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Maison Margiela Nylon Sports Jacket Beige

Maison Margiela Sports Jacket: 2-in-1 Design Codes

Margiela Celebrates The ‘Anonymity Of The Lining’ Concept Once Again

As many Maison Margiela aficionados will already know, house spearhead John Galliano is quite the fan of 2-in-1 design tactics. In fact, the trailblazing British designer is more than a fan, he’s a certified pioneer of the pursuit.

Since 2014, the Parisian label has welcomed Galliano’s self-titled ‘anonymity of the lining’ concept with open arms, with this season promising to set the same agenda. Just remember, there’s more than meets the eye…

New for Autumn Winter ‘19, the Maison Margiela Nylon Sports Jacket is guaranteed to command attention. Crafted to the Maison’s superlative standards in Italy, this mac-style silhouette asks the wearer to look far beneath its surface.

Maison Margiela Sports Jacket

Maison Margiela Hybrid Sports JacketMaison Margiela Nylon Sports Jacket Beige

On top of an array of functional features, such as a weatherproof shell, stowaway hood and drawstring detailing; the garment boasts a slick cross body bag that’s hidden away in its right-hand pocket. With the addition of a black buckle belt, the accessory can be worn over the upper-body or wrapped around the waist, of course, depending on your personal preference.

If the hybrid element of the jacket wasn’t enough to entice you, Maison Margiela’s signature four stitches symbolise status to the reverse, while the house’s coding system operates at the face of the design.

Maison Margiela Nylon JacketMaison Margiela Nylon Sports Jacket with bag

If you’re hoping to update your outerwear collection with an urban twist and cutting-edge craftsmanship, look no further than this Maison Margiela Nylon Sports Jacket. Available in-store and online at Aphrodite now.

Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela SS’19: Modern Mastery

For a fashion house shrouded in anonymity and known for their enigmatic, clothes first approach the name Maison Margiela really needs no introduction. Revered for their often avant-garde, out of the box styling and deconstructive approach to design the brand has forged a globally recognised reputation for innovative luxury and forward-thinking refinement. Whether presenting their wildly imaginative artisanal collections, dressing the creme de la creme of the celebrity world or splitting opinions with their unconventional footwear, the brand does so with an inviolable purpose and unapologetic style.

Maison Margiela Spring/Summer

But, despite their often left-field approach, the brand still manages to bring with them an undeniable appeal to the more contemporary masses, earning them a place amongst some of the worlds most sought after apparel. Founded in 1988, Margiela quickly set their sights on protesting the glossy, polished fashion found in abundance at the time applying minimal detailing, such as their now iconic ‘X’ stitch embellishment, and a stripped back, unfinished aesthetic that set themselves well apart from the crowd. Continuing this approach over 30 years later, their newest collection spans modern athletic trainers, immaculately constructed leather jackets and nods to over 500-year-old pieces of art, showcasing the brand’s omnidirectional abilities and their dedication to exceptional quality and craftsmanship that, in true Margiela style, speaks for itself.

The latest Maison Margiela arrivals are available now both in store and online here. Take a closer look below at some of our favourites.

Maison Margiela New ArrivalsMaison Margiela Sneakers Maison Margiela Coach Jacket Maison Margiela Leather Jacket

The Seasons Roll By

Trends are funny old things. One moment you’re retiring the denim jacket from the champagnes and the campaigns and within a blink of an eye it’s back as the quintessential layering piece. C’est la vie, as the French say, amongst other things, such as; Roll Necks are this seasons must have layering piece, especially this pink piece from Paris’ own A.P.C., amongst contemporary design from Comme des Garçons SHIRT & Maison Margiela.

Has layering gone too far? Can it go too far? Is knit on knit a crime? Can 2018 be the year we allow same knit’s to live with one another in harmony? Questions that aren’t for us to answer, but this Ami on A.P.C. action makes a convincing case.

Who dares wins, and in this coldest of winters it’s worth investing in a daring selection of classy cold weather warmers. Practical, stylish, contemporary with a touch of classic heritage influence? It’s all in Ami’s prerogative with their Ami De Coeur range that mixes the best of menswear design with the sensibilities of streetwear.


