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How to Clean Sneakers: A Video Guide

With summer on the horizon, there’s no better time to break out the pristine white kicks; easy, casual and timeless, the white trainer goes with pretty much all summer wear. But no sneaker stays white forever, and sometimes one wear is all it takes to bring your beloved footwear from sparkling to filthy. Fortunately, cleaning sneakers is incredibly easy if you have the right equipment to hand. Check out our handy video guide on how to clean sneakers below to see what we mean.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll need, and the steps we take to get those adidas Continental 80s back to their original gleaming white:

You’ll need:

  • Sneaker cleaning solution
  • A brush (preferably natural bristle or horsehair)
  • A basin of warm water
  • Microfibre towel
  • Sneaker cleaning wipes
  • Protector spray
  • (Optional) New laces
  • (Optional) Midsole pen to match your trainers’ colour

Step 1: Remove the laces. Whether you’re swapping them out for new ones or giving them a spin in the washing machine (we recommend popping them in a washing net or inside a pillow case), you’ll need to remove the laces to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Step 2: Brush away any loose dirt or debris. This helps prevent scratches and just makes life a bit easier going ahead.

Step 3: Wet the brush in the water basin and apply your sneaker cleaning liquid of choice to the bristles. A little goes a long way, but don’t be afraid to use as much as you like.

Step 4: Scrub all the affected areas of the shoe vigorously (including the sole if you’re a perfectionist)

How to Clean Sneakers

Step 5: Use the towel to dry off excess water and foam, and to give any extra cleaning to areas you may have missed

Step 6 (Optional): If needed, give the midsoles another once-over with a cleaning wipe

Step 7 (Optional): If you’re going the whole hog, use your midsole pen to restore the trainer’s original colour. Shake the pen vigorously, then pump the tip several times onto a paper towel or spare sneaker wipe until the paint starts to flow. Use the chiselled tip to apply an even coat to the required areas. Don’t worry if you make a mistake; a sneaker wipe will clean up any excess while the paint is still wet. Wait for the midsole to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 8: Once the sneakers are completely dry, apply a thin, even coat of your protector spray of choice. Hold the container 15-20cm away from the shoe and spray until all surfaces are coated, making sure not to over-apply. Wait to dry, usually around a minute or two.

Step 9: Relace the trainers, with the originals or brand new laces if needed.

Step 10: Wear with pride!

This should get your beloved trainers back in peak condition in time for the summer, and hopefully keep them that way for longer. We’ve used tried and tested products from Jason Markk, Sneakers ER and Crep Protect, but feel free to mix and match with your own go-to brands.

You can find all the products we used in our video both in-store and online now.

How To Wear Chinos

The quintessential piece of any modern day man’s wardrobe,  the humble chino, how did we get through the smart / casual occasions without them?  The hard-wearing yet comfortable material was originally cut for soldiers in the military, and slowly trickled down to civilian wear. The natural earth-tones were the perfect hues to be sat camouflaged on battlefields, and now are the versatile base for your weekend outfits.

Nowadays you wouldn’t think twice about throwing on your favourite pair of khaki chinos on a Monday morning, looking around the train on the morning commute to be greeted with nods of approval. But throwback a few decades and they wouldn’t be part of your office life, if it wasn’t for the dress-down Friday phenomenon of the late 90’s. Imagine that, a office life without that comfort, sends shivers down your spine.

Lets set the scene, the warm air is hitting your face, the sound of the sea lapping against the crystal white sand, and the sun is slinking and sinking behind the horizon. How would you fit your beloved beige chinos into this situation? Roll up those hems, let those ankles see daylight. Pair them with a loose fitting short sleeved shirt, maybe open a button or two you are on holiday after all, and a pair of navy suede tassel loafers. Creating the perfect holiday evening outfit, that is sure to gain you access to the VIP areas.

Ready to let go of summer? Fast forward a few months, and get ready to layer up. The fire roaring in the corner, your favourite real ales on tap, the slurring at the bar, see winter isn’t that bad, with a pint in your hand. Now how to catch the attention of your old flame. Dust the sand of those chinos, roll the turn ups down, pull on a pair of thick woollen knitted socks, and lace up a pair of leather hiking boots. Iron that flannel checked shirt, and get under that cable knit jumper, and you have mastered the irresistible casual winter look.

