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Partnered With The Planet : A Q&A With Patagonia


This year Patagonia caught headlines across the world as its founder, and now ex owner, Yvon Chouinard gave his company away in a move that made the Earth Patagonia’s sole shareholder. We caught up with Harry from Patagonia to discuss the company’s history, future, and commitment to saving our home planet.

For those not familiar, how was Patagonia founded and how has the brand evolved over the years?


Over the last 50 years Patagonia has sought to challenge the accepted model of capitalism by demonstrating that doing the right thing for people and planet makes for good and profitable business. Yvon Chouinard’s first Patagonia products were pieces of climbing equipment called pitons crafted by himself on his second-hand anvil and then sold out of the boot of his car whilst traveling around the USA climbing. From these initial products Patagonia steadily evolved to produce outdoor clothing and equipment following Yvon’s strict design philosophy of simplicity and responsibility. Today Patagonia’s commitment to our home planet holds strong, as we seek to pioneer solutions to the footprint of the apparel industry, and advocate for the role of business in holding governments to account in this time of environmental crisis.

How important to Patagonia is being sustainable and how does that shape the brand’s approach to producing outdoor clothing?


The reality is that nothing is sustainable, and Patagonia is not a sustainable company. Everything we make has an impact. The apparel industry alone is responsible for 10% of all global emissions whilst garment worker abuse is rife. At Patagonia we do not use the term sustainable, but instead see addressing our footprint as a responsibility. By operating as a responsible business, we can demonstrate that it’s possible to put people and planet first in an economy centred around extractive capitalism.


What are some of the key initiatives that Patagonia has in place to address its responsibility to people and planet?


100% of Profits go toward fighting the Climate Crisis

In September 2022, Yvon gave up his and his family’s ownership of Patagonia. In doing so, Yvon created a structure in which Patagonia’s commitment to how we do business is locked in for perpetuity, whilst also committing 100% of profits to fighting the ecological and environmental crisis. These profits are paid to the Holdfast Collective whose purpose is to use every pound received to fight the environmental crisis, protect nature and biodiversity and to support thriving communities. The collective intends to give around $100 million a year to ensuring that we save our home planet.


Preferred Materials

In Fall 2022 99.5% of Patagonia’s range will feature preferred materials. Preferred materials are those which have a reduced impact on the planet compared to their conventional alternatives. Examples of Patagonia’s preferred materials include; Regenerative Organic Cotton, Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, Recycled Nylon, Recycled Cotton, Recycled Wool, the Responsible Wool Standard, Recycled Down, Advanced Global Traceable Down and yarns derived from ocean plastic using the innovative Bureo Netplus material. The environmental impact of each item in the Patagonia range is considered from the start of the design process – it’s easier to address your impact on the planet by treading lightly in the first instance, rather than when the damage is done. We intend to be using preferred materials across 100% of its lines by 2025.


Fair Trade Certification

As of Spring 2022, 80% of Patagonia’s range is Fair Trade Certified Sewn ensuring that the workers who made their clothing receive a premium for their labour. Through this third-party certification, factory workers are guaranteed safe working practices, fair pay, and empowered to use the Fair Trade premium they receive to create a benefit for their community. This premium is controlled by the workers and spent democratically on initiatives such as childcare, worker education, or can simply be paid as a bonus.

Patagonia has spent decades building relationships with the factories who are part of their Fair Trade initiatives, and by collaborating with workers and owners have established a Fair Trade pathway that other businesses can join when making their products in these factories. The intention is that by 2025 Patagonia will be able to deliver a range that is 100% Fair Trade Certified Sewn.


1% for the Planet

Since 1985, Patagonia has given $160m to environmental grassroots activists working on solutions to the climate crisis through its commitment to 1% for the Planet. Founded by Yvon Chouinard and Craig Matthews, 1% for the Planet is an organization to which businesses and individuals can pledge to commit at least 1% of their annual turnover to environmental activism. This in turn builds an alliance of businesses who understand that the profit and loss mindset of our current model of capitalism is not concerned about the impact it has upon our home planet’s health. Presently only 3% of all global philanthropic giving goes towards environmental action. If you’re a business owner, have influence within a business, or an individual who gives a damn then you can find out more about 1% for the Planet here.


