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Adidas Gazelle 85 Archive Series

Adidas Gazelle 85 Archive Series Drops In Orange and Green

Expanding the initial trio of adidas Gazelle 85 Archive Series Colourways…
Adidas Gazelle 85 Archive Series
The Adidas Gazelle has always been an icon, its supple suede uppers and gorgeous sole is a combination that you simply cannot tire of. And when you consider the fact that it can wear almost any colour and still look stunning, yeah, its pretty much THE trainer… in our humble opinion, of course.

Adidas Gazelle Trainer in orangeAdidas Gazelle Trainer in Green

We suspect that the ability to rock vibrant colours with ease is what drew adidas to drop both Orange and Green colourways of the model. Arriving just in time for Spring Summer 23, the models join an initial trio of Red, Blue and Lilac models to spice up your footwear rotation.

Adidas Gazelle Trainers Heel

What’s the allure you ask? I mean just look at them, yeah? Both the Orange and Green colourways of the Adidas Gazelle 85 Archive Series launch at 9AM on 01.03.2023, both online and in-store at Aphrodite Clothing.

Adidas Gazelle 85 Trainers in Blue

The History Of The Adidas Gazelle Trainers

Every now and then it’s nice to take a step back, take a deep breath and just appreciate how far things have come. Whether that be the leaps and bounds we’ve made in technology,  immense feats of human ability or just a really good pair of trainers. Since we’ve yet to break any world records or develop the next advancement in modern computing we opted to stick to footwear, taking a deep dive into a sneaker that’s left a footprint on many of our hearts, the adidas Gazelle.

Adidas Gazelle 85 Trainers in Blue


A Brief History of the adidas Gazelle

Launched onto the scene in 1968 the adidas Gazelle paved the way for the modern day, 21st-century perception of adidas being the first to pioneer the suede and accompanying three-striped contrast design. Not only did this new material choice offer a much lighter alternative to the more commonplace leather but, it lent itself perfectly to the dying process making it capable of producing a spectrum of bright colours, first of which was the OG blue and red variations.

Despite the latter being adopted by the world of handball, there is actually a fair amount of mystery and intrigue surrounding the Gazelle’s true purpose. Was it an indoor football shoe? running sneaker? handball trainer? No one truly knows, but what we do know is that the adidas Gazelle presented enough technical know-how and clever complexities to jump from sport to sport earning itself the title of an all-around athletic training shoe, with an understated, clean and streamlined wedge shape design that set a precedent for low-top performance footwear.

adidas Gazelle Historical Illustrations

The true OG Trainers. Image credit: Shelf life

The Link Between The Gazelle And Sports

Perhaps the true beauty of the Gazelle story, however, lies within its ability to break down the barriers that separated fashion and sportswear with its acceptance into the quintessential uniform for a variety of subcultures and styles. Its first taste of such comradery was when it found itself quickly rising to prominence with football fans and the casual audience, sitting nicely amongst the adidas three stripe terrace offering which included other such greats as the Munchen and Forest Hills.

From aways days to locals, rain or shine, cider or lager the Gazelle was on foot for it all becoming a status symbol amongst brands such as Stone island, Fred Perry, and CP Company, forming an unwritten code for admittance into the football stadium. Even to this day over 40 years later, the adidas Gazelle still remains synonymous with the football culture and you’d be hard-pressed to go to a game without spotting a pair of brightly coloured suede trainers pounding the pavement in or around the ground. But, perhaps a true testament to the Gazelles affiliation with the beautiful game was when Daniel Baddiel wore a pair in the Three Lions music video. Case closed.

Noel Gallagher adidas Originals Gazelle

Noel Gallagher sporting the blue adidas Gazelles. Photo credit 80s Casual Classics.

