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Steal Drake’s look with our range of Fred Perry t-shirts

It has been noticed that Drake has been donning some stylish and cool brands recently. From Stone Island, Moncler and now Fred Perry.

The highly respected rapper posted a picture on his Instagram account of him wearing a casual Fred Perry t-shirt, the perfect choice for a laid-back event paired with jeans and trainers.

You can get Drake’s look over on our website now, as we stock the Fred Perry ringer t-shirt in navy and snow white, both available here


When your neighbor stops by to watch the game ✉️📦📬

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Fred Perry New Arrivals

Fred Perry brings us some of their latest Spring/Summer 17 pieces. Known for their classic style, the new range doesn’t disappoint. Uplifting old styles and adding signature touches to new garments in dark rich hues. Featuring the classic M3 and M12 polo shirts in cotton piqué made in a simple, streamlined silhouette for lightweight and functionality. The rest of the collection includes a knitted version of the M12 featuring a checkerboard pattern to the front, knitted jumpers with tipped cuffs, still adding definitive touches keeping that Fred Perry architecture and finally, T Shirts and track Jackets featuring a contrasting laurel wreath tape detail down the arms and all garments finished off with the iconic Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Embroidered to the chest.

Fred Perry

Fred Perry

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History of Fred Perry

Fred Perry Brand Guide

What Is Fred Perry?

The Fred Perry brand is one of the most iconic British heritage brands in history. Known for its effortless blend of streetwear and sportswear, the label is famed for its ethos of authenticity and integrity mixed with just the right amount of attitude. Largely tied to the worlds of tennis and the UK subculture, you would be hard-pressed not to find the brand at the helm of some of the most iconic menswear silhouettes of all time.

From uncomplicated Harrington jackets to versatile parkas and timeless Polo Shirts, it is no doubt that Fred Perry has left an impression on the industry as a whole which continues to be felt to this day.

Fred Perry Brand History

When Was Fred Perry Started?

Fred Perry was formed in the late 1940s to early 1950s. During this period the brand developed the idea of designing new tennis sportswear, which was a refreshing change to the ill-fitting, baggy alternatives available. Clever marketing and exposure of the brand, including giving garments to upcoming young tennis players, BBC workers such as cameramen and commentators, helped catapult the brand from a small idea to a name strongly associated with Wimbledon and sporting heroes.

In 1952, Fred Perry launched the most famous garment associated with the brand; The Slim Fit Cotton Pique Shirt with the Laurel Wreath embroidery. Crafted from pique cotton, its honeycomb stitching made this garment perfect for sportswear.


Fred Perry T-Shirt

Who Founded Fred Perry?

Fred Perry was founded by Fred Perry and Australian footballer Tibby Wenger when they produced the first-ever sweatband. This was instantly a hit with tennis players all over Britain; thus, the Fred Perry brand was born.

Fred Perry gets its name from one of the founders, Frederick John Perry. A world-famous Tennis Player, Perry won 10 majors including 8 Grand Slams, two Pro Slams and was World Number 1 four years in a row. He won 3 consecutive Wimbledon championships between the years 1934 and 1964, being the last British player to win men’s Wimbledon before Andy Murray in 2013. Despite all of his sporting achievements, Fred Perry was never accepted by the tennis hierarchy and even the Wimbledon crowd, mainly because of his working-class background and upbringing.

Fred Perry Jacket

History Of The Fred Perry Logo

The Fred Perry brand logo is the now iconic Laurel Wreath. Found embroidered to the chest of many of their garments, it was based on the original icon for Wimbledon but also stands as an ancient symbol for victory and triumph.

Fred Perry Logo

Fred Perry Subculture

The Fred Perry brand unintentionally became associated with a number of subcultures and British street styles along with the music which young people chose to define and express themselves. Fred Perry played a massive part in the looks of groups including the original Mods of the 1950s, Northern Soul and Skinheads of the 60s, 70’s Punk and Perry Boys and Brit Pop in the 1990s.


The Mod movement members were very quick to pick up the Fred Perry Polo Shirt for its stylish, top button, durable capabilities. The Mods displayed an obsessive attention to detail, making the polo shirt ideal for their gathering. They subsequently asked Fred Perry to produce and supply a range of different coloured polos, to recreate the American and European look and to make it their own with a British twist.

This decision helped the Fred Perry brand start a revolution, to become the first crossover brand from sportswear to streetwear, which was a fundamental part of the teenage look at the time, and the start of one of the most enduring relationships between fashion and music.


As the skinhead culture started to grow, they turned from shirts and suits to the now recognizable jeans, boots, polos and braces. The Fred Perry brand had started adding tipping to the polo shirts, which matched major football clubs colours, and these were commonly worn with jeans and braces, whilst leaving the iconic Laurel Wreath clearly visible.

Sported by many famous footballers, including Bobby Moore, did nothing but good to the brand’s image. At this time, the Northern Soul Movement was gaining more interest in the North of the country, but was largely ignored by the southern-based media, ultimately being passed on by word of mouth. The shirt of choice for these ‘all-nighters’ was again the Fred Perry polo shirts.

Fred Perry Polo

Punk and Perry Boys:

As the demise of the skinheads took hold, a new movement was taking shape in London, named Punk. Many working-class background punks boasted the Fred Perry polo. The Punks designed a look to upset anybody who looked at them, including spiky hair, leather trousers and safety pins.

