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Stone Island Crinkle Reps Jacket

Stone Island Crinkle Reps Down Jacket Just Landed

Introducing Premium Outerwear in the Stone Island Crinkle Reps Down Jacket

Redefining outerwear from the heart of Italy, Stone Island sees a militarian approach to design, acting as the forerunner of highly functional, practical and wearable clothing for the modern man. With visual and hand-feel properties highly considered in each piece, the brand re-invents the portrayal of outwear, challenging the functions and aesthetics of the wider industry.

Stone Island Jacket

Pushing the boundries for yet another season, the Stone Island Crinkle Reps Down Jacket brings classic puffer styling to premium protection, personifying the quality feel of the Stone Island brand. Lined with an insulating down and protected by a 100% Nylon outer, this piece boasts wind and water resistance, allowing you to stay protected despite the elements. Helping to further seal in the warmth, a two way zip closure accompanied by an adjustable hemline and hood introduces the option of ultra security and streamlined fitting.

Bringing a distinctive look to each piece, the Crinkle Reps Down Jacket undergoes the brands signature garment dye process, introducing an air of uniqueness and creativity to your outfit. Presented in a vibrant green for those who like to make a bold statement with their outerwear, or an equally as stylish navy option for those that prefer a more neutral look, both adorned with the iconic compass for a street ready touch.

Want to shop the Stone Island Crinkle Reps Down Jacket for yourself? Check out our selection on Aphrodite now!


Front Cover Taion

Japanese Prestige : New Brand Taion

New Brand Taion – Merging Japanese Quality With Modern Construction

New to the scene and promptly joining our prestigious list of stocked brands, Taion is making shockwaves in the industry. Meaning ‘body temperature’ in Japanese, this Tokyo based brand thrives on breaking boundaries and setting the standard in the industry, constantly challenging expectations with masterful clothing that can take you from the streets to the hill tops.

Taion Gilets

Specialising in down-filled garments, Taions’ detail orientated approach to construction allows for lightweight and breathable padding, teamed with AC coating to the outers to prevent feather blowout. Quality is key, with high density nylon used through their collection to provide water and stain resistance, perfect for producing clothing that can go with you for a lifetime.

Taion Padded JacketWith versatility directing their design flow, each garment is made to serve more than how it appears. With reversible garments taking you from casual fleece to a padded jacket, Taion takes classic silhouettes to a whole new level. Signature to the brand, they boast collapsable constructions, allowing for heightened adaptability for whether you’re hiking up a mountain or want to pack your jacket away on your commute to work. With Taion, quality and versatility is key.

Taion Fleece

Canada Goose Armstrong Coat

Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody: A Closer Look

The cool, blustery conditions of winter are unavoidable as we enter January and far beyond, but with thay said, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom from here on out. With these plummeting, erratic temperatures, comes a much-needed chance to update your rotation, making this month the perfect time to invest in the Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody.

If you’re already the proud owner of a Canada Goose garment, we’re pretty confident you can vouch for the brand’s function-first motto. CG pieces are undeniably purpose-driven; they fuse the brand’s affinity for extreme conditions with a desire to develop apparel that responds to the harshest of elements in a robust, yet sleek, street-sturdy manner. All sound good? Keep reading…

Features of The Jacket

Whether you’re bound for an Après Ski scenario this year, or simply need to navigate the UK’s climates, we’re recommending the Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody as your number one companion. Why? Well, to begin with, the jacket is fabricated with a durable nylon shell, featuring Cordura® fabric in pinpoint areas to withstand everyday wear and tear. In addition to this, the entire silhouette is packed to the brim with fluffy down fill; meaning whether you’re on the slopes or in the city’s tangled streets, this one will keep you immensely insulated.

Canada Goose Armstrong JacketCanada Goose Armstrong Hoody BackCanada Goose Logo

How Does The Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody Fit?

While we’re on the topic of the jacket’s exterior appeal, it would be foolish to continue without mentioning its favourable fit. The Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody is built to retain heat through the utilisation of a bespoke cut and an assortment of functional features. These include drawstring adjustments at its hood, a zip-through closure and Recessed Power Stretch® cuffs with a thumbhole construction for keeping sleeves in place during activity.

Also to the exterior, two fleece-lined pockets sit either side of the coat’s waist for keeping your hands warm through cold days or for storing several of your everyday essentials. As well as these crucial compartments, a further set of interior pockets provide more storage for necessities, while one of them also allows the jacket to fold down and pack away into within a moment’s notice. Convenient or what?

To finish, adept and meticulous Canadian craftsmanship ensures every feature on the jacket is certified to the highest of standards, while the brand’s signature red disc logo completes the left arm with performance prestige.

Where Can I Buy The Canada Goose Armstrong Jacket?

Take a more in-depth look at the Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody in the video below or browse our full selection of Canada Goose online.