Lookbook // Back to the Grind

Whether it’s the office after a nice long holiday or time with the kids, jammy students to college or uni after campus shutdowns, we’ve got everything you need.

For the tardy ones perfecting that morning speed walk to the work base, these adequately named Maison Margiela runner trainers are a perfect sub for your usual smarts. The fashion house blend of A.P.C. Minimalism and style blended with the universal deconstructed designs of Maison Margiela make for a match of monumental proportions. We’re at the precipice of athleisure dominance, so make the most of luxury comfort whilst it is still at the top of the trends.

Suit swervers assemble … with AMI pulling stunts like the sublime use of the Tattersall check in this super sleek dress shirt, you can still throw on your chino trainer combo and mean business! This clean and contemporary take on staple palettes of #mensfashion is a must have for the modern gentleman. Mix quality accessories from Folk and Andersons Belts into the outfit to pair with minimal designs from the likes of Grenson and Norse.

Serial snoozers know too well the mad dash to lectures, but you can be more than prepared if you up your jersey game. Season favourites from this end are Ralph Lauren and Norse Projects with a hoodie and jogger selections on point. You can roll out on the wrong side of the bed every day if you’re going to rock this simple but effective luxury leisure wear.

Maison Margiela Offers ‘Bang for Your Buck’ With New Hoodie / Bomber

Maison Margiela just can’t stop creating. Their most recent offerings have seen the brand taking their deconstructed ethos to newer heights with a number of innovative presentations of their trademark styles. Hot on the heels of their recent drops is the Patterned Sweatshirt Bomber Jacket, a jacket in a sweatshirt (or is it a sweatshirt in a jacket…?) taking cues from all over the fashion spectrum, yet still intrinsically a Margiela product.

The Belgian fashion house thrives on forging unexpected silhouettes together, their design mentality has always incorporated challenging and unusual executions to the simplest of ideas, and we’re seeing that in full force with the most complicated execution of layering in the hoodie/jacket combo.

The hoodie features everything you’d expect from a pullover design: drawstring ties, a kangaroo slip pocket and ribbed trims in a black colourway with contrasting white detail to the zips. The rear of the garment is where things get dialled up to weird, incorporating a nylon zip bag to the back of the hoodie for storing the jacket.

The design is as innovative as they come with the bag registering as a discreet accessory and being able to fold out in the space of seconds to protect you from any unwanted weather. It shows intent from Margiela, a brand that likes to zig when others zag, showing an awareness to the technological development of items such as modular jackets, and techwear but presenting it in an entirely Margiela fashion with a folding backpack design.

The Jacket takes aesthetic cues from the recurrently used Margiela Argyle pattern, emblazoning the sleeves of the jacket with a diamond pattern in a multicolour design. Exposed popper fastening at front, spread collar and waterproofing to the body surface add an unusual aesthetic to the jacket.

5 Best ‘Dad’ Shoes at Aphrodite1994

The ‘Dad’ shoe, the universal symbol of boring, drab, ‘beige’ ugly footwear associated with shouting at children on holidays.

The Dad shoe craze came to fruition thanks to the equally banal trend of ‘Normcore’, the subversion of branded and high fashion garments that eventually high fashion adopted too, just like the chunky runner. Whilst fashion and technology are at their peak of partnership generating the lightest, slimmest and streamlined design yet, the nihilists amongst us are obsessed with taking us back to basics, for better or worse.

Margiela Security Runner

Whilst the epitome of the chunky style is personified by Nike‘s beyond basic Air Monarch, the highest of the fashionable brands have invested considerable time in to creating the most luxuriously bulbous silhouette’s known to feet, and Margiela has hit the dad shoe high lights with their update to the Security Sneaker in the form of the Security Runner. You won’t see anyone breaking the 100m record in these.