Edwin Chinos Fred Perry Jumper Fred Perry Shirt Red Wing Boots

Be the master of your own fate! Wear those chinos until they are threadbare! Ride that smart / casual wave in style, regardless of the season.
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A Guide to Wearing Casual Sportswear

So, it’s not exactly new news, but if you haven’t already heard it is now acceptable to wear your casual sportswear clothing out in public, in social places! Yes, you heard that right, this trend has been coming out the woodwork for two years now and we are here to give you that little bit guidance on how to ace this trend.

Now this doesn’t mean the clothing you laze on the couch with covered in stains! You still have to put some thought into this. But don’t worry we have cut it down into simple sections and even better we have selected a few of our favorite pieces.

Let me start by telling you, although it is casual sportswear it doesn’t mean everything must be exclusively sports labeled brands, even designer brands are flaunting their inner sportiness.


Starting from the basics with a simple tee, any block colour will work fine, even throw in a graphic front to mix it up a bit. Feeling a bit cold don’t want a jacket? Try a sweatshirt, a different option instead of a hoody. Again, like the t shirt, block colours work best but we always make exceptions for a good graphic logo front!
A decent polo doesn’t go a miss either long or short sleeve mix it up in bold colours, or go for a more subtle monochrome both work and they look great under a bomber jacket.

Jackets & Hoodies

An essential piece for your outfit is your outerwear. Start with the base of your outfit, what colour is your bottoms or your top? This is a good start to match colours or if you’re feeling bold add a pop of colour. Try not to add more and more colours though as you don’t want to look like a walking rainbow!
The bomber jacket is a great go to especially how they tend to come in a wide range of colours and they are a perfect match with a pair of slim fit joggers.
Hoodies have got to be the holy grail of casual sportswear, the comfiest piece of clothing possibly out there and it fits in with our trend. Now ditch your old scraggy hoody, you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle so opt for something clean and crisp.
Finally, we love a track top, the ideal candidate to layer with. Now don’t worry no running has to be involved wearing these! There are the heavier track jackets like Fred Perry and adidas which go great layered with a plain polo, or think Nike if you’re going for a thinner style. They have the Windrunner series which are great for adding a pop of colour to your outfit.


Ok, so time for bottoms, I think this is the easiest to style, you have two options joggers or shorts. Starting with joggers we love a slim fit jogger it’s just effortlessly cool, comfy and gives off a sophisticated look. But don’t shrug off a baggy jogger these are great for a more relaxed fit and look equally as good. Black, grey or navy are good starting points, try stick for a classic style with cuffed bottoms to show of your sneaks.
Now for shorts, it’s simple just go for a standard style jogger short, classic and casual the perfect exchange for joggers on a hot day.


Last but not least, the final step to creating your casual sportswear outfit. Now don’t skip this step and put any old trainers on, you have got this far don’t ruin it now, they are equally as important so carefully think this one through! Black and white are going to be your best bet if your struggling to match but this is also the part of your outfit where you don’t actually have to be so subtle so go daring if you want to.
As long as your sneakers are clean you have already won. Gone are the days of mucky trainers.

How To Clean Suede Trainers

A Guide On How To Clean Your Suede Trainers

Are you the type of person who loves to keep their suede shoes clean? If so, you can follow our guide on how to clean suede with essential Jason Markk UK products.

Jason Markk UK

Image courtesy of Jason Markk UK


You’ll Need

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Solution

Jason Markk Premium Brush

Jason Markk Microfiber towel

The Steps

Before you begin, be cautious of dyed suede as the colour can bleed when in contact with water.

  1. First of all, use the brush to remove any dirt lying on the surface of the shoe.
  2. Fill a bowl of water and dip the brush into it, applying an appropriate amount of shoe cleaning solution to the brush before dipping it back in the water
  3. Shake any excess water from the brush before scrubbing the entire suede area evenly. You can repeat this depending on how much you need to clean the suede.
  4. After cleaning, it’s time to focus on the drying process. Grab your microfiber towel, it’s important to move fast in order to absorb the water.
  5. Use the dab and twist method, repeating several times before allowing to dry naturally.
  6. After an hour or two, work the nap back and forth with the premium brush, then allow to dry naturally. Make sure you keep working the nap back and forth several times throughout, until the shoes are completely dry.