Iron Clad Guarantee

At Patagonia we guarantee everything we make under the Iron Clad Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with one of Patagonia’s products at the time you receive it, or if the product does not perform to your satisfaction, return it to the store you bought if from or to Patagonia for repair, replacement or refund.


Worn Wear

The most environmentally responsible item of clothing is the one you already own, so if it’s broke, fix it! Whilst Patagonia offers repairs on all its own product, we’re aware that very few other apparel manufacturers feel an obligation to be a part of their products’ lifecycle once it leaves their stores. Worn Wear was established as a Patagonia initiative to keep gear in play for longer by hosting events where trained repair specialists fix clothing and gear from any manufacturer for free. Why extend the life of gear? Because the best thing we can do for the planet is to cut down on consumption and get use out of the stuff we already own. Keeping your gear in play for another 9 months reduces its carbon, water and waste related footprint by 30%. You don’t have to wait for Worn Wear to roll into town though, you can find handy how to guides for simple fixes online.


How do you balance the need for performance in functional outdoor clothing, and your commitment to reducing your footprint?


One of the first products Yvon made was a piece of climbing equipment called the piton. A piton is a piece of forged steel that is hammered into a crack in the rock whilst climbing which, once a rope has been clipped to it, protects the climber. Whilst pitons were effective, their extensive use in the early days of climbing was damaging the rock and creating environmental harm to natural playgrounds. Recognising this harm, Yvon overnight both stopped producing the piton and discontinued his most lucrative product. The piton was then replaced with the nut, which instead of being harmfully hammered into rock could be respectfully placed and easily retrieved by hand – thereby leaving no trace whilst offering no compromise on performance. It is with that philosophy that Patagonia continues to approach product design. Responsibly produced product does not need to compromise on performance, but instead requires that we reconsider the method by which we attain that performance standard.

A modern example of this can be found among your assortment at Aphrodite with the Downdrift Jacket. It’s a retro inspired, city jacket designed to be functional for day-to-day life and weather. That’s apparent from the moment you put it on. What isn’t is the way the jacket is made. The face fabric of the jacket is made using 100% recycled fishing nets, reclaimed through Patagonia’s partner Bureo, and woven into a polyester fabric which removes our reliance on fossil fuel-based virgin plastic. Inside the jacket is 700 fill power Recycled Down saved from landfill, and all this warmth is stitched together by a garment worker in a Fair Trade Certified factory. Whilst there’s always ways to improve the Downdrift’s footprint, we’re proud of what we’ve developed and confidently cover it under our Iron Clad Guarantee.


Patagonia’s mission statement changed in 2018 to ‘We’re in business to save our home planet’. What does this mean, and what is Patagonia doing beyond addressing its product footprint?


Patagonia commitment to saving our home planet certainly did not start in 2018 with the change in mission statement. Whilst Yvon was discontinuing the harmful piton in 1972, Patagonia was beginning its journey in supporting grassroots environmental activism. This first came with the offering of a phone and a desk at the Patagonia offices for Friends of the Ventura River. This was a local environmental campaign looking to stop the construction of a dam which would have been catastrophic for local ecology. From this initial support came a more formalised commitment in 1985 to give 1% of all turnover to intersectional grassroots environmental organisations working to find solutions to the climate crisis. By working closely with grassroots organisations on the ground, and using our business voice Patagonia has been able to amplify successful campaigns such as the creation of the Vjosa National Park and the opposition to the Pitztal Otztal ski resort expansion. You too can connect with grassroots environmental groups and take action beside them through Patagonia Action Works.

As Patagonia exists within the systems of extractive capitalism, it has a voice that is heard by other businesses and governments. This voice has been exercised across the globe from suing the Trump administration for selling off public lands, to advocating that citizens exercise their democratic right to vote, and in the UK opposing the Police and Crime Bill 2021, which sought to remove many hard-won civil liberties. Patagonia is a proud member of the B Corp community, who seek to put people and planet over profits whilst sharing best practices to enable other businesses to follow suite. Leaving the development of environmentally responsible practices such as Regenerative Organic Cotton production open source enables other businesses to follow the model of business unusual demonstrated by Patagonia.

