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A variety of yogi footwear styles

Discover Yogi at Aphrodite

A welcome addition to Aphrodite’s expansive curation of premium footwear.

Yogi Footwear is the latest brand to line the good ol’ shoe shelves of Aphrodite.

For those of you who are familiar with Yogi we can imagine that you are just as elated as we are about their arrival. But for those of you with much to learn, here is a quick insight into Yogi and what exactly they are bringing to Aphrodite.

A variety of yogi footwear styles

To keep it simple, Yogi are master shoemakers who stay true to their roots.

Sustainability, longevity and ethical practice are all values that are integral to Yogi’s core identity, alongside their passion for making quality, purpose built shoes. The brand pride themselves in offering the customer exemplary craftsmanship, therefore each and every shoe that they make is hand-produced by skilled workers who live local to Yogi’s family owned factory in Portugal.

With impeccable care being taken in the construction of Yogi’s footwear, they also ensure that they use the most premium materials available to them; Calf leather, unlined suede and Italian Crepe rubber Soles are used in the production of almost every shoe, with the minimum expectation of the brand being maximum quality.

Close up of a variety of Yogi footwear Styles

The shoemaking market is highly saturated and highly competitive with Aphrodite stocking what we deem to be the best of the best, and not only do Yogi bring quality and timeless styles but they also bring something else, the negative heel. Ironically, the negative heel is actually quite a big positive, unlike most footwear where the heel of the shoe is higher than the forefoot, some of Yogi’s silhouettes offer the reverse.

A heel that is in fact lower then the forefoot, this corrects the posture of the foot to a more ergonomic standard, and through a domino type effect then corrects the posture of your legs and spine. And you better believe that this tiny change makes the shoes incredibly comfortable from the moment you put them on. Pretty neat isn’t it? We certainly think so!

Lineup of Yogi's Footwear Styles

Our current Yogi offering is comprised of the ‘Finn Shoe’, ‘Fairfield Boot’ and ‘Finn II Shoe’.

Finn Shoe
Yogi's Finn Shoe

The Finn Shoe, like all of Yogi’s Shoes, is lovingly handcrafted in Portugal. The silhouette offers a combination of luxurious materials with a blend of calf leather and unlined suede in the upper, stitched to the Italian Crepe Sole for long-lasting durability and comfort. Leather laces add to the rustic aesthetic of the shoe while subtle tab branding and tonal colourways complete the contemporary visuals.

Fairfield boot

Yogi's Fairfield Boot

Yogi’s Fairfield Boot is visually similar to the brands Finn Shoe. Built atop an ergonomic recycled crepe footbed, or alternatively a lightweight EVA sole, the boot is crafted with soft leathers and suedes in the upper. With some colourways, the customer receives a choice of two laces, a leather pair for more contemporary styling, or a pair fabricated from paracord to give off a more rugged outdoorish look.

Finn II Shoe

Yogi's Finn II Shoe

At first glance the Finn II Shoe looks identical to its predecessor, but those of you with an eagle eye will have noticed that the shoes sole is slightly different. Remember the ‘Negative Heel Sole’ that we spoke about earlier? yeah, that’s that bad boy in action. Its outstanding comfort combined with the premium uppers make this pair an absolute must have.

In fact, they’re all must haves. GIVE ME THEM ALL! If you want to have a closer look at the result of Yogi’s master craftsmanship, or indeed want to grab yourself a pair then head down to the store or click through to the category via the link below.



Outdoor Experts Arrive – Introducing Snow Peak

A welcome addition to Aphrodites growing lifestyle offerings.


Snow Peak joins our carefully curated selection of designers, bringing with them unrivalled expertise of the outdoors. Founded in Japan way back in 1958, Snow Peak creates products that take inspiration from its founder, Yukio Yamai’s experiences of climbing the famous mountain, Tanigawa.


The brand offers aggressive experimentalism, breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of what camping gear and outdoor accessories truly are. With the use of premium, technically advanced materials such as titanium and a dedicated focus on quality craftsmanship, Snow Peak has cemented itself as one of the go-to brands for anything outdoors.


We have a stunning range of outdoor accessories available as part of our initial release, with many more pieces, including Snow Peak clothing, arriving soon.




Fresh Brand Alert – Introducing By Parra

Now we’ll make this quick and get straight to the point, By Parra has just landed at Aphrodite. 


Donning Piet ‘Parra’ Janssen’s artistic visuals and post-pop artwork, Dutch brand By Parra has solidified itself as a the successful, playful and creative brand that we all know and love. A combination of quality crafted garments, often made in Portugal, and the distinctive use of saturated colours defines the brand, finding much success in skatewear and streetwear subcultures.


