multi-wear purpose. Create something different, and incorporate a pair of Fracap boots into your wardrobe to compliment any personal outfit choice.

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Fracap Lookbook | AW15

Fracap Lookbook | AW15

Italian brand Fracap are world renowned manufacturers of the highest quality leather boots. Based in Lecce, Italy, this family owned company prides themselves in crafting each pair of hiking boots with meticulous detail by hand. This week we have selected our favourite styles from their AW15 collection for our Lookbook. You can shop all the boots here


Fracap Hiking Boots

Fracap Hiking Boots

A past that glitters with tradition, heritage and originality gives Fracap hiking boots a truly individual feel that uniquely replicates the labels illustrious heritage in hand crafted, beautifully appointed footwear.

Fracap Hiking Boots

With construction that is meticulous at every detail, Fracap hiking boots sit at the top of the class when it comes to mastering a style essential that is going to rule the roost in the coming winter fashion stakes.

With all the classic styling aesthetics that you’d expect from a label that has over half a century of experience in hand crafting rugged and comfortable footwear.
Heralding from a small town in Italy, Fracap hiking boots bring back the artisan touches of Italian craftsmanship to the modern man’s wardrobe.

The perfect accompaniment for the new wave of styling that has been inspired by the great outdoors, Fracap hiking boots are one of the few classic footwear styles that stay true to their roots, featuring representative touches such as a vibram sole to offer supreme grip and comfort, as well as metal lace eyelets, and classic rope laces.

Fracap Hiking Boots

Finished with an embossed Fracap logo, these hiking boots are a true necessity for the winter months, combining practicality and comfort with superior quality that can only come from leather that has been sourced from traditional Italian tanneries. Constructed and finished by hand, Fracap hiking boots are the outcome of a family tradition and unique craftsmanship, that gives them not only a unique back story that is draped in affection and quality, but also a touch of class that is unparalleled in modern footwear.

Our full range of Fracap Boots are to available to purchase online and in-store now.

Fracap Boots – All You Need To Know

Fracap Brand Guide

Tradition, heritage and a distinctly personal identity- just a few qualities that are rarely found in the fast pace of today’s fashion scene- are all supremely evident in every pair of boots that Italian master footwear craftsmen Fracap create.With a history that stretches back over half a century to 1948, Fracap have supplied the world with some of the most functional and effortlessly beautiful boot silhouettes available.

From the traditional style influences of their supply chains to Alpine Troops, to their adoption by sectors of urban youth, Fracap boots bring an intimidating can do attitude to any look, bringing with them a progressive blend of durability, resistance and unassailable utilitarian style.

Despite Fracap’s official formation in 1948, their history runs much deeper than just some 60 plus years. It was Antonio Cappello who, in 1908 during his first day as a shoe craftsman, began a legacy that would see his two sons begin one of Italy’s most cherished boot brands. Taking part in a tradition that runs deep within the culture of Monteroni di Lecce, a small town in southern Italy, Antonio Cappello became a master of his trade, producing footwear of supreme quality that helped to make his hometown famous

However, it was Antonio’s sons, Alfredo and Giovanni Cappello that chose to take the legacy of Monterino di Lecce one step further with the founding of their brand Fracap.
The two brothers dedicated all of the newly created brand’s creative energy towards the production of footwear that promised to always be robust, durable and perfectly suited for agricultural work. The two brothers’ were happy to continue with this direction, as Fracap served some of Italy’s hardest workers- until 1987, when their children, Alfred, Anthony and Michael, took over at the helm of the small factory. The trio instantly sought to expand the vision of Fracap boots to a much grander scale. A new line of boots followed, and their success was palpable. With features that were considered to be the hallmark of only the best footwear of the time, such as Goodyear welting which saw the sole sewn to the upper of the boot, Fracap boots began to make a bolder statement of quality throughout Italy.
Such was the reception of the new improved Fracap boots; some of the most important Italian military corps, such as the Army, Air Force, Navy and Police all adopted the styles into their uniform regime.

Using this newfound sense of purpose, Fracap diversified yet again in 2002, concentrating its efforts on crafting boots that would be perfect for civilian life. Stylish and astute, these boots would perfectly represent the direction that Fracap had taken since its birth, translating it effortlessly into a design that was ready to conquer the streets.
The result was defined in the M128- a hiking style boot that featured quintessential outdoors style features such as brass lacing hard wear and contrasting rope laces.