Our recent announcement of making Earth our only shareholder should not have come as a surprise to anyone paying attention.


Patagonia famously advertised on Black Friday 2011 ‘Don’t Buy this Jacket’. How important is longevity to you as a brand?


There’s no business on a dead planet. Yvon has always encouraged experimentation at Patagonia and the Black Friday advert of 2011 was an example of Patagonia’s disruptive, reimagining of extractive capitalism. That said it’s very easy to reflect on past successes and the reality is that if we have any hope of a thriving planet – much less a thriving business – it’s going to take all of us doing what we can with the resources we have. It’s been nearly 50 years since we began our experiment in responsible business. We’re just getting started.


Big thanks for Harry for taking the time to answer our questions. If you want to checkout the brands latest collection you can find it on our Patagonia page.

Autumn With Patagonia

Ringing In Autumn With Patagonia

We’re very sad to say so but t-shirt weather will soon slip away, and although this changing of seasons always feels a little grim, it’s much easier to embrace cool breezes when you’ve got Patagonia knocking up fire autumnal fits for fun. However, if the jury in your head is still out on the matter, let us convince you with a series of shots from our latest Patagonia editorial.

We Mackems are very lucky to live by the beach and with access to sandy shores that stretch for miles and miles what better location is there to head to for an Aphrodite photoshoot? The eroded clifftops and grassy vistas of tourist spot, The Souter Lighthouse, made for quite the backdrop on this occasion. With a fitting location boxed off, there was the small matter of three Patagonia looks to nail, and not to sound conceited but this we did.
Fleece ran rife in the lineup chosen by our stylist, but we wouldn’t expect anything less when working with a brand like Patagonia, the two are a match made in heaven. First into the spotlight was a patchwork half zip, formally named the Patagonia Synchilla Anorak and with dominant colours of brown and teal running throughout. This was married with the Patagonia Insulated Quandary Jacket in a complementary shade of mulch brown, the Brodeo Beanie and finally the Arbor Lid Pack (28L iteration). What I take from this outfit, and I’m sure what the wearer would take from this look is function first and foremost. The outfit feels primed for whatever the weather could throw your way with waterproof properties, fuzzy fleece, and wool in the mix, it covers all bases.

Patagonia Insulated Quandary Jacket

We chose to layer down for the second look in the hopes that the good old British weather might suffice, opting for the Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece in smolder blue which was simply paired with a staple short-sleeved tee, while on the bottom, the Patagonia GI Trousers offered an outdoorsy touch thanks to their cotton twill shell, buckle belt and range of pocket space. The overriding feeling when it comes to this fit is its ability to do both, you could sport this ensemble in the city streets and then wander off-trail for a hike if you fancied it. No one would bat an eyelid.

Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece
The third and final look from the lineup gears up for the city, harmonising equal amounts of form and function to satisfy the wearer’s style while making sure they’re shielded from the elements too. At the core of the outfit is the Patagonia Hi-Loft Down Jacket, guaranteed to promote warmth and add bulk to your outfit while underneath a classic flannel shirt brings a dose of longevity. The Aeon Trainers from Axel Arigato have been placed on foot to keep it contemporary, bringing both comfort and class.

Patagonia Hi-Loft Down Jacket
And if all the above weren’t enough, you can bet big on the fact that most of the garments featured are eco-friendly in true Patagonia style. Whether they’re made from recycled fishing nets or post-consumer plastic, start browsing all of these styles with a clear conscience.

Shop Patagonia new arrivals now.

