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Lookbook // Layers for Lads

Our favourite brands are the ones that display a consistent aesthetic across smart and casual creations, and that’s everything that Aquascutum stands for. Drenching their club check across everything from sweats to overcoats, the layering possibilities are endless.

A forgotten son of Italian couture, Paul & Shark offer something that most casual clothing creators can’t compete with, consistency. From quality to an intrinsically sporting colour palette, you know what you’re getting from the yachting brand.

As ever its game set colour match with the athleisure offerings of Lacoste, with a polo or crew knit to pair against any autumnal aesthetic courtesy of the ever-present French fabricators.

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Lacoste Cap Lacoste Cap in Navy

Best of Summer at Aphrodite

The summer is well and truly kicking in, with the hot temperatures set to soar and holiday plans heating up, it only seemed fair to show our best of the summer selections with a mixture of brand new items and sale steals, make sure you’re kitted out with the best of summer.


Champion T-Shirt Script Logo – SALE
It’s all about being vibrant in our best of summer highlights, no one wants to go to the beach in all black. We’re stout advocates of a good quality t-shirt, and Champion is a brand that doesn’t scrimp on quality. Their script logo t-shirt comes in an eye-catching yellow base, with the red, white and blue of the logo shining brightly on the chest.
Fred Perry T-Shirt  Colour Block 
Sometimes it’s hard to show off whilst in your minimal holiday dressing, but at least show a contemporary air with a colour blocked piece. Fred Perry have placed their laurel wreath to this pastel-tinged design and it’s perfect for on its own or under a linen shirt.
Polo Shirts
Lacoste Polo Shirt  – SALE
With certain brands, you just can’t argue with the pedigree, and for polo shirts, that’s Lacoste all over. The brand were the originators of this classy design back in the 30s, and they’re still going strong with the design today, dressed here in a warm weather ready light blue.
The world cup might be over but we’ve still got football fever over here at Aphrodite. In honour of the finals, Fred Perry commemorated specific nations with their own polo shirts prior to the cup, so channel your inner samba with this Brazillian iteration of the staple twin tipped polo.
Folk Shirt Horizon – SALE
If it isn’t a lightweight fabric then it’s not even worth it. The Folks at Folk thought that too, issuing a subtle but sure-fire holiday hit in the form of their linen and cotton blended horizon shirt, decked here in a soft yellow.
It never gets easier trying to reinvent the wheel, but the punk spirit still lives on through Vivienne Westwood. Embellishing the standard white shirt with a side fastening pointed collar and extra panelling at the rear for more room to breathe.
Stussy Stock Terry Shorts – SALE
Who cares about pairing and matching, you’re on holiday just chill out! These proud pink terry shorts by the way of the original streetwear company, Stussy, have the skate and surf pedigree to guarantee comfort in the sunshine. After all, it is a California brand.
From one warm climate to another, we’ve got the towelling style of Stone Island’s sweat shorts ready to be equipped for the sunshine. With four outer pockets to choose from, there’s a lot of versatility in this perfect holiday garment.
Swim Shorts
Barbour Swim Shorts – SALE
When it comes to swimming, the individual with the jazziest shorts always looks best poolside. Whether you go reserved with a simple colour combo pattern, or with an outlandish eye-catching display, just remember you won’t see them again for another year. Your safe bet is with these gingham edition Barbour swim shorts.
Paul Smith Multi Stripe Swim Shorts
As stated above your shorts have to be jazzy, and there’s nothing jazzier than this instantly recognisable pattern from Paul Smith.
Eastpak Springer Bum Bag – SALE
Tourist vibes courtesy of the ever dependable Eastpak brand. Sling your passport, money, suncream and anything else worthy of its confines.
BOSS Green Holdall Pixel ZT
On the other spectrum, if you’re the sort that likes to pack light when travelling, this Boss Green Holdall is a perfect size for daily or monthly travel. With carrying handles reinforced with leather this is the classy statement holdall every travelling gent needs.
Norse Projects Heather Cap  – SALE
In a perfect summery pastel palette, this basic Norse Project cap is popping essential to protect your face from the rays.
Paul & Shark Cap 
With their yachting pedigree, you can guarantee this Paul & Shark statement cap to be rich in anti ray technology, with a rich red colouring.
Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
The industry standard of designer sunglasses, Ray Ban have updated their Wayfarer sunglasses with G-15 lens to ensure protection from the harshest of sun.

