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Winter Must-Haves: Discover the Latest Moncler Essentials

New Moncler Collection Revealed: Embrace the Colder Seasons in Style

Get ready to elevate your winter wardrobe with the latest Moncler essentials at Aphrodite. From iconic jackets to sleek t-shirts, winter wear, and more, we’ve curated a selection of our favourites that will keep you warm and looking good all season long.

Moncler T-Shirts and Tops: Go-to Garments

If you’ve been searching for the perfect Moncler T-shirt, Moncler Polo Shirt or Moncler Hoodie, your hunt ends here. Our inventory includes a variety of designs that embody Moncler’s distinctive style. These pieces are a testament to elegance and craftsmanship, making them a standout addition to any outfit.

Moncler T-Shirts and Tops AW23

 Moncler Stripe Tip Polo Shirt 33060 | Moncler Hooded Sweatshirt 33132 | Moncler Graffiti T-Shirt 33130

Elevate your casual style with the Moncler Graffiti T-Shirt in Black. Crafted from dense, heavy cotton jersey, this premium-quality tee offers a slim fit for a tailored look. The bold graffiti branding on the chest and subtle felt logo on the sleeve add sophistication to its design.

Introducing the Moncler Heather Grey Zip Hoodie, a versatile blend of style and comfort. With a relaxed regular fit and full zip closure, this hoodie features ribbed cuffs and hemline for refinement. The all-white felt logo patch on the chest highlights Moncler’s iconic status.

For a timeless addition to your wardrobe, consider the Moncler Tip Stripe Polo. Made from high-quality cotton, this luxurious polo shirt in minimal white exudes sophistication. Its two-button placket, tipped collar, and ribbed cuffs complete a refined look, perfect for smart-casual occasions.

Moncler Gilets and Cardigans: Versatility Defined

For a versatile layering option, explore our Moncler Gilets and Moncler Cardigans. These sleeveless jackets offer a perfect balance of style and practicality, making them ideal for various occasions. With our selection, you can effortlessly transition from outdoor adventures to urban settings without sacrificing style or comfort.

Moncler Gilets And Cardigans AW23Moncler Down-Filled Hooded Cardigan 33076 | Moncler Knitted Down Hoodie 33137 | Moncler Cardamine Vest 33113

The Moncler Cardamine Down Vest in black is a sustainable fashion statement, crafted from recycled polyester for eco-conscious elegance. With a sleek black and white design, this vest offers style and sustainability, featuring a down-filled, adjustable hood, and ample storage pockets.

Next up, the Moncler Down-Filled Hooded Cardigan in Navy is a masterpiece of contemporary comfort, boasting a captivating checkered torso fill and meticulous down insulation. Its rib-knit accents, drawstring hood, and iconic logo patch exemplify Moncler’s finesse, offering warmth and style in one.

In this stunning Olive colourway, the Moncler Knitted Down Hoodie is an ideal blend of fashion and functionality with its rib-knit details, elegant stripes on the sleeves, and branded zippers for a touch of luxury. This hoodie combines the warmth of down-filling with fine wool, adding sophistication and practicality to your wardrobe.

Moncler Puffer Jackets: Embrace Winter in Luxury

Last but certainly not least, Moncler Jacket and Moncler Puffer Jackets are the epitome of winter luxury. With their distinctive quilting and insulating properties, these jackets are designed to provide warmth without compromising on aesthetics. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or strolling through the city, Moncler puffer jackets are your go-to choice.

Moncler Puffer Jackets AW23Moncler Besbre Short Down Jacket 33128 | Moncler Ume Jacket 33041 | Moncler Padded Wool Cardigan 33073

The Moncler Besbre Short Down Jacket in brown combines practicality and warmth with a lightweight micro chic construction and down-filled interior, while its timeless design, leather trim, and convenient features make it a versatile wardrobe addition.

Experience luxurious practicality with this Moncler Jacket, an ideal choice for both staying warm and stylish. Crafted from fine wool, the Moncler Padded Wool Cardigan in white seamlessly combines style and functionality with its down-filled front panel, providing extra warmth and versatility for various occasions.

