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10 Ways To Look After Grenson Shoes

Grenson Shoes – How To Look After

Grenson Shoes Care Guide – 10 Tips To Look After Grenson Shoes

So you have just spent a small fortune on a pair of shoes, you want them to last right? With help from the lovely people over at Grenson, we have put together a Grenson care guide, 10 tips to look after Grenson shoes which will hopefully help keep your shoes in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Aphrodite have recently added shoe care products to their accessories collection, including Jason Markk, Crepe Protect and Sneaker Lab which are perfect for the sneaker and trainer enthusiasts among us, along with a range of Grenson items including Grenson cream /polish, brushes and cloths, to help keep your footwear in great condition no matter what the weather.

Following these few simple steps will help prolong the life of your most trustworthy Grenson shoes.

Tips To Looks After Grenson Shoes

10 Tips To Look After Grenson Shoes

  1. Never wear your new shoes in the rain until they have been worn at least 3-4 times.
  2. If your shoes do end up getting wet put shoe trees inside them (if you don’t have trees newspaper will work just as well) and let them dry out at room temperature for 48 hours before you wear them again. Wet sole leather will wear out twice as quick as dry sole leather.
  3. Before polishing, wipe off any excess surface dirt with a dry cloth.
  4. When its time to polish, use plenty of polish/cream and make sure its into the welt and the cracks between the upper and the sole. Let the polish sit on for as long as possible, over night is an ideal time scale. Browse our range of Grenson creams.
  5. Use a Grenson cloth or brush to take off any excess polish/cream to shine them up.
  6. If you want to darken your tan shoes use a dark polish, some people like to use black polish which makes them instantly look older.
  7. Goodyear Welted shoes are easy to repair and the soles can be changed if needed.
  8. A little test can be done to see if your shoe are ready for repair; If you can feel a soft spot in the middle of the front of the shoe where you walk, push it in with your thumb. If its very soft, its about to go, if its a little soft, you can get another few months out of them.
  9. Leather soles can be very slippery, making it a task in itself to navigate across some floors. A cheeky little trick, cut open a potato and rub it into the sole, this will give you grip.
  10. If you look after your shoes, they could last for years and years.

Take a look at our recent trip to the Grenson factory and interview with Grenson’s owner and creative director Tim Little. Read full blog post here

How To Look After Grenson Shoes


Outfit Grid – Heatwave, must have style day to night.

As a current of tropical air from the Atlantic Azores Islands hits the UK this weekend, we gear up for a scorcher of a bank holiday and what is claimed to be the start of the hottest May in four decades. Well, we know us Brits and whether its the beach by day or not, we know a beer garden, barbecue and at least one late night is on the cards, in true bank holiday fashion. Here’s a little something we put together to take you from day to night with a few things considered (comfort and coolness being the main competitors).


These cotton drawstring pants from APC, in a lightweight seersucker cotton are the perfect summer pant. Smart or casual, rolled up or down loose, their versatility means you can get maximum usage which is always a massive box ticker for us! Styled here with a yellow graphic print tee by Saturdays NYC, washed denim jacket by Nudie Jeans, The Marshal sunglasses in brown mirror by Ray-Ban and grey suede sneakers from Grenson. If you haven’t been introduced to Jason Markk yet then let us make you acquainted, with a highly sophisticated range of shoe care products we can describe only as magical lifesavers you really need to add products like the repel spray here to your list of things to try, you won’t be disappointed!

Outfit - Weather permitting

Outfit – Weather permitting

It seems we’re officially into that teasingly annoying part of British springtime, temperatures seeming comfortably warmer one day and freezing the next or bright and sunny one day and miserably dull the next. Dressing for the occasion can be tricky but we have your back with these weekly installments curated to deter the ever-changing weather from hindering your plans (or your beloved footwear). Here you go lads, a few of your favorites here …


Outfit - Stone Island, Paul & Shark, Y3


The latest installment from the Stone Island Marina collection was this long sleeve striped tee, perfect for this in-between weather and a staple piece you will have in rotation season after season. Styled here with a khaki Stone Island cargo short, navy Paul & Shark zip hoodie, white suede Y3 trainers, Ray-Ban aviators and every wardrobe essential item Jason Mark repel, for those caught off guard by the rainy days that are upon us.


Our Top 5 Festival Essentials

Heading to a festival this summer? Whether it’s in the UK or living it large abroad, every festival goer feels the challenge. Sleep deprivation, hangovers and not to mention the hygiene, or lack of it. Festivals are the best and worst times of your life. When all grooming routines go the distance, and by the 3rd day you’re resembling Tom Hardy from The Revenant, ungroomed and in serious need of some TLC. While we can’t promise to cure those hangovers we think our top 5 festival essentials will keep your style in check this summer season.

