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Penfield Brand Guide

Penfield Brand Guide

 History Of the Penfield Brand

The Penfield brand, born in 1975 by a man named Harvey Gross, is a mainly outdoor clothing brand that is famed for producing high-quality pieces that provide comfort and warmth against the strong elements. More recently venturing into a full collection comprising of a wider range of garments such as t-shirts, trousers, and hats, Penfield has managed to not only cement its place as a reputable brand for providing durable, functional pieces but also as a stylish brand that appeals to both a younger and older market. By providing pieces that satisfy both areas, Penfield has seamlessly managed to integrate style into function and vice versa, allowing them to become one of the world’s most reputable brands amongst the fashion and outdoor world.

At its conception, Harvey Gross created the Penfield brand as a simple practical label that provided protection against the elements of New England weather. Created in Hudson, Massachusetts, Penfield pays homage to its roots consistently season after season by providing prints and labels that remind the wearer of Penfield’s humble roots. It is this heritage that allows Penfield to stand out against many of its more recent competitors in the fashion and outerwear scene, engaging with the wearer and reminding them that they are wearing a garment that has been created by people that care. The New England climate that Harvey Gross intended to protect people from was a harsh one and the conception of perhaps their most famed product came from this drive and determination to help people, the 80/20 goose down jackets. Featuring in most seasons, these jackets provide almost weightless protection to the elements, with the goose down inner being extremely comfortable to the wearer too. It was this jacket that set the new standard of outerwear in the industry and it is arguably this that was the forerunner for Penfield to become the fashion powerhouse it is today.

Penfield Jacket Camo

Why Is the Penfield Brand So Popular?

Although the Penfield brand likes to offer a more traditional, heritage look in its products, they are constantly looking to improve the function of each garment. Not resting on the laurels of their 80/20 goose down jacket, Penfield has recently invested into the researching and implementation of Teflon and DWR down-proof outers that provide a strong, breathable, and water-resistant finish to their jackets. This constant research into new, innovative ventures for their fabrics reinforces the idea that even though the success of the fashion market it operates in, Penfield still wants to create products that are functional in order to please and facilitate its initial outerwear market, whilst catering to the more fashion-minded audience through unique yet contemporary style inspirations.

Aside from its prominence amongst the outerwear market, Penfield brand has in the past few years, managed to appeal to the fashion market, thanks to a very heritage look and feel about most of its products. After venturing into seasonal pieces like t-shirts, shirts, and shorts, Penfield provides for the fashion market by taking staple pieces like these and adding quirky yet relevant detailing to them that allows them to stand out from the crowd. Whether it is a seasonal print, pattern or style, Penfield consistently manages to appeal to the fashion market, putting together looks and styles that fit seamlessly together as part of any outfit, but also offer a heritage feel that engages the wearer and makes them feel like they are wearing something relevant and stylish at the same time.

With such an emphasis on the outdoors, it’s natural that Penfield uses premium fabrics throughout the whole collection. They want their collection to be a reflection of their outdoor roots, so only the finest cotton is used amongst their shirts and t-shirts, allowing for a durable product that accurately portrays what Penfield is all about.

A consistent theme throughout many of Penfield’s collections is the inclusion of the bear on either the logo itself or as part of a print. The inclusion of this is a reminder and a showcase of Penfield’s outdoor roots, representing the clear bond that Penfield has always had with nature and the thrill of exploring the outdoors. By supporting the WSPA that helps protect and rescue bears worldwide, Penfield once again showcases its passion for the outdoors and everything that it entails. A truly outdoor brand, Penfield will long be a wardrobe staple for the fashion-conscious explorer.


Outfit - Pastels and prints

Outfit – Pastels and patterns

Our growing streetwear collection consists of some of your favourite brands and with the fashion genre quite possibly being at is most eclectic yet it was no surprise to see this season’s trends having an element of ‘clash’. With pastels, stripes and of course the relentless camo making prominent appearances we thought we’d throw something together to remind you it doesn’t have to be one or the other anymore.


Stussy, Penfield, Vans and Eastpak


Its all about the clash, outfit features black corduroy trousers by Nudie Jeans, striped colour block rugby shirt by Stussy, pink cotton coach jacket by Penfield, camo print waist bag by Eastpak and suede trainers by Vans.

Penfield SS18 ‘Bear Pack’ Collection available now

Penfield Bear Pack

Founded in New England, Penfield has been renowned for their superior down outerwear to fight against the coldest of temperatures. After four decades of evolving trends, Penfield has delved into their archives for SS18, with this collection taking inspiration from iconic 80s’ and 90s’ trends. This summer is definitely set to be a throwback.

Close your eyes and remind yourselves of the late 80s’ slash early 90s’, when Kappa and Umbro were everywhere you turned and The Stone Roses were THE band. It seems that this latest drop will give you the opportunity to go back to those times.

Penfield Bear Pack

Penfield has taken designs from the 80s’ and 90s’ and updated them with lightweight, technological fabrics. A range of 20 pieces explores colour-blocking and innovative materials, as well as reintroducing the new generation to the retro Penfield ‘bear’ logo which proudly sits within the branding. T-Shirts, sweatshirts and zip-up jackets also feature in the collection.

The popover jacket is fabricated from water-resistant nylon with colour blocking in red, white and navy for those fashion conscious individuals who are eager to stand out. The Penfield logo is adorned to the front, with two hand warming pockets underneath. If you’re reading this and thinking that colour-blocking isn’t your thing, Penfield has brought out the same silhouette in a more subtle monochrome colour-way.

Penfield Bear Pack

If you’re feeling nostalgic, head over to our website and treat yourself to your favourite pieces of the Bear Pack collection.

