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Modern Man’s Essential Items

We’re bringing you the wardrobe cornerstones you must have, especially in this modern day and age.

Shirt – APC Stitch Chambray Shirt – Blue

It can not be stated enough, the shirt is a cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe. The amount of versatility from a chambray or oxford shirt cannot be denied, allowing its wearer to choose a dress down or dress up outfit thanks to the universally applicable styling. With every brand looking to place their individual spin on the timeless design, there are a plethora of options. APC has, as usual, developed a robust offering in their Stitch Chambray shirt, offering Japanese developed fabric, a small rounded collar and slightly oversized mother of pearl buttons for a vintage look. Place a blazer on top or go solo and roll the sleeves, the options are endless.

Crewneck – Ami Sweatshirt – Heather Grey

Begining its life as a sports luxe style, the sweatshirt has evolved into an essential layering item for the modern man. In its grey base colouring, it’s a staple synonymous with streetwear and menswear all around. Champion and Stussy may have established their own essential offerings, but french brand AMI has developed a contemporary creation of a classic crewneck. Introducing a splash of colour with the French tricolour colours to its chest logo and subtly branded rear neckline, it’s still the essential design with modern day embellishments.

Chinos – Norse Projects Aros Light Chino – Khaki 

Always adopting a less is more attitude are Scandinavian minimalist experts Norse Projects, creating simple foundational pieces that provide the linchpin of the modern man’s wardrobe. The Aros is the standard light chino offered by the brand in a literary of colours, with the khaki bringing the essential colouring for a base trouser. A well-cut pair of Khaki’s lends a smarter facet to the casual vibes, offering a versatile colouring to a range of styles.

Jeans – Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Dry – Open Navy

A great dependable pair of denim is a mainstay of any man’s attire. It may not be the best idea to jump straight in with any raw or selvedge denim for their maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you can treat yourself to a premium pair of pants! The Grim Tim from Nudie Jeans is a modern revelation, a straight leg with a slight taper in a dry denim that doesn’t bleed blue across your favourite clothes and body but moulds and crafts itself to your legs with every wear (that is if you avoid washing them for 6 months). If this is your first foray into denim, this is your safest bet.

Denim Jacket – Nudie Jeans Jacket Billy Shimmering – Indigo

Unless you want the most stylish Canadian Tuxedo seen this side of the century, you’ll want to diversify your bonds and pick up a jean jacket with a different denim feel. Providing a distressed and vintage style with both character and history is the Nudie Jeans Billy Shimmering in a token indigo offering and 12.5oz rigid denim. Place it under a coat for the winter or utilise it as a light summer jacket. If you need proof for how versatile the denim jacket can be, look no further.

Bag – Paul Smith Accessories Duffle Bag – Navy

From professionals to leisure seekers, the duffle bag is your friend. Offering a no-nonsense take to the holdall, the Paul Smith take on a duffle bag remains minimalistic in add-ons with flecks of colour to the outer area provided by the cycling stripe. Adept at carrying a laptop, a suit or even just a pack lunch, the Paul Smith duffle bag provides the bare necessities of a duffle bag and then some.

Hat – Paul & Shark Anchor Logo Beanie Hat – Dark Grey

It’s always essential to have a hat as a travelling man, and nothing works an outfit better than a fisherman’s beanie. Paul & Shark have placed their signature anchor design to this dark grey ribbed beanie. This rugged design easily lends itself to statement branding displayed front and centre, or suits being rolled for a tighter look. Pair with the denim jacket for a classic workwear look.

Sunglasses – Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses Brown Lens – Tortoiseshell

The classic browline Clubmaster is a staple of the Ray Ban brand, bringing the heralded business style of the 50s and 60s to the modern day with tortoiseshell frames, black arms and gold detailing around the edges. having held their own as glasses purveyors for decades, you can trust Ray Ban to keep providing the best styles possible.

Belt – Ralph Lauren Belt – Brown

You know what it is. You know what it does. Don’t scrimp on the accessories, they maketh the man!

Grooming – Baxter of California Travel Kit & Dopp Bag

Don’t get cut short on your travels, whether its miles or minutes. You never know the importance of moisturiser till your old!

From here, the world is yours. Mix the denim pieces with brand new techwear from Stone Island and Nike, or add a high fashion streetwear piece from Margiela or the staple designs of Stussy

Outfit Grid

5 Best Minimal Footwear Styles For Every Budget

Want a clean crisp minimal shoe to pair with any outfit? We’re breaking down the best minimal white tennis and athletic styles for any look for every budget.