Patagonia Arbor Backpack

1. Getting to the festival is just the beginning, after queuing in the car for what seems like years, you’re finally at the drop off point, only to find you’ve got a good mile or two to walk to get into the festival. Alleviate some of that pressure with our Patagonia Arbour, a spacious 26 Litre capacity backpack that will hold all your essentials and has padded straps and a water repellent finish. If that isn’t a festival essential we don’t know what is!
Barbour hip flask gift set

2. You’re settling in, relaxing with a drink and then before you know it, it’s time to go and watch the Foo Fighters but they’re up on the main stage. This requires lots of walking and drink spilling. Not now it doesn’t, our 2nd festival essential lets you keep the spirit going……literally. Our Barbour hip flask and 6 glasses fits perfectly into your next festival essential, the windbreaker, so all you have to do is fill it up and head on over.

Adidas windbreaker

3. A windbreaker is a classic when it comes to festivals. This go to jacket will become your savoir. For those that have been to a festival before, think Glastonbury, mud, rain and wind. Now the unprepared might give up and head back to their tent, but there’s no need when you have a windbreaker. Protecting yourself from the elements couldn’t be easier and more stylish, so there’s no need to miss your favourite band. You can dance all night, or until your bed, well tent is calling. We would recommend the Adidas windbreaker, featuring a hood (bring it on rain), a central zip pocket and a 60’s style, this retro piece is festival perfection.


Rayban Sunglasses

4. For that rare occasion when the sun does come out, or when the light of day gets too much in your hungover haze, a pair of sunglasses is a must. Our range of Rayban sunglasses give that un-kept look a whole new edge of cool.

Jason Markk Wipes

5. Part and parcel of going to a festival is excepting that your choice of footwear are destined to be ruined as you’ve got no way of cleaning the excess grime off. Luckily we’ve got the perfect solution. Our Jason Markk quick wipes  are an easy add on to keep your footwear on top form. Just wipe and the dirt is gone, that’s one less thing to worry about!

Jason Markk Brand Guide

Jason Markk’s was founded in 2007, when Jason, not content with using home remedies and dissatisfied with what the market had to offer, decided to create his own sneaker solution. Taking into consideration the premium materials that sneakers were crafted from, Jason created his first product, which would soon become a household name among sneakerheads. The Jason Markk premium shoe cleaner was formulated avoiding harsh chemicals, in a bid to create the perfect sneaker cleaner. The effective solution is completely biodegradable and cleans and conditions, removing dirt and stains that occur during everyday wear. The shoe cleaner can be used on leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, vinyl nylon, cotton mesh as well as many other materials.

Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner

With the brand quickly becoming recognised on the market, Jason created the Quick Wipes. An on the go solution, perfect for dealing with sneaker emergencies. The wipes contain a modified version of the Premium Shoe Cleaner, but what sets aside the quick wipe is it’s unique wipe material. One side features tiny dots that provide abrasiveness to help clean tougher stains, while the other softer side aids the cleaning of excess dirt, making for a more effective clean.

Jason Markk Quick Wipes

In May 2016 not content with just producing cleaning products, Jason Markk opened his first flagship store in the Little Tokyo Historic District of Los Angeles. The store offers a drop off sneaker care service, the first of its kind. The concept combines encompassing and promoting the Jason Markk brand, while offering cleaning services carried out by the brand’s own sneaker care technicians. The store also stocks Jason Mark’s full range, including the premium stain remover and repel spray, along with other sneaker lifestyle products.

Today Jason Markk products can be found in over 2000 stores in 30 countries and here at Aphrodite we stock a range of Jason Mark products, offering you the perfect solution to all your sneaker needs, to find out more about the products we stock read below.

Jason Markk Premium Microfiber Towel
A 12″ x 12″ lint free, non-abrasive and hypoallergenic towel, this towel is constructed from microfibers that are finer than human hair which result in millions of microscoping hooks that capture dirt and dust effectively.

Jason Markk Repel Spray – 8oz
This premium water and stain repellent spray delivers a durable, breathable barrier that repels liquids and stains. Safe to use on all materials including (and not limited to) suede, nubuck, leather nylon and canvas. This product does not alter the look or feel of the materials and is a must-have product for any sneaker enthusiast.
 These dual textured wipes are ideal for those who like to keep their shoes in top condition. The raised dots help to clean those tough areas, with a smoothe side to clear excess dirt. Each wipe is individually packaged, meaning you can conveniently keep them at hand for whenever you need them.
The original dual-textured shoe cleaning wipes in a convenient pack allowing you to take with you on the go. Featuring textured raised dots mixed with Jason Markk’s cleaning solution creates the ultimate cleaning power. The small packets are perfect for keeping in your bag, car or wallet for those shoe cleaning emergencies.
Designed to keep your trainers as clean as possible as often as possible, the Jason Markk essential kit includes a 4oz cleaning solution and a standard cleaning brush. Cleans up to 100 times and is 98.3% natural and completely biodegradable.
A more premium piece than the standard brush, this hand crafted brush is created from softer hog bristle that provides better cleaning of delicate materials. A walnut handle adds a sturdy finish to this piece.