And finally, the Moncler Ume Jacket in Blue: a lightweight, weather-resistant puffer with a matte finish. It’s filled with luxurious goose down for warmth and features a detachable hood, two-way zipper, zipped pockets, and iconic Moncler branding.

There you have it – a glimpse into our latest Moncler essentials for AW23 at Aphrodite. Whether you’re in search of a coveted Moncler jacket, a minimalist t-shirt, a versatile gilet, or a luxurious puffer jacket, we’ve carefully curated our selection to cater to your winter fashion needs. Don’t wait any longer to embrace the season in style. Visit our store or shop online today and secure your favourite Moncler Clothing pieces before they’re gone!

Rains Waterproof Jacket

What’s the difference between Water Resistant and Waterproof?

When buying a jacket, or any new garment for that matter, a couple of terms that tend to get thrown around are ‘waterproof’ and ‘water resistant’. But what does this even mean, and what materials possess these properties? Get in the know, below…

What is the difference between Waterproof and Water-Resistant?

Waterproof v Water Resistant

Water Resistant means that the material can resist the permeation of water but only to a certain degree, after a certain point water will permeate the material and it will feel wet. Waterproof means that the material is impermeable and not susceptible to getting wet, waterproof materials offer the best elemental protection.

Waterproof Jacket Droplet

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How do I know if my Jacket is Waterproof?

Typically if a garment is waterproof, then the designer will scream about it till kingdom come. I mean, in all fairness, its is a pretty big deal, and they deserve bragging rights for effectively combatting the dreaded downpours that arrive with British weather. But if somehow “I am Waterproof” isn’t plastered all over the piece you own, or are interested in buying, then here are some telltale signs that what you’re looking at really is waterproof.

Canada Goose Water Resistant Jacket

1. Gore-Tex 

Is Gore-Tex Waterproof?

Not to be confused with Gore-Tex Infinium, a Gore-Tex label (like the one seen below) is a sign of advanced weather protection. Products made with Gore-Tex are impermeable to water, meaning that they are waterproof, however sweat vapor can permeate the material allowing for advanced breathability. In short, sweat vapor gets out and water, or rain, can’t get in. Its a pretty great technology and is used in the most premium pieces of outdoor clothing, it does also come with a pretty premium price tag, but rightly so!

Gore-Tex Logo

2. Wax Coating

Are Barbour Wax Jackets Waterproof?


Probably the oldest from of waterproofing on this list, Wax Coating is typically done to cotton jackets and accessories. Made famous in the current fashion climate by Barbour and their iconic wax jackets, this waterproofing process is celebrated thanks to its ability to easily re-wax / re-proof making it the most sustainable choice on this list. The process is exactly what you’d imagine it to be, you take a piece of clothing, such as a jacket, and apply some proofing-wax, rub it evenly over the garment and then set it out to dry. And voila, you’re done. By the way, we really do recommend checking out Barbour’s wax jackets, they are truly the top choice for a timeless waterproof jacket.

Barbour Wax jacket


3. Polyurethane Coating

Are Rains Jackets Waterproof?

Probably the most unheard of proofing process on this list, a polyurethane coating can be applied to garments in order to make them watertight. The contemporary minimalists over at Scandi brand Rains are the perfect example of this process.

Rains jackets are fully waterproof thanks to their polyester material which is then covered with a waterproof polyurethane coating. A synthetic resin, polyurethane is a great way that brands use to proof jackets on a budget, reducing the final costs for the consumer. This means that this is the most affordable process on this list, check out Rains Jackets for a few examples.

Rains Waterproof Jacket


Now that you’re all clued up on the easiest way to spot a waterproof garment, why not browse our jackets category and see how many you can spot (while resisting the urge to *add to cart*). Whether you’re more interested in Gore-Tex, Wax-Coating or Polyurethane Coating, we have each and every proofing option available on offer below.