Patagonia 3 in 1 Parka

Patagonia 3 in 1 Parka : Staff Knowledge Share

A single jacket that covers all your needs

Next up in our Staff Knowledge Share series is the Patagonia 3 in 1 parka, a trusty winter style showcased this season in a dependable tone of forest green and presented by our very own Senior Sales Store Supervisor, Jonny, who is well equipped in the knowledge of all things Patagonia 

Ideal for impromptu adventures in the great outdoors, this design is guaranteed to be your go-to for colder climates each and every year, so without further ado let’s find out what all the fuss is about… 

Patagonia 3 in 1 Parka

Backstory & Construction 

Priced at £549, the Patagonia 3-in-1 parka can, as you may have already guessed, be worn a total of three different ways. The wearer is able to choose between its waterproof shell – worn soloits thermal padded jacket – also sported solo – or, its slick and insulating parka, built from both the shell and the padded jacket combined. Therefore, if you’re on the hunt for a single jacket that covers all your needs, look no further than this hybrid. 

The Waterproof Shell: 

Super warm and sophisticated, this 2-layer polyester shell is secured with a zip-through closure (for optimal motion when sitting) and a protective snap flap that provides mountaineering standard storm protection. Breathable and coated with a Durable Water Repellent finish, it’s specifically designed to keep inclement weather at bay while a lining of recycled polyester means that moisture can be easily wicked away and the jacket can efficiently glide atop additional layers.  

A 2-way zipped hood can be entirely removed to fit the forecast, while four front pockets, two concealed at the chest, and a set of fleece-lined side entry pockets, all supply plenty of space for keeping your hands warm and safeguarding your valuables. 


Patagonia 3 in 1 Parka at Aphrodite


The Padded Coat: 

Efficiently attaching to the shell using its front zipper, this down proof coat boasts a robust recycled ripstop outer and 700 fill power that’s bolstered by goose and duck down insulation which, as you would expect from a brand of Patagonia’s ethical stature, are all reclaimed down products. Furthermore, the coat is Fairtrade Certified Sewn, meaning that the people who produce and manufacture the coat are paid a premium for their labour. 

Additional details include a security pocket positioned on the chest, micro-fleece lined hand warmer pockets and an interior zip pocket complete with a carabiner clip-in loop which doubles up as a stuff sack for packing the jacket away within a moment’s notice. 

The Insulating Parka: 

With the utility-driven details of both silhouettes fused, this hybrid parka is sure to be an indispensable staple in your winter rotation. Characterised by its thermal properties and recycled rendering, the eco-friendly option will, without doubt, breeze through harsh conditions as they draw in this season. 

Fit & Sizing 

Currently available at Aphrodite in sizes M – XL, the Patagonia 3-in-1 parka is constructed in a regular fit which means you can select your usual size without having to worry about whether it’s going to be too small or a little oversized. 

Garment Care 

Both the shell and liner component of this garment can be washed at 30 degrees. 

Shop the 3 in 1 Parka and the entire Patagonia range at Aphrodite. 

Patagonia AW19 Latest Arrivals

Garments With Purpose From Patagonia

If you weren’t already aware, American outdoors brand Patagonia is, in many ways, a forerunner of several developments welcomed by the fashion industry in recent years. Not familiar? Let us get you acquainted…

Take the label’s bid for a sustainable future as a starting point; little to no brands had even considered the impact of fashion on the planet before Patagonia led the way with its introduction of recycled fabrics. Or, cast your mind back to the inception of the brand’s ‘Worn Wear’ initiative – a repair service designed to make your gear last the ages. Whatever the case for review, there’s no doubting that Patagonia is doing its bit to honour founder, Yvon Chouinard’s, lifelong proposal for functional, repairable and durable apparel for everyone.

So, with that said, let’s see how this season’s Patagonia AW19 collection lives up to all the above, beginning with the label’s trusty layering pieces.

It goes without saying that with the onset of colder months ahead, your wardrobe can never have too many layers and perhaps the perfect piece to start with is a hoodie. Simple in structure and cosy in construction, a hoodie is pretty much an indispensable item all year round, especially when it comes baring Patagonia’s credentials to the chest. The brand’s P6 Logo hoodie, in particular, is a great silhouette for everyday; as expected, it’s responsibly crafted from recycled materials and boasts a warming fleece lining to the inner.