The first By Parra drop at Aphrodite sees an ‘Emotional Neglect’ tee arrive in White and Faded Coral, an Ash Grey sweatshirt drop with a multi-coloured multi-textured logo, a classic striped tee and Parra’s ‘Secret garden’ hoodie in both Pale Yellow and Navy Blue.

Head over Aphrodite’s new arrivals, or our brand spanking new ‘By Parra‘ designer category to secure yourself a piece, and keep be sure to keep your eyes peeled for even more drops arriving later this season!

JW Anderson Flatlay image

JW Anderson Joins The Aphrodite Roster

JW Anderson will be gracing the shelves here at Aphrodite for AW22, adding to our carefully curated offering of high fashion and premium menswear. 

When JW Anderson debuted his eponymous brand in 2008, he garnered immediate interest due to his experimental nature and androgynous approach to fashion. Ignoring the unwritten rules and boundaries within the industry, he set off to challenge what menswear truly meant, interpreting  masculinity and femininity through a new lens and thus producing a range of thought-provoking silhouettes and striking designs that have achieved both critical and commercial success.



JW Anderson Flatlay image


JW Anderson is a fashion designer celebrated for his unisex approach to clothing and accessories. He begun his journey as a designer back in his home country of Northern Ireland before travelling to London, England to attend the London College of Fashion; there his creativity and genderless approach to fashion flourished. He worked in Prada as a window dresser while at college before leaving to launch his own label in 2008. His designer label has now garnered international recognition, earning various accolades for British designer of the year and best young designer over the past few years.

JW Anderson Flatlay image 2


The brands AW22 collection sees the introduction of staple tees, gothic logos, colourblock sweats, and playful patterns. Check out some of the offerings below or head over to our JW Anderson category to cop yourself a piece.





Introducing Evisu: The New Denim Arrivals

Introducing Evisu… 

Being the first Japanese denim brand to sell to Americans, Evisu had to convince an audience that did not look further than their own country at the time, that the future of high-end denim passed from Japan. Evisu dates back to when Hidehiko Yamane launched the brand as ‘Evis’, although he meant no harm, denim competitor Levis thought Yamane was copying his brand name, which led to Evisu being created. Evisu is acquired from Ebisu, which Shinoist deity of Japan, standing for luck and prosperity.

Evisu t-shirt

Evisu is a Japanese brand that is best known for making high-quality selvedge denim that was founded in 1991 in Osaka Japan by Hidehiko Yamane and is named after the Japanese God of prosperity Ebisu, who is the happy chap that can be seen on the Godhead leather patch. Starting out by only making up to 14 pairs of jeans a day, the manufacture of Evisu jeans has been said to be more of a labour of love where quality can never be compromised. It is this quality and attention to detail that has earned Evisu critical acclaim as one of the best makers of denim goods in the world.

Yamane was strictly against the use of disposing of the clothes which is why he decided to import vintage denim and give them a new life. Although this wasn’t good enough for the precise designer, he decided that he would go back in time and produce denim the traditional way. He would make only 14 pairs of jeans a day and finalise them with the iconic Seagull logo which was hand-painted by Yamane, returning all luxury craftsmanship of the product. Yamane made sure that every denim piece was individually made with the same amount of thought and time put into them, which is why he made so little amount. The designer previously worked as a traditional tailor, however he disagreed with how thin mass-produced jeans were being made which is why he wanted to make a denim brand where the denim was as strong as the vintage pieces he owned himself.

Evisu Jean Close Up


The Popularity Remains…     

As a rise of baggy denim and patchwork pieces in the 2000s, Evisu saw these times as possibly a peak for the brand, it meant that they could show off their creativity through their denim by repeating the logo throughout some of their silhouettes, and like today, everyone was after a pair of Evisu jeans. As we know, fashion repeats and so does Evisu’s classic silhouettes so it is no surprise that their denim sees a rise in popularity once again.

Evisu Tee Close Up


The Production Process… 

Raw denim is the starting point for every pair of jeans or other products, it adds a stiff and durable character while adding starch during the weaving process increases the durability of the final product. Followed by a technique called counter-twisting which prevents industrial twisting, denim treatment is applied and to complete, burning off scattered cotton fires adds a smooth finish to Evisu’s denim. Each Evisu denim product has been indigo dyed by vintage loop dying machines that pumped a cotton yarn through a royal blue dye, where after it would be kept in the roof of the Evisu factory to allow the colour to oxidise.