Maison Margiela Nylon Sports Jacket Beige

Maison Margiela Sports Jacket: 2-in-1 Design Codes

Margiela Celebrates The ‘Anonymity Of The Lining’ Concept Once Again

As many Maison Margiela aficionados will already know, house spearhead John Galliano is quite the fan of 2-in-1 design tactics. In fact, the trailblazing British designer is more than a fan, he’s a certified pioneer of the pursuit.

Since 2014, the Parisian label has welcomed Galliano’s self-titled ‘anonymity of the lining’ concept with open arms, with this season promising to set the same agenda. Just remember, there’s more than meets the eye…

New for Autumn Winter ‘19, the Maison Margiela Nylon Sports Jacket is guaranteed to command attention. Crafted to the Maison’s superlative standards in Italy, this mac-style silhouette asks the wearer to look far beneath its surface.

Maison Margiela Sports Jacket

Maison Margiela Hybrid Sports JacketMaison Margiela Nylon Sports Jacket Beige

On top of an array of functional features, such as a weatherproof shell, stowaway hood and drawstring detailing; the garment boasts a slick cross body bag that’s hidden away in its right-hand pocket. With the addition of a black buckle belt, the accessory can be worn over the upper-body or wrapped around the waist, of course, depending on your personal preference.

If the hybrid element of the jacket wasn’t enough to entice you, Maison Margiela’s signature four stitches symbolise status to the reverse, while the house’s coding system operates at the face of the design.

Maison Margiela Nylon JacketMaison Margiela Nylon Sports Jacket with bag

If you’re hoping to update your outerwear collection with an urban twist and cutting-edge craftsmanship, look no further than this Maison Margiela Nylon Sports Jacket. Available in-store and online at Aphrodite now.

Stone Island Crinkle Reps Orange

Stone Island Crinkle Reps Down Jacket Returns for AW_019

It goes without saying that Stone Island know their way around a jacket; Carlo Rivetti and his talented team of designers, engineers and artists create outerwear like no other. As nice as the summertime is, now that the stock for Stone Island Autumn/Winter is starting to trickle in tantalisingly slowly, we can start to look forward to ‘proper coat weather’. A staple of the brand’s collections, the Stone Island Crinkle Reps Nylon Down Jacket returns this season in a bold and beautiful orange shade.

Stone Island Orange Jacket 01

As with most of the brand’s signature fabrics, the Crinkle Reps goes through a host of processes to give it not only a deep, rich colour, but also a distinctive handle and visual texture. The raw fabric, a high-quality nylon, is tightly woven for a smooth, uniform texture. The nylon is coated on the reverse side with a polyurethane resin, which adds mild weather resistance. The fabric is then subjected to a garment-dyeing process using one of Stone Island’s custom dye formulas. The high heat and pressure of the process changes the texture of the fabric, and means that the dye penetrates the fibres unevenly. This results in a crinkled, three-dimensional appearance with an amazing depth of colour. This orange colour is echoed throughout Stone Island’s upcoming collection in sweatshirts, hoodies and other pieces.

Stone Island Crinkle Reps Nylon Down Jacket Orange

After all that science, the designers take over, fashioning the fabric into the stunning jacket you see here. It features thick, down-injected baffles for exceptional warmth, but remains lightweight enough for daily use. It also boasts a host of classic Stone Island flourishes: two-way zips; military style nylon webbing trims; and an articulated hood that ensures you’ll look just as good with it up or down. And, of course, the jacket is finished with the all-important Compass Badge to the left sleeve.

It’s an incredible teaser for the upcoming season, and is sure to whet your appetite for what’s to come. Pick up your Stone Island Crinkle Reps Down Jacket today, and keep your eyes on our social media feeds for more from Stone Island AW19 as it arrives.

Patagonia’s Sustainable Business is More Important Than Ever

Alongside ‘immersive’ and ‘influencer’, the word ‘sustainability’ is one of the major buzzwords of recent times, particularly in the world of fashion. It makes sense: company ethics have been a growing concern for consumers, in terms of both human and environmental impact. It’s undeniable that some of the biggest names in fashion have been making headway into improving their green credentials: fast fashion giants H&M and Zara have both been seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, while adidas and Nike have been introducing technologies like Prime/Flyknit in order to cut down on industrial waste. However, it has been argued that these are examples of ‘greenwashing’: companies employing environmentally-friendly policies, while still promoting the mass consumption that has got landfills overflowing. It’s a step in the right direction, of course, but surely more can be done?

Patagonia JacketsEnter Patagonia. The veteran outdoor company is a firm favourite here at Aphrodite, and has loudly championed environmentally-friendly practices since its inception in 1973. In honour of Earth Day (April 22nd) Hypebeast recently posted a profile following the company from a sustainability perspective, and is a very interesting read for anyone interested in the brand, its mission or how a sustainable, socially-conscious brand could be run. It’s also refreshing, if not unusal, to see that a brand of Patagonia’s stature is committed to such an anti-capitalist standpoint.