Rains returns for AW22

Functional Minimalism at its finest 

Rains are notorious for their, well… Rainwear. The Danish brand specialise in the Scandi minimalism that we all know and love, and they combine it with classic rainwear to create timeless pieces that are sure to keep you dry. Whether you’re in need of a waterproof jacket to keep you sheltered from a suprise downpour, a liner to warm you up or even a backpack or weekend bag to keep your belongings safe, Rains has it covered.  Check out Aphrodite’s offerings from the Rains AW22 Collection below.

Rains Jacket and Backpack Combo

Slate Jacket + Black Backpack = An undeniably Urban Aethstetic

Rains Jacket Beading

Look how it just beadssss man

Rains Jacket Black

Some half open action? Okayyyy!

Rains Long Jacket Taupe

Now that Jacket, just wow.

Some quality pieces in there, isn’t there? If you want to get ahead of the weather and actually stay dry this year we seriously suggest you cop a piece!



Belstaff Trialmaster – A closer look

The clothing brand Belstaff was founded in 1924 by Eli Belovitch and Harry Grosberg in Staffordshire and was named Belstaff as a combination of Eli’s surname and for Staffordshire where the clothing company first began. Belstaff went on to become a brand synonymous with quality, making some of the most hard-wearing and reliable jackets and garments you could buy on the market both then and indeed now. One such jacket being their definitive Trialmaster Jacket.  


The Trialmaster was designed in 1948 and was made to be able to deal with the harsh conditions of the Scottish 6 Day Trial, the oldest internationally recognised motorcycle trials compotation in the world. As the event took place in notoriously rainy Scotland and seeing as wind and cold temperatures would be unavoidable due to riding motorcycles out in the open, the Trialmaster had to be able to shrug off the elements.  

Belstaff’s Trialmaster Jacket is therefore made from a 6 oz. waxed cotton and lined with signature Belstaff check cotton twill, the main fastening of the jacket is a metal zip covered by a snap fastening storm flap and the Trialmaster also features a buckle fastening for the collar and an adjustable belt to suit the wearers desired fit. Details also include an inside pocket and four outer pockets including one angled map pocket.  

Designed for gruelling conditions and built to last, the Trialmaster does exactly what Belstaff designed it for and is just as good now as it was way back when. Shop the Belstaff Trialmaster In-Store and Online at Aphrodite Clothing.


Rains SS22 Collection Arrives

Rains ss22 collection has arrived at Aphrodite,  including fully-fledged rain jackets, gilets, bags, and other waterproof accessories. 

All imbued with the same DNA and built super practically to shield the wearer against the elements, founded in Denmark in 2012, this Scandinavian outerwear brand is passionate about re-inventing traditional waterproof clothing. The whole scope of the Rains identity lies in preparing for the worst; future-proofing your wardrobe for a forecast of inclement weather, without compromising on style.  See the full collection from Rains available at Aphrodite.

Rains Fishtail Parka

Rains are on hand to help keep the wet weather off your back this season with their Fishtail Parka. Crafted from their signature waterproof fabric, this Rains parka uses their signature Fishtail drawstrings to the rain at bay as much as possible, as well as zip closure and storm flap to ensure the weather doesn’t get beyond the Fishtail Parka and a great addition to Rains’s ss22 collection.

rains fishtail parka

Rains Hooded Jacket

Crafted with minimalism in mind and part of the Rains ss22 collection, this simple yet elegant hooded jacket from Rains is guaranteed to keep you dry. If you’re looking for a Rains Jacket in an alternative colour look no further, as this new Rains Hooded Jacket part of the Rains’s ss22 collection comes to us in a distinct blue. This Rains hooded jacket has been designed with a simple and minimal silhouette and is made from Rains signature waterproof fabric, which makes it perfect for any wet weather that may be on the way.

rains hooded jacket


Rains Hooded Jacket in River

Rains Trekker Vest

A sleeveless option for the spring weather ahead,the Rains vest is designed to provide exemplary insulator protection across the chest when paired with any laid-back leisurely look. Styled to a regular fitting with 100% nylon lining and 100% polyester filling, this transitional piece is knitted from the backside to ensure a waterproof bond as well as windproof but also breathability features.