Drawing inspiration once more from military surplus gear, this time from the 90s, the Maison present this all-terrain trainer in a mixture of premium leather and suede with ballistic nylon underlays. A far cry from the sleekness of the iconic Replica Sneaker, the Security Sneaker boasts a bulbous, front-heavy silhouette, toughened up with the addition of texturised rubber bumpers to the heel and toe, and — brace yourself — steel toe caps for that true mil-surp feel. The lacing, too, is its own talking point, with elasticated laces held in place with additional elasticated lacing coils, portraying the DIY aesthetic that’s been Maison’s hallmark since its inception. All this rides on a sole unit reminiscent of their Retro Runner, with the aggressive cleated outsole tying together the off-road look perfectly.


adidas x Raf Simmons Replicant Ozweego

Producing his Ozweego silhouette with the help of Adidas since 2013, Raf Simmons has seen his outrageous designs become one of the early adopters of high fashions obsession with chunk. The Replicant, as this delightfully extroverted edition is referred to, takes the absolute biscuit in regards to superfluous design features and that’s why the shoe succeeds as the subverter that it is. Everything about the composition of the sneaker is so anti-aesthetic, even down to the triggering factory lacing, that the Replicant has forced itself into the queue at the Supreme store for it’s ‘look at me, please’ exterior.

Always a master of mixing high and low fashion, Belgian design legend Raf Simons has a long-lasting pedigree when it comes to designing sneakers; Simons can arguably be credited with the popularisation of the high-fashion sneaker through his collections with Dior and his own label. But it was the long-running collaboration with adidas that has spawned one of the designers most beloved creations: the chunky, outrageous Ozweego. It’s been five years since the silhouette’s debut, and since then the Ozweego’s bulbous, self-consciously ugly design has proven to be a blueprint for high-fashion sneakers of contemporary times: oversized, ostentatious and excessive, reflective of Simons’ obsession with the American psyche.



adidas Yung-1

Not a stranger to the fatherly designs (see adidas x Raf Simmons & the Yeezy series) adidas has put their paternal prestige to the ironically named Yung-1. As much as adidas have got their fingerprints all over the death of fashion as we know it, the 3 stripes brand were late adopters of their own inline chunky runners, competitors like Nike & New Balance never stopped churning out their big 90s runners and now they finally have competition from adidas in that regard.

While not strictly a re-release, the YUNG-1 shares much of its DNA with adidas’ Falcon Dorf runner from 1997, with only slight tweaks to the silhouette and branding, and an overhaul of the materials and cushioning to bring it in line with its new lifestyle orientation. Displaying asymmetrical panelling in a mixture of premium suede, synthetic nubuck and mesh, set atop a bulky yet lightweight sole unit, the YUNG-1 makes a major statement on-foot while retaining all-day comfort.



New Balance 991.5 

The Homer Simpson of the sneaker world, New Balance as a company has been a dad since the dawn of time and that’s an association that will never change. Steve Jobs, the dad-iest looking dad of all dad history is the unofficial brand ambassador of the company thanks to his penchant for New Balance 990s. Whilst trying to update the profile to a sleeker hybrid design, New Balance has created the 991.5, combining the 991 and 1500 into one high performing athletic vehicle. We’re talking 0 to armchair in under a second.

Mixing a luxury selection of pigskin suedes and mesh resting on the low profile 1500 encap sole. Stitched branding locates itself in the medial area of the shoe, finished with the token big N branding


Polo Ralph Lauren Sneakers

Stretching for a piece of the testosterone pie is Polo Ralph Lauren, recreating the athletic stylings of the American greats like New Balance and Nike whilst placing their own layered panels of suede, leather and mesh, plus reinforced heel pads to strip all the athletic ability out of the silhouette. With an authentically dad brand lending their dad like sensibilities to a dad like shoe, it’s a match made in dad heaven (a shuddering thought).

Constructed from a blend of lightweight nylon with premium suede panelling that calls to mind New Balance at their 90s heyday, the Train100 rides on a lightweight EVA sole unit with a TPU heel clip for extra stability. Cushioning is handled by the brand’s proprietary RLite technology coupled with a leather footbed for a touch of luxury, while one of the brand’s signature vintage ‘Polo Dry Goods’ labels appears to the tongue for a hit of retro Americana appeal.