You can purchase Jason Markk products on our website, did you find this guide useful? Watch an exclusive Jason Markk video below on the suede cleaning process.

Video courtesy of Jason Markk UK on Vimeo

Jason Markk | How To Clean Suede from Jason Markk on Vimeo.


How To Wear Long Sleeved Polo Shirts

An Introduction On How To Wear Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

A truly trustworthy garment is hard to come across, and like many firm wardrobe staples, the long sleeve polo finds itself drifting in and out of favour of the fashion pack; even though its credentials as a “go to piece” for instant style is unquestionable.

One of the many fables of fashion history, the true origins of the polo shirt may well have been lost to the pages of the past. Many believe that it was the French tennis player, Renė Lacoste, who bought the polo shirt and its classic pique fabric to the forefront of fashion after controversially wearing a white version of his own design on court. However, some fashion historians believe that British polo players based in India in the early 19th century utilized something similar to today’s modern polo shirt so that they would remain comfortable on horseback. It was at this time that additions such as button down collars, to prevent the collar moving were added to the style.

No matter where the polo shirt’s origins may lie, one thing is for certain; it is a versatile and fashionable ally. The long sleeve polo became a later edition to a wardrobe staple, proving to be just as versatile as its short sleeved counterpart, with a huge host of ways in which it can be worn.


Layering A Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

(see photograph to right)

A sure fire way to introduce an extra layer of warmth on a cold day, the long sleeve polo is a great piece to work with when you’re going for a layered look.

Never be afraid to experiment with contrasting textures and colours, however, if you want to opt for a sure fire piece that is going to sit well with the majority of your wardrobe, aim for neutral colours such as grey, black and white.

Extra touches, like collar and placket tipping can add subtle details if you’re layering up with something that still reveals a lot of your long sleeve polo, such as a body warmer. This look gives off a well thought out casual feel, so it’s perfect for linking up with dark denims and a pair of hiking style inspired boots to tie in with the outdoor background of the body warmer.

A strong collar shape on a long sleeved polo will make them easy to wear with a host of knitwear too, so don’t be afraid to link yours with a of crew or v-neck jumper.



Achieving A Smarter Appearance With A Long Sleeve Polo 

(see photograph to left)

Long sleeved polo’s aren’t just for casual wear. Going in for a fine gauge knitted piece can help add a classic feel to your smarter ensembles and help to give the tailoring elements of your wardrobe a whole new lease of life.
Opting for a knitted long sleeve polo shirt gives a much smarter resemblance than any style that is made using a pique fabric, meaning that you can wear them with trousers, chinos, or dark coloured jeans and shoes. To progress this smarter look further, introduce extra layers and give your style more depth.

Consider mixing your knitted long sleeve polo shirt with a thin half button cardigan with a deep V, then finishing it off with a well tailored blazer jacket to create a sartorially thoughtful image.


The Casual, Laid Back Look 

(see photograph to right)

The range of materials and designs behind the long sleeve polo really help to make it applicable in a range of situations. For a more casual look, aim to get a style made from pique cotton. This was the material used on the original polo shirt styles- it’s comfortable and breathable, as well as easy to dye with a host of colours. It is perhaps for the last reason in particular that the majority of casual long sleeve polo’s are produced using pique cotton.

Coming in a huge variety of colours, finding one to match your personality is easy; whether you’re quiet and understated with a sleek black edition, or wanting to make a statement with a bright red or purple.
Wear your casual long sleeved polo with a classic laid back feel-link them with tapered jeans and trainers for instant style with a timeless feel.


Wearing A Long Sleeve Polo To Achieve A Sporty Style(see photograph to left) 

Finally, bring the polo shirt full circle and wear your long sleeved interpretation with a sporting flair. Link it up with jogging bottoms that have a premium feel, to give a sleek athletic look to your casual attire.