How they achieve this quality and authenticity in their jeans is by using only selvage 12.2oz to 13.5oz weights of denim which is made in the traditional vintage way using original shuttle looms, which produces a looser weave and rougher texture making for a solid denim. The unmistakable indigo colour is achieved by loop dying the yarns up to 30 times and will change over time in the unique way as the owner wears and washes their Evisu’s. As well as the quality, the attention to detail is quite literally in every inch of Evisu jeans, starting with the 9 different threads that may be used on certain parts of the jeans as a nod to how classic workwear was made.

Evisu Double Denim Outfit

he Godhead patches made from leather, poplin and cotton all depict Ebisu the God of prosperity and feature Kanji script which refers to the quality roots of Evisu. The back pockets also feature a lining at the bottom so any objects in them will not protrude or damage the pocket and as a finish with a flurry each Evisu Seagull logo is hand-painted onto each back pocket making for slight differences with each pair of Evisu jeans.


Celebrity Sightings… 

It is no surprise that celebs also wanted to hop onto one of the best denim brands out there, Beyoncé was seen wearing one of the brands most iconic denim silhouettes in Destiny’s Child ‘Lose My Breath’ music video, while Jay Z also mentioned in one of his songs, ‘his ain’t Diesel… These is Evisu’. Evisu has become its own aesthetic during these times and was represented as a ‘luxury’ product. These American-style jeans have been purchased by the likes of David Beckham along with many rappers and DJs, people seeing these figures wearing Evisu meant that the brand was able to convince many outside of the denim community that the future of high-end denim was in Japan.

Evisu Tee Close Up 2


However, Evisu offers more than just their classic denim jean silhouettes like the Evisu Yellow Seagull Print Jeans or the Evisu White Seagull Print Jeans, classic monochrome Daruma T-Shirts in White and Black also hit the shelves of Aphrodite. With a bold Daruma Doll pattern to the front reading the brand name, these instantly recognisable pieces can be easily paired with any Evisu denim for a classic all-Evisu look. Or the Evisu Seagull Denim jacket sees the perfect outerwear piece for the spring weather ahead, layer over a hoodie or a t-shirt for a casual outfit to suit any occasion. Arriving in a trucker fit, this timeless style is one to grab if you’re after a versatile jacket to throw on.

When Yamane first started to paint the seagull arcuate, he said he started it as a joke and he had no idea that anyone would actually buy them. From something that went from a joke to being something that the designer spend his whole days putting time and effort into one pair, this shows his love and dedication to his brand but also denim.

Shop the Evisu new arrivals online and in-store now.

Pantofola d'Oro

Pantofola d’Oro : New To Aphrodite

Tracing their roots way back to 1886, luxury Italian brand Pantofola d’Oro have been making football boots for some of the biggest names on the pitch since we can remember. Famed for their use of a softer more malleable calf leather, the brand has been spotted gracing the feet of everyone from Capello to Mancini, if you’re a fan of the beautiful game or just value the luxuries of a proper good quality pair of sneaks, then this brand is certainly one to have on your radar if, for some peculiar reason, they aren’t already.


Pantofola d'Oro Footwear


Translating to mean, ‘Golden Slipper’ following decades spent on some of the most notable athletes in the game, the brand has more recently expanded into the world of fashion,  combining a staunch heritage history with an immeasurable dedication to home-grown production. Made using hand-made techniques passed down from the master shoemakers of Ascoli, their trainers are meticulously constructed to exacting standards, taking great care to use only the finest fabrics and prioritising quality above all else.

Shop the latest arrivals from Pantofola d’Oro now online at Aphrodite.


Pantofola d'Oro Modena Trainers

Front Cover Taion

Japanese Prestige : New Brand Taion

New Brand Taion – Merging Japanese Quality With Modern Construction

New to the scene and promptly joining our prestigious list of stocked brands, Taion is making shockwaves in the industry. Meaning ‘body temperature’ in Japanese, this Tokyo based brand thrives on breaking boundaries and setting the standard in the industry, constantly challenging expectations with masterful clothing that can take you from the streets to the hill tops.

Taion Gilets

Specialising in down-filled garments, Taions’ detail orientated approach to construction allows for lightweight and breathable padding, teamed with AC coating to the outers to prevent feather blowout. Quality is key, with high density nylon used through their collection to provide water and stain resistance, perfect for producing clothing that can go with you for a lifetime.

Taion Padded JacketWith versatility directing their design flow, each garment is made to serve more than how it appears. With reversible garments taking you from casual fleece to a padded jacket, Taion takes classic silhouettes to a whole new level. Signature to the brand, they boast collapsable constructions, allowing for heightened adaptability for whether you’re hiking up a mountain or want to pack your jacket away on your commute to work. With Taion, quality and versatility is key.

Taion Fleece