These are just a few of the features which make this vest well suited to any outdoor orientated wardrobe, also thanks to its concealed zip opening, side pockets and an internal pocket that allows you to carry your essentials with you while on the move. Horizontally welded quilt lines run across the chest for warmth and the padded stand-up collar assists in keeping you as warm as you can be, who said you needed sleeves to keep you warm?

rains trekker vest


Rains Trekker Vest in Cement

Rains Rolltop Rucksack

Whether you are going to work or venturing out onto a hike. This Rains rucksack from Rains ss22 collection will suit all your needs, with a roomy main compartment that can be easily secured via the carabiner clip. A large laptop pocket to the side of the rucksack and a small front pocket is kept secure with aqua-guard zip technology. This sleek and simple backpack is finished off with subtle Rains branding.

rains rolltop rucksack


Rains Rolltop Rucksack in Black


CDG PLAY x K-WAY: Collab Just Dropped

Hitting the shelves at Aphrodite is the all new CDG PLAY x K-WAY collectionComme des Garçons PLAY are no stranger to a great collab, having previously worked with the likes of Kaws and Converse, CDG PLAY’s newest collection features the established outdoor brand K-WAY.

CDG x K-Way
Founded in 1965 by Léon-Claude Duhamel, the brand’s innovative forward-thinking ideas led to the creation of the first windproof and waterproof packable jacket in history. Now Comme des Garçons bring the jacket into 2022 with their contemporary take on the classics. The Leon half zip and Claude full zip jackets have dropped in versatile colourways that allow you to take your style to the great outdoors.


Dropping in navy and ice-white colourways, the Claude full zip jacket will become your new go to. Like the pullover, it offers a waterproof option that is easily packed into itself, ideal for when the weather gets warm. The Leon half zip also provides a brilliant option, coming in a hot orange and sandy beige. Crafted with nylon ripstop technology and weighing in at only 320 grams, this lightweight option certainly is both durable and stylish.


The collection features a K-WAY zip and a CDG heart logo to the back shoulder, and to finish off the collab, K-WAY and CDG PLAY’s logos are proudly placed side by side on the chest.

Act fast to secure your CDG PLAY x K-WAY piece as the jackets are sure to sell out. Shop the collection in-store and online at Aphrodite.

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Canada Goose HyBridge Collection Navy

What Is The Canada Goose HyBridge Collection?

The Canada Goose HyBridge collection is a versatile range of all-rounder jackets, knitwear and gilets designed to move as freely as you do. 

The lightweight collection is renowned globally for its flexibility and has been meticulously constructed for comfort and ease of movement. While using the best material and technology to create maximal protection against wintery conditions. The range not only offers high-quality outdoor wear but stylish pieces that won’t look out of place on any city’s high-street.  

First launched back in 2017, Canada Goose HyBridge and HyBridge Lite collections were designed to be more practical for urban environments, however, staying true to the Canada Goose brand which excels in protecting you against the harshest of wintery conditions. So more functional pieces were designed such as knitwear, lightweight waterproof jackets and gilets. So here is a rundown of the standout pieces from the Canada Goose HyBridge collection, the full range is available at Aphrodite.

Canada Goose HyBridge Knit Packable Jacket  

This Canada Goose Jacket is crafted from merino wool to ensure you are kept warm in style. The front features a tonal nylon panel, which is water-resistant allowing the rain to simply run off the exterior when conditions get wet. Thin quilting and padding all over with duck down allow for great insulation. The Canada Goose HyBridge Knit jacket is finalised with a circle woven label on the left sleeve of the famous Canada Goose logo for a luxury touch.  

The Canada Goose HyBridge Knit Packable Jacket  is available at Aphrodite.

Canada Goose HyBridge Knit Packable Jacket

Canada Goose HyBridge Lite Vest Tech Down  

Stylish and functional in equal measures, the HyBridge Lite Vest from Canada Goose is a winter essential. Donning a glossy black exterior, the vest tech down has been given a contemporary touch with a narrower quilting pattern for a more defined fit, it’s also imbued with thermal mapping technology for maximum warmth. The HyBridge lite vest tech is finalised with the iconic Canada Goose logo left of the chest.

