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Paraboot: Brand Guide

Paraboot: Unveiling the Essence of a Remarkable Brand.

Get ready to step up your footwear game with Paraboot, an iconic name in the world of men’s shoes. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship, timeless designs, and unbeatable comfort, Paraboot has solidified their place as a world-renowned brand. Join us on a journey as we dive into the essence of this extraordinary footwear brand.

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Who Are Paraboot? A History

Paraboot’s legacy of exquisite craftsmanship spans decades. Each pair of shoes is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring attention to detail and top-notch quality. From hand-selecting luxury suedes, cowhide and grain leather to name but a few, to utilising traditional manufacturing techniques, Paraboot is committed to producing shoes of unmatched excellence.

Paraboot Collection

Timeless styles that last:

One thing that sets Paraboot shoes apart is their timeless design aesthetic. Blending classic and contemporary elements effortlessly, these shoes stand the test of time. Whether it’s the iconic Paraboot Michael silhouette with its piped derby detailing and Norwegian welted sole or the sleek Avignon model, Paraboot offers a diverse range of designs to suit any taste or occasion.

Paraboot Loafers Brown

Comfort Redefined:

Comfort is key, and Paraboot shoes have it in spades. They prioritize wearability without sacrificing style. Each pair is thoughtfully engineered to provide optimal support and cushioning, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long. With high-quality materials, ergonomic design principles, and attention to foot anatomy, Paraboot has become synonymous with unrivalled comfort.

Paraboot Shoes Sand and Tan

Versatility for Every Occasion:

From casual outings to formal affairs, Paraboot shoes effortlessly adapt to any occasion. They are versatile companions that seamlessly transition from city streets to sophisticated events. Whether you’re embarking on a rugged adventure or exuding refined charm in elegant loafers, Paraboot has the perfect pair for every moment.

Paraboot Derby Shoes

Your footwear says a lot about you, and Paraboot allows you to express your unique values with quality craftsmanship, timeless designs, and unmatched comfort. Elevate your collection and shop Paraboot shoes at Aphrodite today.


Paraboot Chambord – A Timeless Classic

An enduring masterpiece that has graced the shelves of famed menswear outlets such as Aphrodite for generations, the Chambord stands as one of Paraboot’s most iconic silhouettes, and for excellent reasons.

Luxury Roots

Initially founded as Chaussures Extra in 1927, Paraboot’s roots trace back to the luxurious shoe brand, born in 1910 in Izeaux, a quaint village nestled in the French Alps. Since its inception, the brand has consistently pioneered the creation of top-tier footwear to cater to diverse requirements. Whether it’s embarking on a trail along the foothills of Mont Blanc with a pair of Avoriaz mountain boots or relishing a leisurely summer stroll in Pacific sandals, Paraboot has always delivered.

Iconic Footwear Staple

The Chambord, meticulously handcrafted in Saint Jean de Moirans, France, has its origins in golf footwear, featuring the distinctive 45-degree stitching on the apron—a hallmark technique unique to Paraboot’s shoe craftsmanship. The brand’s renowned thick rubber soles also grace the Chambord, a signature trait. The incorporation of rubber soles into Paraboot’s offerings dates back to 1926, when the brand’s visionary founder, Remy Richard, encountered rubber boot-clad Americans during a visit to the USA. Inspired by this innovation, upon his return to the UK, Remy replaced traditional wooden and leather soles with vulcanized rubber. He even pioneered the notched soles prevalent in many mountain boots, a design that adorns the Chambord’s very foundation.



Read more about Paraboot’s history in our Brand Guide


Diving into the Details

Delving into the intricacies of the welting process, a technique renowned for its ability to enhance durability and water resistance, the Chambord introduces the Norwegian welt. A feature often associated with rugged work and mountain footwear, this technique involves the attachment of a slender layer of leather to which both the upper and outsole are meticulously sewn. The result? Lasting resilience that can withstand the test of time and the elements. What sets the Paraboot Chambord apart is not just the incorporation of this technique, but the added advantage of resole-ability. This exceptional characteristic ensures that your beloved pair can be rejuvenated, allowing you to forge a lifelong bond with these shoes.

Transitioning to the upper construction, the Chambord’s showcase an impeccable execution of premium calfskin, a material prized for its supple nature and remarkable resilience. Beyond mere aesthetics, the calfskin enhances comfort, adapting effortlessly to your stride, and preserving an air of timeless elegance that transcends passing trends. The Chambord’s colour palette of Café, Black, and Nuit tones reflects a thoughtful curation catering to diverse preferences. These captivating options await your exploration at Aphrodite Clothing, beckoning you to experience them either in the tactile realm of their physical store or conveniently online.

