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Lanvin’s latest Curb Trainer embraces chunky visuals

A fresh take on the skatewear inspired silhouette


Initially released in Autumn/Winter 22, Lanvin’s Curb Trainers have proved a hit for the Parisian fashion house. The model has arrived in an abundance of fresh colourways since its initial release, however the shape and style of the shoe has remained untouched, that is, until now.


A fresh take on the Curb Trainer sees the brand’s iconic kimono lacing dropped in place of a more chunky collection of monochromatic laces, complimenting the oversized tongue and exaggerated form of the shoe. As always, the trainers are incredibly well made, crafted in Portugal using a breathable mesh as the base of the shoe and offering a distinctive style thanks to wavy calf leather side panelling. Large metal eyelets hold the enlarged laces while further metal detailing also appears on the oversized tongue in the form of Lanvin branding.


The Curb Trainers are finished with debossed Lanvin branding to the side panelling and arrive in a blacked-out colourway. Pick up a pair for yourself, available online and in-store now.


Lanvin-Curb-Trainers-Beige-29319 01

Lanvin Curb Trainers drop in a refined Beige Colourway.

While Fashion house Lanvin are known for taking their typical Parisian flair to clothing and accessories, their Curb Trainer has clearly proven that a bold approach is just as effective when used on footwear.

Creating a stand out trainer for an overly saturated market is no easy feat, but Lanvin done exactly that with the introduction of the Curb trainer in 2020. Inspired by skate culture of the 90’s, and curiously similar to the famed Osiris D3, the popularity the shoes have gained are arguably a result of their crazy shape and ‘out-there’ style.


Lanvin-Curb-Trainers-Beige-29319 01

To help tone down the shoes, Lanvin have dropped a more refined colourway featuring beige, beige and… More beige. Monochromatic tones help to add styling versatility and the funky character of the trainer ensures that, no matter what, they’ll always be a stand out piece.

Featuring wavy side panels constructed from suede, a notably oversized tongue and large woven laces inspired by the Japanese kimono, the Curb trainers have it all. Sturdy metal eyelets keep your lacing secure, a perforated suede toe box ensures breathability and a rubberized toe and heel cap add and element of durability and protection to your trainers. All while Lanvin branding decorates the trainers for a classy finish.

Lanvin-Curb-Trainers-Beige-29319 03(1)



Dressed in beige and rocking an unbelievably bold attitude, these Lanvin trainers are available to shop in-store and online at Aphrodite Clothing.

Lanvin Clay Low Top Sneakers

LANVIN Clay Low Top Sneakers Brings The Colour

Ever since Jeanne Lanvin founded the Paris fashion house LANVIN in 1889, the brand has become a big name with immaculate tailoring and high quality, all in the pursuit of Parisian luxury. LANVIN started out by making woman’s counter fashion and then in 1926 they produced their first menswear collection and today stand as the third oldest fashion house in Paris. LANVIN in recent years has shifted style to a more modern and relaxed aesthetic which can be seen in their latest season of menswear. 

   Lanvin Clay Sneakers


The latest in luxury sneakers from LANVIN comes in the form of the Clay Low Top Sneaker, a colourful statement in footwear featuring a plethora of pastel colours and the detail of the brand name LANVIN on the side. This luxury sneaker is made from a combination of suede and perforated calfskin for that classic feel of luxury but with a modern twist.

LANVIN’s latest luxury sneakers are youthful and bright statement that still up hold the brands word of luxury, while also giving the luxury sneaker scene a shake up with a fresh shape and a pop of colour.  Shop the LANVIN Clay Low Top Sneakers at Aphrodite now.
Buy Lanvin Clay Low Top Sneakers

Lanvin Curb Leather Skate Trainers

The Return of Retro Skate Shoes : Lanvin Curb Sneaker

Get Familiar With The Lanvin Curb Sneaker

Fast emerging as one of the sneaker industry’s biggest players, the Curb sneaker from Lanvin already has the seal of approval from a slew of high-profile names including Virgil Abloh, Dele Ali, Travis Scott and 24kGoldn whom have all contributed to the silhouette’s transcendent popularity, having been spotted wearing the bulbous design to a series of exclusive events over recent months.

The chunky shoe is the brainchild of Bruno Sialelli, Lanvin Creative Director. Inspired by acclaimed LA photographer Hugh Holland, Sialelli began honing in on the skateboarders captured within Holland’s images who are photographed riding over the drainage ditches on Laurel Canyon Boulevard – a free-spirited enclave situated in the San Fernando Valley. On evaluation of Holland’s imagery, it became apparent to Sialelli that sneakers sit at the heart of a skateboarder’s lifestyle, not only enhancing their flair atop the board but defining them as characters too.

Keen to create his own ‘Lanvin characters’ Sialelli set about crafting his own luxury skating shoe, complete with all the authentic details that you would spot in an original Hugh Holland 1970 print. Fusing the spirit of Cali’ skating culture with the feel and look of Dave Mayhew’s Osiris D3 design, the Lanvin Curb Sneaker is a nod to subcultures from the eras of both 1970 and 1990.