Patagonia has stuck to its narrative, churning out documentaries that communicated the brand’s anti-materialist philosophy at every turn. Beyond mere branded propaganda, the brand’s own athletes and ambassadors have also exhibited a profoundly inspiring compassion not only for the environment, but the unsung people and communities that make the environment so compelling.

Read the full article at Hypebeast, and browse our full Patagonia range at Aphrodite Clothing.

Looking for another ecologically-conscious brand? Try Nudie Jeans, who are also committed to reducing their environmental impact while still making awesome products.

Find Out All You Need To Know About MA.STRUM

MA.STRUM Brand Guide

In an ever-evolving fashionable landscape, the space for new brands to emerge and establish themselves is always shrinking-with new endeavors failing and wardrobe stalwarts continuing to rule the roost. Bucking the trend is no mean feat, however, one label, in particular, is defying all the odds and making waves in an area of fashion that is notoriously competitive. Ma.STRUM, at just six years old, is taking the outerwear decisions of men across the globe by storm.


Founded in 2008, MA.STRUM has carried its own direction of style, focusing on the utilitarian nature of the traditional men’s coat and taking cues from historic and modern-day military attire. By combining this sense of functionality and form, MA.STRUM has quickly built up its own cult following, adding a present-day touch to a truly timeless aesthetic.
However, it’s not just their eclectic range of highly wearable designs that has launched them into the limelight of the fashion industry.

With a deep-seated connection to one of the godfathers of modern design, MA.STRUM takes pointers from Massimo Osti- the man behind the meteoric and innovative rise of both C.P. Company and Stone Island. Known as a garment engineer, rather than a fashion designer, Osti was obsessed with change, bringing a pioneering spirit to all that he touched; developing new fabrics and dying techniques that would change the fashion industry forever.

Taking cues from Osti’s undoubted era of dominance over outerwear, MA.STRUM reignites his passion for technical outerwear, bringing together a group of designers and fashion industry heads that are dead set on making the Osti name proud.

From owner John Sharp, an Osti enthusiast, to the world-renowned Donrad Duncan and even Osti’s own son, Lorenzo Osti, MA.STRUM is an elegant platform for the protection and celebration of Osti’s attitudes and principles in fashion design.

Named MA.STRUM by Donrad Duncan, the name aims to sync life’s rhythm, from music to your everyday activities. MA, which is the abbreviation for Master of Arts, and STRUM, which represents rhythm, come together to represent the mastery of the product of the rhythm of life- a romantic notion that perfectly syncs with MA.STRUM’s concept of being at the heart of a functional, life ready wardrobe.

Although MA.STRUM is crafted in the image of the late great Massimo Osti, it by no means mimics him. Some styles that follow his iconic designs feature a beautifully well-appointed ‘Osti Archive’ inner label, proudly announcing their allegiance with the historic designer- however, other styles delegate their own path, coming from the minds of Donrad Duncan and Lorenzo Osti to forge MA.STRUM’s own legacy.

With an undeniable aspect that reflects upon the technical aspects of men’s outerwear, MA.STRUM jackets feature innovative materials that provide everything from world beating insulation, to wind and rain protection- some styles even come with a useful pocket torch to truly prove their utilitarian nature and military inspired roots.

Durable, hard wearing and beautiful to the touch, MA.STRUM jackets harbor an air of infamy about them, reaping the rewards that their high tech basis offers them, whilst remaining supremely well put together and uniquely styled, with cuts that flatter, protect, and effortlessly blend with a modern day wardrobe.

Even though MA.STRUM positions its elegant range of outerwear at the pinnacle of its collections, the Italian based brand offers a range of products that encompass their unique styling for all your wardrobe-essentials. Following the same formula of quality and innovation, everything that MA.STRUM craft for the modern man’s wardrobe carries unique features, with each piece being purpose-built for usability, as well as desirability. From MA.STRUM polo shirts with added ventilation for ease of wear and comfort, to MA.STRUM jumpers that feature a lightweight, yet supremely warm material, every piece that leaves this unique brand carries a strong sense of purpose.

Signified by a movable button badge that features a popper fastening, every piece of MA.STRUM design is instantly recognizable and affiliated with a technologically advanced style. From their studio in Bologna, Donrad Duncan and Lorezno Osti continue to strive to live up to the illustrious reputation of Massimo Osti, seeking to continue his legacy of fashion becoming as useful as it is attractive. By bringing back an undeniable feel of functionality to the everyday wardrobe, the stellar design pairing has done just that, influencing a new generation of fashion-forward wearers to reconsider the practicality of their wardrobe choices.