Getting The Right Tune Out Of The adidas Gazelle

If someone asked you to sum up the adidas Gazelle in a sound what would you say? Well chances are after a brief moment of confusion and a few questioning glances you’d probably go for Oasis, Blur or, no pun intended, Suede. Britpop undeniably played a huge part in the Gazelle success story not only because this was the music that serenaded the ears of the Gazelle clad masses but, the people who were strumming the guitars and banging the drums were wearing the trainers themselves, taking them from the feet of working-class season ticket holders to those of celebrities and musicians alike.

The Gallaghers, Damon Albarn, Kate Moss and many, many more were all well and truly the face of the adidas Gazelle optimizing the look, attitude and edge that helped the trainer skyrocket from humble sneaker to cult classic. In fact, their association was so entwined with the retro classic that the iconic 1993 shot of Moss in her crimson pair of Gazelles was recently used to launch the 2016 reissue of the ’90s model when the sneaker was arguably at its cultural prowess.

Kate Moss adidas Originals Gazelles

The image in question, Kate Moss sporting Gazelles in 1993. Photo credit: Denzil McNeelance/adidas

However, it’s not just the footy and learning the chorus to Wonderwall the Gazelle was concerned with as it set out to fulfil its unsatisfiable urge to become best mates with everyone. With the likes of Superstars and the Campus cropping up in America thanks to its affiliation with basketball, the adidas Gazelle became the next best thing for European hip hop culture adopted by amongst others, UK b-boys such as Broken Glass who used the shoe and their US influences to carve a distinct hybrid style.

But that’s not to say the Gazelle didn’t make it stateside. With the help of Run-D.M.C who undeniably opened the adidas floodgates, being the first non-athletes to collaborate with the sportswear brand with the release of a limited edition Superstar, the hip hop spotlight was thrust firmly onto the sportswear brand. Among the masses of diagonal rectangles across the pond the Gazelle reared its head, being considered a connoisseurs choice when it came to footwear with the likes of The Beastie Boys powerless to its plush suede fabrication with Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock seen donning the trainer in their fight against early bedtimes.

Beastie Boys wearing adidas Gazelle

The Beastie Boys in a triple Gazelle ensemble Photo Credit: Pinterest

Since its inception, the adidas Gazelle has seen countless iterations, in colour, materials and design each bringing a fresh twist to the table – see for example the Supers below – but staying true to the original winning formula of minimal detailing, quality materials and a smart low silhouette. Throw into the mix its rich history styling the youth tribes of yonder year or its countless celebrity sightings – we haven’t even mentioned Jackon 5 era, Michael Jackson rocking a pair, Bob Marley doing keepy ups in them or their brief stint mastering kickflips – and it’s fair to say no matter what angle you look at it from the Gazelle was and still is an unequivocal cultural powerhouse capable of generation-spanning heritage charm and irresistible universal appeal.

adidas Gazelle Indoor trainers

So, back to the big question. Is it a dancing shoe? A free-kick curling mastermind? Or a species of very fast antelope? We think it’s a bit of a Jack of all trades but contrary to the popular saying the Gazelle has managed to master them all.

Take a look at our adidas Originals Gazelle offerings, or come in store and see us, we’d be more than happy to chat all things three stripes.

Adidas Gazelle '85 Archive Series Trainers

Adidas Gazelle 85 Archive Series – Available Now

Adidas Gazelle ’85 Archive Series is now available at Aphrodite Clothing…

Adidas Gazelle '85 Series trainers in Lilac, Bluebird and Red.

A model that needs no introduction. The adidas Gazelle is one of the most iconic trainers, well, ever… Its signature suede uppers, clean cut shape and classic three stripes all combine to create a trainer that transcends trends and offers undeniable versatility.

Adidas Gazelle '85 Archive Series Trainers Heels in Lilac, Red and Bluebird.

To kick off 2023, adidas are throwing us in a time machine and taking us back to 1985 with this retro styled re-release. Featuring all of the archival cues, from the trefoil debossing to the vintage style shoe-boxes, adidas have checked all the right boxes with this one.