Patagonia Silent Down Shirt Jacket

With the necessities of warmth and comfort covered by the brand’s hoodie, adding a sharp shirting style into the mix then successfully elevates the look for everyday pursuits. Here we’ve placed Patagonia’s Fjord flannel shirt and Silent Down shirt jacket atop the hoodie, thus injecting varied tones into the lineup, while doubling up on layers and structuring the ensemble on top. Not to mention the shirt jacket is padded with 100% recycled down.

Patagonia Logo Hoodie

Next, a slew of autumnal colour cues finds their way into the Patagonia AW19 collection. With Patagonia’s signature Fitz Roy Scope tee in black acting as a breathable base layer beneath, the brand’s more neutral-toned garments can take centre stage in the following look. Both clad in earthy pigments, the brand’s Retro Pile Gilet comes imagined above a Patagonia Fjord Flannel shirt yet again – this time in stripes of ‘bristle brown’, beige and grey. The great thing about these two designs is their ability to do the job – functionality-wise – while looking equally on point for the city streets.

Patagonia GiletPatagonia Retro Pile Gilet

Wrapping things up, this last look debuts as perhaps the most practical all of them all, though each puts up a pretty tough fight for the prize. Each garment in this lineup zips down to reveal yet another branded garment beneath it, until it finally reaches a 1973 infused Fitz Roy, organic cotton tee in light blue. In addition, Patagonia’s Isthmus Parka serves out ‘60s expedition vibes to the outer, bolstered by a wind-resistant ‘mojave khaki’ shell and teamed alongside another iteration of the label’s Retro Pile Gilet in navy.

Patagonia Isthmus JacketPatagonia Parka Beige

All in all, if you’re one of these people that drifts in-between the city life for those well-deserved breaks in the great outdoors, make sure to hit up the Patagonia latest arrivals for all your long-lasting, adventure clobber this season. You won’t leave disappointed, we assure you.

Nudie Jeans Sustainable Sweatshirt Grey

Fashion’s Journey To Sustainability

Five Brands Pursuing A Sustainable Planet

Would you be more inclined to buy a garment if you were sound in the knowledge it was crafted sustainably? In 2019, as the demand for fast fashion continues to spike, this question is something the industry must actively ponder.

Until recently, fashion’s impact on the environment had been seldom spoken of. The more well-documented pollution players are frequently exposed to blame in the press, but who should really be taking all the rap? With over 10% of the world’s carbon footprint falling on fashion, changes – evidently – need to be made. Here at Aphrodite, we caught up with some of the key brands in our line up to find out how they plan to kick-start the journey to sustainability.


If you’ve ever visited us in store or browsed our plethora of footwear pages online, you’ll certainly be familiar with Slovakian label Novesta. Renowned across Europe for its quality craftsmanship, the brand’s trainer offerings are immensely clean cut and timeless. Of course, aesthetics are positioned at the forefront of the label’s operations, but the topic of sustainability scales pretty high on the brand’s agenda too.

Novesta’s ethical efforts spill out and into the manufacturing process, where they choose to handcraft their products solely using natural materials. The employment of natural rubber, cotton and linen make Novesta’s products thoroughly sustainable. As a result, the brand’s ecological actions have caught the attention of animal welfare charity PETA. Now dubbed officially VEGAN by PETA, Novesta is proud to promote the switch to ethical fashion throughout the globe. Shop Novesta’s sustainable styles here.

Novesta Star Dribble


Cross a thousand miles or so across the European continent and you’ll discover Swedish imprint Nudie Jeans. Pledging to uncover ‘the naked truth about denim’ since its inception, the label has actively pursued the journey to sustainability for some time now. Brand founders Maria Erixon Levin, Joakim Levin and Palle Stenberg have always been impassioned by the promise to pursue a sustainable planet, doing so while supplying some of the best denim styles we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

In a substantial effort to create a safe working environment for its staff, Nudie Jeans opts for the use of 100% organic cotton across its collections. Unlike conventional farming, organic cotton is grown without the exposure to harmful chemicals, creating in turn, a safe environment for employment, while also encouraging purity of the eco system. And the brand’s efforts don’t stop there.