Under £50 – Novesta Master Trainers 

A boost in popularity by the way of a heralded CDG collaboration has seen Novesta become a contemporary choice at a budget price point. Easy to pair with any outfit and a serious competitor for Converse and Van’s low top dominance. Novesta’s footwear is produced in Slovakia to honour their rich European heritage and constructed using a high-pressure machine to bond the natural rubber sole to the canvas upper, in keeping with the company’s anti-chemical and glue stance. We’d recommend a dress down casual look either a pairing with a statement t-shirt, jean and sock, similar to our Edwin ED 55 Jeans & Norse Project striped numbers in form of the Niels T-Shirt and Bjarki Sports Socks.

Under £100 – Adidas Continental 80

The Kanye approved Continental 80 is a sure-fire bet for everyone’s favourite dress down shoe come 2018 year end. With it’s obvious influence to the Calabasas Powerphase, the Continental 80 takes on more of a classic tennis styling with it’s supple tumbled leather and lateral two-tone stripes. Pulling out all the stops this year with original and unique reissues, this release from adidas is a perfect sports luxe accompaniment to the combo of a Champion sweatshirt and Ralph Lauren Flat Shorts

Under £150 – adidas BW Army Trainer

With a number of reissued iterations under their belt, adidas has put a minimalist stamp on their original 70s army trainer design with a budget-priced alternative to the Marigela Replica. Debuting a premium model close in construction to the high fashion alternative, the BW army comes equipped with an all leather constructed upper and soft vachetta leather lining for a luxurious touch topped off with the choice of premium cotton or rawhide leather laces. Pair this premium pair with the Folk Painter’s Jacket and  Norse Project Aros Black for a mix of contemporary and heritage stylings.

Under £200 – Grenson Sneaker 1

When comes to minimal styles shoe stylings, the classic white tennis shoe is a wardrobe staple the world around. Presenting their first offering in the ‘sneaker’ world is Grenson, using their shoemaking expertise to create one of cleanest designs of the moment, basing their Sneaker 1 creation on the timeless design of the 70s tennis shoe. Dial in the tennis vibes with a full Aquascutum kit in their token club check design. Aquascutum Check Shorts, Aquascutum Polo Shirt and Aquascutum Abbott Club Check Cap

Over £200 – Margiela Replica Sneakers

Weighing in at a heavy £329 is the legendary Margiela Replica sneaker, adapting the classic German Army trainer into a high fashion behemoth. The quality in the construction is the Margiela ethos with no stone untouched in it’s design. Pair these ‘GAT’s with the perfect luxury athletic look in the form of the exquisite  Maison Margiela’s Sweat Jacket and Trousers.

Norse Projects Chinos

Norse Projects – Good For All Season – The Edit

Norse Projects have been on the scene for a good few years now, and not wavered from their classic staple wardrobe pieces that concentrate on being functional to the modern day man. This season they have pulled it out of the bag again, crafting the perfect pieces that mix tailoring with still having that casual edge. Norse Projects Shirts
We couldn’t accept a collection from Norse Projects with out the iconic Anton shirt  – a reoccurring face whatever the season. The classic button down shirt is made from a mid-weight three-ply Oxford cloth, and woven with love in Portugal. Norse Projects T-Shirts
Every Tom, Dick or Harry will be able to let you know that with Norse Projects quality has always been at the forefront. This doesn’t filter out down the line with even the humble t-shirt crafted from mercerized jersey.
Norse Projects Chinos
Chinos- where would we be without them? Norse Projects Aros chinos have been our go to pair for years. Constructed from light-weight cotton twill, then over-dyed and washed for a soft hand-feel and rich, longer-lasting colour.

If this hasn’t filled your boots with Norse Projects, check out our Norse Projects Spring Summer edit video over on YouTube 


Outfit – Step into Spring … British spring!

Spring is finally upon us and we can start to de-layer and look forward to showing a bit more flesh. For now, however, we’re in that up and down phase where it isn’t quite safe to take too much of a risk but we have started to dig out our summer cotton for some of that spring layering. Here’s our idea of a perfect mid-week ensemble for you to wake up that spring wardrobe ready for some summer action. Time to turn up those chino bottoms, throw on a cotton shirt and remember a sweater.

Outfit - Folk, Albam, Norse Projects, Maison Margiela

Today’s outfit features cotton pants by Albam, light cotton shirt by Folk, cotton sweatshirt and marl knit socks by Norse Projects, suede and leather trainers by Maison Margiela. We thought we’d add one of our favourite newcomers, this Grenson, citrus and deep musk scented candle. Mainly because it’s scent is now filling the living rooms of quite a few of us here at Aphrodite HQ and we want to share the love.


Shia Labeouf if a style icon

Why Is Shia Labeouf Such A Style Icon?