6 Ways to Style the Chino

There’s nothing more versatile than the chino when it comes to menswear style and with fashion sub-genres being at their most varied, eclectic and widest range yet, we take a look at some of the looks on the street and how the classic style has been adapted.


Wide leg chino pant, rolled to ankle length and a bit of layering on the upper whether it be jacket and hoodie or t-shirt and shirt combo. Brands paired throughout the fashion subculture range in everything from Nike and Champion to Y3 and OAMC the brand founded by Luke Meyer, former creative director of the brand at the forefront of it all SupremeAs possibly the widest and most varied subculture of the already wide and varied fashion culture, let us just say the range of choice we have is so broad that there’s plenty of room for, activities so to speak? Our pick for the warmer months is a dress down attire with Norse Project Indigo cap, Patagonia pocket tee and a fresh pair of Adidas Yung-1s.

Heritage Gent

The beauty of being able to pair a polo with plimsolls and a comfy trouser is exactly what makes this look so popular and above all, distinctive. The heritage gent would go nowhere in matching garments so a contrast is an intricate detail not to be missed. Known to rock the Beige before any of the modern-day adopters, the heritage gent has been decking chinos with the smartest of casual looks since there was a history to document. Fred Perry Polo and Novesta Star Master topped off by Ray Bans in Havanna Brown.

Scandinavian Minimalist

There is nothing more crisp and clean than the Scandinavian look and this is mainly down to the simplicity of every ensemble, the chino being a regular piece. The sleek style is usually complemented by the polished finishing of tapered legwear showing that all important top of footwear and bare or sock covered ankle. Striped Albam tee, Grenson Sneaker 1 and APC Tote places you in touching distance of the highest of fashion, with the refinement of a simple colour blocked aesthetic.

Surplus Solider

Attennnnntion! The post-mod-army-surplus-super-solider is known to get the dress down fashion as regimented as possible, pairing a smart casual style with essential men’s wear items to create the cool civilian uniform. Taking the old army sensibilities of the Clarks Desert Boot in a versatile beeswax colouring, and pairing it with a simple oxford shirt by the way of Norse Projects and a classic Baracuta Harrington jacket.

Contemporary Cool

That’s right, Chinos can totally set off a high fashion outfit as a contemporary choice, especially paired with the cool colours for the palette. Take the pairing of the ghostly white Margiela T-shirt and Sock Racer, then place a crisp blue stripe CDG shirt over the top. Give the T-shirt a tuck too for a variation to the norm, plus a crop to the trouser to accentuate the ankle bootie. The style is in the quality and design, the simplicity of the look with its pale tones and minimal patterning is intrinsically Comme Des Garçons, as well as representing a deconstructed style in the vein of Margiela, taking the typical fashion look and breaking it down to its sensibilities.

Casual Terrace

A match in heaven, the BOSS Green polo and adidas Gazelle work in conjunction to present a matched colour scheme. Where the usual denim would sit comes a change in the chino, colour matched with the gum sole of the adidas Gazelle Super and paired perfectly with the grey, white and blue colours of the BOSS Green Paddy 3 Polo Shirt. With influences of heritage and streetwear, this outfit works as a classy dress down approach still incorporating a classic adidas silhouette into the look.

Maison Kitsune

Margiela Continues Casual Dominance

High fashion doesn’t need to be so extroverted.

Maison Margiela, helmed by creative director John Galliano has been on a tear of late dominating fashion shows the world around and delivering their typical offering of deconstructed items as well as the best in quality casual wear. The new seasonal offerings from the Belgium brand comes fresh off a dominant turn at Paris Fashion Week, displaying a stout air of exhibitionism with their recent artisanal men’s and women’s collection, as well as their extremely divisive release of the ‘skeleton shirt’, a deconstructed layering item that’s a bit more ‘couture’ than casual. Don’t let this bold display of design detract from the fact that Margiela is consistently contributing ‘cool’ casual clothing to rival the quality of their high fashion range.