The Canada Goose HyBridge Lite Vest Tech Down is available at Aphrodite in black and navy.

Canada Goose HyBridge Lite Vest Tech Down

Canada Goose HyBridge Lite Hoody Tech Down  

Providing protection from the cold, this padded jacket is crafted using thermal mapping technology and 800 fill power for optimal warmth in wintery conditions. The collar is lined with tricot fabric for superb softness and added comfort which also acts as a barrier to help keep out the wintry breeze. Its water repellent exterior and concealed storm flap help the rain seemingly run off the jacket when conditions turn wet, while the jacket is finished off with the synonymous Canada Goose sleeve motif. 

The Canada Goose HyBridge Lite Hoody Tech Down is available at Aphrodite in black and navy.

Canada Goose HyBridge Lite Hoody Tech Down

Canada Goose HyBridge Lite Jack Tech Down  

The HyBridge Lite jack tech down has been given a contemporary touch, with a narrower quilting pattern at flex points for a more desirable and flexible fit.  The jacket can be easily packed away into its exterior pocket, this convenient and ultra-lightweight silhouette is imbued with thermal mapping technology for the ultimate in seasonal heat retention. A tricot-lined collar, hidden storm flap, reflective accents and a range of pocket space only intensify this design’s functionality. 

The Canada Goose HyBridge Lite Jack Tech Down  is available at Aphrodite in black and navy.

CANADA GOOSE HyBridge Lite Jacket

The Canada Goose HyBridge collection offers the perfect blend of protection against the cold, without compromising on flexibility and your range of motion. The full range of the Canada Goose HyBridge and HyBridge lite collection is available at Aphrodite.

Barbour Beacon Quilted Jackets AW21

Bundle up in Barbour Beacon Quilted Jackets

In terms of the perfect warmth to weight ratio, quilted jackets trump most outerwear options out there. Where billowy down jackets rely on bulk and rain coats lean on light, waterproof shells, the quilted jacket meets somewhere in the middle, seamlessly fusing the two.

Linked closely to the countryside and often the first choice of equestrians, the quilted jacket has more recently enjoyed a return to the limelight within a streetwear capacity. Brands across the board have been reaching for the faithful silhouette to combat temperamental weather without compromising on style. So whether it’s chucking it down outside, gale-force winds, or somewhat mild, this midweight silhouette is suited to the lot.

Not to be biased but we reckon Barbour Beacon’s quilted jackets are particularly special. Not only are they super practical but they’re also peppered with parent company Barbour’s iconic design cues which are equal parts identifiable as they are desirable. Coming in a range of styles and colourways, Barbour Beacon has ticked every box with its latest quilted jacket collection. Read on to take a closer look…

Two top choices from the range are the Barbour Beacon Starling Quilted Jacket in black and the Barbour Beacon Starling Quilted Jacket in olive – twin styles presented in contrasting shades. The latter option feels quintessentially Barbour, it’s whipped up in an earthy green which really feels suited to adventures in the great outdoors. The body of the garment, as you’ve probably already guessed, is completely quilted showcasing a classic diamond pattern throughout. The fill in the jacket’s baffles subtly bulks it up, making it slightly puffier than your standard jacket all while boosting its heat retention capability.

The black iteration is constructed in the exact same manner, boasting the same contemporary hip-length, tonal corduroy collar, easy snap fastening and spacious bellow pockets. The Barbour Beacon logo also features at the bottom half, symbolising the jacket’s origin from the youthful sub-label and the brand’s overall ties to the north east of England, and more specifically, the Beacon Lighthouse in its native South Shields.

Here the Starling Quilted Jackets are layered with the Barbour Berber Fleece Liner and the Barbour Beacon Twill overshirt respectively. Both are available at Aphrodite now.

Certainly no one trick pony, the quilted jacket oozes versatility and can be donned all year round. Therefore, if you were looking for an investment piece you may have just stumbled across a winning style here. In fact, we know you have. Don’t hang about and shop Barbour Beacon Quilted Jackets in-store and online at Aphrodite.