In terms of style, the Chambord opens doors to endless creativity. Seamlessly complement your ensemble with the casual sophistication of your go-to chinos and a gently enveloping virgin wool overshirt—a combination that radiates classic ease. Yet, should you choose to elevate your aesthetic to new heights, envision a collaboration with cigarette-cut high-rise trousers and a meticulously chosen Cuban shirt. The result is an ensemble that embodies a refined sleekness, a perfect embodiment of the phrase “less is more,” an ensemble not out of place in the most alluring Parisian coffee haunts. Through its impeccable craftsmanship and boundless styling potential, the Chambord beckons you to weave your unique narrative into the tapestry of fashion.



Browse other Paraboot styles such as the Michael, Avoriaz and Reims here.


The versatility offered by the Chambord knows no bounds when it comes to styling possibilities. You have an array of options at your disposal – for a touch of classic casual refinement, consider teaming them up with your reliable chinos and a virgin wool overshirt. This combination effortlessly exudes timeless charm. Alternatively, if you’re aiming for a look that epitomizes sleek sophistication, the Chambord lends itself perfectly to a collaboration with cigarette-cut, high-rise trousers, creating an ensemble that exudes modernity and elegance. Amplify the allure with a Cuban-style shirt, infusing an air of international flair into your attire. Such a refined ensemble wouldn’t be out of place in the most fashionable Parisian coffee shops, where style is as essential as the coffee itself. In the realm of fashion, the Chambord offers a canvas on which you can paint your unique sense of style, ensuring you stand out in any setting, from the bustling streets of Paris to the most charming of cafés.

Find the Cafe, Black, and Nuit tans in store or online at Aphrodite Clothing.


Paraboot Avoriaz 3

Paraboot Avoriaz – Restocked

When it comes to trends, the focus of fast fashion is on the there and now. But French born brand Paraboot know exactly what it takes to create timeless fashion, meant to last a lifetime.

Enter the Paraboot Avoriaz.

Paraboot Avoriaz 2

Sticking to its roots since 1908, the boot is handcrafted with a comfortable, pure leather upper that features a distinctive wrap over tongue system. A durable rubber sole is attached to the boot using a Norwegian double welt system, waterproofing the boot while giving it a signature stitched look. The Avoriaz boot houses sturdy metal hardware and thick rope laces intended to keep your feet secure on your outdoor adventures.

Paraboot Avoriaz 1

Often finding themselves in the spotlight due to their excellent quality and eternal style, the Avoriaz boots frequently sell out. Not to worry, Aphrodite has just had a restock of these classics, what are you waiting for? Go, go, go…

Paraboot Avoriaz 4

You can shop the Avoriaz boot in both a brown and black colourway, along with several other Paraboot styles that have just now restocked. Available both in-store and online at Aphrodite Clothing.

Paraboot Bergerac Boot : Tradition Meets Innovation

Steeped in heritage, the Paraboot Bergerac boot is a fusion of tradition, adventure and innovation.

The brand was named after the Para region in Amazonia, where the brand’s innovative rubber soles were sourced. Paraboot shoes and boots have a timeless appeal that transcends trends and fashion, for over 100 years, the family-owned company has been making stylishly functional shoes and boots in France.

Paraboot boots

The Paraboot Bergerac boot is a classic silhouette built using traditional craftsmanship, these Bergerac boots from Paraboot feature premium leather uppers alongside a sturdy and rugged stitched sole to ensure comfort and grip. Paraboot’s success has been long-lasting, the brand insistence on using the finest materials has served them well. The manufacturing process consists of over 150 different tasks carried out by hand, from crafting the soles to packaging, running through leather cutting, stitching, assembly and finishing. It’s a process over 100 years old, first carried out in 1908 when the company was formed.

A classic silhouette, the Paraboot Bergerac boot is crafted using a Norwegian welt. A technique in which Paraboot is the world leader. The process consists of stitching the upper to the sole using a welt, with both seams remaining visible. This ensures that the boot is comfortable, sturdy and waterproof. The upper of the boot is fixed to the sole giving the Bergerac Boot that distinctive look.

PARABOOT Bergerac Boot

The Paraboot silhouette features a premium leather upper, helping the boot to stay waterproof and comfy all year round. The leather is meticulously pressed in their own factory in France and inspected by hand for the perfect cut of material. To produce a seamless look to the outdoor boot. While the sole of the boot is produced using a vulcanization blend which helps improve the rubber. The process makes the sole of the boot comfier, highly flexible and wholly resistant, helping the boot last for longer. The Bergerac Boot is finalised with added detailing to the collar of the boot, which is complete with a Paraboot logo tag to help complete the look.