Adidas Gazelle '85 Archive Series Trainers in BluebirdAdidas Gazelle '85 Archive Series Trainers in LilacAdidas Gazelle '85 Archive Series Trainers in Red

A trio of colourways are dropping in the throwback model. ‘Bluebird’ donning stunning rich tones of blue, ‘Lilac’, a soft purple palette engulfs this one, and ‘Red’ sporting the classic red ‘n’ white stripes. There’s only one question left, which pair are you going to pick up? That is if you resist the urge to buy all three of course…
Adidas Gazelle '85 Archive Series Trainers Heel in Red, Bluebird and Lilac
Shop them both online and in-store at Aphrodite Clothing. While you’re there, check out the rest of our adidas Gazelle offerings below.

Adidas Gazelle Trainers in Red and Blue

Adidas Gazelle Drops in ‘Blue’ and ‘Red’

Sporting bold tones and vintage styling

The Adidas Gazelle is a mainstay within the German brand’s offerings and has become the pinnacle of terrace footwear, thanks to its incredibly versatile and distinctive style. As we head into December two fresh colourways of the model will be gracing the shelves at Aphrodite.Adidas Gazelle Trainers in Red and Blue

Arriving in vivid shades of Red and Blue, the latest iteration of the iconic silhouette sees Adidas look to the archives in order to revive the classic foam tongue, reminiscent of 80s styling. Each trainer is constructed using a soft suede upper, contrasted by off white leather lining, heel tabs and three stripes. The brands trefoil logo appears on a classic tongue tab as well as being debossed onto the heel, while gold foil branding accompanies the brands logo’s on the trainers’ side panelling.Adidas Gazelle Trainers Heel

Simple styling, retro vibes and bold colourways make these Adidas Gazelle Trainers true must haves. Available for just £79.00, you can pick them up for yourself online and in-store at Aphrodite clothing.

adidas gazelle vintage og

adidas Gazelle Vintage Goes OG

The adidas Gazelle Vintage is available in ‘Blue Cloud White’ & ‘Scarlet Red / Cloud White at Aphrodite 

Aside from the Gazelle’s affinity with the sporting world and acceptance into just about as many style tribes as you could name, one of its most distinguishing features which saw it skyrocket to cult classic heights was its ability to take on a plethora of vibrant shades. Having now been seen in just about every hue you could imagine, the sneakers put the brakes on expanding their multi-coloured domain and instead look to the past for this latest release.

adidas gazelle vintage blue FU9656

Arriving constructed from a textured hairy suede, this interpretation of the adidas Gazelle Vintage takes on its forefathers OG colourways, referencing when the sneakers first stepped on the scene during the ’60s in two distinct shades of both red and blue. Featuring serrated edge contrast three stripe branding to the sides as well as a trefoil insignia to the tongue, the sneakers come stamped with the classic gold metallic callout to the lateral side of the heel.

adidas gazelle vintage scarlet red FU9657

Further enhanced with a shortened version of adidas’ t-toe overlay, the sneakers are finished with a traction providing rubber outsole as well as a luxurious leather lining.

adidas Gazelle Vintage Sneakers FV9678

Adidas Gazelle Vintage : Festival Flavours

It goes without saying that the Gazelle is a well established piece of adidas history. Favoured for its soft suede makeup and dazzling array of bold colours, the trainers have carved out a long-standing history at the heart of the brand’s terrace offering. With the adidas Gazelle Vintage aiming to capture the effortless charm and easily styled nature of its predecessors, this latest update takes a closer look close at a more specific time in the sneakers illustrious history.

adidas Gazelle Vintage

Taking influence from both Brit-pop and ’60s festivals, the adidas Gazelle Vintage, ‘Collegiate Green / Cloud White’ feature rough, textured hairy suede uppers flanked with an array of contrast detailing. Bearing the mark of the three stripe to both sides, you can find gold metallic branding to the heel as well as the classic trefoil to the tongue. Concealing both a leather lining and uniquely patterned insole, the trainers are finished with a low-profile rubber sole for comfortable everyday wear as well as an exaggerated pull tab to the rear.