Aphrodite at Pitti Uomo 93

The fashion world descended upon Florence this week for one of the biggest events in the calendar – Pitti Uomo 93. Unbelievable architecture, appetising food and drink, famous names in the industry and of course the flamboyant ‘Pitti Peacocks’ all combine to make this one of the highlights of the year. Aphrodite sent some of our team out to Florence for the event to get the first glimpse of what the Autumn Winter 2018 season has in store for us.

Pitti Uomo is something else – a maze of buildings and pop up stands housing some of the biggest names in fashion for four days. Industry powerhouses including Canada Goose, Barbour, Belstaff all took up residence to showcase their forthcoming collections whilst lesser known brands try to promote their seasonal offerings to attract new business.

What Brands Stood Out at Pitti Uomo?

Many of the traditional and already successful brands largely stuck to what they know works for them. Why change something too much if it isn’t broken?  Tweaking and adding carefully to the collections is key.

Tim Little, Creative Director of Grenson, was there to present his brand and one of the first people we spoke to. It is an extension of what has been tried, tested and perfected for years with the addition of some new pieces which he hopes will work well for Autumn Winter. Grenson Sneakers have proved particularly popular across the last year and he showed us some forthcoming ‘Made in England’ styles which were beautifully handcrafted in their Northamptonshire factory. A running silhouette has also been added to the collection as a follow on from the success of the sneaker.

Barbour were keen to showcase their exciting collaboration with New York based brand Engineered Garments. In all, five jackets took centre stage in their display, utilising their signature wax finish with the technical detailing from Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki.

Barbour Engineered Garments

Outerwear giants Canada Goose housed key pieces from their collection in their own pop up unit complete with a refreshment bar for all guests. Some of the favourite pieces from the brand were on show along with the Black label collection. Their strong collection was fantastic to see as they look to solidify their position at the head of the outerwear industry with so many competing brands having encouraging displays at Pitti.

After a quick spot of lunch at a local café our team were back to the show for round two, taking a look at a number of potential new brands for the season as well as some brands that we currently stock. This included the likes of tried and tested brands for Aphrodite such as Oliver Spencer, Sandqvist, Fracap, Penfield, Belstaff, Paul & Shark and Baracuta.

Penfield Pitti Uomo

The diversity of brands and styles of clothing that is on offer at Uomo allows you to compare a vast array of new brands in one session. This ultimately helps our buyers choose which brands to pursue further for the winter season. Some impressive displays of outerwear were to be found, utilising a range of fabrics and fillings, all trying to offer differing technical features that try to separate them from their counterparts.

Designers of boots and shoes were showing their collections, including the likes of Grenson, Clarks Originals, Birkenstock and Fracap, each putting a vastly different take on winter footwear.

The Pitti Peacocks

Buying and trend spotting aside, it is hard to go to Pitti and not visit the famous Pitti wall out of curiosity if nothing else. The ‘Pitti Peacocks’ are unmistakable. Men and women of all ages dress lavishly and flamboyantly, instantly drawing your attention as they stroll through the show. The wall in particular is the place to be if you are a peacock hoping to get your photograph one of the world’s top fashion related blogs and magazines. Photographers buzz around snapping away, shouting instructions and taking videos, culminating in the exchange of business cards and credentials.

Nothing is done accidentally by the peacocks. Accessories are placed on their person or nearby with the photography shot in mind. Intentionally they keep themselves busy, chatting to one-another to make the image look as natural as possible.

Winding Down After Pitti Uomo

After covering around 12km across a full day at the show on Tuesday, our team headed out into the centre of Florence to meet up with a number of associates from the fashion business for an incredible meal hosted by Fred Perry.  In a rustic traditional restaurant, an assault on the palette ensued with course after course of delicious appetisers, main meals and desserts offered up plus the obligatory Italian red wine. Days like this in the fashion business are few and far between where you have the opportunity to catch up with so many familiar faces in one City.

Iain, our store manager was lucky enough to bump into designer Angelo Gallamini. The proverbial “can we grab a photo with you?” was asked and Iain took great pleasure in grabbing a souvenir from his trip.

Angelo Gallamini

Homeward Bound

Our team went their separate ways the following day with some making the long journey back to Newcastle airport via Heathrow after a quick cappuccino at the train station. Others made the onward journey to Milan to visit outwear specialists Moncler for their Autumn Winter Grenoble line.

Florence Train Station

If you were lucky enough to visit Pitti, please leave a comment and let us what you thought was the highlight of your trip. Follow us on our various social media channels for more photos from the event.

Why Is The Penfield Kasson Jacket So Popular

Penfield Kasson JacketThis classic all American brand was established in 1975 by the pioneering Harvey Goss a key figure in the American outerwear industry since the early 1960s. Each garment was expertly designed to withstand the diversity of the New England climate and manufactured by a team of dedicated craftsmen. Since then, innovative fabric developments together with an unfaltering commitment to quality, function and style have made Penfield a staple within the fashion industry.

The Penfield Kasson Mountain Parka has featured in the collection since the 1970s and only improves with age. Made from the signature 60/40 fabric with Teflon coating this windproof and water resistant coat will see you through the harshest of winters.  The jacket is designed in the traditional parka style boasting a peaked hood and functional pockets, an almost nostalgic style coat boasting modern performance. The jacket features a plaid lining and is lightweight enough to be able to layer up without feeling too bulky and the waist can be cinched for a personalised fit.

The Penfield Kasson is available in 4 different colours and can be bought from the Aphrodite1994 Penfield category now priced at £140.00

Penfield Kasson Jacket