Presented this season is the brand’s staple three-by-eight grid showing the numbers zero to 23 scribbled out to maintain the brand’s ethos on anonymity as well throwing a streetwear appeal of a bold logo print on to the classic hoodie. Arriving in a black or cream design, each fine piece is completed with the finest of details. Constructed from a slightly slubby, irregular loopback sweat fabric and incorporating the token 4 stitch motif to the rear yoke construction. Even the scribble to the logo is textured and raised using a lipstick effect print to gift the vivid detail.


Maison Margial Hoodie


Pairing perfectly with the dress down designs of the hoodie is the brand’s 5 pocket jean, the basic (if you can call it that) denim creation from the fashion house. This season sees pale tones put on a pedestal for the brand with the 5 pocket offering arriving in a light bleach colourway. The signature deconstruction is offered on this edition equipped with raw edging, worn and faded effect, and hand-finished distressing for a totally unique product. The brand’s signature denim back pocket cut out can be seen alongside cut out branding on the waistband. Less is always more, and the minimalism of this release lends a clean air to the brands latest offering.

With a statement of intent from Galliano’s latest collections, it can only mean more intriguing designs to come from the brand’s ready to wear range.

Outfit Grid

5 Best Minimal Footwear Styles For Every Budget

Want a clean crisp minimal shoe to pair with any outfit? We’re breaking down the best minimal white tennis and athletic styles for any look for every budget.

Under £50 – Novesta Master Trainers 

A boost in popularity by the way of a heralded CDG collaboration has seen Novesta become a contemporary choice at a budget price point. Easy to pair with any outfit and a serious competitor for Converse and Van’s low top dominance. Novesta’s footwear is produced in Slovakia to honour their rich European heritage and constructed using a high-pressure machine to bond the natural rubber sole to the canvas upper, in keeping with the company’s anti-chemical and glue stance. We’d recommend a dress down casual look either a pairing with a statement t-shirt, jean and sock, similar to our Edwin ED 55 Jeans & Norse Project striped numbers in form of the Niels T-Shirt and Bjarki Sports Socks.

Under £100 – Adidas Continental 80

The Kanye approved Continental 80 is a sure-fire bet for everyone’s favourite dress down shoe come 2018 year end. With it’s obvious influence to the Calabasas Powerphase, the Continental 80 takes on more of a classic tennis styling with it’s supple tumbled leather and lateral two-tone stripes. Pulling out all the stops this year with original and unique reissues, this release from adidas is a perfect sports luxe accompaniment to the combo of a Champion sweatshirt and Ralph Lauren Flat Shorts

Under £150 – adidas BW Army Trainer

With a number of reissued iterations under their belt, adidas has put a minimalist stamp on their original 70s army trainer design with a budget-priced alternative to the Marigela Replica. Debuting a premium model close in construction to the high fashion alternative, the BW army comes equipped with an all leather constructed upper and soft vachetta leather lining for a luxurious touch topped off with the choice of premium cotton or rawhide leather laces. Pair this premium pair with the Folk Painter’s Jacket and  Norse Project Aros Black for a mix of contemporary and heritage stylings.

Under £200 – Grenson Sneaker 1

When comes to minimal styles shoe stylings, the classic white tennis shoe is a wardrobe staple the world around. Presenting their first offering in the ‘sneaker’ world is Grenson, using their shoemaking expertise to create one of cleanest designs of the moment, basing their Sneaker 1 creation on the timeless design of the 70s tennis shoe. Dial in the tennis vibes with a full Aquascutum kit in their token club check design. Aquascutum Check Shorts, Aquascutum Polo Shirt and Aquascutum Abbott Club Check Cap

Over £200 – Margiela Replica Sneakers

Weighing in at a heavy £329 is the legendary Margiela Replica sneaker, adapting the classic German Army trainer into a high fashion behemoth. The quality in the construction is the Margiela ethos with no stone untouched in it’s design. Pair these ‘GAT’s with the perfect luxury athletic look in the form of the exquisite  Maison Margiela’s Sweat Jacket and Trousers.