The adidas Gazelle Vintage, ‘Collegiate Green / Cloud White’ (FV9678) launches online and in store at Aphrodite 03.09.20.

adidas Gazelle Vintage FV9678

Q&A With Three Stripes Collector @Dasslersfinest

We have had a little Q&A session with devout Adidas collector @Dasslersfinest, with a large collection of Adidas Originals in his archive it seems only fitting to fire some questions over. It’s nice to catch up with someone who has a genuine passion for collecting, and not just doing it for the hype or the resale value of most people these days. Instead, he focuses on the nostalgic aspect that his collection brings, as he has been a ‘sneakerhead’ since an early age and shows no interesting in stopping anytime soon.

Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

I’m originally from the UK and now live in the USA. I enjoy travelling, photography, playing guitar, music and going to concerts.

When did your interest in Adidas begin?

I guess it began with the first pair I owned when I was a kid. adidas Kick was the model and it was an entry-level trainer back then. It was many other people’s introduction to Adidas trainers at the time. I’ve been wearing the brand ever since.

Can you remember the first trainer you purchased for yourself?

The first pair I actually handed money over for was on a trip to Denmark. I bought a pair of blue Handball Spezial as I’d never seen them in England at the time. I basically spent all my holiday money in one go.

Adidas Spezial

How many pairs do you have in your collection?

I’ve never actually counted them all but my guess is less than the Aphrodite stockroom.

How much of your collection (if any) do you wear regularly?

I used to have around 50 or so pairs for wearing but I got rid of a lot not long ago. I had pairs I just wasn’t wearing anymore so they were given to friends, family, etc. I probably have 25 or so now in the rotation.

@Dasslersfinest Adidas Original Sneaker Collection

Your interests mainly lay in the Originals Retro models. Are there any modern models that have caught your eye?

I like some of the newer styles but am yet to purchase any. I’d go for some of the simplistic looking ones like Haven or INIKI. I have particular styles that I like and usually keep it traditional.

When you joined Instagram, did you anticipate how many followers you’d get? 

I joined Instagram only because I got too lazy updating my website. I had an elementary website for over 10 years and I stopped updating it. Instagram is a lot quicker and easier, and it’s the only social media I am on as anything else would take too much of my time. I enjoy taking pictures, creating small videos, doing giveaways, etc, and that’s really what my account is for. I never really thought about ‘how many followers’ I’d get. Only a small percentage truly follow most accounts regularly, so it’s just a number really.

@Dasslersfinest Adidas Original Jeans Sneakers

There have been quite a few high profile collectors recently ‘getting out of the game’ and selling their collection. Have you any plans to sell up? I personally don’t know of any ‘High Profile Collectors’ selling up.

I have no plans to ‘get out’ as I’d have nothing to take pictures of. I enjoy ‘the game’ as you put it, I enjoy the nostalgia aspect. I am not as immersed in it as I was years ago and don’t buy everything in site like I did over 10 years ago.

Other than Adidas, are there any other brands that you can be seen wearing frequently?

I have various Diadora, Puma, Donald J Pliner, Ferragamo, To Boot New York, Allen Edmonds, Kickers, oh, and Crocs for camping (I admit it).

Vintage Adidas Court Trainers

And finally, can you give us the Top 5 trainers in your collection, and why they mean so much to you?

I am going to go with ones that I had as a kid and now own, instead of hard to find models. All of them played a part in my youth years ago.