You can shop our full range of Jason Markk cleaning products here.

Jason Markk Quick Wipes

Founded in 2007, Jason Markk revolutionised the sneakerhead culture with the introduction of a dedicated shoe cleaner that didn’t use harsh chemicals that could harm their precious sneakers. An instant hit, Jason Markk has gone from strength to strength, refining their formula to ensure that it meets the demands of sneakerheads who want their shoes to be clean at all times.

More recently, Jason Markk have introduced the Quick Wipes – a quick and easy way to clean shoes on the go. The dual sided wipe has been created to maximise cleaning potential and is handily packaged in small and manageable packets.

The video below outlines the Jason Markk Quick Wipes:

As you can see, the Jason Markk Quick Wipes are the first in the market to have two sides – one for getting the surface dirt out and the other for more hard to reach dirt. The durable, heavyweight nature of the wipe allows the cleaner to really get stuck into their shoes to get them looking new again.

A logical and successful step in the ever successful history of Jason Markk’s cleaning products, the Quick Wipe is now available in packs of three and thirty.

Jason Markk Quick Wipes


How To Clean Suede Trainers

A Guide On How To Clean Your Suede Trainers

Are you the type of person who loves to keep their suede shoes clean? If so, you can follow our guide on how to clean suede with essential Jason Markk UK products.

Jason Markk UK

Image courtesy of Jason Markk UK


You’ll Need

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Solution

Jason Markk Premium Brush

Jason Markk Microfiber towel

The Steps

Before you begin, be cautious of dyed suede as the colour can bleed when in contact with water.

  1. First of all, use the brush to remove any dirt lying on the surface of the shoe.
  2. Fill a bowl of water and dip the brush into it, applying an appropriate amount of shoe cleaning solution to the brush before dipping it back in the water
  3. Shake any excess water from the brush before scrubbing the entire suede area evenly. You can repeat this depending on how much you need to clean the suede.
  4. After cleaning, it’s time to focus on the drying process. Grab your microfiber towel, it’s important to move fast in order to absorb the water.
  5. Use the dab and twist method, repeating several times before allowing to dry naturally.
  6. After an hour or two, work the nap back and forth with the premium brush, then allow to dry naturally. Make sure you keep working the nap back and forth several times throughout, until the shoes are completely dry.

You can purchase Jason Markk products on our website, did you find this guide useful? Watch an exclusive Jason Markk video below on the suede cleaning process.

Video courtesy of Jason Markk UK on Vimeo

Jason Markk | How To Clean Suede from Jason Markk on Vimeo.


Introducing The Jason Markk Suede Cleaner

Jason Markk Suede Cleaner

Jason Markk’s latest introduction to the footwear cleaning market is this fantastic suede cleaning kit. Neatly packaged in a presentation box are 2 items that are an essential addition to your accessories if you are a real sneakerhead.

Firstly there is a beech wood brush finished with fine horse hair bristles for delicate cleaning of your favourite kicks. The brush is finished with a heat stamped logo on the handle. In addition to the brush is an eraser that can be used to remove almost anything on materials such as suede, nubuck, mesh etc.

Priced only at £10.00, the suede cleaner is a great gift for someone you know that appreciates their sneakers or as a treat for yourself to keep your favourite shoes in good condition. Browse our Jason Markk category for our full range

Suede Cleaner

How To Clean Suede and Nubuck With Jason Markk

Jason Markk

Jason Markk teams up with sneaker enthusiast blog Sole Collector for a series of videos on how to use his products to clean a variety of high-end sneakers. Through discussions with sneakerheads in our shop and online it is obvious that some people are scared to clean their shoes, especially when they have suede panels. Many people have their own tried and tested methods but an overwhelming number of sneaker lovers use the Jason Markk range of premium footwear cleaning solutions.

In this particular video, the sneaker of choice is the mixed material Nike Jordan 4 Retro “Fear” that has been worn out to a club and needs some TLC. Sporting a combination of suede and nubuck uppers, you might normally think twice about the way you clean them. Yet in this video, Jason Markk makes the cleaning of the shoes relatively simple and guides you through the process from start to finish.

What you will need:

  • Bowl of Clean Water
  • Jason Markk Standard Brush
  • Jason Markk Premium Brush
  • Jason Markk Premium Cleaning Solution
  • Jason Markk Microfibre Cloth
Simple Directions (Would suggest watching video):
Dip the Standard Brush into the water, apply the solution to the brush, dip it into the water again and rinse off the excess. Scrub the midsole. Be mindful not to get too much water on the nubuck for too long. Take the microfibre cloth and wipe excess water off. To clean the nubuck, use the Premium Brush with the softer hog bristles and wet slightly. Scrub the nubuck area and then wipe clean with a microfibre cloth with backward strokes. Leave to dry for 24 hours and then work back and forth with a clean, dry microfibre cloth once again. Please watch the video for full instructions on how to complete the entire cleaning process.

Shop our entire range of Jason Markk products