Seasonal Layering Pieces

Autumn Winter Layering Pieces At Aphrodite

Seasonal Layering Pieces

Cooler climes are fast approaching which means it’s time for you to forget about those easy-breezy summer styles in favour of something more substantial. Given the precarious nature of British weather, we recommend stocking up on plenty of layering pieces for the purpose of a rainy day. The good news for you is that we’ve recently found ourself in possession of several stellar layering must-haves. Check out some of our favourites for the AW20 season below, we’re positive they won’t disappoint.

Ami Funnel Neck Sweater

Ami Funnel Neck Sweater

Made with love in Portugal, this slouchy knit arrives courtesy of Alexandre Mattiussi’s Parisian label, Ami. Sure to be a great addition to your winter rotation, it’s crafted from pure wool which means it’s guaranteed to feel super-soft on the skin. An intricate intarsia knitting technique has been employed at the chest to articulate the brand’s statement-making ‘Ami de Coeur’ logo while oversized trims frame the neckline, cuffs and hem for a snug and extra-defined fit.


Canada Goose Freestyle Crew Vest

Canada Goose Freestyle Vest

A contemporary update on a classic Canada Goose design – the brand’s iconic Freestyle Crew Vest is realised here in a striking camouflage colourway. Boasting slightly slimmer proportions than the original, this reworked rendition is ideal for gliding over autumnal base layers. It’s constructed with an 80/20 duck down ratio, in turn, offering the wearer a superlatively thermal silhouette. Functional add ons include a shielding zip closure with storm flap, two suede-lined handwarmer pockets, a draping of sumptuous suede to the inner collar, complete with branded CG accents fixed throughout.


Moncler Fleece

Moncler Fleece

Logomania is alive and well for Autumn Winter 20 as Moncler has so boldly testified with this cosy offering. Dubbed the ‘Maglia’ fleece, the beauty of this eye-catching design is that it’s reversible which means you’re actually receiving two looks for the price of one. Prepped to switch up your style within a moment’s notice, opt to embrace its emblazoned side if you’re in the mood for making a statement, meanwhile, a pared-back black shell sits subtly underneath for a more pared-back approach. Extra details include a rubberised Moncler plaque, two-way zipper and a set of handwarmer pockets.


Patagonia 3 in 1 Parka

Patagonia Parka

A favourite with adventure seekers and city-goers alike, Patagonia’s 3 in 1 parka is designed to withstand the test of time. Certain to breeze through a plethora of harsh weather conditions, its hybrid construction deems it appropriate for any autumn-winter outing you have planned as it can be worn a total of three ways. You can choose to wear this design as a waterproof shell, as a padded coat or as an insulating parka. Boasting a mountaineering level of storm protection, the outer shell features a protective zip/snap fastening and four front pockets for keeping your possessions safe. The inner liner is quilted to boost the jacket’s thermal aptitude while two further pockets are featured at the waist with a snug serving of fleece internally. Thanks to the fusion of both these components, a warming parka is presented as the third and final option.


Stone Island Chambers Jacket

Stone Island Chambers Jacket

Donning a muted mauve colourway, the Stone Island Chambers jacket will be a superb companion for braving the colder months with. True to the brand’s cutting-edge philosophy, this outerwear piece utilises a fairly fresh and innovative down filling technique, whereby feather padding is directly injected into chambers within the silhouette – allowing the wearer to seamlessly harness heat across the entire upper body. Garment dyed in Stone Island’s special colour recipes, it’s then safeguarded with an anti-drop finish and signed off with the label’s sought-after compass patch.


APC Seb Down Jacket

Crafted with sustainability in mind, APC’s Seb jacket welcomes an eco-conscious and wholly dependably aesthetic; thanks to its all-black colourway, the design can be easily paired with most ensembles. Both water repellent and windproof, it’s capable of conquering wet and windy conditions, while it’s diamond-quilted, down fill construction ensures the highest standard of thermal wealth. A zip closure and storm flap, alongside two cosy side-entry pockets, further enhance the silhouette’s seasonal functionality.

Shop our entire range of AW20 layering pieces online and in-store now at Aphrodite.