  1. adidas Handball Spezial (dimple tongue ) My favourite shoe and my first big purchase years ago. I’ve always loved this model for its rich blue suede and the translucent sole.
  2. adidas Forest Hills 82. These bring back memories of a trip to the Isle of Wight as a kid. I have a picture somewhere of me wearing them. Kangaroo leather and bold gold stripes, a great summer shoe.
  3. adidas Denver. This was another expensive purchase back then and was my first real ‘runner type model’. I’m a fan of the Dellinger Web soles and the design and colours on the Denver really appealed to me.
  4. adidas SL 80. Purchased originally from Gansgear in John’s Precinct, Liverpool. Another model I’ve always loved. The blue and gold combination just struck a chord when I saw them.
  5. adidas adicolor This model was so innovative at the time. A plain white shoe and you could buy pens to colour the stripes. I’ve always liked the silhouette of this model and it looked great without any colouring.

We would like to thank Dasslersfinest for his time and sharing his experiences. As always, you can get regular updates from his @Dasslersfinest related profiles on any of the below link:


adidas Originals Pre-Orders – January

After a bit of a quiet November, adidas are back with a vengeance for the new year, delivering a whole slew of classic styles in colourways both classic and fresh, ensuring you start 2018 with a bang.

Kicking off proceedings we have a pair of styles of the newly-resurgent Indoor Super, taking the archival model from the squash courts to the streets in two retro-inspired colourways. With their perforated suede uppers and uniquely textured gum cupsole units, this is a classic style that was long overdue for a reissue.

Speaking of welcome returns, January also sees the release of a duo of Samba OG styles, one displaying a retro sportswear-inspired white colourway with hits of rich green, the other reminiscent of the legendary adidas Dublin from the City Series. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with this casual classic.

Next we have the Super variant of the venerable Jeans model, dressed up in a pair of sophisticated colourways, reminding us that this was always a shoe that was designed to both perform well and look good.

Always a favourite, the Gazelle Super comes made up with its usual colourful suede uppers, with a twist in the form of a black rubber outsole, giving them a high-contrast look that’s sure to pop even against those wintry streets.

Finally, we have a version of the popular adidas 350 in an ever-popular colourway: the red-on-black ‘Brussels’ pattern. Originally a Japan-only release, then resurrected by the Spezial program, the 350 was an instant hit, and with its simple, perforated uppers in premium leather and solid rubber sole, is sure to be a classic for years to come.

We will be taking pre-orders for all the above styles from the 1st of December 2017, with delivery expected sometime in January 2018.


adidas Gazelle Leather

adidas Gazelle Leather | Red and White | Available now

It’s never easy updating a classic, but adidas have brought us a twist on this much-loved trainer style. For their latest collection, adidas have given us the adidas Gazelle Leather,  a premium leather upper and contrasting gum sole to really set them apart from past releases.

A very stylish red leather upper is the centrepiece of this update with added contrasting white stripes along the side. This isn’t a normal leather either, it features a super-shiny finish rather than a dull matte look, which really stands out from other Gazelle’s.

adidas gazelle ;eather red & white close up, BZ0025

Around the back a white heel patch featuring the adidas Originals trefoil in gold. Another trefoil takes pride of place on the tongue also styled gold, while the “Gazelle” print along the lateral side of the trainer, next to the three stripes is also in gold.

adidas Gazelle leather red & white leather, bz0025 on foot

Anyone who wants a classic pair of adidas Originals trainers that stand out from the crowd are in for a treat with these adidas Gazelle Leather.

The Gazelle has always been a popular trainer among the three stripes fanbase, whether it’s for casual fashion or attending a match, the gazelle is a highly popular trainer and with this premium, twist will certainly be popular.

Featuring a gum coloured rubber sole, this look really stands out from the traditional gazelle sole’s we are used too seeing. Giving you firm footing and comfort, the sole is every bit a classic as the upper design itself.

adidas Gazelle leather red & white with gold writing

This new adidas Originals Gazelle is available now both in-store and online from Aphrodite Clothing.

More info:
Style: Gazelle – BZ0025
Price: £79.95
Available now