If you’re an active visitor on social media platforms you will have seen Shia Labeouf at some point being referred to as a style god. I know what you’re thinking, “But he just wears old vintage tees, random leggings and some beat up trainers”, and I can’t disagree and say he doesn’t because he does. But, he has the power to make anything look good, the fact he can confidently turn up in a pair of bright pink leggings and still look cool is beyond me. And before he starts getting judged, Ellen Degeneres (From the Ellen Show, of course) made a bet that if he could get snapped by the paparazzi in pink leggings that she would donate $50,000 to cancer research.

Shia Labeouf in Pink Leggings

‘Normcore’ is making a triumphant return, (for those of you who don’t know what that is I’ll sum it up). Normcore is when a person dresses purposefully dull or uncool, making them ironically cool…What a bizarre time we live in right? It goes against the social norms of what makes someone’s style cool and this is why Shia is basically the King of Normcore, so much so that it recently emerged that Kanye West took most of Shia’s wardrobe, and you know if Yeezy is taking your stuff that you’re undeniably fashionable.

How To Dress Like Shia Labeouf

So how can you replicate this look? Well, you have come to the right place, you essentially just need some casual pieces. Items from Patagonia are a great place to start, the brand has a minimal style that doesn’t make waves, but provides amazing comfort for the wearer and the jackets are perfect for layering.

Shia Labeouf in a Patagonia Half-Zip Fleece

Patagonia Better Sweater in Grey

If you want to master the normcore look, you are going to need an oversized jumper that you can throw on every day, Saturdays NYC have an amazing option for you to go with, featuring a simple graphic logo, this can be put with so many different fits and will look great, whilst keeping you insanely snug. Or if you want a military aesthetic like Shia, the recent collection of Made in the USA from APC features military-inspired graphics. The beauty of this sort of style is, even if you wear it all relentlessly it’ll help the casual aesthetic. The weird part of it is, it takes a lot of effort to look like you haven’t made any effort, but it is totally worth it.

Shia Labeouf in a marine jumper

APC US Star Sweatshirt in Grey

Nine times out of ten you will catch Shia in a cap, whether it’s because he wants to try to remain anonymous or not that up for debate, but he always chooses to have some simple embroidery on them, one of his most notable caps is an insanely beat up 2nd Armored Division cap, which he wears frequently and even shares with Kanye. If you want the same style cap but with a simpler logo and a more wearable appeal then look no further than the Norse Projects Twill Cap for an effortless way to finish your ultra-casual look.

Shia Labeouf armored division cap

Norse Projects Cap in Light Twill Navy


Sartorial Minimalism

Outfit – The Sartorial Minimalist

Norse Projects continue with their consistent minimal design silhouettes, and with every drop of collection items comes a ripple of excitement around Aphrodite HQ. Nothing has faltered in their SS18 collection which ranges in everything from spring pastel stripes to technically designed and constructed weather resistant jackets, and of course all the Norse staples in between. Here we chose a favorite from this weeks drop and popped it into a nice little weekend ensemble for you (you’re welcome). Introducing, the Norse Projects SS18 Jens Seersucker Zip Shirt, a navy seersucker cotton with black check detail, 2-way zip fastening, and discreet side pockets this is simplistic design at its finest.


Outfit - Norse Projects, APC, Grenson


Complete the look with this APC fine knit stripe jumper (or a crisp white oxford shirt to keep it even simpler), Norse Projects chino and contrasting marl socks and these super comfortable and durable Grenson canvas sneakers. All pieces that can be kept on rotation which is exactly how we like it. Have a good weekend.

Norse Projects Lookbook: Winter 2017

One of those always-reliable brands that have become a firm favourite here at Aphrodite, Norse Projects apply their particular Scandinavian sensibilities to wardrobe staples in a way that is distinctive without being flashy, easy to build an entire outfit from, or as individual pieces to supplement your own signature look.

Season after season, this minimal approach has been the brand’s hallmark, with simple silhouettes elevated with the use of unique fabrics, colours and detailing, and Winter 2017 is no exception. Compiled with layering in mind, the collection boasts shirting in exclusive Portuguese flannel fabrics, crisp cotton and heavy-wale corduroy; hoodies and long-sleeves in a smooth mercerised cotton interlock fabric, all presented in a cohesive, earthy colour palette that’s perfect for mixing and matching this season.

Shop our collection instore and online at Aphrodite Clothing, and keep an eye on our social media feeds for more new releases.

Imagery: Norse Projects

outfit grid apc grenson norse projects folk clothing

Outfit Grid: APC x Norse Projects x Grenson x Folk

For this outfit grid we have taken on a very casual but stylish look, featuring such brands as APC, Norse Projects, Grenson and Folk. With a relaxed outfit in mind we’ve picked something to keep you comfy on a night out or if you’re just going out! Let’s take a closer look at the pieces that we’ve picked.

