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Instagram Inspiration: Advice from Instagram’s most stylish men

Nowadays we look to Instagram for a variety of things, whether its to find out news, promote a business or just have a little look in general. One main thing that Instagram can provide us with is inspiration, from our daily workout to a popular recipe, but it has become a significant factor in the fashion industry to set trends and give outfit inspiration.

Instagram gives those style savvy users a chance to experiment with their true style, and to connect with other users who are passionate about fashion. New brands can also be discovered through Instagram by the power of hashtags and people tagging the brand they are wearing in a certain picture.

In particular, Instagram holds some of the most influential and best-dressed men in Britain, and they’ve spoken out to British GQ, the go-to website for the latest in all things menswear, grooming and lifestyle, to voice just how much Instagram has taught them about fashion and how the social media platform has informed them that style really has no limits.

It wasn’t until I joined Instagram that I realised style has no limits and that my looks could be an amalgamation of all of that and more. I don’t have a particular style now, although I am partial to playing around with denim – John Jarrett for British GQ


British GQ have spoken to six of Britain’s most stylish instagrammers who give their top style tips, favourite brands and their wardrobe inspiration. You can read the full article here on

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TheHoxtonTrend Visits Aphrodite

Menswear YouTuber TheHoxtonTrend made the long trip up from London to Sunderland a few weeks ago to visit Aphrodite. Over a period of a few hours the guys were shown around the store, picked out their favourite pieces and conducted a video walkabout in-store.

The first video has made its way to their YouTube channel now which is rapidly gaining followers due to its dedication to mens fashion and in particular showcasing the likes of Stone Island, Moncler, C.P Company, Y-3 and Belstaff to name just a few. All of the pieces featured in the video are available from the Aphrodite website and any additional information you require can be found by contacting our friendly customer services team on 0191 5675898 or [email protected].



Grenson Triple Welt


Legendary British shoemaker Grenson have took to their Instagram account to re-gram another of our photos to their 43,000 followers. This time they have chosen to highlight the new arrival of the Grenson Triple Welt that we took delivery of in the last few weeks. Finished in a full grain leather upper, the Triple welt is a masterclass in craftsmanship resulting in a watertight, chunkier sole unit.

Now weighing in with almost 1,000 likes on Instagram, the Triple Welt is certainly proving popular with the brand’s followers.

For more information about the Grenson Triple Welt, please email our customer service team on [email protected]

Mark Logan is the Senior Online Editor at Aphrodite. View his profile on Google+

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Wrote by Sarah Kearney