Many of you may be familiar with Nudie Jeans’ repair services, we ourselves have hosted one of the label’s repair shops, much to the delight of local denim aficionados. The purpose of these repair shops is to provide the garment with longevity. In Nudie Jeans terms ‘we don’t believe throwaway and jeans are words that belong together.’ The introduction of repairs means that your investment can be sustained, without the need to purchase time and time again. In total, Nudie Jeans repaired 55,173 pairs of jeans in 2018 – a 6,000 increase on 2017. Pretty impressive we must admit! Browse Nudie Jeans’ approach to sustainability here.

Nudie Jeans Organic Cotton SweatshirtNudie Jeans OutfitNudie Jeans Lead Dean


In Britain menswear brands are also aiming to spread the word on sustainability. Eponymous label Oliver Spencer endeavours to improve the environment with an array of sustainable movements. Bleue Wickham-Burnham, Head of Sustainability at Oliver Spencer, explored the topic with Aphrodite.

“Any waste effluent from the dyeing and treatment of fabrics is cleaned in-line with European standards. This basically means it’s crystal clear when it leaves the factory. One of our mills in the north of England is fed by a river, where the water is put back afterwards – you could literally drink the water as it’s being put back into the river!”

Similarly to Nudie Jeans, the London-based brand also operate a repair service, allowing costs and unnecessary waste to remain at their lowest. On top of this, Oliver Spencer continues to strive for the use of eco-friendly fabrics: “For winter 41% of the cotton we use by volume will be organic. We hope to continue this until we get to 100%, unless we start using regenerative organic cotton before then.” Take a look at Oliver Spencer’s eco-friendly designs here.

Oliver Spencer Shirt


Across town at Paul Smith, activities and operations are being tweaked all the time to ensure transparency and the utmost social responsibility. The label’s PS Paul Smith collection, a favourite with Aphrodite customers, is growing more and more sustainable each season.

Brand Financial & Sustainability Analyst at Paul Smith, Jessica Halsey, weighed in on the label’s strategy: “We are proud to announce that almost 85% of our PS collection jersey is made from organic cotton. Using organic cotton means that we can be sure the cotton farming is non-intensive and no harmful pesticides have been used in the process.”

On top of this, you’ll be interested to know that Paul Smith is doing even more to pursue ethical operations. And what we mean by that is, if you’re hitting the beach this season you may well find yourself in the possession of Paul Smith’s sustainability efforts.

“Recently we have introduced recycled polyester into our garments, most notably our Paul Smith collection swim shorts. They are part composed of post-consumer plastic bottles. We love the idea that something can be recycled and repurposed into something completely new whilst reducing the impact consumer waste has on the planet.” Catch Paul Smith’s organic cotton collection here.

Paul Smith Polo ShirtPaul Smith T-Shirt


Across the pond, outdoor pioneers at Patagonia live and breathe the essence of sustainability. ‘Worn Wear’ is an initiative the brand introduced to alter the relationship people have with their clothing. Avoiding a ‘throwaway’ stance at all costs, Patagonia ‘keeps your gear in action for longer’ at their repair base in Nevada – the largest repair facility in North America. Each year, the brand repairs over 40,000 items back to new, we certainly can’t complain with that!

Textile use and treatments are also of high interest to Patagonia and it’s something the brand continuously re-evaluates each season. From using recycled materials to craft its garments, to choosing PVC and phthalate-free inks and searching for non-harmful alternatives, the brand has become synonymous with sustainable production. Purchase Patagonia’s ethical styles here.

Patagonia Outfit

Though sustainability within the fashion arena is still in its inception stage, evidently, it’s of great concern to many brands who are continuously making crucial improvements to their operations to care for the environment, the staff they employ and the communities they work within. Enjoy shopping the featured styles with a clear conscience


Top 10 Graphic Print T-Shirts

No matter if you’re team front print or back print, prefer your top half attire colourful or monochromatic, we can all agree that nothing screams summer like a good old-fashioned graphic t-shirt. Lightweight, breathable and packing a sufficiently weighty visual punch they are a great way to add some extra depth to your outfits when the spring layers begin to come away and your shorts finally find their way back from the dark corners of your winter wardrobe. So, with the temperature rising and the allure of the local beer garden becoming almost unbearable there has never been a better time to stockpile your short sleeve essentials and bulk up with a heaping helping of colourful callouts.