The Perry Boys, based in Manchester wore Fred Perry polo shirts, designer jeans, trainers and sporting a wedge haircut, they wanted to rebel against everything around them at that time. They became trendsetters on the terraces and nightclubs of Manchester, and this movement started the casual and rave scenes that would follow.

Brit Pop:

A new generation saw The Brit Pop scene emerge from the British Indie Music scene in the early 1990s, and yet again the Fred Perry Polo was catapulted into the media. Wanting to edge away from the 80’s casual designer brands and from chasing the latest trends, bands including Oasis, Blur and Ocean Colour Scene took it back to their influences. Choosing fashion and brands with authenticity, meaning and class behind them. The Fred Perry Shirts were at the ‘Brit Pop’ core.

Celebrities Wearing Fred Perry

A number of Celebrities over the years have been sighted wearing the Fred Perry Laurel Wreath, and today it is just as popular, if not more than ever before. Celebrities including Paul Weller, Vinnie Jones, Ewan McGregor, Kelly Jones and bands including Oasis, Blur and Ocean Colour Scene have all chosen the Fred Perry Laurel Wreath for the brand’s authenticity, style and timeless design.

Over the years the Fred Perry brand has not relied that much on the media for coverage and exposure of the brand, they haven’t used big billboards to gain popularity, they have relied on its timeless qualities to appeal to every generation.

Fred Perry on Aphrodite

Aphrodite is an official UK stockist of the Fred Perry brand, browse our collections online including the popular Fred Perry polo shirts and Fred Perry jackets.

Aphrodite Denim Area

TheHoxtonTrend Reviews Aphrodite’s A/W wear

After visiting our Sunderland store a few weeks ago, menswear YouTuber TheHoxtonTrend‘s second YouTube video is now available to watch on our YouTube channel. Showcasing key pieces for autumn/winter 16 including knitwear, overshirts and winter jackets.

The popular YouTuber has gained over 14,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and regularly updates his followers on the latest go to brands, including our latest arrivals from Stone Island, C.P Company, Ten C, Nudie and Fred Perry. All of the pieces featured in the video are available from the Aphrodite website and any additional information you require can be found by contacting our friendly customer services team on 0191 5675898 or [email protected].


What To Wear On A Night Out

Your Guide On What To Wear On A Night Out

When it comes to a night out, for a lot of us our first thought is ‘what shall I wear?’. Fear not, we have put together a guide to help you make that vital decision on what to wear to look and feel great on your night out.

The first decision to make is if you want a more laid-back look, or a smart casual look, depending on the type of night out you are going on.


You want to make sure that you’re comfortable but still feel stylish, and this can easily be done. Treat yourself to a new polo shirt from Vivienne Westwood, Ralph Lauren or Fred Perry to name a few. This way you’ll have the comfort and style of a timeless polo shirt with a signature designer finish. If polo shirts aren’t your thing, try a cotton t-shirt with a bold pattern or colour to make you stand out on the dancefloor. Pair your polo or t-shirt with a pair of slim fit jeans in navy or black. To complete your look, a pair of adidas Originals terrace footwear such as the Gazelle or Hamburg, which can give your outfit that timeless look.




Looking for a smarter look for the wine bar? You can give your outfit a range of smart and casual elements when you combine the right pieces. A white shirt with a tailored fit when paired with dark denim jeans is always a look that never goes out of style. For a more toned down approach with the same formal effect, pair a plain or striped shirt with navy chinos and an overshirt, with a pair of tan brogues to make a statement. If you’re not a fan of the overshirt look, try an on trend bomber jacket to layer up.





We hope that this guide has helped you decide on an outfit for your next night out!

Festival Lookbook | SS15

Festival Lookbook | SS15 

With a diverse range of music festivals popping up all over the world, here at Aphrodite we have covered the three main locations. This lookbook focuses on the styling for a Beach Festival on sunnier shores, a City Festival for those who aren’t roughing it, and finally the quintessential British Festival with elements to increase survival of the British summer.

This lookbook features some of our favourite pieces from our brands this season like, Fred Perry, Norse Projects, Hugo Boss & Barbour. So all that is left for you to do, is pack your booze, tent and ticket.

Fred Perry X Space Invaders

Fred Perry Space Invaders Collaboration

Fred Perry have teamed up with the legendary arcade game Space Invaders for this one off collection that will definitely get you nostalgic. The legendary arcade game was originally released in 1798 from TAITO and it revolutionized the video game industry, setting the benchmark for others to follow. Becoming an instant global phenomenon, the Space Invaders characters are still a huge hit worldwide, in turn becoming TAITO’s corporate mascot aswel, giving these graphics even more exposure and never far from sight.

The Fred Perry Capsule collection have taken the iconic graphics from the game mixed them with the legendary Fred Perry style to produce this one off collection. Perfect for the video game fan, these pieces will definitely get heads turning and become a talking point. The main focus on all items are the laser cannon, the Aliens and the font. With items from polo shirts to track top and trainers, there is something for everyone.

The full collection will be available to buy online from Aphrodite Clothing from Monday 24th February 2015.

Published by Sarah Kearney, Online Editor at Aphrodite Clothing