A jogging bottom with a tapered leg, whilst a wise trainer choice will help keep you away from looking like you’ve just come out the gym, whilst the long sleeve pique polo will give you one of the ultimate laid back yet stylishly well appointed looks.


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Wrote by Sarah Kearney

How To Wear Patterned Shirts

An Introduction To The Shirt

A true wardrobe staple, the shirt has been a well dressed necessity for any concertedly dressed man throughout history. Well placed and adored throughout pretty much every fashion movement in history, from the gingham check shirts of the mod’s in the 1960’s, to the plain coloured Oxford shirts of preppy culture in the 1980’s and beyond, the shirt has played its role in pretty much every look that became a popular trend throughout our fashionable past.

A simple and elegant design, the shirt was perhaps favoured for its versatility. Being able to be crafted in a huge host of materials was the shirts original forte, after being made with everything from sleek cottons for formal attire to be worn with suits and tuxedos, to soft flannels that are perfect for wearing in the winter with denims. The huge variety in shirting options have helped to make them into one of the most effective multipurpose pieces hanging in your wardrobe.

Like anything that survives in the fast paced world of fashion, the shirt has changed and adapted with developing trends, changing everything from the fit, to the collar shape, colour and material to remain in the desirable eyes of your wardrobe.

One of the most recent movements in shirting has been a shift from the plain and simple, to the loud and proud. Prints and patterns have become the norm for casual and smart shirts, with everything from traditional checks and stripes, to full body prints and bright floral patterns taking over the mainstay of today’s fashion;  the shirt has received a new lease of life that brings it up to speed with a sleek, imaginative look.

The Patterned Shirt

With so many options now available in patterned shirting, finding a way to work them into your wardrobe can prove to be a trying task. From using full printed shirts all year round, to picking the right pattern for the right occasion, patterned shirts give your outfit a whole new feel thanks to the many ways in which they can be worn.


Simple With A Classic Edge

For a laid back feel, aim to keep your patterns simple with a classic edge. Shirts with an eye catching check are perfect for this; they pack a punch when it comes to getting a heritage look, so link them with a few other classics, with a pair of slim fitting dark denim jeans, and classic runner styled trainers. This whole ensemble offers a well thought out yet relaxed look, which makes the most of tried and trusted style pieces.(see photograph to right)

Smarter Attire

(see photograph to left) 

Not just confined to casual wear, patterns can also be worked into your smarter attire. Don’t be afraid to blend a striking pattern, such as a bright floral print, with the tailored elements of your wardrobe.

Blazer jackets work wonders in this department thanks to their wide chest opening; they perfectly frame the pattern of any printed shirt you’ve linked it with. Using a pattern underneath a piece that by definition gives a smarter appearance offers you the chance to make a more dressed up look, it has more fashionable freedom than the simple clichéd white shirt ensemble.





Luxurious Style

(see photograph to right) 

The print on the shirt should be loud enough to ensure that it stays as the focal point of the entire ensemble; however, details can still be achieved in the finer touches of the pieces you select to go around it, such as suede tassel loafers.Patterned shirts that feature bold and striking prints can also help craft a feeling of luxurious style. Wear these shirts on their own to fully display their entire look, and then link them with carefully selected unobtrusive pieces, such as black denim.

Classic Look

(see photograph to left)

If you’re aiming for another classic look that remains casually conservative yet supplies enough details to give a well thought out feel, then consider layering a finely striped shirt with a piece of quality knitwear.

The ideal ensemble to link with dark jeans and boots or trainers, a textured knit can set this look off and give your casual look an undoubtedly smart edge.

Layering Up 

(see photograph to right) 

Finally, make use of printed shirts that are destined for you summer wardrobe all year round by layering up. Counteract any short sleeve edition that you’re keen to wear throughout the year by wearing a cardigan that when worn open can display the full effect of the print. Short sleeve shirts can often have a summer themed print, which can give your look a touch of eccentric luxury, so back this up with a pair of premium designer denims and show off the best prints the summer has to offer no matter what the weather.


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Wrote by Samantha Carruthers