A History of Wimbledon Style

Other than high octane singles matches, players breaking rackets and crowds causing them and the thousands of strawberries and cream sold to punters there’s one singular thing you can rely on. Style. From its rebirth in the open era, and even a selection of champions prior, there have been a plethora of notable style moments highlighted by the staple Wimbledon white wardrobe, so here are our top picks!

René Lacoste

The father of the Alligator, René Lacoste was more than just a brand founder. An avid inventor (with a number of patents for inventions from fashion to golf to tennis) Lacoste was responsible for the initial creation of the polo shirt, revolutionising tennis forever. Winning Wimbledon in 1925 and 1928, he did it in his own preppy style as seen below, usually in his own stylish creations. As the Lacoste legacy lives on we still see René’s signature crocodile stamped on the brand with their staple style polos and sport influenced apparel.


Fred Perry

A multi-time champion, the last British winner before Andy Murray’s ascension, creator of the laurel wreath and universally stylish individual. Fred Perry accomplished a lot in his time as a tennis pro and managed to surpass that legacy with the creation of the Fred Perry clothing brand. Seen below in his sweater vest and chinos, it’s a style that sees itself in the spotlight again and again. Introducing his initial creation, the Fred Perry Laurel Wreath polo in 1952 (the logo borrowed from Wimbledon) Fred Perry created a sporting legacy on top of his prior accomplishments and birthed a plethora of subcultural movements. Still outfitting sportsmen and women amongst others, their collections are still made to the stylish standard of their creator.


Rod Laver

One of the original stars of adidas tennis and one of the initial adopters of a signature adidas shoe, Laver was no nonsense on the court reflecting in his clean-cut style. Draped in all white Fred Perry, it was the premium apparel that represented his premium game granting him one of the initial signature adidas tennis styles of the decade. With the introduction and reissue of more adidas tennis styles, most recently the Continental 80 amongst others, it won’t be long till more Rod Lavers.


Stan Smith

Instantly recognisable in this modern day as the endorsee of adidas’s signature tennis style, Stan Smith carved a history as a winner and a stylish one at that with his signature slick back and stache. The adidas stan smith still retains dominance to this day and age with its collaborations, the most high profile being the Raf Simons collection that it has become a staple of. Don’t forget about his skate history either, revolutionary.


Arthur Ashe

Making history is all the better when you look as good as Arthur Ashe. Becoming the first black grand slam champion in tennis history, Ashe decided to rile up compatriot Jimmy Connors with his Davis Cup issued USA jacket, one that Connors would have had if he’d accepted the invitation to represent his country in the country vs country tournament (and that he was labelled ‘unpatriotic’ for). Ashe’s style provided a benchmark for future designs from a number of American brands, namely the style of Polo Ralph Lauren who took lend of the sporting red, white and blue.


Bjorn Borg

The Legendary Swede, a man who rattled off an undefeated 4 years at Wimbledon, rocking the best in pinstriped and checked polos by the way of Fila and becoming the king of track jackets too. He might be most famous style wise for his signature Diadora shoe, and his fashion line as Bjorn Borg, but his quintessentially 70s style is an inspiration for us all, and brands such as Aquascutum with their mix of sport and vintage style.


John Mcenroe 

The man who knocked Bjorn Borg off his mount, and took his place as tennis’ style king. Mcenroe’s effortless style was on display through his full career, his minimal colour blocking via Sergio Tacchini offering a fitting uniform for his first championship. The segmented blocking finds itself commonplace with heralded brands nower days, especially favourites like AMI


Pete Sampras & Andre Agassi

Nike’s signature athletes and both Wimbledon champions across the 90s, the pairing of Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi meant in the final of the 99 Wimbledon, showing the best in 90s style. Sampras decked in the classic white polo, lateral stripes included. Although he might have lost in this instance, Agassi takes the trophy for style with his earring and necklace combo, plus a lethal quarter zip polo. Agassi has had some moments in style with his signature Nikes and fake mullet and meth period, eclectic guy.


Roger Federer

Skipping most of this century so far wasn’t hard, to be honest. Tennis style just isn’t the same anymore, or revolutionary. Nike, late to the game with tennis and adopters of the all whites in the 90s, took the model of the signature sporting athlete from their work with Michael Jordan, using the same model for their (till recently) deal with all-time great Roger Federer. To celebrate his record-equalling 7th Wimbledon title, Nike decked their flagship tennis star with a retro-inspired quarter zip jumper and attire, ushering in a retro-inspired phase for the swoosh.