With every pair of Fracap boots still being hand built in Monteroni di Lecce, Italy, the iconic niche brand is now being carefully managed by the third generation of Cappello’s.
With the purpose of the customer always in mind, Fracap still employ the same theory when it comes to production. Their creations feature only the very best raw materials, which, when possible, are always sourced from traditional Italian tanneries. The company’s extensive history in master craftsmanship has been passed down through the generations, and is still wholly evident in every pair of Fracap boots that leave the factory doors.

By keeping tradition intact, the Cappello family has led Fracap to foreign shores, seeing their family’s boots being worn all over the world, from the urban far east culture of Japan, to the fast paced streets of New York and the elusively stylish cobbles of London- Fracap boots are stretching their legs as they become one of the most notable producers of boots in modern fashion.

With supreme creations still coming from the hands of some of Fracap’s most distinguished artisan boot creators, the everlasting combination of skillful construction, quality materials such as world famous Italian leather and distinctly masculine styling has seen demand for this niche brand’s intimate designs soar. Accommodating a sense of unique styling that seems to carry an affinity with an eternally stylish cold weather style, Fracap boots are showing no signs that their 100 year old recipe for desirability is aging, as they continue to dominate a footwear style that offers on the best in quality and design, all underpinned by a distinctive sense of Italian style.

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Fracap Boots Back For A/W 13

Fracap Boots

Fracap Boots are back in stock at Aphrodite for this season. In recent years the little known Italian brand has manged to establish a place within the fashion community. Growing more popular each winter season, they are the perfect item to compliment your winter wardrobe.

Based in Lecce, Southern Italy, Fracap is a small family run business that has in the past predominantly targeted the Japanese market. Expertly crafted in Italy from leather sourced from Italian tanneries, they offer luxury and practicality that will last for many years. It is no surprise that there has been a serious increase in demand across the fashion world but with limited availability they should be number one on the list for your autumn/winter wardrobe.

Available in two styles, the ever popular Scarponcino ‘ M120’ (which translates simply as hiking boot) follows the traditional style of hiking footwear. While the Scarponcino ‘Otto’ offers a more relaxed ‘work wear’ style boot. Both feature Vibram morflex soles which make them incredibly lightweight while giving maximum stability.

Maybe you are an avid walker or simply trying to make it into work through the winter months, these boots will provide you with the functionality and comfort needed without compromising on style.

Fracap Scarponcino ‘M120 USA’ and ‘Otto’ boots are now available in various colours at Aphrodite. Prices range from £165.00 – £180.00.

Fracap Boots

Fracap Boots

Fracap Boots are back this season at Aphrodite1994 through popular demand.  We have just taken delivery of various colours of the internationally renowned Fracap Scarponcini Boots which flew out last year when we first added them to our ever-expanding list of designer brands.

If the brand doesn’t instantly resonate in your memory, it could be that you haven’t yet heard of it.  Based in Lecce, Southern Italy, Fracap is a small family run business that has in the past predominantly targeted Japan with their products.  On the Japanese designer menswear market, Fracap is a well-known name and on the back of the success they have had there, the owners have decided to target the European menswear market.

Fracap Boots

Each pair of these mountain boots is hand-crafted with meticulous care and attention and are made to order.  Made from a premium leather upper, each pair comes with an eyecatching Vibram or ripple sole.  Longevity is one of the key features of the Scarponcini boot (translates to hiking boot) with each pair sure to see you through winter after winter without losing any of their qualities.  Another quirky characteristic is the various shoelaces that come with the boots to give you the ability to slightly change the appearance of the boots as you wish.

Wondering what you would style these impressive boots with?  Their eye-catching upper and sole would make a good contrast against a dark pair of jeans and a chunky knit on top.  You will be turning heads as people notice the striking detail and quality that adorn your feet as you are out and about in town on a winters day or out hiking in the countryside.

We currently have 3 different colours to choose from in the Scarponcini boot.  Each pair is available to buy now from Aphrodite at £175.

Fracap Boots

Fracap Boots