The Paraboot Bergerac Boots are now available to buy online and in store in various colours

cold weather essentials

Cold Weather Essentials

It’s brass, the possibility of snow is inevitable and you can’t keep wearing all your clothes at once to try and stay warm. Desperate times call for desperate measures and what you need is some reliable, durable and protective gear to see you through mother natures worst. Robust denim, a Thick jacket, cosy beanie, tough boots and of course the all-important colourful socks. Behold, the answer to all your winter woes.

Winter Clothing

Unless you plan on hibernating until spring has sprung then the threat of snow looming on the horizon may have you shaking in your suede shoes. When it comes to cold, wet, generally unpleasant weather the truth is you just can’t go wrong with a premium pair of leather boots. We chose the Avoriaz Jannu from Paraboot. Handmade in France for the toughest terrain the boots feature a padded collar and tongue for exceptional comfort as well as a double-stitched Norwegian welt commando sole for grip, support and sturdiness. Top it all off with some heavy duty striped laces and a rich waxy brown colour for a touch of mature styling and watch your icey fears melt away. But, of course what is a good pair of boots without a really nice set of socks to go with them? Luckily for us our cold weather fellow northerners across the pond, Norse Projects have just supplied us a fresh batch of their twisted cotton yarn socks in yellow, purple and, the colour we decided to opt for, red. Very nice indeed.

Paraboot Avoriaz Jannu Boots

Next on the list is a jacket. What jacket? The jokers among you may ask and for that, we’d give you a solid exhale from the nostrils and a firm shake of the head. But we aren’t here to joke around not when it comes to waiting for the bus in below freezing. We’re looking for water and wind resistance, a warm lining and plenty of embedded functionality, let us introduce you to the Wyndham parka from Canada Goose. With the brands signature down filling, a removable fur ruff lined hood, rib knit cuffs and a total of 6 pockets including, fleece lined hand warmers, the jacket is designed with extreme conditions and the coldest climates in mind. Finished with a two-way heavy duty zip with additional press stud flap and the Canada Goose patch to the arm this coat makes all the right moves when it comes to keeping you nice and toasty on your urban escapades.  Nipping out on a teabag run at work? No worries. Football match? See you there. The beach in -6°C? Lets do it.

Canada Goose Parka

For those of us who have ever got caught in the rain in a pair of sweatpants we know it’s less than ideal. Couple this with the harsh frost ladened winds and you’ve got yourself a pretty abysmal time by all accounts. Well, try not to beat yourself up too much because, as we all know, after the rain comes a rainbow, in this case, a rainbow pair of selvage denim from Edwin. Cut from a 12.8oz denim with a mid-rise and relaxed, tapered fit, the jeans are robust enough to last you a lifetime without sacrificing on comfort. Made in the Kuroki Mill in Japan the denim is complete with signature Edwin branding to the back and some delightful stitch detailing.

Edwin Rainbow Selvage Denim Jeans

Did you know the majority of your heat escapes through your head? Well, that’s what everyone reckons anyway. Regardless throwing on a beanie at this time of year is never not a good idea. To finish our look off we decided to go for some subtle matching, pairing an olive Canada Goose beanie with the tones found throughout the camo patterning. Made from a thick 100% wool for both a quality fit and insulating properties, it boasts the unmistakable Canada Goose seal of approval to the front ensuring everyone you pass on the streets knows you mean business.

Canada Goose BeanieSo there we have it some of our top picks to see you through to the summer. You can find all of the products shown above online and in store right now as well as a wide offering of other boots, coats, legwear and accessories.

Paraboot Shoes Arrive at Aphrodite – Online and In-Store Now

For over 100 years, Paraboot have been manufacturing durable, stylish rubber soled footwear in France, and we’re happy to welcome them to our lineup of brands for Autumn/Winter 2017. Just in time for the inclement weather, Paraboot shoes and boots are built to withstand any and all conditions, with full-grain leather uppers, thick traction rubber outsoles and exceptionally durable, double-stitched Norwegian welting to keep your feet dry and comfortable.


Our initial offering comprises two all-time classic styles: the Michael Shoe and the Avioraz Mountain Boot. The Michael shoe boasts a chunky profile with a mocassin-style upper on a commando sole unit, and is easily dressed up or down depending on what you want to wear with it; team with a substantial wool suit trouser for a smart look, or with cropped or rolled corduroy pants for a more casual vibe.


The Avioraz boot is a classic mountaineering boot in waxy leather with a heavy-ridged tread, striped rope laces and metal lace hardware, while still boasting a slim, well-proportioned last that balances style and functionality perfectly. Team them with heavy jeans or substantial wool trousers and your favourite knitwear to get yourself ready for winter.

Both styles of Patarboots are available online and in-store now at Aphrodite Clothing.