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Lacoste

Let’s take a look at 10 interesting facts you (Probably) didn’t know about Lacoste.

1. René Lacoste Was A World Leading Tennis Player

René Lacoste was one of the greatest tennis players out there. Back in ’25 – ’29, René Lacoste won a series of Grand Slams and squashed his competition with 5 victories at the French Internationals, 3 wins at Wimbledon and 2 victories at the U.S. Championship gaining him the heralded No. 1 spot in 1926 & ’27.

2. The Crocodile Came From A Bet

Back in ’23 René seen a crocodile skin briefcase in a shop window in Boston that he wanted, he created a bet with his Tennis coach that if he won a match later that evening he would receive it. Sadly he lost the match, but it didn’t stop an American Reporter giving him the Nickname ‘The Alligator’. When he returned to France that name changed to what you see today, the Crocodile.

3. The Original Logo Was Created By Robert George

In 1927 Robert George brought the Crocodile to life with his detailed illustration which was later simplified for the Polo Shirts. In years to come, he had a capsule released in his name as a sign of respect and appreciation.

Original Lacoste Logo

Original Lacoste Logo Created By Robert George

Rene Lacoste

Rene Lacoste Wearing Original Lacoste Logo

4. The Logo Was One Of The First Garments To Feature Branding Out The Outside

That’s right, Lacoste was one of the first brands to feature a logo on its garments, 2nd only to Jantzen Swimwear who featured the diving woman on their cap and swimsuit. Lacoste paved the way for fashion with their bold logo design giving an instantly recognised brand appeal.

5. They Didn’t Introduce Alternative Colours For Nearly 30 Years

For nearly 30 years Lacoste only produced the White Polo shirt, they introduced newer colours to appeal to an upper-class market. To be fair though, the White Polo Shirt with the Green Crocodile badge is still a timeless look over 80 years later, so you can’t really blame them for focusing on it.

6. They Had Legal Issues With An Asian Company About The Crocodile Design

The Singaporean brand ‘Crocodile Company’ had battled with Lacoste for countless years about who owned the rights to the crocodile logo. After a huge battle in court Crocodile company agreed to modify their logo with larger eyes and a vertical tail amongst a few other tweaks.


lacoste vs crocodile company comparison

lacoste vs crocodile company comparison

7. Lacoste Live! Was Created To Attract Younger Audiences

With the introduction of Felipe Oliveira Baptista in 2010, the brand switched their values up and introduced the Live! Collection in 2011, it was designed to appeal to the younger market, to this day the Live! collection has been well received with collaborations with streetwear labels such as Supreme, and even well respected Japanese labels such as Beams & Junya Watanabe. Considering Lacoste always had the ‘preppy’ sort of aesthetic they have definitely cemented themselves into the streetwear game.

Supreme x Lacoste SS/17

Supreme x Lacoste SS/17

8. They Temporarily Changed Their Logo In 2018

It’s not every day a huge label changes their logo completely, it’s like Nike getting rid of the swoosh. But they had a great reason behind the change, they did it to raise awareness and money to help conservation programs to protect the worlds most endangered animals. Ranging from the Burmese Roofed Turtle to the Northern Sportive Lemur, the animals on the shirts are all on the brink of species-wide extinction. So they replaced the iconic Crocodile badge and replaced them with 10 different animals, each design had a limited run of Polo’s produced that corresponded with the remaining population of each animal. The collaboration was dubbed ‘Savethespecies’ and shows the brands passion for respecting the environment and life, other brands should take note.

Lacoste Save Our Species Collection

Lacoste Save Our Species Collection

9. Peter Saville Destroyed The Crocodile

Well not literally obviously. Working with Calvin Klein, Kanye West & even his home city of Manchester, Saville was given the task to redesign the brand with one condition, “Don’t touch the crocodile’, being an avant-garde artist he decided not to follow this crucial instruction and ripped the crocodile to pieces, 80 to be precise. This led to a collection of 40 different designs being crafted for a creative and fresh way to see the crocodile in a deconstructed manner.