Lanvin Curb Sneakers Black

Set atop a beefy rubber outsole, the hi-top is built using a combination of nappa calfskin leather, suede and mesh. In true skatewear tradition, there’s a rubber bumper featured at the shoe’s toe box, in place to resist heavy levels of abrasion. Perforations also feature at the toe box, bringing breathability to your activities whether you’re scaling a half pipe or simply heading into the city. At the tongue, a pull is attached for ergonomic purposes, allowing the wearer to prop it back and slide their foot into the surprisingly narrow opening of the shoe with ease. The most striking element of the Lanvin Curb Sneaker is its lacing system, whereby three laces are combined to make one extra wide strip that’s finished in colourful, double waxed herringbone.

Lanvin Curb Sneakers Black White

Signed off with the fashion house’s signature Mother & Child embellishments, the Lanvin Curb Sneaker would look equally at home on the rails of Venice Beach Skatepark as it would on the tarmac of the Champs-ÉlyséesDue to the shoe’s immense popularity with both celebrities and the streetwear scene, we recommend securing it quickly before it really skyrockets and sells out everywhere. View the Lanvin sneakers in closer detail via the video below.

Lanvin Bumpr Sneakers

Parisian Luxury : Introducing Lanvin

Founded by Jeanne Lanvin way back in 1889 and one of the oldest French fashion houses still in existence, we are more than pleased to welcome Lanvin to our roster. Known for their impeccable quality, precise craftsmanship and far-reaching influences, the Parisian based outfit, slot themselves seamlessly alongside our vast offering of high-end luxury brand’s. With Bruno Sialell recently taking over the reigns as head designer in 2019, Lanvin are thriving from a decisive shift to a more youthful direction, combining playful graphic branding and more laidback aesthetics, such as retro sportswear, with high-quality materials and opulent detailing.


Lanvin Sneakers


Arriving just in time for AW20, not only do we have what we’re sure will be the first of many clothing based arrivals but a host of notable footwear silhouettes, such as non-other than the brand’s hyper-relevant Bumper Sneakers. Taking their design inspiration from ’70s running footwear, the pairing employ a selection of carefully curated fabrics such as calfskin leather and breathable mesh alongside exaggerated proportions to deliver a unique twist on the classic formula.

Continuing the athletic theme, Lanvin’s Low Top Clay Trainers, borrow characteristics from atypical tennis footwear, whilst the brand’s DBB1 trainers utilise a sleeker outer face and more refined elements, such as a cap toe accent, for an effortlessly suave and sophisticated approach. If you’re a fan of trainers put together with an extra pinch of opulence, you’re certainly in the right place.

Read our Lanvin Brand Guide to find out more.

Lanvin Paris Brand Guide

A mainstay on the Parisian fashion week line-up and an integral part of the industry’s history, Lanvin remains France’s oldest and most storied maison. Established in the 19th century by Jeanne Lanvin, the label has worked hard to embrace a series of generational and trend shifts during its 131 years in operation.

Lanvin History

With strong roots to the hat industry, former milliner apprentice Jeanne Lanvin humbly set up the eponymous brand in 1889 after clothing she had hand produced for her daughter, Marie-Blanche de Polignac, started to command attention on the tangled streets of Paris. Soon after, mothers in their masses were requesting garments for their own children, and eventually, due to overwhelming demand, Jeanne opened up her own boutique on the iconic rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré which steadily drew in some of Europe’s finest clientele.

Lanvin Curb T-Shirt

Lanvin Sneakers

Lanvin Curb

Lanvin Trainers are simply iconic. The brands style is instantly recognisable and has become synonymous with celebrity status in recent years, often seen being worn by Basketballers, Footballers, Singers and Rap stars alike. Inspired by nineties and noughties skate culture, the Lanvin Curb Sneakers offer a chunky aesthetic with an oversized tongue and kimono laces. The model seamlessly blends skate wear, streetwear and high fashion like no other trainer can, with its layered panelling and simple branding propelling the fashion house to new levels as of late.

Lanvin Curb Sneakers

Lanvin Clothing

Lanvin T-Shirts

Lanvin likes to get creative when it comes to their T-Shirts, never one to shy away from a bold design, the fashion house regularly produce stunning pieces in their seasonal collections. Recent examples from their SS23 Collection include their printed graphic tees with highly contrasting colours , while their striped t-shirts with taped logos never cease to amaze us. Lanvin T-Shirts are all made with incredible quality, they’re often crafted using organic cotton and are typically manufactured in Italy, like the monochromatic piece below.

Lanvin T-Shirts

Lanvin Hoodies

Much like the Parisian brands T-Shirts and other apparel, the brands Hoodies exuberate sheer quality. They’re a sign of Lanvin’s evolution, keeping up with seasonal trends to give the people what they want, with the classic Lanvin twist of course. Lanvin Hoodies feature an oversized, boxy fit and are oftentimes seen donning the brands curb logo, Other iterations of Lanvin Hoodies that we have seen recently feature oversize graphic patterns and intricate embroidery.

Lanvin Outerwear