Starting us off is this APC Sweatshirt in anthracite, created as part of APC’s 30th anniversary throwback collection, HIVER 87. This piece is a classic crew neck sweatshirt with a deep grey colour and APC branding across the chest in a soft velvet. Made from 100% cotton it’s perfect for keeping you warm and comfortable no matter the weather.

To go under that APC sweatshirt we’ve gone with this APC Denim shirt. This classic button down is a staple piece for your year-round wardrobe. With patch pocket on the chest and denim colourway giving you a more casual look, while that button down collar is perfect to layer underneath the sweatshirt we picked.

Norse Projects are providing the pants for this outfit and their ultra comfortable Aros Light Twill – Lichen Green chinos. Created from 100% lightweight cotton twill, these lichen green chino’s are perfect for a casual outfit, featuring rear and side pockets, this classic look is good for all seasons. These chino’s are regular fit to give you extra comfort so you can stay looking cool and casual.

outfit grid apc grenson norse projects folk clothing

The perfect trainer for the casual look, we have picked the Grenson sneaker 1 in ash grey. A luxurious pair of trainers for casual wear from the home of ‘The Good Shoe’, Grenson. These suede low top’s are inspired by a 70’s tennis shoe, with suede upper sat upon a fresh white Italian rubber sole, with a thin lace fastening, and the classic logo ‘The Good Shoe’ embossed to the heel.

Now to finish the outfit, we have trusted the team over at Folk Clothing to provide these Melange socks. Spun from a high quality blended cotton, they are wonderfully soft to keep you comfortable but they’ll also keep you warm. Featuring a trendy melange pattern throughout, this is a necessity for anyone interested in keeping their sock drawer up-to-date.

Links to purchase outfit grid:

APC Sweatshirt VPC Anthracite £125.00 – 12316

APC Shirt Denim £145.00 – 12308

Norse Projects Chinos Aros Light Twill Lichen Green £109.00 – 13383

Grenson Sneaker 1 Ash Grey £159.00 – 13531

Folk Melange Socks in Black £16.00 – 12907


outfit grid babour norse projects fracap edwin

Outfit Grid: Barbour x Norse Projects x EDWIN x Fracap

This week’s outfit grid brings us a great look for Autumn, featuring Barbour, Norse Projects, Edwin and Fracap. It has proved quite popular in the office, so lets dig a little deeper into the pieces that make it up.

Starting with the jacket, we have picked the ever popular Barbour Digby jacket (9954) in olive. The Digby jacket is the perfect piece for Autumn with a great 6oz Sylkoil waxed cotton outer. featuring a classic Barbour tartan on the elbows and the pocket trims, with two pockets are present to the outer, with a full zip and secure snap button fastening. With a corduroy collar for that unmistakable Barbour look, we feel this jacket suits the outfit well.

outfit grid, barbour, norse projects, fracap, edwin

To go under that jacket, we have gone for a lovely piece from Norse Projects with the Anton Check Shirt in Moss which is staple shirt that can go with any outfit. Boasting a check pattern and button down collar, a pocket to the chest and mother of pearl buttons. We feel this shirt is the perfect accompaniment and compliments the Barbour jacket well.

For a more casual look, we have give this outfit the EDWIN Treatment. The ED55 63 Rainbow Selvage Demin is a must have pair of jeans, offering a relaxed tapered fit with a mid-rise. The jeans are developed at the Kuroki Mill in Japan and have a 12.8oz Rainbow Selvage denim, this versatile pair is perfect to go with this outfit.

Making sure you keep warm, we have added a Norse Projects beanie, simple and stylish. Woven from a luxury wool and with a ribbed texture, the versatile navy colour with subtle Norse Projects branding is the a great way to top off the outfit.

Finishing off the outfit, we have given it the Fracap treatment. Handmade in Italy these M120 Indian suede boots are the peak of craftsmanship and quality, a tough look thanks to the premium suede upper and chunky vibram sole which provides great grip and flex to keep your feet cosy. A fully leather lined boot in this camel colour is the perfect way to finish off this outfit.

There we have it, what do you think of this outfit grid? Would you rock this outfit? Let us know and if you want anything from the grid, check out the information below!

Links to purchase outfit grid:

Barbour Digby jacket olive £239 – 9954

Norse Projects Anton Check shirt Moss £99 –  12872

EDWIN ED55 63 Rainbow Selvage Denim £139 – 12802

Norse Projects Beanie Navy £49 -12877

Fracap M120 Indian Boots Camel £259 – 13582