Maison Kitsune T-Shirt

Maison Kitsune

With a music label, coffee shops and an astoundingly good ready-to-wear line under their belt you’d probably imagine that Maison Kitsune are about ready to take a back seat and appreciate the multifaceted, tricolour empire they’ve manged to construct around them. Well, as the Franco-Japanese brand unveils its plans to open the first of its Kitsune hotels in 2020, we’re here to tell you that’s where your wrong and we have just the crustacean based t-shirt to prove it. Boasting a ribbed neck and cotton jersey fabric, the t-shirt swaps out the usual fox motif for a crab resulting in both a classically refined Kitsune style illustration and a clever bit of advertising for their Bali based accommodation. Top marks from us.

Paul & Shark T-Shirt

Paul & Shark

Continuing the theme of sea-based creatures up next we have Paul & Shark. Keeping quality high on the agenda the Italian yachting brand takes the humble t-shirt and imbues it seam to seam with their usual premium craftsmanship. Displaying a colourful rendition of the classic shark logo screen printed to the chest the garment is rounded out with double-stitched hems, a ribbed neck and a slightly less weighty cotton perfect for the rising temperatures.

Patagonia T-Shirt


No stranger to the occasional colourful back print, Patagonia again return this season with a fresh addition to their t-shirt line-up. Made From 100% organic in the brand’s typical ecological fashion, the t-shirt comes with taped shoulder seams for improved shape retention and a bold psychedelic mountain sunset scene plastered to the rear. If this doesn’t make you want to power your way to the top of the nearest slight incline we don’t know what will.

Ten C T-Shirt

Ten C

In-keeping with the brand’s militaristic aesthetic this Ten C t-shirt swaps out loud prints for a more subdued approach, instead opting to let it’s Italian made quality do all the talking. With side splits adding an extra dash of functionality and a bound neck for structure the t-shirt is rounded out with a lowkey shoulder logo print.

Paul Smith T-Shirt

Paul Smith

In somewhat contrasting fashion, next up is British designer Paul Smith. Using their affinity for colourful characters the short sleeve top exchanges the usual zebra motif for a slightly more morbid line-up of printed skulls to the chest. Subtly flanked by the brands logo below the t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes with the selection of ribbing naturally found in a top-half garment of this stature.

adidas Originals T-Shirt


Tapping into one of our most basic human instincts, the need for an ice lolly when it’s a bit hot, adidas apply a playful approach to the conventional double-sided formula. Working the classic trefoil logo into a vibrant tropical island scene to the front, the t-shirt employs a, ‘juicy mix icecream’ print emblazoned to the back.

Stussy T-Shirt


Of course, it wouldn’t be right to do a rundown of some of our favourite printed bits without mentioning Stussy. With arguably one of the most recognised logos in the streetwear game and an impressive resume serving up some of the best in graphic-heavy garments it doesn’t come as any surprise that they found their way onto the guest list. This particular specimen displays the aforementioned script callout to the front with a circular emblem print to the back for expected levels of effortless appeal.

Comme des Garcons T-Shirt

Comme des Garcons

Brandishing a piquant yellow base this t-shirt from Comme des Garcons is a must have for the more minimally minded among us. With a completely clean front and accompanying logo back print, the t-shirt is crafted from a slight stretch material for bonus comfort points.

Ralph Lauren T-Shirt

Ralph Lauren

Retaining a staunch preppy swagger with an added helping of patriotic flair the best dressed bear in fashion returns just in time for the hot weather. Cut in a custom slim fit associated with the New York based brand, the t-shirt is topped off with some tasteful branding and a contrasting ribbed neckline.