Peter Saville Lacoste Logo Designs

Peter Saville Lacoste Logo Designs

Peter Saville Lacoste Polo Shirt

Peter Saville Lacoste Polo Shirt

10. They Produce Tennis Rackets

I know it’s a shock to think that a company made by one of the best Tennis players in the world makes Tennis Rackets, but I bet you didn’t know that Rene Lacoste invented the first ever steel racket!? He was an innovator and a futurist who wanted to create and invent, and so he did.


Lacoste LT12 Racket

Lacoste LT12 Racket


Lacoste Polo Shirts and The French Open

At the age of 17, Rene Lacoste took the Tennis world by surprise when he won his first tennis tournament. The press took note of his expert attitude towards the games he played, and instantly knew he would be destined for a great future. A journalist soon named him ‘the alligator.’ This was a nickname Lacoste took to the next level by asking his friend to design a crocodile logo, which he proudly wore embroidered onto a blazer. The same authentic detail is featured on Lacoste tees and polos, continuing to pay respect to the inspiration behind the brand.


The original Lacoste L.12.12 polo shirt was produced and advertised in 1933, which again featured the Crocodile logo. The polo was lightweight and flexible which made it a sportsman’s dream piece. Lacoste continued to create different ranges, including shoes and children’s clothing. Mervyn Rose also wore a Lacoste polo shirt on the cover of ‘Tennis De France.’ With Rene Lacoste inspiring generations, it is no surprise that Lacoste are the official outfitters of the French Open. This year they have created a Roland Garros apparel and accessories collection (expected to land in Lacoste stores on 18th May.)


For those who know their polo shirts, they are a staple garment which will never tire of being on trend. Lacoste polo shirts are available in a range of different colours and styles, from classic navy and white to lemon and ocean blue. The brand caters for those who like to keep colourful and those who prefer to stay subtle. Not only are you wearing a designer piece, but a designer piece which has been inspired and created by two world famous tennis players, Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier. The short sleeved polos are a must have for the Summer months, where the long sleeved polos are ideal for those days where wrapping up is essential. No matter how you wear it, the polo shirt works as an iconic piece which boasts a unique ‘preppy’ look.



A Fresh Take On A Lacoste Classic

Lacoste Polo Shirt In Mint Green

The Lacoste polo shirt is one of the most recognisable wardrobe staples worldwide. First introduced in 1926 by the famous French tennis player Rene Lacostee who wanted a change from  the traditional long sleeved shirt to a more suitable short sleeved breathable alternative. This was a first for the tennis world and has evolved into a global phenomenon in both sportswear and fashion alike. The Lacoste polo has become a modern classic mixing the traditional polo shirt silhouette with contemporary colours.  Over the decades the polo has proved itself as a go to piece for a wide range of styles from preppy to the casual terrace culture and everything in between.

Crafted from 100% cotton pique and with key features including ribbed collar and armbands, two button placket and finished with the iconic crocodile logo to the chest, this polo is a must have in any collection. Coming in a wide range of colours from the key everyday tones to the more seasonal hues, this polo is suitable all year round.  Worn by many celebrities over the years including Clint Eastwood, Robert Pattinson and David Gandy, the Lacoste polo is a versatile piece held in the highest esteem.

This Mint Green Lacoste Polo Shirt is available to buy online now for £75

Staple Jumpers From Lacoste

Lacoste Jumpers

With a history that is steeped in sporting success and fashionable innovation, Lacoste have become a staple brand in the modern man’s wardrobe since their introduction way back in 1926. With roots that run deep within a vintage tennis culture, Rene Lacoste- a French tennis player that revolutionized a whole host of elements within the sport- founded the Lacoste label, using his introduction of the now classic polo shirt to the sport that he had international success with, Rene redefined the style of an era.

Along with the Rene Lacoste polo shirt came the now infamous Lacoste crocodile- afforded to Rene by the press after he entered an alligator skin suitcase into a bet with a fellow competitor- earning him the nickname ‘The alligator”- the tag stuck, and Rene Lacoste used the silhouette of a crocodile on all of his newly founded labels creations to earmark them as a piece of his influence.

From polo shirts to Lacoste jumpers, the Lacoste range grew at a rapid rate, fast becoming a staple style for many, over a host of genres.  Most notably, the label with the crocodile logo became a permanent fixture in the wardrobe of preppy style followers in the States, as well as the weekend casuals in the UK.

From being styled for the terraces to being layered underneath slim cut blazers in traditional preppy style, Lacoste jumpers are the perfect example of sophisticated versatility, coming in a range of styles and finishes to blend into any wardrobe effortlessly.