DSquared2 T-Shirt


For those looking for a more high-end addition to their summer shirting Canadian born twins Dan and Dean canten of DSquared2 have got you covered. Put together with fit and quality in mind the t-shirt sees the world-renowned logo reworked into a contemporary overlapped design that takes centre stage for an unmistakable finish.

Shop all the t-shirts listed above as well as plenty of other short sleeve styles online and in store now.

Patagonia vs. Trump | The Battle Of The Century

If you have been living under a rock the past few months (I wouldn’t blame you in this current climate!) you would of missed out on all the drama kicking off Stateside.
Now this isn’t playground bickering Patagonia have got their claws sharpened ready for a lawsuit and we are behind them all the way
To find out more about what happened when the president dramatically rolled back protections on national monuments head over to GQ 
We have always known that Patagonia have loved and cared about the environment, for example their medium sized Patagonia Better Sweater is constructed from 32 recycled plastic bottles, but putting on their warpaint and preparing to battle the ‘evil government’ shows their dedication.
Now that the ball is rolling to head towards the Federal Court, we can nearly breathe a sigh of relief that we may not be losing even more of this planet.

The guys over at GQ have put together an article that will triple, no quadruple your love for the outwear brand Patagonia 

Check out the full indepth article over on the GQ website here

Patagonia – For Your Inner Explorer

We still can’t shake winter off, but at least Patagonia have got our backs, with their Spring Summer collection. They have made layering up to keep the elements at bay, smooth sailing. 
This season we are welcoming the ‘responsibili-tee’ with open arms, not only does it look good it is environmentally friendly. This clever t-shirt has been constructed by using 4.8 plastic bottles, 26 pounds of cotton scraps and has saved 63 gallons of water. 

Patagonia are putting yet again being pioneers in the industry, with another environmentally friendly piece.  This Down Hoody Jacket has been constructed with a 100% recycled polyester ripstop shell and traceable down in its 800-fill power quilting. 

The iconic Torrentshell has returned in copper ore colourway, a casual pullover jacket for those unpredictable weather days. With a 2.5 layer waterproof/breathable H2No™ shell, the jacket is crafted from a 100% recycled nylon.

outfit grid - winter warmer header

Outfit: Patagonia x Edwin x Red Wings x Aquascutum x Canada Goose x Barbour

As the weather takes a bitter turn, it’s time to wrap up warm and this weeks outfit grid will do just that with pieces from Patagonia, Edwin, Red Wing Shoes, Aquascutum, Canada Goose and Barbour. Lets dig a little deeper into this wonderfully warm outfit.

Starting off with Patagonia, we have picked the Snap-T pullover in a distinctive navy and red. A true outdoor icon, made from recycled polyester Synchilla fleece this pullover will keep you warm while the soft material will keep you comfy, ideal for layering in the cooler months.

outfit grid winter warmer patagonia canada goose red wing shoes

To go over that fleece and keep the chilly wind out, we have chosen another piece from Patagonia, the Hi Loft Down hooded jacket in navy. Delivering comfort and warmth, making it that ideal choice for the cold up-coming winter days. Made with advanced global traceable down the outer is covered in a recycled polyester ripstop shell, with a full zip fastening and two zip-up pockets.

Sticking with the navy theme, Edwin provide the pants of the outfit with their 55 chinos. Based on the fit of Edwin’s most popular ED-55 jeans, these chinos come in a relaxed, tapered fit. Crafted from compact cotton twill with angled side pockets, a coin pocket within the left pocket, and two flat rear pockets. Finished with tan herringbone waistband lining and a black leather logo waist patch.

Now to really wrap you up warm, we have picked a few accessories to go with it, an Aquascutum Lambswool Check scarf, a Canada Goose logo pom hat made from super soft merino wool and to keep your hands warm Barbour providing some black leather gloves.

On feet, we had to go with the durable Red Wings and in this case the Red Wing Moc Toe Boots 6″ 8138, these boots that are handmade provide excellent durability and traction in the winter months. Made with a premium Briar Oil Slick leather and a lightweight outsole, you’ll be sure footed this winter.